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Square Hot Pads…with Hand Pockets

I have been noticing lately that the hot pads that we’ve been using to remove heated pans from the oven and to grasp pots with on the stove……..are expired.   And by “expired”, I mean — getting raggedy.  Yeah, I know, what’s wrong with raggedy hot pads, because that’s what they’re there for.  But sometimes making something new and pretty, makes a heart happy.


Once I found these simple fabric prints at the store several weeks ago, I knew I wanted them for something.  I just wasn’t sure what that would be…..until a few days later when I pulled open the drawer next to the stove, and saw my raggedy hot pads.  That’s all it took.


And since Elli and Connor have been helping more in the kitchen lately, I knew I wanted to make some with hand pockets, to keep hands covered.  It’s actually a little tough for them to grasp a hot pan and keep it pinched around the edge of whatever they are moving or carrying…so these little pockets are perfect for them!


DIY Square Hot Pads...with Hand Pockets | via Make It and Love It