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Twig and Wire Christmas Ornaments

Hey guys, I’m over at U Create today……sharing a really simple and inexpensive ornament idea.  And by inexpensive, I mean, dirt cheap.  And by dirt cheap, I mean, run-outside-to-your-backyard-and-gather-some-dead-branches cheap.  The only thing that may cost you some money is a little wire but that won’t cost you more than like $2 for a whole roll of it.  But, maybe you already have some of that laying around?  You do?  See?……dirt cheap! :)  But even though it doesn’t cost much to make, it turned out to be my favorite thing hanging from our tree.


These ornaments would be really fun one to make while your Thanksgiving guests are here for the weekend.  So while the turkey is roasting in the oven, run outside and gather some sticks or broken branches from your yard, grab a little wire for the simple message, and get ready to put together some stunning little ornaments for your tree. :)


DIY Twig and Wire Christmas ornament | via Make It and Love It