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Taking shortcuts, being present, and a “Ring Toss Game”

I love figuring out shortcuts in my life.  Not when it matters most (like balancing my checkbook, a phone call with my mom, etc.)…but if I can find a faster way to run errands, scrub the bathroom, or buy groceries…I’m all over it.  When my husband Steve and I are in the car and he is driving, it used to drive me NUTS when he would take a turn that ended up being the “long way”.  In my brain, I have the roads mapped out and have visualized the best way to get from point A to point B without having to wait at lights or take a left hand turn across traffic, etc.  However, I have learned that arriving at our destination 30 seconds slower isn’t going to ruin my life…so I’ve learned to just keep it inside my head and let him drive.  Ack!  However, I still have this tendency to want to find a shortcut in other aspects of my day.  And as I watch my kids grow faster and faster (no matter how many times I tell them not to…), I’m realizing how much I value my time with them.  This means, figuring out shortcuts are on overdrive these days, so I can be more present.  Because, yes, I’d much rather spend time playing hair salon and star wars, than folding laundry. 

I was contacted by Dixie® about their Be More Here campaign and I loved everything about their push for spending more QUALITY time with family and friends.  I know it’s absolutely impossible to set aside every other responsibility I have to tend to during my day…but it got me thinking about what I am doing to increase the quality of time with my little family.

One thing that I completely unashamed to admit is that I love taking shortcuts on dinner prep and cleanup.  My husband Steve leaves for work before the kiddos wake up and then he gets home about 6 and the kids are in bed by 8.  So those 2 hours while he’s here are pretty valuable to me.  Here come the shortcuts.  Some nights I cook more labor intensive recipes (because we all love yummy flavored food in this house!) but sometimes I throw together the best managed super fast meal that I can!  And then my favorite way to save time in our evening hours is by using paper products.  It makes cleanup a BREEZE!  (And by that time of night, I’m so done with cleaning up. I just want to enjoy these little people around me!)

Dixie sent me some of their plates to test out (like I didn’t already have some in my pantry…ha!) and of course, these are a definite winner in our home!