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How to Cut Fabric PERFECTLY STRAIGHT…and Square It Up!

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Almost every single project you make that involves fabric (whether it involves sewing or not), requires that you find at least one straight edge…..and then you can move forward from there.  I think finding that first straight edge can sometimes be tricky, and that’s why I get emails about it.  In fact, I have gotten this question for years and always seem to forget to share what I do.


But let me tell you — fabric isn’t so scary.  Once you figure out how to find that first straight edge, you can make perfectly straight fabric cuts from there on out.


How to cut Fabric Perfectly STRAIGHT...and square it up! | via Make It and Love It



And none of this will be done with a rotary cutter.  Though, you can use one if you want to.  But I RARELY use one (unless I’m quilting….aaaaand, I don’t quilt very much), because if I only need it for a few cuts, it’s