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DIY Flower Basket Costume

Oh my word, it’s October!  Before we know it……it’ll be Christmas morning!  Fall has to be the speediest season of all and I think that’s mostly because it’s packed with so many things to look forward to.  Ahhhhh…..when it’s springtime, I always say spring is my favorite season.  But come October, I’m smitten with everything Fall!

One of my favorite things about October (as you all know….because I’ve mentioned it about a trillion times) — COSTUMES!  I have been making costumes for years and for me, the most fun ones to make are for kids.  (See all my Halloween Costume tutorials HERE.)

This month, as a Michaels Maker, we were challenged to make, yep, a costume.  Fine by me!  As I walked through the aisles of Michaels, I tried thinking of ideas that were really simple, didn’t involve any sewing, and could be thrown together in 15 minutes or so.  Okay, one more thing…..a bit on the unique side.

That’s when this Flower Basket Costume came to life!  And I know it’s October…..but how does a basket full of bright pink flowers NOT make you happy!

DIY Flower Basket Costume...quick, unique, and fun for all ages! | via Make It and Love It


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