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NO-SEW Halloween Table Runner…with hanging spiders! (from my book “No-Sew Love”)

Guess what’s knocking on our door?!?!  OCTOBER!!  And do you know why I scream-typed OCTOBER all excited at you?  No, not because I get to turn off my air conditioning.  Or that the sun is going down earlier so my kids fall asleep sooner at night.  Or that I get to start wearing sweaters to hide those extra pumpkin recipes I’ve been snacking on.  (Though, those are all really good things about October.) No, the biggest reason I’m so excited for October is……HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!!!!! 


Costumes are my absolute favorite thing to sew.  The excitement, the humor, the frill, the obnoxious detail……I love it all!  And ooooh, the costume decisions have been made by my kiddos and the first batch of fabric has been purchased.  Elli is so excited that hers is being put together first.  And I can hardly wait to share!  However, I’m not only going to be sharing my own kids’ costumes this year…….but I’m also going to be sewing simpler costume ideas all month to share with you guys.  Because I love costumes that much!  (And maybe giving a few away….because what in the world will I do with them all?


So, because I’m overly excited about Halloween PLUS really excited to meet some of you in Denver this weekend for a book signing (are you coming? please do! more details HERE)……..I’m going to share a little Halloween project directly from my book, “No-Sew Love”.


A fun and playful Halloween Table Runner…..with little spiders hanging from strands of “web”.


NO-SEW Halloween Table Runner...with hanging spiders! (from the book "No-Sew Love") --- Make It and Love It