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20+ DIY Backpack Tutorials (child and adult styles)

My kids just went back to school this week……and I feel like I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to do this summer.  I had a whole bunch of items on my “Let’s Play This Summer” list.  And well, we only crossed off a few things.  Having a baby trumped a bunch of items on the list…….but I’m still feeling like we didn’t get enough done.  Stinkin’ speedy summer… ((sigh))


One of those things that I was meaning to do before Elli and Connor started school this week, was to make them new backpacks.  (Okay, and I wouldn’t leave Chloe out, even though she’s only 3 and not in school……I could still make her a play backpack, right??)  Elli and Connor’s backpacks from last year are just fine…..but I thought it would be a fun summer project to tackle.  Well, summer isn’t technically over yet (as far as the season goes), so I’ve been gathering inspiration online.  Hmmm, so many fun ideas.


Maybe your summer break sped by way too fast for you too?  Well, who says a new backpack has to be ready on the first day of school?!!  Let’s make a new backpack.  Or more! :)


20+ DIY Backpack Tutorials...great for back to school! --- Make It and Love It