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DIY Tooth Fairy “Fairy Dust” Pendants

So happy to have Kristin back today from Grandma’s Chalkboard …….sharing these darling Fairy Dust Pendants that the “Tooth Fairy” gives to her daughter after losing teeth.  Little girls love jewelry…….but a necklace filled with special fairy dust?  Magical. :)


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Hi guys, it’s Kristin from Grandma’s Chalkboard.


My sweet daughter is six, and to date, she has lost six teeth. They didn’t all come out easily. Okay, let’s be honest, none of them came out easily. And when her teeth need to come out, (her mouth is a super crowded place…we’ve already done braces!) it can be a not-so-fun experience.


But the one thing that makes losing a tooth worth it? A visit from the tooth fairy.  And wouldn’t you know it, the tooth fairy that visits our house knows just what this little girl likes. She doesn’t want money, she wants jewelry. Because really, what little girl doesn’t like jewelry, glitter, and over-the-top cuteness!?

DIY Tooth Fairy "Fairy Dust" Pendant...something special to find under their pillow! --- Make It and Love It



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