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Baby Cow Costume…with an UDDER!!

>>>>>> Happy October 1st!!!! <<<<<<


I’m kinda nerdy and still get really excited for Halloween.  And if you know me very well……you’d think it would be because of the candy.  Yes, yes, I do love my sugar……but even more than that, I love, you guessed it, COSTUMES!!  Just last week, I asked Steve to help me think of simple costume ideas that I could share here.  So I started writing down anything that came to mind.  The list began to grow and grow and I’ll admit, Steve laughed at me at least 100 times as I shrieked at some of the ideas we were coming up with.  We’d think of a basic concept and then my mouth couldn’t catch up with my brain, as I tried to explain what I was envisioning in my head.


But the whole time, I was trying to keep things really simple.  So anything we thought of, had to be simplified to something that could be made within an hour or two.  Because I know not everyone has the time/desire/skill/tools to make elaborate costumes.  (However, the Halloween Costumes that I have made each year are really fun and so many of you have duplicated them and improved upon them.  So cool.  High fives!)


And let me tell you what……I have a list long enough to share something new, every single day of October.  I’m not sure I have enough hours in the day to make/photograph/explain all of them, but if I can swing it, I’ll sure try. 


Now, these ideas that I want to share all month long, aren’t my kids’ actual Halloween Costumes.  Their actual costumes are something that I’d like to start sharing in another week or so (and will be a little more elaborate)……but these simple ideas will be just as fun!  And can be made from tiny babies all the way up to adults.  I am going to include SIZE VARIATION notes with each simple costume post, to give ideas of how to make the costume in a different size than the particular size I share here.  Does that help?  (And, I may have some local friends who might want to use some of these costumes……but if any of you think you could use any of these extra costumes that I make this month, let me know!)


Anyway, I’m hoping these simple ideas will get more of you cutting and sewing and gluing and creating for Halloween this year.  Because, no joke, there’s something really cool about making costumes.  It’s seriously pretty fun to see your child, a friend, or yourself walking around in something you made.  And since it’s a costume, who cares if you made a mistake.  Or have crooked seams.  And the more obnoxious you make it, the better, right? :)


Anyway, for the 1st Simple Costume Idea of the month……..Oliver helped me out and let me put him in this little Baby Cow Costume.  Complete with an UDDER!

A simple DIY Baby Cow Costume...with an UDDER!! --- Make It and Love It