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Wood Plank Cross-Stitch “FALL” Decor

Do you feel “Fall” creeping in outside?  I do too.  I don’t know how this happened so quickly but suddenly the sun goes down so much earlier in the evening.  Daylight Saving’s hasn’t even hit yet……but that darn sun is already giving up way too early in the day.  And at first, I was a little disappointed……but I’m finally getting used to the idea.  Because now I can bring out the scarves.  And the sweaters.  And all of my favorite pumpkin spice scents that just don’t smell right during the rest of the year.


And what else?  I’ve been digging out little bits of Fall Decor that have been stored down in big plastic tubs in the basement.  And because I get the itch to add something new to my decor each year, I was happy that this month’s theme with Michael’s Makers was Fall Decor.


So, I spent a little time doing a little cross-stitching over the weekend…….with WOOD!


Wood Plank Cross-Stitch "FALL" Decor --- Make It and Love It