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Fabric Checkbook Cover (with duplicate check divider)

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As much as I’d like to do away with checks and never use them……there are still times that I need to write a check.  There’s always some random bill that I need to mail off, someone I need to pay and I don’t have enough cash, a store that won’t take one of my debit/credit cards, etc.


So, I still pack around my checkbook.  (Anyone else?)


However, for the past few years, it has always bugged me that the little checkbook covers that the bank gives you are plastic.  And eventually crack and break apart. (Ooooh, makes me so mad.)  But I never even considered making my own…because I always use duplicate checks and so I need that little plastic flap that slides under the current check you’re writing, so it doesn’t copy onto other checks down below.


But hello……why not make my own cover and add my own flap from vinyl??

Oh yeah, I guess I could do that. ;)


Fabric Check Book Cover (with duplicate check divider) | via Make It and Love It