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Lollipop Munchkin (…from “Wizard of Oz”)

Okay, FINALLY.  The last little costume in our Wizard of Oz theme this year is complete.  And in case you missed the others, there’s a Dorothy costume, a Glinda the Good Witch costume, and a Tin Man costume.


DIY Dorothy Costume (from Wizard of Oz) | via Make It and Love It  diy-glinda-costume-13  DIY Tin Man Costume (from Wizard of Oz) | via Make It and Love It



This last was definitely the fastest of them all.  Probably because I wasn’t as motivated to spend the time sewing every single part of the costume because well, this won’t be a dress-up.  3-month-old Oliver will wear this for Halloween and probably never again because in a couple months, it will be too small.  However, this costume makes me laugh the absolute most! 


I wonder if he’ll one day ask me why in the world I dressed him up as a munchkin.  Well, it’s not the munchkin that he’ll wonder about……it’ll probably be that funky tuft of hair and skin colored cap I put on him, to make him appear like one of those half-bald-crazy-horned-hair Lollipop Munchkins.  (And while we’re talking about them…..what’s with their dance in the movie?  You know, the “we represent, the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild…” song?  They have the weirdest smirks on their faces and their bodies do this strange jerk with every few beats of the musicIt cracks me up.  But I guess that’s the point!)


Anyway, Oliver’s turn for his costume reveal.  And what a good sport he was with his mommy in his face with a camera, laughing at his outfit, while clicking picture after picture. :)


DIY Lollipop Munchkin Costume (from "Wizard of Oz") | via Make It and Love It