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Chewy Coconut Pecan Bars…yum! (GLUTEN FREE version included)

This post was written by my foodie sister Robin, who is now sharing all of her favorite recipes and kitchen tips regularly on the new “Make It and Love It – in the KITCHEN” portion of this blog. Try a few of her recipes…your belly will thank you! -Ashley

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Hey it’s me, Robin!  So, tell me…..what’s your go-to baking snack?  You know, when you’re craving something sweet and delicious, you don’t want to run and buy any fancy ingredients, but you really want something yummy?  Mine is usually chocolate chip cookies (I know……big surprise!).  But what do you do when there are no more chocolate chips?!?!


Here’s a quick dessert that you can add to your quick list of favorite, yet delicious, baked desserts!  Because, oh man…..these are incredible! And a favorite!  (And I’ve adapted it down below to be GLUTEN FREE…and yes, it’s just as yummy!)


Chewy Coconut Pecan Bars...yum! (GLUTEN FREE version included) | via Make It and Love It