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Hi, I’m Ashley…..…..welcome to my crazy little corner!

I am a mom to 3 wiggly kiddos and a wife to a very patient (with my craft clutter) husband.  This is my little space to share my latest project; some sewing, a bit of crafting, a lot of trial/error, and sometimes even some recipes. And in case you’re wondering……yes, I can ignore a dirty bathroom while I finish my latest project. :)




My little family is my main inspiration for what I create…..whether they want to be or not!  And all someone has to do is dare me, and I’m down and dirty trying to figure out how to make something that I’ve seen in the store, or, well, is on someone that is walking down the street.  Watch out passersby!


Sometimes these projects saves us a little money…..and other times, it is purely, well, just for fun.  Because, hands down, nothing beats the thrill of creating something with your own two hands, and then being shocked that it actually worked out.  Haha……..I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me.   So join in, make a little something, surprise yourself with the outcome………..and then love it!  You’ll be so happy you did.





Extra little tid-bits about me:

(Commonly asked questions)


  • Yes, I’m tall (5’11”)……and yes, my feet are really large (size 12…boo).  Okay, and my thumbs are stumpy.  (Through blogging, I found out they are called clubbed thumbs. Ha!)
  • Oh,  what?  You heard I had big babies?  Yep, the third and largest weighed in at 11 pounds even.  However, for some reason she was the easiest delivery of the 3.
  • My husband (who is 6’5”….yay, I can wear heels!) and I were married in 2005, in Idaho.  Our children/monkeys/little lovelies are 6 years old (Elli), 4 years old (Connor), and 2 years old (Chloe).  They are all spicy in their own little way….but we completely adore them all! :)
  • I first started this blog while we lived (and my husband was finishing up his undergrad) in Rexburg, ID.  Then we moved to Georgia for my husband to attend P.A. school.  He finally finished in April of 2012 (hallelujah!) and we are now living in Colorado, as real-life grown ups, with an actual job with insurance.  Yeah, I’m still in shock the school days are finally over!
  • I learned to sew very basic things from my mom as a young girl.  She used to make us Easter dresses every year (I have 4 sisters) and we would go the fabric store, pick out a pattern, then fabric and notions, and we would watch her as she stitched together some of my very favorite dresses. My interest grew and I would sew skirts and pajama pants as a teenager…..with a patient mom answering my questions.  When I went to college, I took a basic sewing class and learned how to make the inside of my clothing just as beautiful as the outside.  Do I follow those lessons now?  Sometimes.   I like a quick project…..so if I can get away with taking a few shortcuts, I will.
  • I don’t use patterns much anymore.  I like to slap down an article of clothing that already fits, on top of some fabric, and pretty much cut around it.  Well, almost. ;)


Hmmmm…..what else do I get asked a lot?

  • Oh yeah, no I don’t have a perfectly clean house, and yes, I feed my children.  Haha……yeah, I often get asked how I have the time to keep this blog going.  Like I mentioned above, I choose crafting over an immaculate house.  Or organized linen closets.  Or writing poetry.  Or family journals.  Or playing musical instruments.  Nap time is sacred in our house…..because that’s my time to finish things up, upload pictures, etc.  I also get up earlier than the kiddos most days….and sometimes I stay up late.  But it depends on the project.  If I’m super excited about it, it’s like a drug.  And I can’t get it out of my brain until I find some time to finish it.  So yeah, with any free time, you can usually find me creating in my little crafting corner.
  • Yes, I do run out of ideas sometimes.  And when that happens……I get out of the house.  I walk through stores, I people watch, I take mental notes of things that I like while watching a movie, etc.  Ooooh, I often times use my phone to take a picture of something I’d like to duplicate…..to be sure I don’t forget.
  • If you have read this blog for very long……you’ll know that my passions are my sweet babies, my dear husband, a few supplies to create with…..and sugar.  Sugar in all forms.  (Candy related gifts are always welcome!)  Some days, I can’t get enough chocolate, nuts, and caramel.  While other days, I put myself into sugar shock consuming all of the chewy and fruity goodness that I can get my hands on.  I know, I know………I’m working on this. Everyone has compulsive behavior.  Eating sweets is mine. :)
  • YES!!!  I love to see what you create.  I have to tell you that one of my favorite things, is to hear that you’ve dusted off your sewing machine, pulled out your sponge brushes, sharpened those scissors and/or heated up that glue gun……and are making this or that right along with me. Creating new things is just as addicting as the fattest bar of chocolate.  And THAT is an equal comparison.  (So upload your projects to the flickr group here.) 






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(**Project ideas are for personal use only…NOT for resale or re-distribution. Do not use photos without permission……unless you are using a photo or two as a reference on your own blog, with a link over to my site for the full tutorial/post. Thanks!)