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15 Hilarious Baby-Wearing Costume Ideas!

My youngest Oliver is 15 months old and I don’t actually tote him around in a carrier anymore.  In fact, I never really did because I swear I have a dysfunctional back and need a replacement one. Ha! ;)  But, I know so many out there who do and love it.  And now I’m jealous I’m not carrying Oliver around much because I have seen so many ADORABLE Halloween costume ideas that incorporate wearing your baby in a carrier…..and would have totally done so this year for Halloween.  Except for the whole back thing.  Darn.

So, I just had to share these with you baby-wearing friends…..because these hilarious Baby-Wearing Costume Ideas are too cute not to!

15 Hilarious Baby-Wearing Costume Ideas! | via Make It and Love It



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