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How to Turn IKEA Bookshelves into CUSTOM BUILT-INS

How to Turn IKEA Bookshelves into CUSTOM BUILT-INS

When we moved into our home here in Oklahoma (a little over a year ago), we had to make a few changes with how we stored things.  We went from having a large basement in Colorado, to none.  So, a lot of the stuff we were used to storing in the basement (i.e. kids toys, books, games, etc), we had to find new places for.  We have a bonus room in this house that is also a “media room”, but we decided right away to turn it into more of a “playroom” for the kids.  However, the room was already wired for speakers and all that electrical stuff and Steve was so excited at even the slightest possibility of finally having a room that was dedicated to big screens and loud volume numbers and lots of electrical wiring and nerdy stuff like that! ;)  So we decided that we could make this room work for both needs……as long as we got creative with some storage.

Well, we already had some tall storage units with doors that we hauled from Colorado and initially set those up in this “media room” for toy storage.  But nothing looked cohesive and the storage units just looked wonky in there, and like they obviously didn’t belong. So, we figured that these shelves have lasted this long, were still really strong and sturdy, and seemed to be holding up as good as anything else, so we used them as a base and created a whole Custom Built-In look with them.

And ahhhhhh…….so much better!

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