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25 Money-Saving DIY Backyard Projects…to transform your space!!

First of all, Happy Memorial Day (for my U.S. friends)!  I know this day tends to shift focus to friends, BBQs, and a day off from work (all things we enjoy, believe me!!!)….but I hope we’ll all take a moment to appreciate those who protect our country, both past and present.  Thank you!

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Like I mentioned on Friday, we FINALLY finished the Landscaping and Hardscaping in our Front Yard.  It took some time (and sweat!)…but it saved us some serious cash (as in, thousands!), Plus, it’s something we really love coming home to!  Ahhhhh…..such a pretty site to see!  Now, the backyard??  Not so much!  It needs some love…..but I think we’ll do it in stages.

We’ve been outside every single day, playing and enjoying the warm weather…..and so I’m going to blame it on the nice weather, but being outside makes me start thinking of all the fun things we could do back there to enjoy it even more!  So, I’ve been gathering ideas…trying to decide what I love most.  And since we’d much rather save money and make things ourselves, these are all ideas that would be much cheaper to do yourself……than paying someone to do or make it for you!

25 Money-Saving DIY Backyard transform your space!! |


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