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Learning to Decorate with Melted Chocolate

Something that I’ve always wanted to spend a little more time learning how to do, is cake decorating.  Like, full on flowers, fondant, hand piped designs and the whole nine yards! But I know it takes some time to practice and get good at and I just haven’t had oodles of extra time.  So, instead of decorating an extravagant cake, I decided to start with something small……and fancy up some sweet little cupcakes.  But not just frosting and sprinkles, because I think I’ve got that covered. ;)  I wanted to try something a little more fancy that would be fun to bring to a party or luncheon….but not take tons of time to do!

So when I realized this month’s Michaels Maker challenge was “Back In Class”, I decided to grab a kit from my local Michaels store, and learn how to fancy up some cupcakes!  And let me tell you……I had SO MUCH FUN!



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