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40 of the BEST Pie Recipes for Thanksgiving!

I know I have skipped around a little with Christmas…..but I still remember that Thanksgiving comes first.  In fact, we aren’t traveling for Thanksgiving and will be celebrating solo (but most likely with some friends)… I’ve got to start thinking of favorite recipes that I can make.  My rule for Thanksgiving is that for every adult present at dinner, there must be the same number of pies.  So yes, if there are 10 adults in attendance, there must be 10 pies.  And the reason for this… that PIE IS THE BEST PART!!!  I like turkey, but I don’t love it.  Ham is okay too….but it’s not my favorite either.  There are some yummy sides that I HAVE to make each year…..but the thing that I treasure most, is PIE!  Haha!  And the reason for having so many, is so that there are plenty of leftovers for everyone. :)  (Oh, and if you’re GLUTEN FREE….don’t feel left out!  About half of my side of the family is gluten free and we have the BEST Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipe that we’ve been using for years.  In fact, the non GF-eaters prefer it and eat it with us!  It’s a no-fail recipe that is flaky, buttery, and delicious!)

Anyway, I have my favorite pies but I’m thinking I need to add more to the mix.  I am an absolute pumpkin pie fan but my husband hates it.  He loves apple pie but I only sorta like it.  See the other reason we have to make so many pies?!!  Everyone deserves to have their favorite flavor….and since this is about the only time of year I make pie, it’s worth all the extra time.

So, I have been scouring the internet for yummy recipes….and WOW guys, there are so many I want to try!  Everything from fruity to creamy to chocolate-y and more.  Yum, yum, and more yum!  (Is it at all obvious that sweets are my weakness?! ;) Heaven to me looks like Willy Wonka’s world.)

Anway, in case you need a few pie recipes to try — check these out!  And read the comments below the recipes….lots of them have reviews and suggestions, etc.  Pretty informative.


40 of the BEST Pie Recipes for Thanksgiving | via Make It and Love It


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