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31 Kitchen Tips, Hacks, & Shortcuts you’ll be SO GLAD you know!

If you walked into my home close to dinner time, you probably wouldn’t gather this information from looking around, but I actually really do like cooking, trying new recipes, combining ideas, etc.  However, with young kiddos, it’s been years since I’ve had very many consecutive minutes to experiment and make time-consuming meals during the week (because my husband Steve isn’t home yet to help with kiddos). So, I mostly make meals that don’t require much time and I LOVE shortcuts that help save me time before the inevitable cranky kiddo melt-downs happen.

I was browsing around online last week and started finding all of these great tips that help save time in the kitchen — and was pinning one after the other!  But then I started finding other really cool kitchen hacks and ideas that I thought were so useful, so I decided to round all these ideas up and share them with you guys……..because I can’t be the only one who loves shortcuts or helpful ideas for the kitchen, right??

Anyway, hope they’re useful for you guys too! :)

31 Kitchen Tips, Hacks, & Shortcuts you'll be SO GLAD you know! | via Make It and Love It



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