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25 Delicious Lemon Desserts…to satisfy your Citrus Sweet Tooth!

When I was a little girl and even into my teenage years, I hated chocolate.  I just don’t think I had a very mature palate because I also hated onions, fish, peppers, beef, chicken on the bone, and so many other things.  (My poor mom!)  But don’t worry, I have now matured (kind of! ha!) and most of the time, choose chocolate as my favorite dessert!  But, a very close second—would be LEMON!!  I love it!  It’s such a light flavor, it’s happy, it feels clean…..I don’t know, it’s such a nice balance after having a chocolate hangover. :)

And since summer is just about here, I tend to set aside the chocolate desserts a little more because they seem heavy and well, they melt.  So, as I was looking for other dessert ideas, I kept adding lemon recipes to my “to make” list.  Anyone out there the same way?  Are you a lemon fan??  Well, even if you’re not, get the napkins ready because you’re seconds away from drooling.  Just check out these 25 Delicious Lemon Desserts that I have gathered……mmmmmm, can’t wait to try them!

Maybe these will help inspire you for your next outdoor BBQ or night out with friends?!!

25 Delicious Lemon satisfy your Citrus Sweet Tooth! | via


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