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Cheesy Ricotta Bread…a delicious yet quick side dish!

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Hey guys, it’s Robin!  Are you ready to impress your dinner guests? Or wait, skip the guests, and just make this for you and/or your family tonight! It’s so quick to make, but will seem like you spent hours on it.


I got this recipe from a guy who was dating my roommate back in college. He made dinner for all of us one night and although he was making plain ol’ spaghetti, this bread made the whole dinner gourmet! We were really impressed. Unfortunately, he didn’t become a permanent fixture — but this recipe sure did!


Cheesy Ricotta Bread...a delicious yet quick side dish! | via Make It and Love It




This bread goes amazingly well with spaghetti, minestrone soup, or any Italian tomato based dish. It’s the