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28 Favorite Mexican Food SLOW COOKER Recipes

First of all, I am still looking for my dinner-prep-now-that-school-is-in jive. Aggghhh! I just haven’t quite wrapped my brain around our new schedule and prepping ahead of time and working around our different evening schedules, etc. So, I have been gathering crock-pot recipes, because let’s be real……whoever invented that crock-pot, is a GENIUS! I love dumping everything in and letting that thing work its magic, while I go about my busy day. Which brings me to another question, do you call it a crock pot or a slow cooker?? I’ve always called it a crock pot…because that’s what my mom called it growing up. But I think it’s a brand thing….like how we call facial tissues “Kleenex”, even though that’s a brand name, not the actual name of the tissue. Or a band-aid. Okay, I’m done. Ha! ;) But we call it a crock-pot around here, even though it’s really a slow cooker!

Anyway, while gathering ideas to try, I kept finding recipes that fall under my favorite food category ——> MEXICAN FOOD!!! (I swear I should have been born in Mexico…even though many of the Mexican food recipes probably aren’t even eaten in Mexico…and are more of a Tex-Mex type of food. Although, I do love authentic Mexican food too. I really do love it all!) Anyway, I didn’t even realize that some of my favorite Mexican food recipes would work well in the crock pot…..ack, so I’m really excited to try them!! And all of these recipes only take a few minutes of prep, and then, “DING”…. a yummy Mexican food meal is READY!

So here they are —- 28 Favorite Mexican Food SLOW COOKER Recipes……all in one place!!!!

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