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Ricotta Gnocchi (Ñoquis) with a fluffy Prosciutto Cream Sauce

This post was written by my foodie sister Robin, who is now sharing all of her favorite recipes and kitchen tips regularly on the new “Make It and Love It – in the KITCHEN” portion of this blog. Try a few of her recipes…your belly will thank you! -Ashley

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Hey guys, before Robin jumps in and shares this recipe, I have to put some of your minds at ease. No, you’re not going crazy……because yes, I have posted this Gnocchi (pronounced NEE-OH-KEE) recipe before. But it was over 4 years ago, and well, my pictures were terrible. They totally don’t do this phenomenal dish justice and every time I pull up the recipe to make it, I cringe. Agggh, those pictures were so sad. And in case you’re new(er) around here, you need to know my love for this Gnocchi recipe. It was a recipe given to me from my dear friend Lizzie (while living in Georgia a few years ago) and she knew it was my favorite. She would invite us over to eat it with her family and every time, I would rave about it! She even brought over a pot of it right after having Chloe. Yes, I may forget some things…..but I don’t forget when someone brings over a dish of one of my absolute favorite dishes. Mmmmmm! Lizzie is half Italian and has extra Gnocchi making powers (right Lizzie?!)…..but seriously, it really is pretty fool-proof. Even I have never messed it up!


But anyway, I asked Robin if she would re-make this dish and then re-photograph it. But it also needed a re-introduction for those of you who have never tried Gnocchi. But even if you have, more than likely you’ve tried the potato variety. And if so, you absolutely MUST try this ricotta version. And just so you know, you’ll probably have seconds and thirds and will be licking your plate clean…..but don’t blame me. Just go on an extra long walk afterwards! Anyway……Robin’s turn!


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Hey guys, this is Robin. Thank Ash, for explaining. :)


Okay, so let me tell you—I love Gnocchi (pronounced: NEE-OH-KEE). I was first introduced to gnocchi at a little Italian restaurant in college, before living in Argentina (where I was a missionary for 18 months). Little did I know while sitting in that little restaurant, that I would soon eat gnocchi more times than I could count. In Argentina, it is spelled differently, using the Spanish alphabet: ÑOQUI (pronounced similar in Italian). Ahhh there are a lot of things to love about Argentina: the tango, alfajores, dulce de leche, gauchos, the Italian influence and the gestures. Oh man, did I love gesticulating just like the natives. Oh, and I of course loved the ñoquis. Did you know that the 28th day of every month is ñoqui day? I can tell you the story about that another day because I have some more ñoqui recipes brewing in my brain that I want to try and show you in the future.


Anyway, when Ashley posted this recipe here years ago, I was on it like a hound dog. However, I was only familiar to gnocchi that was made out of potatoes. When I saw that this recipe was made with Ricotta cheese, I Ate. It. Up. (figuratively and literally)! Because, CHEESE!


Ricotta Gnocchi (Ñoquis) with a fluffy Prosciutto Cream Sauce --- Make It and Love It (in the KITCHEN)