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It’s BBQ Time!!! (…plus, an exclusive FREEbie!)

Hey guys, I know, I know……I’ve been a little MIA over the past few weeks.  But, oh boy, do I have some stories for you!  We left on vacation a month ago, returned home and had some hired help steal from us (that’s a good story I’ll have to share….including some video footage our neighbors caught on their security camera….yay!), and then we left on another last minute trip and my computer wouldn’t work the whole time I was away.  ACK!!  Now we’re home, and school starts next week!  What a whirlwind summer!

Anyway, I feel so behind with things I’ve been doing in my craft/sewing room, and there are so many things I’m DYING to make!!  Vacations are awesome, summer schedules are dreamy, outdoor landscaping is rewarding, but I’m longing for some normalcy.  And for me, “normal” includes a little more down time where I can let my hands get creative in my craft room!  My soul kinda needs it.  And I’ve been missing it.

BUT FOR TODAY, (and until I can finish some of those projects), I have something so fun to share with you….which I’ve been really excited about!  Some of my long-time and favorite blogging friends (as in, we both started blogging years and years ago, when the photos were terrible and people were still unsure what a blog was…ha!) have created a new e-book, all about GRILLING!!!  Yes, Kate and Sara from Our Best Bites, who have published 3 cookbooks already (which I probably use more than any other cookbooks I own), have created the coolest e-book, all about one of my favorite cooking methods —-> GRILLING!

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