Little Boy Bowtie: the QUICK and EASY version

I mentioned earlier this week that I completely ran out of time to make the kiddos’ Easter outfits this year.  Bummer.  I really enjoy making their holiday outfits because, hmmmmm, I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s a good excuse to make them something new?  And justifies the purchase of new fabric?  However, this year I found some really cute things at the store last minute while shopping for something else…..and just went with it. 


However, I couldn’t find Connor a tie to wear with his shirt and vest.  Well, I couldn’t find one that matched while out shopping that day.  Yeah, we could have skipped it altogether but there are only so many years before he actually cares what he’s wearing.  So for now, he lets me decide. :)


So, I made him a bowtie.  And the little man loves it!

 Little Boy Bowtie: the QUICK and EASY version --- Make It and Love It





And it’s not a real bowtie that you tie……’s totally the cheater version.  With a velcro closure.  But most important…….it’s SPEEDY QUICK to make!

 Little Boy Bowtie: the QUICK and EASY version --- Make It and Love It




Have I ever told you that Connor is kinda nutty?  And has this bubbly giggle that is completely contagious?  All I wanted him to do was stand here and let me photograph his little bowtie…..but the kid couldn’t keep a straight face.  Soon after, we were all laughing.  Ahhhhh….this kid.  I hope he never loses that sweet laugh!


Little Boy Bowtie: the QUICK and EASY version --- Make It and Love It



However, he thinks the bowtie is super cool because it’s, hmmmmm, I’m not sure why he thought it was so cool.  Probably because it was something different than the normal straight tie that he wears to church.  And you know, bowties on a little boys are kind of darling!


Little Boy Bowtie: the QUICK and EASY version --- Make It and Love It




Yeah, this simple little bowtie came to the rescue for Easter this year.  In under an hour.


Little Boy Bowtie: the QUICK and EASY version --- Make It and Love It


And gosh, I love that little face!



Would you like to make one too?

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My server was down (not hacked)……and 35+ Easter/Spring Outfit ideas

Did you try loading my site yesterday?  And this morning?  Yeah, it was down.  Boo.


Technology is so unpredictable.  Apparently, the host I use had over 1 million sites down for a lengthy period of time yesterday and today.  Yeah, no bueno.  I pay for a dedicated server because of the amount of people that visit this site (otherwise, pages wouldn’t load and the site would crash).  So when something goes wrong with this paid server, I get the hives.  And buy milkshakes at Freddy’s.  And check my site incessantly while waiting in the pick-up line, while the kiddos are eating lunch, and during naptime.  But hey, technology is unpredictable……so it just happens.  Ha.  But hallelujah…’s fixed! 


This little glitch did, however, throw me off a bit.  I was going to share something for the little boys today but since I want to make sure the site is healthy and running smoothly for today, I’ll save that post for tomorrow.  Deal?

. . . . .



In the meantime, how are your Easter plans?  Are you leaving town?  Having company over?  Just keeping things low key?  Forgot it was Easter weekend all together?  Or maybe you don’t celebrate Easter at all?


Whatever the case, maybe some of you are scouring the internet today, looking for a quick project to sew for the kiddos before Sunday rolls around.  Or maybe you were wanting some new spring clothing ideas that you could work on this weekend.  In case you were poking around for ideas here, let me round up several of my favorites!


35 easter and spring clothing ideas for kids




The Baby Dress into Bubble Romper

37 Baby Dress into Bubble Romper



Turn a Men’s Tie into a Boy’s Tie

32 mens-tie-into-boys-tie



The Fabric Strip Detail Skirt

21 Fabric Strip Skirt



The Color Block Dress

1 color block dress



The Lil Guy Tie Pattern (from my shop)

1 tie pattern



The Shirred Summer Dress with Tie-Back Bow

2 chloe-shirred-summer-dress



The Front Tie Spring Dress

19 Front Tie SPring Dress



Turn Men’s Pants into Boy’s Reversible Vest

23 Men's Pants into Boy Vest



The Full Skirt with Trimmed Tulle

31 full-skirt-with-trimmed-tulle



The Bradley Bootie Pattern (from my shop)

1 bradley shoe pattern



The Ombre Fringe Skirt (from old Tshirts)

3 Fringe Skirt


4 Fringe Skirt



The Paper Bag Skirt with Sash

24 Paper Bag Skirt



The Jumbo Ric-Rac Dress and Skirt

20 Jumbo Ric-Rac Dress and Skirt



Baby Shoes from Thrifted Purses

10 baby-shoes-made-from-purses-670x558




The Maddy Dress Pattern (from my shop)

1 maddy dress pattern



The Boy Shorts with Back Flaps

17 Boy Shorts with Back Flaps


18 Boy Shorts with back flaps



The Double Layer SQUARE Circle Dress (added onto a Tshirt)

33 square-circle-dress



The Breezy Skirt with Lace and Fabric Strips

14 breezy skirt



The Tshirt into Dress with Braided Collar

15 Tshirt into dress with braided collar



The Interchangeable Bowtie Onesie

36 Interchangeable Bowtie Onesie



The Flower Baby Sandals…for Girls

26 Flower Sandals for Baby Girl




The Lily Skirt Pattern (from my shop)

1 lily skirt pattern



The Tshirt into Dress with Braided Straps

16 Tshirt into dress with braided straps



The Tiered Maxi Skirt

6 Tiered Maxi Skirt



The Rainbow Bias Tape Skirt

34 Rainbow Bias Tape Skirt



The Ruffle Top Dress or Romper

7 Ruffle Top Dress or Romper



The Little Boy Suspenders

25 Little Boy Suspenders



The Elastic Band Skirt (aka: the fastest skirt you’ll ever make)

29 Elastic Band Skirt



The A-line Skirt with Ruffles and Ridges

27 A-line Skirt with ruffles



The Shirred Dress from Women’s Skirt

9 Shirred Dress from Women's Skirt



The 3 Tiered Skirt: with hidden or exposed seams

11 three tiered skirt



Baby Girls Sandals

12 baby girl sandals



Baby Boy Sandals

13 baby boy sandals



The Flouncy Bubble Skirt with Elastic Waist

35 Bubble-Skirt-with-Elastic-Waist-51



The Ill-fitting Maxi Dress into Maxi Skirt

28 maxi dress into maxi skirt



The Tshirt into Ruffly Dress

22 Tshirt into Ruffly Dress



Easter outfits from 2012

8 Easter Outfits 2012



Easter outfits from 2013

30 easter Outfits 2013




Hope that’s helpful!


Make a Flouncy Bubble Skirt…with an elastic waist

In my mind, it’s still February.  And I still have like 2 months to make the kiddos an Easter outfit.  My mom made us a new Easter dress every year and it’s one of my favorite memories.  She also bought us those awful 80s white hats that the stores would sell around Easter time.  You know, with a hideous white silk flower or huge white bow.  Yeah, awful, but at the time……I LOVED those hats!


Well, I had every intention of making the girls dresses and Connor a rockin’ cool vest and tie this year for Easter.  Did that happen?  Nope.  But I did make Elli a little skirt months ago that I completely forgot about and just found and finished up.  I could have made Chloe one too, made Connor a simple tie, and called it an Easter sewing success!  But over the weekend, I found the cutest little dresses at Osh Kosh and I couldn’t resist.  And the girls REALLY wanted to match, the dresses were right in front of me, and the sizes were exactly what we needed…….so I just went with it. 


However, this little skirt must be shared because I love how it turned out.  And Elli can wear it for whatever occasion she wants to…..because there are plenty of those. 


DIY Bubble Skirt with Elastic Waist...for girls and women both! --- Make It and Love It






This bubble skirt is made from a lightweight chiffon and is so flouncy and fun.  (And can easily be made in teen/adult sizes…)

DIY Bubble Skirt with Elastic Waist...for girls and women both! --- Make It and Love It





The waistband is a wide elastic, so it’s comfy and easy to wear (and more simple to construct than a fitted waistband).

DIY Bubble Skirt with Elastic Waist...for girls and women both! --- Make It and Love It





And ohhhhh, that bubble along the bottom!  It makes this skirt so bouncy and twirly……which Elli loves!

DIY Bubble Skirt with Elastic Waist...for girls and women both! --- Make It and Love It





There is a lining underneath to keep things hidden, but it also holds the bubble hem in place.

DIY Bubble Skirt with Elastic Waist...for girls and women both! --- Make It and Love It




Oh, sweet Elli, you are still so fun to sew for.  And so easy to please.  


I know the time will come when you hate all of my ideas and clothing suggestions.  But give me a few more years before that happens.  Deal? (Sorry mom…..I remember being such a brat about those turtle necks you’d buy me for Christmas.  Yuck!)

DIY Bubble Skirt with Elastic Waist...for girls and women both! --- Make It and Love It





And even though I didn’t get one made in time for Easter, I’m pretty sure Chloe needs one of these Bubble Skirts too.  She’ll adore it just as much.

DIY Bubble Skirt with Elastic Waist...for girls and women both! --- Make It and Love It




Would you like to make a Bubble Skirt too?

They’re easy to make in teen/adult sizes too…

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DIY 5 Minute Wreath

 So excited to have Cami from Tidbits here again today, sharing this quick 5 Minute Wreath Tutorial.  Really, who doesn’t have 5 minutes to pretty up a little nook/wall space in the home!


. . . . .

Have you noticed this year is all about purple? I’ve been seeing it pop up in magazines, throw pillows, fashion, and even appliances. 
The pro’s have even dubbed it the color of the year.  
Click here to see Pantone’s purple, Radiant Orchid.  Sooooo pretty.
But my favorite purple is from Sherwin Williams, Exclusive Plum.
After seeing purple everywhere, I decided I needed a touch of it in my home. 
 DIY 5 Minute Wreath --- Make It and Love It
Since we recently added a baby boy to our family, this touch of purple had to be a quick touch of purple.  The baby in blue wants most my attention!!
DIY 5 Minute Wreath --- Make It and Love It
I am going to show you how I threw together a 5 minute wreath for my entry way, using the perfect shade of deep purple. 
 DIY 5 Minute Wreath --- Make It and Love It
Paired with my thrift store chicken egg basket, spring is officially welcomed into our house.
However, you can adapt this simple wreath for any look or season – IN JUST 5 MINUTES!!
DIY 5 Minute Wreath --- Make It and Love It
All you have to do is change out the floral for a completely different look. Use the same wreath form over and over again, and you have a quick interchangeable way to spruce up any room in your home. 
DIY 5 Minute Wreath --- Make It and Love It
When my sweet girls saw what I was making, they discovered yet another use for a flowery wreath.
DIY 5 Minute Wreath --- Make It and Love It
A nature princess!!  If only we could all have the imagination of a child.
DIY 5 Minute Wreath --- Make It and Love It
Ready to whip up your own crown . . . . . . . . . . . er . . . . . . . . . . wreath?

YOU Made It and Love It: 8 — A Link Party (and last week’s favorites!)

How about showing off a few things you’ve been making lately……and join in on the this week’s Link Party!


So, here’s the deal, every Saturday, I will host a You Made It and Love It party, where you can simply click on the blue button at the bottom of the post, add your name, the URL to your project, and upload your image………and then click “done” to share. Your image (and link) will then show up on that exact post, down at the bottom, and all will be able to see what you’ve been creating lately. I kind of think of it as all of you squishing into my craft room, showing off what you’ve been making. I kinda love it! (Don’t forget to bring your own treats…)


Also, each week, I will share some of my favorite uploads from the week before. Just for fun.


Here are only some of the few that I loved:



Melanie from The Crafty Cupboard made this darling Baby Geranium Dress.  And oh, that FABRIC!  Love it all!





Brandy from Gluesticks Blog put together this April Showers themed baby shower and my word, it’s perfectly sweet!  Well done!





Heidi from Lainey Bug’s Closet made these sweet little Ruffled Shorties for her little girl.  How perfect are they poking out from beneath that floral top!  Cute.





Loved them all…….and we’ll share more next week.

. . . . .



Wanna add to this week’s party?

Don’t be shy…

link party revised



Here’s how this party will work…….

Choose an image from a project that you’ve made, and attach it below (there’s a little blue button down there). Then, next week, I’ll feature a few of my favorites and we’ll start all over again. (And I’ll be pinning some favorites to my Pinterest account too.) You guys have so much talent in those crafty fingers of yours……so daggum it, SHARE IT!



Here are a few guidelines:

  • Insert a link back here, to Make It and Love It, into the post of the project you’re sharing…..stating that you’re linking up to this Link Party. Or you can include the button below right into your post.
  • Don’t link up to giveaways, your own linky parties, your shop, advertisements, or round-ups that you’ve created (i.e….”30+ quick dinner ideas”).  The links should be actual things you’ve MADE.
  • Share the love. Visit at least 3 other links and show some love to them! (aka: leave them a comment)


If you’d like a little button to share (instead of just a plain ‘ol boring hyperlink) here’s a button for you to use. Just copy/paste the code in the scroll box and then insert into the html (the “text” not the “visual”) of your submission’s post. The button, when clicked on, will link directly back to my site.



Make It and Love It



Now go on, click on the little blue button below, attach your picture (and give it a title, etc) and let’s see what you’ve been up to! :)


And then come back again next week to share what you are MAKE-ing and LOVE-ing!




Raindrop Pillow Tutorial…a great project for spring!

 So excited to have Sara from The Aqua House here again today, sharing this DARLING Raindrop Pillow Tutorial.  This makes me all sorts of excited for spring!


. . . . .

Spring is here, and if you’re like me, you are looking to freshen up your home with some new accessories. It seems like springtime brings lots of beautiful blossoms and cheery colors into our home decor, but this year I knew I wanted to do something different.  That’s when the idea for this Raindrop Pillow was born.
Raindrop Pillow Tutorial...a great project for spring! --- Make It and Love It
Pillows are one of the easiest ways to change up the feeling of a room, and if you have some fabric and a sewing machine, they are a super fast afternoon project. This is the perfect pillow to toss on your couch, bed, or favorite accent chair. 
Raindrop Pillow Tutorial...a great project for spring! --- Make It and Love It
And those cute little raindrops will have you smiling when they bring the right amount of pattern into your space.
Raindrop Pillow Tutorial...a great project for spring! --- Make It and Love It
This project was inspired by this beautiful print from Moda’s new fabric line April Showers by Bonnie and Camille. I adore this fabric and wanted to bring the pattern into my home on a larger scale.
Raindrop Pillow Tutorial...a great project for spring! --- Make It and Love It
Are you ready to make your own Raindrop pillow?
This project is a great scrap buster and almost all of my fabric came from quilt leftovers.

A New Tandem Bike + $500 Visa Card GIVEAWAY



Check out this “Ride and Shop” Giveaway going on right now!


Imagine riding a FREE tandem bike with a friend and shopping with a $250 pre-paid Visa gift card for EACH of you!


What a fun giveaway to welcome in warm weather! Enter in below. It’s super easy.  



A New Tandem Bike and $500 Visa Card GIVEAWAY --- Make It and Love It



Thanks to all the sites for making this giveaway possible. What a great bunch!


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how to enter






Ride and Shop Giveaway!

How to Paint {{Super Straight}} Horizontal Stripes

Last week, while Steve had a day off and while Connor was at school, we completely emptied his room and decided to finally paint it.  We have lived in this house for almost a year and the poor kid has had his mattress on the floor, pieces of wood for his bed stacked up in the corner, stashes of un-organized clutter everywhere…….and oh my, it was true chaos.  But we were waiting to set up his room until we could paint the lime yellow/greenish paint color that was all over his walls and ceiling.  Grrrr.  When Connor got home from kindergarten and saw that his whole room was out in the hallway, he was THRILLED!  He has been asking for months for us to finally start his room.  Sweet patient kid.


While painting his room with grey paint, I decided last minute that he needed some stripes on one wall.


Are you afraid of stripes?  Do your tape lines leak?  When you pull back the tape, are you left with wavy messy lines?  Yeah, I used to have the same problem.  And it seemed that no matter how expensive the tape was or how hard I pressed the tape onto the wall, it was always a mess.  But since figuring out how to paint super straight lines the EASY way, it didn’t take much time at all to paint these great stripes on one of Connor’s walls.


How to Paint {Super Straight} Horizontal Lines --- Make It and Love It





Go ahead and look closely, even though the wall are textured, those lines are razor sharp. :)


How to Paint {Super Straight} Horizontal Lines --- Make It and Love It





I only painted the stripes on one of the walls……but wow, it adds such a nice texture to that focus wall.  (And no, we still haven’t decorated or put everything in place.  That little plane is just propped against the wall and the ‘S’ is part of the word ‘SOAR’ that we had up in his last room.  Once it’s done, I’ll show more details. :) )


How to Paint {Super Straight} Horizontal Lines --- Make It and Love It





Cute little razor sharp stripes……you’re definitely staying!


How to Paint {Super Straight} Horizontal Lines --- Make It and Love It




Need some help painting your lines?

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The Reversible Bag…for kids!

 So excited to have Kristin from Grandma’s Chalkboard here again today, contributing these darling Reversible Kid Bags.  What child would not FLIP for one of these! :)


. . . . .



Want to know what’s even better than a cute, brightly-colored bag sized just right for your little sweeties? Yep, that’s right, an equally adorable bag that is REVERSIBLE!


Let’s face it, a girl likes options. And I’m excited to be here today sharing a tutorial for that cute little bag, just in time for Spring.

DIY Reversible Bag...for kids! --- Make It and Love It
The real fun of this project comes when you hand this bag to a child and show them how it turns ‘inside’ out. My four year old thought this was the best thing EVER! He was so proud of ‘his’ bag (which happened to be pink with butterflies and hearts) and had to show everyone how it worked. Haha, don’t worry, I have a boy version in the works!  My six year old loves her bag too. This pattern is a keeper!
DIY Reversible Bag...for kids! --- Make It and Love It
And since they are so quick to make, they are great little gifts!  Or you could make a bunch for birthday party favors.
DIY Reversible Bag...for kids! --- Make It and Love It



Want to make one? Great, let’s get started!

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25 DIY Chandelier Ideas

We’ve been working on a few home projects this week, until late at night.  Sweet little Connor has asked for almost a year now for his room to finally be painted…..and hooray, it’s almost done.  Just a bit of touch up paint around the edges and we’re ready to actually set up his room.  His mattress has just been laying on the floor and nothing has really had a place.  So, it’s not really his fault when I ask him to clean his room and he just shoves things in little nooks and crannies, is it?  There hasn’t been much order in his room… I guess we’re to blame.  Ack, sorry buddy!  But he is beyond thrilled to finally have a place for everything.  That’s what the weekend holds for us…..moving everything back into his room.


I kinda go back and forth with what I’m working on and sharing here on the blog.  A little bit of sewing, then some home decor, a bit of painting, then I get excited to make baby items, then a few kid clothing pieces, and then back to painting, etc.  Oh gee……in some ways I’m very type A.  In other ways, I’m very type, uh…….Z?? 


But I’ve been looking around for DIY Chandeliers and have found the cutest ideas around the internet.  (Not for his room, but for other spaces in our home.)  So, I had to share.


Some of them are far cheaper than purchasing a brand new chandelier or fixture.  And sometimes that’s all you need to perk up a room or living space.  Maybe some of these will spark an idea for you too.





25 DIY Chandelier Ideas





 Sassy Red Chandelier by It’s Just Laine

brass to class





Fabric Garland Chandelier by A Beautiful Mess






Mason Jar Chandelier by Nest of Bliss






Beaded Chandelier by Gus and Lula






Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier by Brenna at Paper & Ink






Painting Old Chandeliers by Make It and Love It






Mason Jar Chandelier by Kara Paslay Designs






Bead and Ruffle Chandelier by Garage Sales R Us






Vintage Brass Chandelier by Craft and Couture







DIY Orb Chandelier by Ador By Melissa






 Jute Cording Chandelier by I Love That Blog






Paint Swatch Chandelier by Hey Gorgeous Events






DIY Brass Chandelier by One Kings Lane

brass balls





Ping Pong Ball Pendant Lamp by Poppytalk

ping pong






Industrial Cage Pendant Light by Simplicity in the South






Steel Pipe Chandelier by Something is Done






Beaded Chandelier by Makely





Wood Bead Chandelier by Tatertots and Jello






Pom Pom & Hoop Chandelier by A Blog Full of Weldons






Work Light Chandelier by Likainen Parketti

 worklamp 033




 Painted and Beaded Chandelier by How Does She

how does





Wine Bottle Pendant Light Chandelier by DIY Network

bottle pendants





Bead and Jute Chandelier by Simply Salvage






Mini Lamp Shade Chandelier by The Hometrotter





Hanging Bulb Chandelier by Ruffled Blog

  chicken wire