Make a simple Bell & Moss JOY WREATH

I mentioned over on Instagram the other day that the day after Halloween, I took down all of our decorations and put up all of my “Fall” and “Thanksgiving” decor.  But not even a week later, I just got this incredible itch to bring out the Christmas boxes.  So I did.  Well before Thanksgiving!  I don’t know….maybe it’s because there was so much crazy going on during the first part of November and it just felt dreary and sad (I was letting all of the presidential election drama really get to me…..the fighting on both sides was exhausting).  So, I took down the “Fall” decor and started pulling out so many wonderful Christmas memories.  It seriously fixed my mood and made me so happy to celebrate something so special, sacred, and peaceful.  Ahhhhh……Christmas!

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-10-06-52-amimage from my Instagram account

And guess what?  Thanksgiving was still lovely and beautiful, even with Christmas decor already up!  Maybe next year will be different….but this year I really needed that little pick-me-up!

So when the Michaels Makers challenge for December was centered around Christmas decor, I was happy to join in!  In fact, I haven’t been loving the wreath on my front door….and decided I needed to fix that problem, and made this very simple Bell & Moss JOY Wreath!

Make a simple Bell & Moss JOY WREATH | via


After I finished, I actually set it over in our living room (before testing it on our front door)…..and fell in love with how it looked up on that old painted dresser in our living room.

Make a simple Bell & Moss JOY WREATH | via


And when I say “simple to make”, I really mean it.  I attached that dried moss to a very inexpensive straw wreath form to create my own base, and then added the wire and bells in just minutes.

Make a simple Bell & Moss JOY WREATH | via


The letters are optional…..but I really love the simple one-word messages of Christmas!

Make a simple Bell & Moss JOY WREATH | via


As I sat back on the couch and admired that little wreath, I really considered leaving it right there in our living room to enjoy!

Make a simple Bell & Moss JOY WREATH | via


But then remembered how much I wanted a new wreath for my front door!  Plus, I really love that I can see the word JOY as I drive up to the house…….so the front door is where it stays!

Make a simple Bell & Moss JOY WREATH | via


But just so you know…..this wreath would work on a mantel, hanging from a wreath stand, or even hanging on the wall!

Make a simple Bell & Moss JOY WREATH | via


Want to make a Bell & Moss JOY Wreath too???


Joy Wreath SUPPLIES:

  • Straw Wreath Form (I bought the 18 inch, but you could use any size)
  • Dried Moss (I just bought clumps of moss, not the sheets)
  • Gold Decorative Wire, 12 gauge (pretty thick and very bendable.)
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks (my favorite 2-temp glue gun –> here)
  • large metal jingle bells
  • Chip Board Letters (J, O, and Y)


Begin by pulling your moss out of your bag and manipulating it into flat-ish pieces, that are still thick enough to hide the wreath form.



Then use hot glue to attach to the form, one section at a time.  Continue adding moss to the front and sides of the wreath form.  (I didn’t cover the back to save on moss…..but you’ll want to cover the back if it will be seen.



Now, grab your bells.  I found a package that had 3 types included.



String a few of the bells onto your wire…



And then start wrapping your wire around your wreath.  Add more bells as you go, and continue wrapping the wire, all the way around the wreath.



And just in case you’re wondering if I have any assistants to help me…….of course I do!! ;)


And yes, I prefer to work on projects while the older kids are at school and while Oliver is napping, but if it’s quick project, I can work on it while he’s right by my side, “helping” me! :)


On the back, I originally added a little loop to hang the wreath from….but after hanging it, it just slipped.  So I ended up just hanging it from one of the wires that are wrapped around the wreath.  Worked great!



Lastly, I hot glued the JOY letters right to the wreath, at the bottom.  Then, I added little wire scraps to the letters, by wrapping them around parts of each letter.  Totally optional, but I thought it was a cute addition.



And that’s it…….easy, right?!?!

Time to hang your wreath!

Make a simple Bell & Moss JOY WREATH | via





Need a few more ideas?  Check out what the other Michaels Makers have made…

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7 Responses to “Make a simple Bell & Moss JOY WREATH”
  1. 1
    Delia says:

    This is so pretty Ashley!

  2. 2
    Aundrea says:

    I love everything about this! What a great tutorial. I love the versatility of the wreath. I recently posted something similar. Thank you for sharing!

  3. 3
    Ashley says:

    Such a pretty wreath! Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. 4
    Dawn says:

    I love this! Do you think it would last year to year or just once because the moss will die?

  5. 5
    Katie Lassig says:

    I love this wreath! I am wondering where you bought your deer and white tree? Love them!!!

    • 5.1
      Ashley says:

      Hey Katie! I bought the deer at Michaels last year….and hmmmm, the white tree? I think maybe Target last year? Or two years ago? I can’t remember! Sorry about that….but I was just at Michaels and all their Christmas stuff is marked down!

      Anyway, hope that helps!

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