“What U Luv” – a party for toddlers!

I hadn’t given it much thought until now, but I realized I have never thrown a party for toddlers.  Well sure, we have had our own little birthday parties at home with just our family, and plenty of play dates with other toddlers……..but never an organized party.  When our kids are little, we don’t really start throwing “friend” birthday parties until they’re in school…..so I’ve never really thought through planning a party with friends, completely geared towards the little 2 and 3 year old’s we love!

So when Luvs Diaper Brand invited me to join their “What U Luv” celebration, I was kind of excited to throw together something fun and exciting, all for a few diaper wearing toddlers (plus, one baby)….who we LUV!  So I put together some party decorations, a few toddler games, and some yummy snacks…….all things that TODDLERS LUV!!!

"What U Luv" - a party for toddlers! | via wwwmakeit-loveit.com


I asked each of Oliver’s little friends (and their moms) what they LUV BEST and what makes them happy…..and we wrote them on some speech bubble photo props!  (Which had a dry erase surface….making them to cool to re-use, but these little fingers kept smudging the words off.  Ooops!)



But, you know, little kids don’t really get the whole speech bubble concept……so the props quickly because swords and fairy wands!



And masks! ;)



But it sure made it funny to see Oliver and his little friends just enjoying life, with or without the speech bubbles facing outward!  We get it…..there’s so much to LUV in your lives! :)



I didn’t go over the top fussy with decorations….but just put up a few colorful things that I knew toddlers would like looking at!



Mission accomplished…ha! ;)



The great things about toddler aged children, is that they don’t need super extravagant party games to have fun.  In fact, challenging their little fine motor skills is plenty entertaining for them.  Like, trying to stack these cheerios onto a BBQ skewer (anchored in play-dough).




And if after stacking only a few cheerios, those little ones get hungry…..by all means, let them have at it! ;)  (As long as you don’t eat the play dough, Oliver!!)



Then to continue doing things little kids love, I gave each of them a piece of card stock inside of a ziploc bag, with blobs of paint that they could squish around…..for some mess-free Finger Painting!




Then we let some energy out and smacked balloons around with pool noodles (cut in half).  This was probably Oliver’s favorite part…..and he had the best time keeping the balloon up in the air with his little buddies!  (And has played this game every day since, with my other kids!)



By the time the games were done, these kiddos were DYING for something to eat!  (It didn’t help that they already saw the yummy treats….and were distracted by those puffy cupcakes!)  So we gathered them around the table, and fed them a variety of snacks and treats!




Mmmmmm….finally!  These 2 cute friends call cupcakes, PANCAKES, so we continued to call them “pancakes” for the rest of the party! HA! Such cute little cupcake-loving kiddos!



Such a fun way to celebrate WHAT WE LUV, with WHO WE LUV….these sweet little friends of ours!







The thing about hosting this “WHAT U LUV” party, is that it was easy to celebrate all the things little kids love!  And it was really fun for Oliver to have a few of his favorite friends over to enjoy it with him!  But even more, I was able to celebrate something that I LOVE…..and that, is anything that makes my life easier!  I have had at least one child in diapers for almost 10 years, and there are very few things I hate more than leaks or soggy diapers.  But by far, the hardest leaks to contain, are the night-time ones.  So when I heard that LUVS just came out with their new NIGHT LOCK PLUS variety, I was excited to give it a try.  Luvs supplied me with some diapers to try out, as well as some samples to send home with our little friends and their moms!



And, just to be fair, I was in no way coerced to share with you guys a positive review or even mention my own personal experience with this new LUVS line.  But I just thought I would add that Oliver has ironically been consistently leaking at night in our current brand of diapers at least 2-3 times a week, and grrrrrr, I’ve been so frustrated with that.  So, I tried him in this new Luvs NIGHT LOCK PLUS variety……….and I haven’t had a single leak in OVER A WEEK! And THAT you guys, is worth celebrating! :)



We even had a tiny friend join us at our party, which is perfect because I was sent samples in the smaller sizes to share too!  Luvs has large refastenable stretch tabs, so they’re great for little babies, giving them that nice snug and comfy fit.  The fabric is also a super soft, so it’s gentle on baby’s skin!




So whether you need diapers all day long or just for night time use, LUVS comes in size newborn, all the way up to size 6! Plus, they are softer and more absorbent than ever before, with large stretch tabs for easy fastening.  Luvs Ultra Leakguards with NightLock Plus also cost less than the premium brands…..which is another win in my book!

Also, something that I didn’t realize….but absolutely LOVE, is the Luvs Money Back Guarantee. (If you aren’t satisfied with the leakage protection of Luvs, they’ll refund your money.  See their website, www.luvsdiapers.com, for details.)

Such a fun excuse to have a party to simply have fun…..and celebrate the THINGS WE LUV!!!!!



Thanks Luvs, for such a fun day with friends!



This post is sponsored by Luvs Diaper Brand ……however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

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3 Responses to ““What U Luv” – a party for toddlers!”
  1. 1
    Shaunna says:

    What a cute post!
    I was so surprised to see my cousin Emily and her kids in it! I don’t get to see her very often and her kids have changed so much I didn’t recognize them!
    She is a lucky girl to be friends with you!!!

  2. 2
    Robin says:

    It is kinda fun to have a “just because” party!

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