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Hi, it’s Jill from Snugglebug University. Today, I’m so excited to share with you my latest project, a mini stocking Advent calendar!

DIY Mini Stocking Advent Calendar | via


When I was little, my grandmother made my mom and her brothers a different mini stocking every year.  She’d hang them on her tree, and I always loved trying to guess what each year’s stocking would look like.  Last year my mom gave many of these stockings to me.  I thought about hanging them as ornaments, but ultimately decided that they’d be great for an Advent calendar!

In our house we fill our Advent calendar with little notes specifying some special activity for us to do as family each day.  You can read about our calendar and some of my family’s favorite family traditions here.  

Here though, are all the lovely stockings that my grandmother made:

DIY Mini Stocking Advent Calendar | via


I didn’t have enough stockings though for a whole Advent calendar, so I made a few stockings of my own to add to the ones from my grandmother.  I have a template for you, so you can make your own mini stockings!

You’ll love the fake lining on these little stockings.  They make them look so professional.  Another bonus is that these stockings are relatively simple to make, so it’s not super painful to have to make 24 of them.

DIY Mini Stocking Advent Calendar | via


I like how they all are a bit different, but I also think that the Advent calendar would be stunning with 24 identical stockings…especially those little velvet red ones!

DIY Mini Stocking Advent Calendar | via


I made a simple wooden tree to hold all of the stockings, and I’m looking forward to sharing the tutorial with you today.

DIY Mini Stocking Advent Calendar | via


The tree came together very quickly with a miter saw. It’s just made with simple 45 degree cuts!  I always tell my friends that if they can use a sewing machine then they can use a miter saw.  Truthfully.  It’s easy! I promise!

DIY Mini Stocking Advent Calendar | via


Little tacks hold all of the stockings.  I haven’t added numbers yet, but I’m thinking that I might just add them behind the stockings so that they don’t distract from the stockings themselves.

DIY Mini Stocking Advent Calendar | via


I have so many favorites!  They are all so unique!

DIY Mini Stocking Advent Calendar | via

DIY Mini Stocking Advent Calendar | via


Who’s ready to make an Advent Calendar?


For the Wooden Tree:

  • An 8 foot board, about 2.5 inch wide x .5 inch.  Mine was douglas fir left over from when I made my own picture frames.
  • 12 inches of a 2-in x 6-in board for the base
  • a  29 inch tall 2-inch x 2-inch (actual dimensions are more like 1.5 inches) board
  • Wood glue
  • 1.5-inch wood screws for the branches
  • A longer 2.5-inch screw to attach the base to the tree
  • Miter saw
  • 24 5/8inch cut tacks
  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver, or drill
  • Hammer

For the Stockings:

Alright, who is ready to make the stockings!

Begin by using the template to cut out all of the stocking pieces.  If you are using a lightweight fabric for the stockings, I recommend using fusible fleece for the front piece to give the stocking a bit more weight.  The stocking will hang better,


Iron the bumpy side of the fusible fleece to the back of the stocking front.



Fold 1/8 inch of the lining piece under, and iron in place.



Then you can fold the end over again, hiding the raw edge.



Sew along the fold, securing it in place.



Repeat for the other lining piece, and then place the right sides of the stocking together.  Sew along the top edge of the stocking, securing the lining to the stocking front and back.



Take a small piece of ribbon and fold it in half.  Place it right at the junction where the lining is attached to the stocking.



Pin it in place.



Next, you’ll place the stocking front on top of the stocking back so that the right sides are together.  Sew all around the edges, leaving the top open.   (Pay special attention to the lining here.  The lining is stretched upward so that the sides of each lining are attached to each other).



Cut away the seam allowance so that there is less bulk.  Be careful not to cut the seams!



Turn the stocking the right side out, and fold the lining inside of the stocking.



All finished! See how nice the lining looks?

mini-stocking-advent-calendar-29  mini-stocking-advent-calendar-30

Alright, who is ready to make the tree?

I made the tree from some scrap wood that I already had on hand.  The “trunk” was actually cut from an old twin Ikea bed leg!  It’s not quite a 2×2, but substituting a 2×2 should work well! My tree branches came from some leftover wood that I had used to make picture frames.  The pieces for the tree are as follows (the inch measurements below are for the top, shorter edge of the branches).


All of the cuts were cut at a 45 degree angle with a Miter saw.

mini-stocking-advent-calendar-2 mini-stocking-advent-calendar-3


Lay out all of your pieces and use wood glue to glue the branches on where you want them.  Let them dry overnight.



I used a drill to drive the screws into the branches.  This more securely attaches the wood branches to the “trunk” of the tree.

mini-stocking-advent-calendar-8 mini-stocking-advent-calendar-10mini-stocking-advent-calendar-13


I used a slightly longer screw to attach the base of the tree to the base piece of the tree.



That pretty much finishes up the tree!  All that is left is adding the tacks!



Position out all of the stockings where you want them, and then use a small hammer to pound in the tacks.




That finishes the tutorial!

Thank you so much for having me here on Make It and Love It!  If you liked this post you might like some of my other Christmas tutorials, like these Christmas pillows!



Happy sewing everyone!


blog contributor Jill

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5 Responses to “Mini Stocking Advent Calendar”
  1. 1
    Allison says:

    I used an image transfer tip on a wood burning tool to transfer a laserjet image onto some wood this past week. Worked amazingly well! Would be great to use for the numbers on your project. Also saw an iron may have the same effect. It essentially melts the toner to the wood instead of the paper.

  2. 2
    Kim N says:

    Love it! The stockings would also make great small gift holders. As someone who sews and works with wood, this is right up my alley :)

  3. 3
    Kim says:

    For someone like me (with very little space for a beautiful tree like you’ve created here) I imagine you could probably use ribbon or string and clothespins to hold the cute stockings. The clothespins could have a number on them easily enough… Thanks for the great tutorial!!!

  4. 4

    It all looks so adorable. Love how it looks neat and is perfect for small gift holders.
    Thank you for the great tutorial!

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