Easy DIY “Merry Merry” Wood Frame Wreath

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Hi guys, it’s Tiffany from Making the World Cuter!Do you have Christmas all up at your house? I just got mine up, and I love it. I’m excited to be here this month sharing a fun tutorial for a cute Christmas frame wreath.



I once again was perusing the fun stuff that Target was selling in their “Bullseye’s Playground”…again, killing it, and found some darling things. There were some little bottle brush trees and glitter ornaments that were begging to be made into something!


The Merry Merry banner coordinates with a darling set of Merry Merry printables I have over on my site. Come over and check them out :)merry-merry-frame-wreath-24-copy merry-merry-frame-wreath-23-copy


Merry Merry Frame Wreath

Supplies Needed:

  1. Merry Merry Banner Printable
  2. Picture Hanging Kit (the one with wire)
  3. Mini Brush Trees
  4. Miniature Glitter Ornaments
  5. Wood Glue
  6. Stain (white wash pickling is the color I used)
  7. Sanding Block
  8. Nails and Nail Gun
  9. 1×2 cut 2-12″ and 2-13 1/2″
  10. Wire Cutters
  11. Hot glue gun



  1. Print out the Merry Merry banner and cut out the pieces.
  2. Stain the wood and let dry.
  3. Glue the ends of the short pieces to the long pieces and then nail together.
  4. At about an inch and a half, on the inside of the frame, insert an eye hook. I use a hammer to get them started a little bit.
  5. Repeat on opposite side- just be sure to measure and mark so that the other side is the same. Do this two more times, so that you have 6 eye hooks in all.
  6. Attach a piece of wire on one side and string the ornaments.
  7. Pull the wire through the opposite eye hook, connect it and cut the wire.
  8. Pull the wire through on both the other rows and tighten and cut.
  9. Hot glue the Merry Merry banner onto the wire by folding over the tabs.
  10. Hot glue the mini bottle brush trees on the bottom of the frame.











merry-merry-frame-wreath-22-copy merry-merry-frame-wreath-21-copy merry-merry-frame-wreath-20-copy merry-merry-frame-wreath-19-copy merry-merry-frame-wreath-18-copy merry-merry-frame-wreath-16-copy

I made it a 12×12 size so that you can easily put a piece of scrapbook paper behind it…you know, just to switch it up a bit! merry-merry-frame-wreath-14-copymerry-merry-frame-wreath-13-copymerry-merry-frame-wreath-15-copy
blog contributor Tiffany

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2 Responses to “Easy DIY “Merry Merry” Wood Frame Wreath”
  1. 1
    Crafts says:

    Great and very simple, Merry Christmas.

  2. 2
    Robin says:

    I love this. Very cute and simple to make.

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