DIY Vinyl Hair Bows…for BACK-TO-SCHOOL!!

Oh my goodness, you guys were so sweet to me and my blubbering heart on Friday (and over the weekend)….your comments were sure appreciated!  Sending kids off to school is always so exciting (for the kids and I both, for many reasons…ha!), but I always turn into mush sending them out the door on that first day.  Ugh.  But today was Day 2 and our morning routine of lunches made, bunnies fed, bellies filled, and teeth brushed…..all on time!  So, it’s been a good day!:)

Anyway, back-to-school has been on the brain……and with 2 girls needing to be out the door early in the morning now, that means we have double the hair that needs to taken care of!  I tend to let my kids sleep as late as they can in the morning (okay, myself included)…so we try to keep the morning routine simple.  And that means that relatively simple hair for Elli and Chloe is a must.  Yeah, if there’s time for braids or fun little buns….I love squeezing that in for the girls.  But on most days, all we have time for is brushing through their hair.

To help keep Elli and Chloe’s hair out of their eyes, I like to sweep that front section of hair out of the way, into a small clip of some sort.  Yes, it’s nice to get that hair out of their face…..but it’s also a quick way to add a little bit of CUTENESS to their hair!

And these DIY Vinyl Hair Bows are perfect for all of the above!

DIY Vinyl Hair Bows...for BACK-TO-SCHOOL!! | via


This type of vinyl is made to look like leather…so there’s some texture to it.  It’s also nice and stiff, and holds the bow shape really well! It comes in many colors too…..making it perfect for this project!

DIY Vinyl Hair Bows...for BACK-TO-SCHOOL!! | via


Oh, and here’s where the magic comes in.  I found the BEST clips for my girls hair!!!  I have used trillions of alligator clips in the past but these have TEETH on them and stay in so much TIGHTER!!!!  Hand down, my very favorite clips for girls’ hair!

DIY Vinyl Hair Bows...for BACK-TO-SCHOOL!! | via


Now that they don’t have to worry about hair getting into their face, Elli and Chloe can get back to what sisters do best…

DIY Vinyl Hair Bows...for BACK-TO-SCHOOL!! | via


Haha!  Okay, yes they argue over who sits where at the table and who’s turn it is for certain dress-ups, but for the most part……these sisters really are great buddies.  And play a whole lot of make-believe together! :)

DIY Vinyl Hair Bows...for BACK-TO-SCHOOL!! | via


And because of those strong clips, Elli and Chloe can run, jump, and play…..and these large bows stay in so well, and hardly slip at all!

DIY Vinyl Hair Bows...for BACK-TO-SCHOOL!! | via


And just think, you can make these in a trillion colors (and even use real leather if you’d like)…..and make them for cousins, granddaughters, friends, whoever—

DIY Vinyl Hair Bows...for BACK-TO-SCHOOL!! | via


It’s a good thing I have 2 girls who loves dresses, sparkle, and anything fancy…..because making thinks like these bows is sure fun!

DIY Vinyl Hair Bows...for BACK-TO-SCHOOL!! | via


Want to make some too??



  • Flat Alligator Clips (found them HERE for a great price)
  • Vinyl in different colors (or real leather) (Update: I found a huge selection of online vinyl HERE)
  • Hot Glue Gun (HERE’S the 2-temp one I have used for years…and love! Plus, it’s cheap!)
  • Pattern Pieces (printed from HERE)

***If you aren’t familiar with the vinyl I used…’s like a faux leather that you can buy on rolls at the fabric store, and is much cheaper than real leather.  It is thick and bulky (almost like plastic) and holds the bow shape really well.  It comes in a variety of colors and works really well for this project.  But leather would also be awesome for these clips.  However, if you don’t want to pay for new pieces of leather…..check your closet for old leather purses or totes that you’re no longer using, and cut those up! :)

UPDATE: If you can’t find any vinyl in your local store, I found some online HERE!  There are WAY MORE color options….and now I’ll be ordering some too, because I love having it on hand, for all different projects!


Okay, to get started… need some alligator clips.  Let me tell you…..I have used several different types of clips over the years, and these are, by far (and hands down) my NEW FAVORITE clips!  I bought them at a local craft store here in town, but I also found the same ones (for a lot cheaper), HERE.  They have little teeth along the upper edge of the clip and it holds SO much tighter than other alligator clips. Love them!



To begin, print off the pattern pieces HERE, and trace around them onto the BACK side of your vinyl (or real leather).



Cut each of the pieces out.



Then, grab the longest piece and fold it in half and make a mark with a pen at the very center.  Then fold one end in towards that center mark and hot glue in place with a dot of glue.  Repeat with the other end.



Now, turn over and place directly on top of the other piece and glue together at the center, with a generous blob of glue.



Now wrap the center piece round the middle of the blue, gluing each end down at the back.




Attach your clip to the back of the bow with a generous amount of glue.  (I like to use the hotter glue gun setting for this….because it stays in place better.  But be careful not to burn those fingers!)



And that’s it!  Now, repeat about 10 more times….to give your girls some variety (and back-ups) to their hair bow drawer!

DIY Vinyl Hair Bows...for BACK-TO-SCHOOL!! | via








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11 Responses to “DIY Vinyl Hair Bows…for BACK-TO-SCHOOL!!”
  1. 1
    Ashley says:

    I’ve scrolled through the pattern pieces a few times and I don’t see the bow file. Am I just overlooking it?


  2. 2
    Toni says:

    So cute! There are several things I love about this — the “fighting” picture is so cute and funny, and I love that you have a “bow drawer” I have collected so many cute things for my daughters hair over the years I feel slightly embarrassed when someone sees how much I have. I thought I might be the only person with a drawer devoted to bows. (My sisters laugh at all the stuff I have, however everyone loves to have Aunt Toni style their hair!)

  3. 3
    katiasafia says:


  4. 4
    Lorena says:

    I adore these bows! I have 3 kiddos to rush to school, so I totally understand the simple and quick hairstyle motto. My daughters have very fine hair and most clips slip right through, these clips look promising, I will give them a try. I would like to know where do you find the vinyl? I looked at my local JoAnns store and they only had some dark colors nothing bright and beautiful as the colors you used. Did you order the vinyl on-line? please share, thank you!

  5. 5
    Renee says:

    Thanks for sharing the idea of vinyl. I make a lot of stuff for my granddaughters, both of whom have very slippery, fine hair. Will try to find some here in Melbourne, Australia. I wish, SO often, that we had access to the lovely materials you guys in the USA get. Must plan a holiday sometime :)!

  6. 6
    Katy Roberson says:

    My daughter and I just love these! We did a test run on some navy vinyl and it turned out so cute! I just bought 1/8 yard of five different colors in marine vinyl at Joann. I felt pretty bad for the lady cutting it and of course a line for the cut table formed right as she began on my order. I was that lady…

  7. 7
    Ashley says:

    I buy vinyl for my embroidery machine here
    The glitter mirror works great for these!

  8. 8
    Ayla says:

    Que lindos quedaron, están estupendas con esos pasadores, jeje, no conocía ese tipo de pinzas que no patinan, las voy a mirar :D

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