Pre-Stained Baby Clothes

Babies are messy little creatures.  It seems like no matter how hard you try, their clothing tends to get stained, messy, and spotted.


This isn’t our first baby we’re having.  So, I know the headache of scrubbing baby clothes and how obvious an old stain looks on a white onesie.  That’s when this idea came to me.    Why not create something that will camouflage the chest area of their shirt that seems to be the catch-all for baby food, spit-up, yogurt, etc.??  Because, you know that no matter how hard you try, getting some of those stains out is downright impossible.  I find myself just wanting to throw clothing away.


So instead of tossing stained clothes or scrubbing pesky stains, I’ve started creating a collection of pre-stained shirts……so that even if they dribble, no more panicking that a stain will result.






Now, it just looks like the shirt design……like the mess was supposed to be there.

pre stained baby clothes 





The best part… I just used regular ol’ refrigerator items to create the stains.  No crazy dyes or chemicals.  All are baby safe!






And you know, it’s more like a piece of art now.  Kinda cool and abstract. 






But just think……..when it’s time to feed your little one solids, you no longer need to take all their clothes off.  Or find a bib to tie around their neck. 


Just add to the art of the shirt!  SO cool.





Would you like to make some too?


Let me show you a few secrets to make yours look more artistic…










The tutorial isn’t very long……but it’s oh-so-fun!











You’ll start turning every last white shirt into a piece of art…












But first, I need to tell you one more thing…











Come in a little closer….








pre stained baby clothes-1




Ha………I’m so sorry!  I just can’t NOT share a trickery April Fool’s post every year!  (I know some of you totally were waiting for this.  Darn you!)



I’m sitting here laughing though……hoping that most of you saw right through it.  But equally hoping that some of you thought I was crazy……and I tricked you.  For a second, at least. ;)


Hahahahaha……okay, the mess on that onesie is killing me.  To purposefully make an ugly mess on the front of the shirt.  Yuck.  But if I tricked you, don’t feel bad, I pitched a really good sale, right?  I made it sound like I really thought it was an excellent idea.  And don’t worry, I trick my family with something every year too…….(hopefully Steve hasn’t read this yet, his is coming!)



Here are some April Fool’s Posts that I may or may not have fooled you with in the past:


Last year, I made some Embellished Diapers for Chloe.  Oh gee.  I may or may not have made it sound like it was no big deal that you just threw them away after each use.  Ooops, sorry!






In 2012, I went on and on about yummy Chocolate Covered Veggies and how my kids loved them.  Riiiiiiight! ;)






In 2011, I added some horrible Sashes and Tassels to our toilet.  Oh my, it makes me shudder just looking at this again.






And in 2010, I made these bright Ruffled Easter Pots.  You know, because how could you dare have Easter dinner without fancy (er, gawdy) pots and pans?!?!  Gasp.  Wow.






Anyway, thanks for being a good sport, year after year.  It’s just too much fun for me!

And Happy April Fool’s!




(Only one baby shirt was harmed in the creation of this post.  Ha!)


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106 Responses to “Pre-Stained Baby Clothes”
  1. 1
    Mom says:

    You got me for just a few seconds. You’re getting pretty good at these deceptions. Should I worry???

    • 1.1
      Ashley says:

      Ha…..this is my own mom?!?! YES!!! My favorite thing was tricking you on April Fool’s Day in high school. Every year, the same trick…..”Mom, I’m really sick! I better stay home today.” Haha! You’re way too easy. Love you. -Ashley

  2. 2
    Corrine says:

    It is true that I’ve been waiting for your post. I love that you do one every year!

  3. 3
    Julie says:

    You got me the last two years in a row. So this year I was waiting for your post! And I have to say….I like it. I think that’d be a hilarious baby gift. – with puffy paint instead of actual food. heh. You’re so creative.

    • 3.1
      Ashley says:

      Agggh…’re too good! And way too prepared. Darn! ;)

      It would be a funny baby gift. The mom would just stare, like, “what the…??”

      Will I ever grow up? ;)

  4. 4
    Adriane says:

    I came especially to see what you did for April Fools–I always love it! My husband and I have been joking about making a line of clothes for Mom and Dad that is pre-stained. Sort of a batik/tie dye/spit up pattern of awesomeness. So you don’t have to change your clothes 5 times a day either :P Glad we’re on the same page!

    • 4.1
      Ellie says:

      Are you going to pre-stink them too? Smelling like someone spit up on me bothers me a lot more than looking like someone spit up on me! Funny idea!

    • 4.2
      Ashley says:

      Hahaha……that’s hilarious! We’re totally on the same page. And have obviously had some experience with spit-up. Can you imagine if you created a line that smelled too, like Ellie said? My gosh, gross!! :)

      • 4.2.1
        Adriane says:

        Ew nasty! For some reason (perhaps it was that I hadn’t slept in weeks…) we never got around to imagining the smell :D

  5. 5
    Crystal says:

    Heh, I have been waiting all morning for this :) Love it!

  6. 6
    Annie says:

    This is hilarious!!! I completely forgot about April Fools and wondered what has gotten into your pregnant brain! I actually scrolled down to see how you were gonna tell us how to set the stains so they won’t come off in wash!! :D

    • 6.1
      Ashley says:

      Yes!! I was hoping the pregnancy would make people wonder if I had lost it. Haha! And yeah, my detergent is pretty good. It wouldn’t last very long!

  7. 7
    British American says:

    So I knew right away that this was a joke, but it actually looks kind of cute in that outfit photo! :P So colouful and swirly! :)

    • 7.1
      Ashley says:

      I’m not gonna lie, the swirls of mess, paired with the button up and jeans made me question if this was crazy enough after I finished staining the shirt. It does kind of look like tie-dye or some funky design. You’re not the only one who thought that! :)

  8. 8
    Emma says:

    Ha! I’ve seen your April fools day posts in the past years and I was checking your blog all morning to see if you were doing one this year! Totally made my day!

  9. 9

    I can’t stop laughing! That is awesome! Thank you for that!

  10. 10
    Stephanie says:

    You totally got me. SO funny! I was definitely fooled for a minute. ;) Happy April Fool’s!

    • 10.1
      Ashley says:

      Yes!!!! I love a good trick! Thanks for being a good sport! But really, if you want to squirt gunk on a baby onesie, go right ahead! ;)

  11. 11
    Katie Slade says:

    Totally thinking you had gone crazy! Good one.

  12. 12
    Laurel says:

    You totally got me! I thought you were nuts!

  13. 13
    Breanne says:

    Have loved all your April fools jokes!! You are so stinkin creative :-) the first couple years I thought you had totally gone off the bandwagon especially with the toilet one… We are going to have ours all pretty when my husband gets home. He will die and my kids will think it is awesome to prank him. Been so fun to watch your blog grow, way to go!

    • 13.1
      Ashley says:

      Ha…..I love it! And yeah, my own family thought I’d fallen off the wagon too with some of those. It’s just too fun! Hope you pulled some full pranks yesterday!

  14. 14
    Heather says:

    I was totally waiting for it! Thanks for keeping the day fun each year :)

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve been following your blog for some time now so I am well aware of the pranks you play every April fools day and therefore you would assume I would be prepared by now but…..nope- you completely got me! At first i was wondering whether you had gone slightly crazy but when you paired it with the jeans and button up top, i thought- it’s kinda cute, so when you revealed it- i burst out laughing xD

    thanks for that, made me smile :)

  16. 16
    Jessica says:

    Bwahahaha! You got me! But what’s weird, is I SAW the art in the shirt! You totally could get away with it! Reminds me of the paint splatter images from the 80’s! Hmmm….I do believe I have some puff paint somewhere… ;)

    • 16.1
      Ashley says:

      I know…….I used to have a pair of splattered jeans back in the 80s in elementary school. It totally could be a dirty-shirt trend. ha!

  17. 17

    I look forward to your April Fools post every year! Another good one!

  18. 18
    Kristy says:

    While it was an April Fool’s joke, there is a certain genious in your thinking :) I love your AFD posts – they crack me up every year!!

  19. 19
    Debbie C says:

    Hee hee…this year I was waiting for it. ;D Love seeing what you come up with every year!

  20. 20

    LOL!!! I was excited to see what you came up with. Your April Fools posts are always the best!! Have a great day!! Jill

  21. 21
    fat face says:

    looool ,, this is Amazing i like that
    thanks for sharing

  22. 22

    Fantastic. I think I may actually do this for my nephew and watch my sister in law’s face!

    • 22.1
      Ashley says:

      Yeah, who needs April 1st to do this. It would be hilarious to see how “polite” she would be about your “gift”. Then you could give her the rest of the onesie package afterward! :)

  23. 23
    Melanie says:

    I have been looking forward to this post! I love bloggers who have fun on April Fools Day. This year has proven to be a good one, I’ve seen some hilarious stuff today! I know you want us to be fooled, but… I think the anticipation of your project is just as satisfying! :)

    • 23.1
      Ashley says:

      Oh, I love it too! I didn’t see very many April Fool’s tricks…..I guess I’m looking at the wrong blogs! :)

  24. 24
    Heidi Gore says:

    Even though I have been following you for several years and saw through all your other April Fool’s jokes from previous years, I completely forgot what day it was and started thinking “wow, that’s one way to do it, but does she really think that looks okay?” Then it struck me about half way through the post.

  25. 25
    Angie says:

    Love it! You’ve always got such clever April Fools posts… this might be my favorite!

  26. 26
    Diane W says:

    You got me! I was thinking- wow, this is not very cute! And the way you sew, whats wrong with a bib? Oh. My. April fools!

  27. 27
    SueSchneid22 says:

    You totally got me!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! I was kinda grossed out…so glad it was a joke! Good one~

  28. 28
    Amelia says:

    Oh man! I have never fallen for one of these, until this year! I don’t know what it was about this, but for some reason I forgot what day it was, and thought you were being serious… Haha, good one!

  29. 29
    Barb says:

    I was thinking yea her poor kid has the same design on all the shirts. Poor thing then I got laughing before I saw your trick. Haha good one!

  30. 30
    Stacey says:

    Yeah, you totally got me again this year. I think you have every single year. Like your mom says, you’re just really good at it,

  31. 31
    Erika says:

    This is my first April Fool’s reading the site, so you totally got me. I thought you were a little off your rocker and yet a genus at the same time. Lol

  32. 32
    Lynette says:

    I was sitting there thinking, “What is she thinking, you could at least do an applique or paint or something….” :) And then I remembered that today is April Fool’s day…and figured that this was your joke this year! I think this was one of my favorites! Way to go!

  33. 33
    Valerie Nelson says:

    I was waiting for it!!! So fun :) LOVE these each year :)

  34. 34
    Angela says:

    That was so hilarious!! You fooled me till the end! As I was reading, I kept thinking…it still just looks like stained clothes! This was great!! Thanks for a great laugh!!

  35. 35
    Candy says:

    I must say, I’m a little disappointed! I thought it was a GREAT idea!!! I even embroidered some bibs like this!! And I thought the other years were pretty creative too…though, I don’t think I would have fallen for the vegetable one. Gullible or amazed by your creative genius??????????

    • 35.1
      Ashley says:

      Hahaha……yeah, the veggie one was kinda funny. In fact, my kiddos asked for more chocolate veggies after having them try those. Made me laugh!

      All the stained onesies need, is a little tweaking….but there’s something about it that most moms/dads could relate to. :)

  36. 36
    Maria says:

    Haha! You totally got me! I just recently started following your blog so I didn’t see your previous April fools posts. I was like what in the world, is she serious???? Lol.

  37. 37
    The Original Sydney says:

    This is our first April Fool’s Day together, so to speak. I was looking at the onesie, though, “It could be a little more artistic but that’s an idea.” Then I thought, “You could write’YUMMY’ at the bottom and the design would be complete….or some other suitable comment.
    However, in real life, if the onesies are in good shape except for a manageable stain, you could applique an appropriate piece from your scrap pile (a doggie, a princess, a heart, a star, you get the idea) and recycle it for the next child. Just a thought.
    ps: your children pictures are so precious, I’m looking forward to seeing the newest baby.

    • 37.1
      Ashley says:

      Oh, ha….that’s a funny idea. There’s probably a way to make the design a little cuter and I like the “yummy” idea. Cute! I’ll have to think about that one. Glad I at least tricked you for a minute! :)

  38. 38
    Jenn Ivie says:

    Funny thing is that it actually is kind of cute :)

  39. 39
    Charlotte says:

    I’m from Australia and so when I’m reading this it’s actually the 2nd of April and I’ve been waiting and waiting since yesterday to see what you would come up with this year!!! Haha, this years was great!! So funny:)

  40. 40
    Gweny says:

    I admit you got me.. I was like… WTHeck? So glad to see you haven’t lost your cute crafty sense lol.. April Fools back at cha..
    Blessings, Gweny

  41. 41
    Betty says:

    Very funny! I love it.
    You got me.

  42. 42
    Christina says:

    I totally forgot it was April 1st. You got me. I was like “that just looks like a stained shirt!”. I thought I might be missing an artistic eye or something. Actually you’ve fooled me. every. year.

  43. 43
    Deby says:

    I was seriously fooled. I forgot what day it was. I thought, “Is she serious? Does she think people won’t know this is food stains?” I am the queen of getting food stains out of clothes. I just thought, give me that shirt and let me clean it. I can do that! LOL I really laughed when I got to the bottom of the page because I was convinced you had lost your mind if you thought this was a good idea. STILL laughing!!

    • 43.1
      Ashley says:

      Haha……I know, right? Maybe I just like messy babies!! Ha! But I know, those stains would have never lasted in the wash. Or they would have faded and just looked like faded food stains, nothing cute about that. :)

  44. 44
    Joan Newton says:

    Actually I thought it looked pretty good under the shirt. my kids would have loved it!

  45. 45
    Rita says:

    When I first read it I was going “no way, that’s disgusting….” I only figured out it must be for April Fool’s when you wrote to lean in closer! Good job – clean(okay, the shirt was dirty) and not mean spirited!

  46. 46
    Kerrie says:

    Haha, I thought it looked great with the plaid shirt over top!

    Thanks for the laugh!

    All the monsters/unicorns behind me and ducks on my head today (by the kindergarteners) was just indulgence :)

    • 46.1
      Ashley says:

      I know, that shirt and jeans really helped sell it. It kinda looked darling! And haha, I had several of those silly “monsters behind me” tricks played on me too. Pretty cute!

  47. 47
    Bonnie Ditto says:

    When oh when will I catch on? Ugh!, got me again.

  48. 48
    Victoria says:

    You got me! I liked it though. Pre-stained baby shirts. YOU ARE FUNNY!

  49. 49

    You were literally the first person I thought of this morning when I realized it was April Fools Day! I love seeing your wacky projects each year!

  50. 50
    Cheryl Stewart says:

    This year year I was prepared. The past years I got taken each time. This is always my favorite prank! and I was looking forward to what you would have up your sleeve this year.

  51. 51
    Deebi27 says:

    A fabulous April Fools Day to you and your Aprils Fool! After figuring what is was, I thought why not get your acrylic paints & fabric medium out and making a one of a kinda piece of art. Abstract art and away ya go! I even text my daughter the idea! She is expecting my 1st grand child in about 5/6 weeks! She is quite artistic in her own right! Thanks foe the creative idea out of an disaster feeding time!

    • 51.1
      Ashley says:

      I know…..there has to be a better to way to tweak the concept. But yeah, the mess I put on that shirt wasn’t quite it. But I knew some of you would see the vision in a whole other way!!!! :)

  52. 52
    Ellie from Canada says:

    Ya got me! It’s late here and I’m finally getting around to reading my mail, so April Fool’s was no longer on my mind. But you know what, all along I’m thinking it would make a great baby gift and was waiting to read on how to ‘set’ the stains!! Ha ha! Too funny!!

  53. 53
    Patricia says:

    You fooled me but seriously, it’s not that bad an idea.

    • 53.1
      Coco says:

      Yeah! I agree! I don’t understand why people are saying it’s disgusting. What’s the difference in the dyes in food or the dyes in proper fabric paint? I stain my hair with carrot and beet juice and it’s not disgusting!

    • 53.2
      Ashley says:

      I know, especially moms/dads who know what a pain it is to keep the mess off their clothing. It would just need some tweaking but really, not such a bad idea……ha!

  54. 54
    Donna Buckmire says:

    I’ve only been signed up for over one year. I was privy to the 2012 April fools(chocolate covered veges) and boy oh boy, was I FOOLED! This year, I was equally fooled yet AGAIN!!!! I enjoy a good April fools. So keep them coming.

  55. 55
    elnisi says:

    I thought you had lost it and this came thru on APRIL 2ND, so April fools never entered my mind.
    but I did remember when my husband was stationed in Hawaii [really ruff duty ] my sons were
    little and wanted to play outside and they found a water/mud hole, so all the little kids are getting their
    shirts covered with this sandy loam red soil. you could not bleach it out. so my friend and I decided if
    you can beat it,join it. we gathered up all the shirts with this stain on just the front like a large circle

    we went the the mud hole and soaked the shirts and a few shorts in the ‘mixture’ then washed in the usual way, several other moms wondered what we were doing, after we came inside we noticed the mud hole had new visitors. the shirts all came out a nice khaki color we added iron on’s to the front, at the time shirts with numbers on them were the rage. we saved the shirts that were headed for the rag bag. my hubster just shook his head, but he was used to my finding ways to save money.
    I will watch for your invention next year.
    thank you

  56. 56
    Hortencia says:

    I’m a newbie this year so I was ,” what is she doing????” Lol

  57. 57
    Ima says:

    Wow! You almost tricked me :) I had just got my baby shirt and choco sauce when I saw something below it: HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!! Haha :)