My server was down (not hacked)……and 35+ Easter/Spring Outfit ideas

How are your Easter plans?  Are you leaving town?  Having company over?  Just keeping things low key?  Forgot it was Easter weekend all together?  Or maybe you don’t celebrate Easter at all?


Whatever the case, maybe some of you are scouring the internet today, looking for a quick project to sew for the kiddos before Sunday rolls around.  Or maybe you were wanting some new spring clothing ideas that you could work on this weekend.  In case you were poking around for ideas here, let me round up several of my favorites!


35 easter and spring clothing ideas for kids




The Baby Dress into Bubble Romper

37 Baby Dress into Bubble Romper



Turn a Men’s Tie into a Boy’s Tie

32 mens-tie-into-boys-tie



The Fabric Strip Detail Skirt

21 Fabric Strip Skirt



The Color Block Dress

1 color block dress



The Lil Guy Tie Pattern (from my shop)

1 tie pattern



The Shirred Summer Dress with Tie-Back Bow

2 chloe-shirred-summer-dress



The Front Tie Spring Dress

19 Front Tie SPring Dress



Turn Men’s Pants into Boy’s Reversible Vest

23 Men's Pants into Boy Vest



The Full Skirt with Trimmed Tulle

31 full-skirt-with-trimmed-tulle



The Bradley Bootie Pattern (from my shop)

1 bradley shoe pattern



The Ombre Fringe Skirt (from old Tshirts)

3 Fringe Skirt


4 Fringe Skirt



The Paper Bag Skirt with Sash

24 Paper Bag Skirt



The Jumbo Ric-Rac Dress and Skirt

20 Jumbo Ric-Rac Dress and Skirt



Baby Shoes from Thrifted Purses

10 baby-shoes-made-from-purses-670x558




The Maddy Dress Pattern (from my shop)

1 maddy dress pattern



The Boy Shorts with Back Flaps

17 Boy Shorts with Back Flaps


18 Boy Shorts with back flaps



The Double Layer SQUARE Circle Dress (added onto a Tshirt)

33 square-circle-dress



The Breezy Skirt with Lace and Fabric Strips

14 breezy skirt



The Tshirt into Dress with Braided Collar

15 Tshirt into dress with braided collar



The Interchangeable Bowtie Onesie

36 Interchangeable Bowtie Onesie



The Flower Baby Sandals…for Girls

26 Flower Sandals for Baby Girl




The Lily Skirt Pattern (from my shop)

1 lily skirt pattern



The Tshirt into Dress with Braided Straps

16 Tshirt into dress with braided straps



The Tiered Maxi Skirt

6 Tiered Maxi Skirt



The Rainbow Bias Tape Skirt

34 Rainbow Bias Tape Skirt



The Ruffle Top Dress or Romper

7 Ruffle Top Dress or Romper



The Little Boy Suspenders

25 Little Boy Suspenders



The Elastic Band Skirt (aka: the fastest skirt you’ll ever make)

29 Elastic Band Skirt



The A-line Skirt with Ruffles and Ridges

27 A-line Skirt with ruffles



The Shirred Dress from Women’s Skirt

9 Shirred Dress from Women's Skirt



The 3 Tiered Skirt: with hidden or exposed seams

11 three tiered skirt



Baby Girls Sandals

12 baby girl sandals



Baby Boy Sandals

13 baby boy sandals



The Flouncy Bubble Skirt with Elastic Waist

35 Bubble-Skirt-with-Elastic-Waist-51



The Ill-fitting Maxi Dress into Maxi Skirt

28 maxi dress into maxi skirt



The Tshirt into Ruffly Dress

22 Tshirt into Ruffly Dress



Easter outfits from 2012

8 Easter Outfits 2012



Easter outfits from 2013

30 easter Outfits 2013




Hope that’s helpful!



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6 Responses to “My server was down (not hacked)……and 35+ Easter/Spring Outfit ideas”
  1. 1
    KaMarlowete says:

    I thought it wasn’t loading because my computer was bogged down. Poor Macbook. It’s been with me from undergrad and grad school is giving it grey hairs.

  2. 2
    Quin S. says:

    Yep I was one of the ones who tried accessing your website……thank goodness you’re up and running! But what a pain eh?

  3. 3
    Stephanie says:

    Thank goodness! I thought it was hacked again. Glad it is working again…your posts make my day!

  4. 4
    rhona says:

    thank goodness, it is up and running i was frantically checking…hallelujah indeed…this makes my day too :)

  5. 5
    fawn says:

    The polka-dot bubble romper is so adorable.

  6. 6
    Hative says:

    These Outfit ideas are so cute. I like The A-line Skirt with Ruffles and Ridges.