Street Corn: Mexican and Italian versions (American-ized!!)

My sister Robin is staying with us for a while and that means, yup, better food for everyone!  She’ll brush this off in a heartbeat…..but she can turn a pile of blah ingredients into something holy-smokes-incredible!  I used to call her while we were both at college, at different schools, and say, “Hey, I’m hungry but don’t know what to eat!  Here’s what I have in my fridge…”  And she’d tell me what to make, how to make it………and my roommates would drool!


Anyway, all of our bellies are happier that my creative foodie sister is staying with us for a while.


Okay, for example.  I bought some fresh corn on the cob the other day and had a pile of it in the fridge.  I was just going to, you know, boil it.  And then add butter, salt, and pepper.  Isn’t that what most people do??


Well, fresh corn is delicious with some simple salt and pepper but my sister chimes in with “hey, why don’t we make some Elote Street Corn?!!”  (Have you ever had Elote?  I’ve bought it many times from a street truck vendor and it’s a big roasted corn husk, slathered in a dressing and parmesan cheese.  Sound familiar?)  Well, in true Robin fashion, she started chopping, dicing, tossing, and sprinkling in a little of this and little of that……..and created the most amazing dressing for our roasted corn.  It was like nothing I had every purchased from the Street Truck……and I was in corn-on-the-cob-heaven!


She then said, why don’t we make an Italian version……and change up the ingredients a bit…….you know, just for fun!  (Because that’s how Robin rolls…….rarely follows recipe, changes up this for that, and always puts her own little flair on EVERYTHING.)  So, instead of Mexican flavors, she started throwing in basil and garlic and tomatoes, etc. 


Oh. My. Word. This version shocked me.  The Mexi version was blow-your-socks-off-good but this Italian version put me in creamy Basil Heaven!  I wanted to just eat the dressing with a spoon.  But slather that on some roasted corn??  Wow!!!


And since corn is coming in full force with the end-of-summer crops, grab several ears, invite some friends over…….and start grilling! :)






Your taste buds won’t even know what hit them.



This Mexican version has a creamy lime flavor with little bits of fiesta flavor that packs a slight punch!  And when you slather it on the corn, the cheese melts slightly and delivers some serious creamy goodness!  (This version is still Robin’s favorite…)


mexican street corn






But this Italian version throws a different punch with the basil, tomato, and creamy garlic flavor…….oh my.  The parmesan slightly melts as you slather it on your hot roasted corn and, oh how I love it!


italian street corn






And really, this doesn’t take much time at all.  But if you’re really short on time, make it the night before and let it sit in the fridge.  That way, when dinner rolls around, you can throw some corn on the grill, slather this stuff on, and enjoy it with your meal.  (And if you’re having dinner guests……they’ll think you’re all sorts of fancy!)



In fact, we ate some last night for dinner with some Quinoa (and sautee’d mushrooms/onion) and Caprese Salad.  Yum.





Are you hungry yet?

Run to the store and grab a few things…..because your dinner menu is half planned for tonight!! :)




Get ready, because this will surely impress.


First, gather all of your ingredients and dump them into a bowl.



Blend thoroughly.



Leave the stem on your corn, clean well, lightly coat with olive oil, and then place directly on your grill.  Turn the heat to high and char your corn for 3-4 minutes (more or less, depending on char preference).




Then, let the corn sit on an upper rack (with the grill lid closed) for a few minutes to continue softening up the corn just a bit. (2-3 minutes on medium heat)





Remove, and slather dressing right onto hot corn.  Serve immediately.





-Ashley (and Robin!!)













 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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17 Responses to “Street Corn: Mexican and Italian versions (American-ized!!)”
  1. 1
    Chelsey says:

    My first response is “I’m so happy she is posting more often!” and my second response is “ooooooh!” I have to try that out!

  2. 2
    Leslie Kuny says:

    This looks SO great. I have wanted to try something more with my corn but was never sure what to put on it! CANNOT WAIT TO TRY THIS!!!

  3. 3
    Jaren says:

    These look so good! Thanks for sharing!

  4. 4
    Erin says:

    Very cool. I live in the Midwest, where most of what is grown around me is pork, corn, or soy (and many many small farms which grow a bit of everything). Not until moving here to Minnesota did I even know there were two main types of corn–sweet corn and field corn. In other words, folks here take their corn as seriously as the folks in Asia take their rice. But most people do the classic butter-salt-pepper. In fact, I made elote for my Minnesotan husband, and he was just “meh” about it–his heart belongs to the standard treatment. As for me, though, I do believe there are some ears in the fridge which will be receiving this treatment tonight. (And tomorrow, since sweet corn at the farmers market is almost gone!) Thanks for sharing! (Oh and shout out to Robin–people describe my cooking almost identical to hers. Somehow I can’t bring myself to really follow recipes!)

  5. 5
    Jen says:

    I, too, like Erin live in the Midwest…but in WI (about 15 min from the MN border, however). We are a salt, pepper, butter corn eating type of family. As a matter of fact, we butter our corn using a slice of bread….simply butter the bread and run the cob of corn through the butter.

    Anyway, I am going to try this, it looks simply amazing. When we grill our corn, we leave the husk on….it holds the moisture in and the corn turns the brightest yellow ever.

  6. 6
    Shelly says:

    Ha! I’m in Minnesota too. (And have only been here a year, so I have also found it interesting how big corn is around here.) Apparently the midwestern folk are really drawn to your corn post! I got a bunch of ears in my CSA post and have been doing the ol’ boil (or microwave), butter, salt thing. I don’t have an outdoor grill, but I could replicate this with my indoor one, methinks. Sounds delicious!

  7. 7
    Cara says:

    Feeling the need to chime in just to say Minnesota represent! :)

  8. 8
    Alexandrea says:

    That looks absolutely delicious! I’ve never had corn on the cob other than the standard way….I kinda wanna try this corn with a sauce business.

  9. 9
    Emily says:

    Looks like we both had corn on the brain today. Loved how you prepared it. I gave tips on the best way to cook it. Check it out. Life changing!!

  10. 10
    Liz says:

    I love corn, and this recipe looks so delicious!

  11. 11
    Christine says:

    Yummy! I will have to give this a try!

  12. 12
    amanda says:

    I had never heard of this corn before but decided to try it out… my little boys weren’t huge fans but my husband and I both liked it. I made the Mexican version with fresh herbs from the garden. I will make this again! I need to visit the Midwest sometime :)

  13. 13
    debbie says:

    I’ve eaten the corn roasted but not with the sauce on it,, this sounds really good.

  14. 14
    Ellie says:

    We also have THE best corn where I live in Southern Alberta and I love the corn season. Ours is just about done :(
    Never tried it with a sauce but I will. This would also be great in the winter with frozen corn…fry it to turn it brown and mix in the sauce…sounds delish to me!
    I love trying different foods! Thanks for the recipe sisters!

  15. 15
    Nahid says:

    I love so many photos you have for just one subject. thank you!

  16. 16
    Dixie says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this since it was posted and never got around to it until this last week. Made the Mexican version and had with avocado-tomato salad and grilled cobia fish. My husband tasted the sauce, then immediately poured it over his fish – holy moly. It is the best on the corn but was awesome on top of the fish too, especially when you got to the parts that were slightly charred from the grill!! Sooooo good! Next time I’ll make the Italian version and have it with grilled chicken breasts and, you guessed it, slather the sauce on my chicken too haha

  17. 17
    Dixie says:

    Wanted to mention a small change in case anyone was interested – I use chobani 0 greek yogurt, plain, in place of sour cream for everything these days, even in this sauce. Tastes so similar it’s ridiculous and has more protein! We even eat it on baked potatoes and stirred into taco soup. Yum. Easy replacement and so much tastier than fat free sour cream :)