The whole “Red Riding Hood” crew!!

You guys are as sweet as can be.  Thanks for all the comments and love for my little babies in their costumes. I wish you guys could have been sitting down in my sewing room to see my excitement when the seams came together and the magic happened.  I’m not kidding, these little things still surprise me when they turn out.  I guess that’s why I get so excited when I see pictures of what you’re making or hear how surprised you are with your own projects and that you never thought you’d be able to make something so “complicated”.  I get it.  And I LOVE it.  So, keep ’em coming! :)


And be sure to upload your homemade costumes to my flickr group by Oct. 3oth.  I need to parade your hard work around here on my site, for everyone to see on Oct. 31st.  Can’t wait! :) More info here.)



And if you missed them (and still have time to whip up some costumes before Halloween…….come on, you totally do! ;) ) here are the tutorials for Little Red, The Wolf, and the Granny.  And show me how it turns out for you.  I’d love to see!!!




Okay, I know you’ve already seen enough of these little rascals of mine in their costumes, but I just had to show you the whole crew together.  Mostly because it kills my insides to see them acting out one of their favorite storybooks.  Ahhhhh, my heart!




Once we arrived at the “forest” (aka: a bunch a trees near a bike trail), Elli slipped right into her role and began skipping her sweet little self through the trees, excited to find granny’s house.



But little did she know, that the ornery ol’ wolf was lurking in the trees.



He was watching her every move…..deciding if she looked delicious enough to eat.



And yes indeed, she looked very appetizing!  So he approached Little Red, startling the poor thing.



This is where our story changes.  Instead of tricking Little Red into continuing off to granny’s house so he could eat them both up, this Wolf made different plans.  He was impatient………..and REALLY hungry.    So he held up those big strong paws and released those claws (even though he looked more like a grizzly bear……ha!) and flashed his sharp teeth at her.



Little Red knew better than to stick around.  She got right outta there!



And remember, how our story is different?  Well, Little Red actually hurried off to granny’s house…….and helped her get out of the woods.



And then they paused the story and stopped for a photo op.  They’re always patient with the paparazzi!! ;)




Okay, ahem, back to our revised story…..


That mean ‘ol Wolf tried one more time to intimidate Little Red and Granny.  He was so hungry, after all.




That’s when Granny looked up at the wolf, a little confused and said, “Huh? What?!  That’s all you got?!




We’re not scared of you.  Now go find someone else to bother!”  And they continued on their way.




The End.




Ha.  These kids.  They really are so much fun to play and pretend with.  And that little Chloe was even a good sport.  She walked around and let Elli pull on her arm and show her where to go.  They make the sweetest little crew of storybook characters. :)




And who would have known there’s actually a song on iTunes called “Little Red Riding Hood”.  Crazy.  So, I put together a little slideshow of pictures and video clips, to share to the tune of this song that I found (by The Coasters).  Pretty funny.  So turn up your sound and enjoy.




Now hurry up and get those costumes finished.  And then share!



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90 Responses to “The whole “Red Riding Hood” crew!!”
  1. 1
    palak says:

    I love this!!! The costumes are amazing and your kiddos look so happy! (and so wonderful to see ‘granny’ Chloe up and having fun!)

  2. 2
    Amanda says:

    Oooooooooooooo, I love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3
    Sarah says:

    That is SO cute! What wonderful memories your kids are gong to have with you. Great job Ashley.

  4. 4
    Betsy says:

    You need to make a photo book of this story!! The costumes (and your kids) are so cute!

  5. 5
    Kelsey says:

    Oh I love them!! I especially love the granny! The costumes and kiddos are SO cute!

  6. 6
    Diana says:

    Good god…I still haven’t stop laughing….love it love it!

  7. 7
    Rhea says:

    My dad used to sing that too us as kids and I sing it to my kids! lol, The costumes (and your kids) are adorable!

  8. 8
    Danielle says:

    Oh man. You may have just convinced us to change our costumes. We were thinking about wizard of oz (but we are short a few characters). We also have 2 girls and a boy, and this would fit us just perfect! Darling!!!

  9. 9
    mrsblocko says:

    loved the video!!!! Super cute!!!!!

  10. 10
    abby says:

    They all look amazing!

  11. 11
    Heidi Moran says:

    I ADORE your blog and all your creations! I unknowingly have made a couple of things using your tutorials from Pinterest! I love working on Halloween costumes and u give me so much motivation! Have you considered being Jack and Jill this year? Just a thought! Thanks for sharing your creativity with the masses!

  12. 12
    Melissa K. says:

    Adorable! I aspire to sew greatly one day. Love your blog. My twin 2-year-olds are going as salt and pepper this year. They’re glorified pillowcase dresses, but I couldn’t put them into store-bought costumes, at least not yet! :)

  13. 13
    Melanie P. says:

    You did such a great job! I love love love it!!! The kids are adorable and the costumes are INCREDIBLE!!!!

  14. 14
    Katie says:

    That’s about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I wish I had even an ounce of the creativity and talent of you!

  15. 15
    Teenah says:

    VERY CUTE!!! I love all of the pictures, the kids are so cute! Great Job!

  16. 16
    Gealean Murray says:

    OMG! I love the video, and I love your family! So sweet and adorable! I have two children sandwiched right in between your three, and watching that video- it all looks so familiar!! Amazing job this year on the costumes!

  17. 17
    Jacki M says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Our girls loved the video at the end…too cute…I love that song. I used to listen to it in my dad’s 1953 Ford Sunliner

  18. 18
    Deborah Nowland says:

    You need to win some kind of national award! Absolutely fantastic! I LOVED the video and even shed a few happy tears! You are very talented and your babies are beautiful!

  19. 19
    sara says:

    Ashley…as someone who has been reading, and sewing along at times…..This really takes the cake. I bow down.

  20. 20
    Emily says:

    I love your tiny Granny–so adorable!

  21. 21
    sarah says:


  22. 22
    Andrea says:

    My kids loved the costumes and the video. They thought that was pretty neat. They are about your kids age so the conversation was great!! Thanks for sharing. You have an amazing talent!!

  23. 23
    Stacia says:

    So cute-love them! I grew up listening to that song and I was hoping it would be the one you were talking about. :) Last year my little one was little red riding hood and I tried so hard to talk her brothers into being the lumberjack and wolf but alas, they insisted on spiderman and hulk so they became the superheros that saved little red riding hood. You win some, ya lose some. :)

  24. 24
    Jen says:

    Such a cute video!! You did an amazing job on the costumes!

  25. 25

    Your little granny is so adorable! Our daughter is actually going to be little red riding hood, but we don’t have quite the cast of characters that you do. Hopefully someday though…You’ve got such cute kids!

  26. 26
    ira lee says:

    ohhhhh!! that is the cutest thing ever!!!!!

  27. 27
    Eva Scott says:

    BEYOND CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28
    Ellie says:

    This is sooo cute! Just love it! You did a wonderful job and it’s so fun. Your kids will be able to use these as dressup clothes and use their imaginations for making up their own stories!! I’ve sewn a lot of costumes in my day but yours take the cake!!!

  29. 29
    Deb C says:

    Oh man they are adorable! Your littlest one is hilarious in that granny get-up, so freakin’ cute! Love it all!

  30. 30
    Lisa says:

    I think I need AWESOME MOM lessons from you. :-)

    This. is. amazing. Great job!!

  31. 31
    VickiT says:

    I ADORE that little video/slideshow you created. SOOOOOOO stinkin’ cute. I even had my husband watch and of course, had to sing along with the song. (yea I’m showing my age now and his too ha) You created the most adorable costumes. Awesome job!

  32. 32
    Joan says:

    You are an amazing mom!! I love everything – the costumes, the kids, and the video! Thanks for sharing!

  33. 33
    Briana says:

    Such a fun video! My girls loved watching it! Great job on everything!

  34. 34
    Cheryl says:

    These are stellar!!!! Well done – and hilarious – I love the baby dressed as Granny:)

  35. 35
    Shelley says:

    Wow. This is so adorable – and video is too, too cute! What fun – you’re so talented. Thanks for sharing.

  36. 36
    Emily says:

    That was such a fun video slide show! These costumes are great. You never cease to amaze me! Your kids are so lucky to have such fun memories thanks to you!

  37. 37
    Erin says:

    so cute, so cute!!

  38. 38
    Jennifer W says:

    I’ve enjoyed seeing the costumes and pictures but the video was just ADORABLE! The cutest thing ever! Thanks for sharing it with us! :)

  39. 39
    Beth B. says:

    These costumes are the cutest but I love that video! :)

  40. 40
    Papgena says:

    Thanks so much for sharing it! the costumes are amazing, the video is really fun and your kids are adorable!

  41. 41
    Emma says:

    Oh these turned out so cute! You got them done early enough, maybe you could come to my house and sew some for us;)

  42. 42
    Crystal says:

    These costumes are amazing! I love them!

  43. 43
    Joni says:

    I love the adorable costumes! and video. ;D It made me smile.
    I have been a long time admirer/ fan of your blog and read every post. It is one of the few blogs that I really enjoy to read and see the next creative project you’ve done. A big thank you, you have inspired me to create my own sewing projects. =)

  44. 44
    emily says:

    absolutely charming!

  45. 45
    Christy darrington says:

    That video was awesome! Made me laugh… cute kids and mom!

  46. 46
    Pepella says:

    Oh my GOSH!! Your kids are SOOOO CUTE, and those costumes are adorable! You are SO talented, Ashley! I don’t know which costume I like best, but Granny made me laugh hardest! Love each one of them, costumes AND kids! And thanks for sharing the video.

  47. 47
    Rachel says:

    Oh my lands! Sooooo cute!
    I always love your commentary when you tell the story.
    Very, very well done!

  48. 48
    Angie says:

    Love, love, love it!!! And that video is the cutest thing ever!

  49. 49
    Emily says:

    Seriously adorable!!!!!

  50. 50
    Shayla says:

    They are so great! I can’t get over it. Here’s the thing that’s so brilliant about these costumes: they are all the best/coolest/cutest! Not one of them overshadows the others. Well done!

  51. 51
    Lucille says:

    Ashley, I admire your skills and I really can feel your love for your kids. You’re great.
    Greetings, Lucille

  52. 52
    Anna says:

    So CUTE! You did such a great job on the costumes and your kids look like they are having such a good time in them! Isn’t that the best part!!

  53. 53
    Elisa says:

    Ash, all these things just make me miss you!! How about you ask Steve to find a job in SV and then I’ll ask Jeff the same and then we can live together on the same street and hang out?? Your costumes are just simply amazing, love all the talent you have and that you share it with everyone. Love and miss you so much!

  54. 54

    Absolute perfection! Whimsical, lovely, innocent, well-executed! I LOVE!!!! Thank you for inspiring ideas & photos! hApPy HaLLoWeEn!

  55. 55
    Melanie Call says:

    Absolutely amazing!!!!

  56. 56
    Heidi says:

    AHH!! I was SOOO hoping it was this song!!! We used to have it on a record with other silly songs and I had completely forgotten about it!!!!! AWESOME!!

  57. 57
    Louise says:

    I didn’t think you could top Mary Poppins, but you sure did! Love all the costumes, especially the wolf. It amazes me how your kids are so cooperative. When I get the camera everyone seem to run.
    Great job as always. Thanks for sharing especially the tutorials.

  58. 58
    Melissa says:

    Love the costumes!!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with each year!!! Great job!!!

  59. 59
    Karen says:

    So Darn Cute! I love it! Your kiddos are adorable and the costumes are amazing, as always! Thanks for the tutorials!

  60. 60
    Adina says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Your kids are so lucky! I loved the video.
    I’m having such a hard time taking pictures of my 2 yr old. Maybe you have some tips.

  61. 61
    Robin says:

    It’s not often that I laugh out loud when reading blogs. Your adorable costumes seriously cracked me up and you are going to make SO MANY people smile when trick-or-treating. So ADORABLE. ALL OF THEM!

  62. 62

    You must print this into a book for you kids. So stinking adorable!! The costumes turned out great!

  63. 63
    Claire says:

    Shut the front door!!!!!! Nicely done!

  64. 64
    Beaded Charm says:

    Absolutely Fabulous! Your children look like they are having as much fun as you are! It makes me sad that I have not had time to make our costumes this year.

  65. 65
    Malesa says:

    I think those are the cutest, most adorable costumes I have ever seen. Strong work. Strong, strong work. You are awesome and your kids are adorable.

  66. 66

    These could now be any sweeter! Absolutely adorable!

  67. 67
    Tricia says:

    Absolutely love these costumes! The video was so fun to watch! Thanks for sharing.

  68. 68
    Rachel says:

    Those costumes are so well done and your kids look so cute!
    I think Granny is the best:)

  69. 69
    Mindy says:

    love the picture of the wolf costume face (where you can’t see Connor’s)!

  70. 70
    Lindsay says:

    Freakin’ adorable! I made my son’s popeye costume and became so giddy when it “worked out”, so I get it! Ha ha ha. Loved the video. Your kidlets are beautiful :)

  71. 71
    Pooja says:

    Oh my god! These are so cute, especially the little granny. :)

  72. 72
    Karenatasha says:

    The costumes are so cute–but the kids are even cuter! Absolutely adorable.

  73. 73
    Patti says:

    I remember that song well! Your video was so darling it brought tears to my eyes. Your kids are the same ages and gender as my daughter’s, so I kind of have a special spot for your kids as if they were my grandkids too. Great job, I just loved this post so much!

  74. 74
    Cortney says:

    Seriously Amazing! Great Job! They look adorable! You have some serious skill!

  75. 75
    Nicki says:

    So cute. I’ve always loved this song. I’m working hard on my costumes so I can share them!

  76. 76
    RaeAnna says:

    Bravo! Brava! Such a cute blog post!!! I LOOOOVE themed costumes! Your kids are going to have so much fun trick or treating!

  77. 77
    adrienne w says:

    Seriously, ADORABLE! Especially Granny!

  78. 78
    Heather says:

    Your little video is my 2-year old’s new favorite movie. He demands to watch the “werewolf.” Ha! Thanks :)

  79. 79
    janel says:

    Those are AMAZING!!! Love them!

  80. 80
    Christina says:

    Absolutely adorable (the kids AND the costumes)!
    I just wanted to leave a quick note to thank you so much for the penguin costume tutorial that you did last year. My daughter’s costume turned out great despite my minimal sewing skill, thanks to your awesome design and instructions. Happy Halloween!

  81. 81
    Lynice Power says:

    How amazing those costumes are just fantastic.. Very cute

  82. 82
    Angela says:

    How sweet!! I am going to do a red riding hood theme soon! This cape is awesome! Angela Butler – Clarksville, TN Photographer

  83. 83
    Virginia Nelson says:

    Ashley I am so amazed at the work you do. It is absolutely beautiful! Nicole gave me your site. Also thank you for you and your husband being there for us when we visited Nicole! That was just great.

  84. 84
    LeeAnn says:

    I am currently making my daughters costumes. They are being Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf and your tutorials have been extremely helpful! Thank you so much! You’re incredibly talented.
    And I would like to add a note about the song “Li’l Red Riding Hood” featured in your video. It’s actually by the group Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs. They’re the same group that did the song “Woolly Bully.” I grew up listening to this song my entire life and I just wanted to clarify that.
    Thank you for your tutorials again! I’m so glad you shared them with us all!

  85. 85
    Ruchira says:

    So Darn Adorable!

    Lovely costumes.
    You are blessed..
    With talent and art, and a beautiful family. :)

  86. 86
    Brandee says:

    Absolutely, positively darling!! I wish I had even a fraction of your talent! I now HAVE to find someone to make this for my 4yo daughter and 3yo son. Seriously, too stinkin’ cute!