Last minute Halloween ideas…

Do you have a few parties to go to over the next few days?  Yeah, me too.  And of course, I waited until today to gather a few things at the store to make fun desserts to bring along.  So, I scoured the internet last night, looking for some fun but simple ideas that scream HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :)

And then pinned them to my Pinterest ‘Halloween’ board.


(All recipe links can be found on my Halloween board.)



Yum, right?  Some are more complicated than others……but there are several that are quick and easy.  And so darn cute!



And maybe if I have some unexpected added hours in my day…..I could make some of Bakerella’s infamous cake pops. Adorable!




And then, while looking for treats to take to parties……I kept running into really simple kid project ideas that I could make with things around the house.  You know, to keep the excitement bubbling right to the very tippy-top of each of my kiddos.  Simple projects are completely satisfying to them.  And make me happy too! :)

 (All project links can be found on my Halloween board.)



Anyway, I’m sure the rest of you are feeling just as hectic as I am, right before Halloween arrives. So hopefully some of these ideas will help you too.  And I know, baking some cupcakes and slapping orange frosting on top would totally work……….but adding a quick little marshmallow mummy or placing some silly witch boots on top is completely worth the giggle.


Enjoy your weekend!






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2 Responses to “Last minute Halloween ideas…”
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    caitlin says:

    looks lots of fun, you sure celebrate your holidays!!!