Last Minute 4th of July Ideas…


Wow, it’s July!  Can you believe it?  I’m not sure where June went.  Or May for that matter.  I can see summer slipping right out of our hands.  Slow doooooown!


Remember how I like to make outfits for certain holidays throughout the year?  Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween……and yes, even the 4th of July?  All I need is a reason to celebrate…….and for some reason, my little heart says, “oooh, ooooh, let’s make a new outfit!!”.  As long as my kids will let me, I totally will.  (Okay, who am I kidding!  I don’t need a holiday as an excuse to make a new outfit.  But it’s sure gives me a fun theme to work around. :) )


I know, I know, 4th of July is in 2 days……..but I’m still going to make my kiddos a little something.  However, my ideas are a little too late for any of you to use for the 4th.  Sorry.  (Nope…..haven’t finished them yet.  But I’ll still share them.  Probably tomorrow. )


But do any of you need a 4th of July idea to whip up today?  This one is quick.  And one of my very favorites.




All you need is a plain white tee, a little scrap Tshirt fabric (cotton knit) in blue and red, and about an hour.  Find tutorial here.






Or how about using a little red/white/blue fabric to make any of these designs:




Top Row: Kid Clothes, Ruffled Heart, Diaper Cover, Bow Shirt

Bottom Row: Heart Cut-Outs, Tiered Skirt, Braided Collar Dress, Tie Front Dress




Or maybe you need some cute little boy shorts?  Here’s some with front pockets (that you could skip) and some back pocket flaps, found here.




All Clothing Ideas found here.




Or hey, maybe you’re feeding friends and family and need a fun little dessert?  Try this one (that my friend Brittany made when she hosted the Make-a-Cake series here on my blog.)  It will surely be a crowd pleaser.  Flag Cake here.




Anyway, hope you’re having fun getting ready for your 4th of July holiday (well, for those of you here in the US).  We won’t be watching fireworks this year (many fireworks shows have been canceled throughout Colorado, due to all the recent fires) but we’ll find a parade, have a bbq, and surely have a nice day celebrating our country’s freedom.


And I’ll be back tomorrow, to show you what I’ve got whipped up for my little ragamuffins to wear on the 4th this year. (They can surely be made for any day attire as well!)


See you soon!



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8 Responses to “Last Minute 4th of July Ideas…”
  1. 1

    Those shirts are cute and would go well with the bandana skirt I just put up on my blog yesterday. Can’t wait to see your new 4th ideas!

  2. 2
    Ashley says:

    LOOOOOVE those shirts, Ashley! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E, seriously!
    keep the ideas comin’!

  3. 3
    jackie says:

    Definitely something to put on my list for next year. Cute, cute, cute.

  4. 4
    Becca says:

    We made some freezer paper stenciled ones the other day. I let the kids pick a design (a bike and a camper) and let them paint with red, white and blue paint, of course. Here’s how they came out. I love them.

  5. 5
    Rose says:

    I’m a new crafter, (but have been making bows for about 6 years) and I came across your website while looking for new ideas on Pinterest. I gotta say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! You have given me the motivation to try new things. Thank you!!!

  6. 6

    Those t shirts are SO cute!! Usually I host a MiMi Camp each summer for my grandkids. This year my youngest daughter had quadruplets – at the end of May – so I am not doing my normal routine this year. However – I am saving so many of your ideas/posts for NEXT year!! You are SO creative!!!

  7. 7
    RaeAnna says:

    I LOVE the ruffle flag tee!!! What a cute idea!!! In the best Charlie Sheen voice impersonation…..”duh, PINNING!” (instead of “winning”….get it?) OK, maybe I’m up a little too late! lol!

  8. 8
    Katie says:

    That close up picture of Connor is to die for! Just had to let you know. He looks so little compared to now. PS…any time I am on your blog (which is a little more frequently these days ;) ), Kaden is always like….”That’s Elli! That’s Connor! That’s Ashley! That’s Baby Chloe!” (whomever is on that post) and then proceeds to say “I want to play with them!” :)