Hmmmmm…..what to do??


Has anyone found your pictures and tutorials on another site, while someone claims them as their own? 


(And I don’t mean using a picture or two to show where an idea came from and then linking over to the site where you took the picture from……because that’s completely okay with me.  And cool of you!  More on that in my FAQ section, in you’re interested.)




Yeah, I have too.  And it usually gets cleared up… big deal. Sometimes people don’t understand the etiquette of using someone’s pictures. 


In fact, generally I am very flattered and can’t peel the flattered smile off my face when I see that anyone has made, recreated, or altered something from my site.  So very cool.  And I love it. 


But this time the actual tutorial has been lifted, spliced, and made their own. (And in some cases THEIR watermark is placed on my pictures.  Weird.)  And it’s in Chinese.  I think?





Here’s another.




(Awww, get my girls’ faces off your stealer site, would ya?)




I have had a flood of emails lately, telling me that my projects are being stolen by this particular site.  Thank you.  I love having Super Sleuths out there.  :)  Thank you, thank you.  Most of you are seeing the projects on Pinterest, which then link over to their stinky site. (Which, by the way, Pin away.  If you want to add my projects to your Pinterest boards, go ahead!  And thank you!  I just ask that the image links back to my site.)


This one, however, doesn’t.  Boo.  It leads here instead.





But eeek, I don’t speak Chinese (or something similar) to even communicate with them.  Any ideas??



I hate to drive any traffic their way (because they are some serious cheater pants), but they have probably stolen some of your projects too.  Boo to them.


Anyway, I have been wanting to respond back to everyone who has let me know about this……but just haven’t been able to respond to every single person.  Sorry about that.  But really, thanks for caring! :)





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127 Responses to “Hmmmmm…..what to do??”
  1. 1
    Regina W says:

    Ugh! I’ve seen so many tutorials linked to that site. I refuse to pin from it. It looks like they just take all the pictures from a blog tutorial and stick them all together and just post them with no credit or anything. So not nice. I hope you find someone to help you!

  2. 2
    Janelle says:

    oh, that is so lame! I wish I could point you in the right direction. Do you happen to know anyone who does speak chinese?

  3. 3
    jen says:

    do you watermark your pictures? I always do that now after hearing a few stories like this – and always over my kids face if she’s in the pic. It doesn’t look as pretty – but I feel safer and like I’m keeping her safer.

  4. 4
    Melanna says:

    I’ve noticed this with a lot of pinterest pins and they are all to Asian sites. Some even put their own watermark on the picture (which is really funny when there are english words and then asian characters across it). If I want to pin the pin then I go in and edit it back to the original blog (yea for being able to use Google to search out the original source!) so that if others repin then it’s at least going to the rightful owner, but I know not everyone realizes this isn’t the original source. I also report the pin to pinterest and send the blogger a nice little note letting them know. That doesn’t solve it for you, but it seems better than nothing as a pinner.
    Sadly I don’t speak chinese to be able to help you.

  5. 5
    OPie says:

    i hate too if anyone stole my right (sorry, i dont speak english fluently)
    i think u can report abuse of that site.
    by the way i love all of your projects, creatives

  6. 6
    Heather says:

    How terrible! How do you find out if it has been stolen? Makes me wonder what of mine is out there.

    Is there someone you can report them to? Im sure the internet is too big for the internet police.

  7. 7
    Vivian says:

    My husband is Chinese, and I could try to get things translated through the in-laws. Email me.

  8. 8
    maly says:

    Have you tried ? You can just type in the url to see what the page says and you can also write an email in english and google will translate it to chinese for you.

    • 8.1
      Annie says:

      I would not trust translation sites. I have seen some “translations” for my Japanese cousins posts on facebook that make very little sense. I don’t think that you would want to sound like an idiot to these guys.

      • 8.1.1
        deuxanges says:

        Yes the free online translations aren’t always that great… Unfortunately with these jerks, it won’t matter if your post to them is 100% fluent or sounds idiotic. Unless you come armed with excellent lawyers versed in (international) copyright laws and the $$ to retain them for the long run, it won’t do much. And even if one site (page) takes it down, it’ll come right back up. Seen that way too often with crafting friends and tutorial sellers that I greatly admire. =(

  9. 9
    Lynette says:

    Ooh, what a pain! I hope that you can get it worked out. You spend a lot of time making things and tutorials, and it’s just not fair when people steal it and claim it as their own.

  10. 10
    Ashley says:

    In google chrome, if you right click the page it will give you the option to translate the site to English. It just worked for me. You can also do a whois search ( which provides the website owner – see below:

    Domain Name ………………… DUITANG.COM
    Name Server …………………
    Registrant ID ………………. hc675265474-cn
    Registrant Name …………….. Zhang Judy
    Registrant Organization ……… Zhang Juan
    Registrant Address ………….. 1906,Building4,No289 Minli Rd,ZhaBei Dist, Shanghai
    Registrant City …………….. Shanghai
    Registrant Province/State ……. Shanghai
    Registrant Postal Code ………. 200063
    Registrant Country Code ……… CN
    Registrant Email ……………. [email protected]
    Administrative ID …………… hc675265474-cn
    Administrative Name …………. Zhang Judy
    Administrative Organization ….. Zhang Juan
    Administrative Address ………. 1906,Building4,No289 Minli Rd,ZhaBei Dist, Shanghai
    Administrative City …………. Shanghai
    Administrative Province/State … Shanghai
    Administrative Postal Code …… 200063
    Administrative Country Code ….. CN
    Administrative Email ………… [email protected]
    Billing ID …………………. hc675265474-cn
    Billing Name ……………….. Zhang Judy
    Billing Organization ………… Zhang Juan
    Billing Address …………….. 1906,Building4,No289 Minli Rd,ZhaBei Dist, Shanghai
    Billing City ……………….. Shanghai
    Billing Province/State ………. Shanghai
    Billing Postal Code …………. 200063
    Billing Country Code ………… CN
    Billing Email ………………. [email protected]
    Technical ID ……………….. hc675265474-cn
    Technical Name ……………… Zhang Judy
    Technical Organization ………. Zhang Juan
    Technical Address …………… 1906,Building4,No289 Minli Rd,ZhaBei Dist, Shanghai
    Technical City ……………… Shanghai
    Technical Province/State …….. Shanghai
    Technical Postal Code ……….. 200063
    Technical Country Code ………. CN
    Technical Email …………….. [email protected]
    Expiration Date …………….. 2013-05-06 08:18:15

  11. 11
    Amy C says:

    That stinks!! I’ve never tried it or used it, but I wonder if you could get anywhere with google translate. It seems like I’ve been hearing a lot about things like this lately, it’s too bad that people can’t just come up with their own stuff to share!

  12. 12
    latoya says:

    The browser Google Chrome has a built-in translator. If you go to the URL it looks like a Chinese Pinterest ripoff (or maybe it came before Pinterest).

    You can send a DMCA notice to Pinterest for the pictures that don’t lead back to your site.

    • 12.1
      Alisa says:

      Chrome auto translated for me. I agree, it looks like a pinterest ripoff. When I went to the “About” tab it said share images that inspire you, make sure to link source”. But this particular user has it labeled as “user upload”.

    • 12.2
      Christina P says:

      I checked it out too and it seemed like Chinese Pinterest. But I couldn’t find a Contact button until I clicked on the user, and then you have to log-in to the site to contact them. My Firefox didn’t auto-translate for me which is odd because typically I have a button that pops up to do that. But that is such a rip-off! Maybe contacting the Pinner and telling them its stolen?

  13. 13
    Laura says:

    Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do. Plus, this being in China, there’s not really anything you have the power to do with US copyright law. I think Jen is right that a good watermark can go a long way. They don’t want your website address all over their website, so they might leave your images alone. (Don’t place it someplace that is easy to crop out.)

    You can prevent sites from hot linking (that is taking your images that are hosted on your site and having them appear on theirs, even though they are still hosted on yours). However, it doesn’t appear that they are hot linking, but rather taking your images and creating a new one.

    It’s an interesting discussion, because sites like Facebook automatically pull images from your site and post them on theirs, when you post a link for example. Google does too (when you image search). Is this copyright infringement as well? It gets tricky, because you want your images to appear on Facebook or Google, because its typically good for your blog or website, but where do we draw the line?

    We’re also in a different place now because a lot more people are exposing themselves to copyright infringement by digitally posting content in very public forums. It’s great for exposure, but leaves you terribly exposed. And, I think sites like this one know that a person who writes a blog out of, what typically starts as a hobby, are unlikely to have the resources (or perhaps are unwilling) to pursue making it right.

    I’m sorry you are experiencing this and hope that it doesn’t discourage you from continuing with your awesome posting.

    • 13.1
      Ashley says:

      yeah, seriously, don’t stop blogging cause’ of this! I LOVE your blog!!!!!!!!

    • 13.2
      Alisha says:

      I think a watermark is a GREAT idea…. One that is across the whole photo without being obtrusive…. something kind of opaque..

  14. 14
    Kelly says:

    If you use google chrome as your web browser, it can translate the page for you. I did that it almost appears as if the site that the pictures are on are some sort Chinese version of pinterest. It didn’t look like it was someone claiming it as there own but you might want to try using google chrome as your browser and see what you think. It really does look like a version of pinterest to me anyway.

  15. 15
    ashley says:

    Oh sad! I’m so sorry :( I’ve seen a bunch of my tutorials there too and had no idea of how to address it either :(

  16. 16
    Kelly O. says:

    it’s a chinese pinterest type site but it doesn’t seem to link back to the site it takes it materials from–it just takes photos…..

  17. 17
    Susan Evans says:

    I felt I needed to add something to your dilemma. Unfortunately China, and probably other foreign nations, do not respect intellectual property laws. Just because we are protected by copyright, doesn’t mean that they feel they must honor these laws. I’m in Canada but suggest you contact your country’s Intellectual Property office regarding copyright and the World Intellectual Proprety Organization –
    See if they can help.
    Good luck,

  18. 18
    Dana says:

    I did a Google translate for the page. The page is directed to an individual and not a company. The page looks like a blog and works kinda like Pinterest. I do not agree that they placed symbols over your work and I do not agree with them using images of your daughter. This is why you really should watermark your work but you do still have rights to your work. You might want to look into the symbols that they placed on the image and see if it reflects back to you or if they placed it for their own claim.

    So sorry to see that they used your stuff. In the future watermark your images with your biz name and site info.

  19. 19
    Breck says:

    This is awful, and I’m embarrassed to say that yesterday I “pinned” the “baby hat from a sweater” project to one of my boards. I will promptly delete said pin (because I also do NOT like cheater pantsy type people) and find the ORIGINAL tutorial from your site to pin instead!

  20. 20
    Catherine McCrum says:

    Just a suggestion for all the fellow PINTERESTERS out there, whenever possible, I try and trace a pin back to the original site – not always easy, but I try.

  21. 21
    Diana says:

    Ashley, I can try and email them (I speak and write Chinese) but I can only imagine that I will probably get no response. I’ll keep you posted.

  22. 22
    Jeanne M. says:

    If you post it on the Internet you voluntarily make it available for worldwide distribution. That includes what you post on Facebook, comments in a newspaper, tutorials, etc. I’d suggest you publish a book with your ideas if you want to keep them copyrighted. Most of the copying I see is from U.S. users on Pinterest, and it’s happened to me when I upload something I created. I accept it’s part and parcel of using the Internet to disseminate info.

  23. 23
    Christina says:

    This happened to someone on another blog I follow. I’ve attached the link below to the forum discussion. She was able to have Google remove the offending website & she found a company that inserts some script when people try to steal your content and post it elsewhere. Hope it helps!

  24. 24
    Jennifer says:

    China has very different ideas about individuality and rights in general. I also don’t think you can do much, but that really stinks. I love your site and I think your projects are great.

  25. 25
    Angie says:

    I deal with this type of thing all the time at work.

    The whois (website registration) listing for it is a contact in China (no surprise). But, a Gmail account is listed so you could see if Gmail could make their life difficult (smile).

    Otherwise, you could e-mail them a scary cease and desist copyright letter (google that and you’ll get an example). But, in all reality, you most likely can’t do anything since they are based in China. Other countries are more willing to put a stop to this kind of thing but not China.

    I hate that your kid’s pictures are involved because that takes the invasion to a higher level.

  26. 26
    Ugi Purwanti says:

    I love you Ashley.. i am so sad to heard that!!! keep fighting!!

  27. 27
    Michele says:

    Good eyes out there. That is so wrong. Checking Pinterest links is my habit before pinning anything. I would hate to help out those thieving sites. You could try writing a simple note with links telling them to remove your content from their site. They’ll probably get the idea. Good luck.

  28. 28
    Molly says:

    I would email them, they may happen to speak english, or you could always put it in google translate. What they are doing isn’t right!

  29. 29
    Janelle says:

    Another thought: I had a friend living in China a couple of years ago, and because of government control and censoring he could not read my blog, or any other blogspot blog (I don’t know that he tried others). If your blog is indeed blocked, it is possible that they can’t link back to your blog. (Not that that justifies what they did, but it might make more sense.)

  30. 30
    Brandi says:

    It’s not the EXACT same situation, but I recently read this and found it interesting.

  31. 31
    Laura says:

    These Asian sites that put all of the pictures together from a tutorial don’t usually have any instructions to go with the pictures. I’ve searched and searched to find original tutorials after seeing these versions on pinterest. I think a watermark with your blog address would be great- then if we see these things and want to read the words that explain what’s going on in the pictures we know where to go and Pin the real thing- because they aren’t going to stop doing it, unfortunately. But a tutorial without instructions is pretty useless.

  32. 32

    I am not sure how to directly deal with the website that stole your pictures, but I know you can contact Pinterest and have them remove any links that do not link directly to you. You have to fill out a form on Pinterest to have them investigate. Here is the link to fill out a copyright complaint form: I have heard they are very good at resolving these issues! Hope that helps a little!

  33. 33
    Rachel says:

    I know google has a “translate” option if you google their site that might help as far as understanding what they are saying. Too bad this happens. It happens to photographers all the time too. Silly!

  34. 34
    Ariana says:

    my husband speaks/reads Chinese! We went on a mission to Hong Kong. I’ll have him check it out. It *may* be that they’re giving you credit we just don’t know about it since they draw crazy stick firgures as words :)

    • 34.1
      deuxanges says:

      Ariana – no need to be putting down the language/culture of others. What’s next on the chopping block? Russian, Greek, Arabic? =(
      Those “stick figures” are actually pretty cool. One “picture” can mean one word, not just a letter/sound.

  35. 35

    Oh goodness….it’s bad enough that they’re taking your work, but it’s also pictures of your children! That’s just terrifying.

  36. 36
    Amy says:

    Find a good intellectual property attorney… and fast!

  37. 37
    Ola says:

    Just found this on Pinterest and then after like 30 sec searching this original post: so it seems like you’re not the only one! If people just weren’t lazy and searched a little for the original source!!!

  38. 38
    Brandy says:

    I LOVE that they put their watermark on YOUR photos. Because, after-all, that would just be wrong if someone used the photos that they stole from you as their own.

  39. 39
    Brandy says:

    Just wanted to add that I clicked over and Google automatically translated the Chinese into English on my computer. It looks like some sort of Flickr website. No instructions, just photos and the words just say that it was uploaded by a certain user. Still no mention of your site…at all.

  40. 40
    Rachel G. says:

    So sorry to hear about this! I guess it just comes with increasing popularity. I can say that I usually recognize your pictures even if they aren’t cited! I think that has a lot to do with the increasing problem! Hope your dilemma gets solved!

  41. 41

    +++ on the report to pinterest. An absolute must for nasty cheater sites. Also.. after fussing with gTranslate a bit, I was able to stumble on the site’s tos page which seems to forbid copyright violations. Might be worth sending a copy of the DMCA notice to the contact email on the asian pinboard?? email me if I can help more !

  42. 42
    Cyndi says:

    They are pulling from your rss feed. There are wordpress plugins that you can add to you site which will incorporate links back to your site at the end of each post on your rss feed. That way you still get credit and traffic will still end up back to your site. Email me if you have any questions, I know how frustrating this can be :)

  43. 43
    Kimara says:

    One of my readers at Wee Folk Art, saw your post, and shortly after saw this link on Pinterest. It is one of our projects, stolen, rewatermarked and linked to the another site. When this first happened to me several years ago, I was literally sick to my stomach. After all our hard work, to have someone else take credit for our efforts, was beyond my scope of reasoning. I even had someone take one of our tutorials, set it to music, and put it on YouTube. (Which YouTube took down immediately after 1 email.) For a while, I fought the fight for a while… translating sites, sending emails, contacting hosting sites. But, in the long run, just like a lock on your door keeps out the honest… professional thieves will still get in… I found that the innocent that reposted an article out of ignorance will gladly remove a post, whereas the professional offenders, especially those that don’t value copyrights, will continue to abuse and steal.

    After my 5th or 6th battle, I finally gave up. The truth of the matter is NONE of my readers visit those sites. They really aren’t taking traffic away from my site because their sites are unusable to my readers, and the people that frequent those sites wouldn’t be coming to mine anyway. I simply decided life was too short to let each of these bother me, and as I always tell my children, choose your battles wisely. Spending time and frustration on a situation you most certainly can’t change, and even if you do, there will be someone else next week doing the same thing, became pointless.

    I totally get your frustration and sense of violation. But I finally got to the point where I focused on the millions of people that have made their way through my blog, and HAVE respected my efforts. Now, unless it is a situation I think I can clear up with a quick email, I ignore them and put my energies into my creative forces. I know it’s not easy to do… where is the justice, right? But… I want my blogging experience to be joyous. I am empowering the bad guy if I allow them to taint that. Wishing you the very best as your wrestle with this situation. If you happen on a quick and effective solution, I’d love to hear it :) Otherwise, put on a pot of herbal tea, find your happy place, and don’t let the undeserving sap you energies!


  44. 44
    Disney says:

    This has happened to me, too. I just used a translator tool to email them and asked them to remove it. I got a polite response back and they did remove it, so hopefully these people will do the same!

  45. 45
    fitri says:

    I’m so sorry that happen to you. oh my, so many people being ignorance.. I got the some problem like yours too, the worst part.. their used my pictures and sell cooking book with my picture on it.. I couldn’t do much since I live a thousand miles away with the stealer. In your case, can you ask help from admin / host from those site ? Good luck, Ashley and hope it will end soon. Don’t let them take your energy

  46. 46
    Ana says:

    Hello, Ashley!!!

    I think they understand English, don´t you think? It´s very usual in Chinnese and Japannese. ( Sorry if I haven´t explained as well as I should, I´m Spanish ;))

    Good luck with this thing!

  47. 47
    Amy Apelar says:

    I would attempt contact in English…chances are they could figure it out! They figured out how to rewrite your tutorials didn’t they?! You may be able to complain to pinterest also. Just a thought. I hope you are able to make them stop. Nothing is more frustrating than having others steal what’s yours!

  48. 48
    Lauren says:

    I’m so sorry that this stuff can happen!! I totally give credit where credit is due and that’s just not right what they did! I hope everything works out! I really love your blog and thanks to you made my own camera bag insert :) you inspired me to buy my first sewing machine!!! So thank you!

  49. 49
    AndreaR says:

    Ugh, that is so sad! I cannot believe someone would even think of stealing your ideas, let alone the photos with your kids in them! That is totally crossing the line. I agree with what most of the ladies have already said–you will have to start watermarking all of your photos–across the kids faces’ if need be, so they cannot steal the pics anymore.
    So sorry this is happening to you!

  50. 50
    sorahart says:

    Can you report the violation to Pinterest? Maybe the cheater site could be banned…

  51. 51
    Kristy says:

    I’m sure you could translate your email into Chinese and then send it, a cease and desist letter seems appropriate.

    • 51.1
      Sherry says:

      Yes, it’s Chinese. You don’t have to translate your email, Google will do that for you. And you can fight them (friendly or otherwise) but good luck! You may have heard about major companies having problems with intellectual property being stolen when they choose to locate their factories in China. The rules of etiquette and proprietary rights are not the same.

      Since they’re using your children’s photo, I’d have your attorney file a cease and desist letter. Your ideas are annoying, but using your kids photo is VIOLATING you. Children do not have a lot of rights in China, I wouldn’t ignore this.

      And I’d definitely report them to Pinterest too, that will help.

  52. 52
    Mel says:

    I know the site and wont pin from them, they have even used other peoples children which horrifies me. There are 2 main culprits if I like the pin and don’t know where it comes from I google and check the images to find the right site. I also report the pin before deleting. Maybe if everyone gets on board but you can report it as the owner of the image. If there are enough reports maybe they can stop them :)

  53. 53
    Nandini says:

    I’m so sorry.. I’ve seen it being done from so many other tutorials. If I like something and want to pin it, I look at the watermark and go to that blog to pin it, because I feel its just not right to claim something as their own..

  54. 54
    Rachele says:

    I actually think this is a “Pinterest” type site. It appears that they grab all the photos from the post. Each pinner has a page and there are likes and followers., etc. They should link back and it appears that if the “translation” worked right they may, but because of the funky translation they link to bad pages. You have a lot to be proud of. Don’t let it get you down. I’m not sure that it is an intentional “steal.”

  55. 55
    katie says:

    Ugh! I am so sorry this is happening to you! I don’t know whats worse…them “stealing” your pictures or keeping your kids in the pictures! Totally creepy! Hopefully you can get this straightened out soon! Obviously many of us know where the projects REALLY come from! We all know your amazing!

  56. 56
    Lorie says:

    If you use Google Translate to translate the page, it looks like it is a site sort of like Stumble Upon. So it is run by someone else. There are community guidelines, and hopefully if you contact them (even in English) they can take care of it.

    Here are the community guidelines

    They have policy on uploading pictures…and it says they will remove content.

    now finding an email is another story. The only one I found is [email protected] (but I think that is more for applying to work for the company, but it might be worth a shot!)

  57. 57
  58. 58
    Jenn says:

    So sorry for you! I would hate to have my kids pictures stollen!
    For the record, you are amazing, your stuff is awesome, and your kids are beautiful!
    Your little girl always reminds me of my little Chloe, although mine is born the November before your’s.
    I used your fabric framed wall flowersidea the other day for my living room, except I did them in red instead of yellow–they are AMAZING!!!! I’ll have to send you a picture someday…
    Hope you get everything straighted out…..
    ps: I guess if they could translate your instructions into whatever language, they would also be able to understand your english if you wrote to them…

  59. 59
    Heidi says:

    Looks like you got a lot of good suggestions. I live in Taiwan right now, and really appreciate your site because of all the tutorials :) I make a lot of things myself because it’s difficult to find here, or you just can’t find it. Anyways, people here LOVE DIY stuff, it’s a fad – that’s probably what is interesting about your site, and they love foreign children. Perhaps post fewer face shots – they pulled it because of the cute kids and the DIY. Just a thought

  60. 60
    Lisa Jackson says:

    I would be absolutely livid, and unfortunately I wouldnt be able to punch anyone through the computer screen. Flat out stealing pictures and claiming them as their own, those people have some real nerve. The worst part for me as a parent (as well as yourself Im sure), would be to see your childs sweet little face plastered all over someone elses page, grrrrrrrr.
    I hope you can get this sorted out!

  61. 61
    Shelby M says:

    Well said! I’m guessing that although they post in Chinese, they probably at least understand written English. Hopefully they monitor their pageview traffic and will notice an influx from your link in this post. That might will lead them back here where they can read your polite and well written opening paragraphs. Good luck!!

  62. 62
    rose says:

    Awww, that’s awful! And to use the photos of your kids! They should be ashamed! Good luck getting it sorted out.

  63. 63
    wendy says:

    Hi Ashley,

    My husband is an Internet Marketer and stays on top of everything. I was telling him about your post and he had happend to read this article today with some really good information on some of the ways you can protect your images. Nothing is 100%, but the article has some great insight. Good luck!

    I LOVE your site and I stop by pretty much every week if not more! Thank you!!!

  64. 64
    Barbara says:

    I am so sorry this happened to you! I can’t vouch for it myself, but another blogger with this problem said that she went to this site and signed up. That way, if someone posts 8+ words directly from your site it will automatically provide a link back to you. Apparently Martha Stewart, Sports Illustrated and some other big names use it. I’m not sure if it would do anything if they stole only your pictures–or because it’s in Chinese, but it’s always something to look into for someone else who may try to steal your work.
    Good luck!

  65. 65
    Jessi says:

    I accually hate that all thier pins are in another language, they had a lot of cute stuff on there that would take FOREVER to track down. BUT I agree with KIMARA, I would just let it go. I have your site on my favs and everyone in the house knows better than to delete, don’t waste your time worring about it, but do start water marking your kids’ noggins.

    And never forget, because of the laguage barrier, you can’t be sure that it wasn’t an innocent mistake. I know it is common for other nations to teach english to thier people, but these folks might not speak english, don’t get to angry until you get a good translation (Google was, at best, a little sketchy).

    I know it is hard but pray blessings on them. At the very least it will help you grow, and show your kids what is really important to you… God…Family…Friends

  66. 66
    leanne says:

    Can you maybe have your site so people from China can’t see it? I would write a letter to them in english and ask them to take the photos down. I have also heard (dont know if its true) that if you write “falun gong” somewhere within your website the chinese government has some sort of thing that stops people within china seeing things about Falun Gong. So putting those words somewhere in your website will block it to china? Could be a load of horse poo though I dont know. I feel so bad for you this is a bunch of crap especially since its photos of your kids! I have seen this happen before with glass beadmakers except they steal the photos of peoples beads and then put them up as there own for sale. If people order them they get a terrible factory made copy. Hopefully you can get this sorted out!

  67. 67
    paula says:

    Before you do anything, make sure you read the comment on your facebook page by Vivien Lee–she says it’s not someone trying to steal ideas. And she makes a good point about the Chinese culture not having the same copyright values we do here.

  68. 68
    Sona Jacob says:

    I don’t know Chinese either, but I figured that it is a pinterest type of site. They take all kinds of projects from various sites and collate the many pictures into a single image. They don’t use any of the text. The one thing that they don’t do is put in the original credits, which is most definitely not okay. You can look at all the pins pinned from there at and see the various pics that they have sourced from all over the web.

  69. 69
    Angelique says:

    Hi Ashley,
    I have been visiting your blog almost everyday and I LOVE what you make.
    With regards to the post above, i would contact them in English. They clearly understand it since they translated the whole thing in their language. It happened to me once, someone took my design (a piece of jewellery I made). I e-mailed them and they removed it from their website.
    Hope it will be as simple as that for you.
    Take care and keep creating, you ROCK!
    Love from Mauritius

  70. 70
    Khris says:

    ohh yes I sure know about this…it happened to me some time ago….I emailed them in English and told them that they were down right rude and how dare they steal my tutorial along with my pictures and claim it as their own…I also noticed other peoples from other blogs and emailed them to advise them….they did eventually remove the tutorials without any response to our emails…..its just downright theft….horrible nasty people they are….this was nothing to do with Pinterest…it was a long time before it was even around….. I was very blunt with what I said and told them to remove them immediately and that they were thieves. There is no room for being nice to this kind of person.

  71. 71
    erum says:

    its not only you i see many other tutorials they have stolen that i have seen on other original blogs ,i think you all should combine and then do some thing against this thief site

  72. 72
    Jane.Tian says:

    Hi, Ashley. I am Jane. Tian, your fans from China. I am so sorry about some Chinese website using your pictures and ideas on their own website without any application. Actually, I knew about you and your website “make it and love it” from another Chinese blog, not the one you found, that blog use your picture with your website address, so I could find you and learn more from you. by the way, I have made a hat for my baby (is not born, ha ha ha), all this must be thanks for you, so this thing is not bad totally, right? I hope you can forgive some Chinese website. At last, I would like to introduce a famouse micro blog in China,, it is popular, if you show your works on it, that will be benifite to your Chinese fans. I know you are busy, just think about it.
    Be happy.

    • 72.1
      Erin says:

      I think the issue is only when they do not include the link back to this blog.

    • 72.2
      Erika says:

      Can you help her in translating the page? A Google search says that Duitang site IS a Chinese version on Pinterest. Maybe help Ashley write a letter to them asking them to stop?? Or link back and use HER site?

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    thats really sad, maybe they dont know what theyre doing is wrong? i hope it works out for you

  74. 74
    shirley says:

    I say send them the rules, blogger has different languages……..

  75. 75
    Alyson says:

    I just noticed a friend of mine pinned the tutorial from the Chinese site. I let them know. Maybe we can start a pinterest campaign so that people will know?

  76. 76
    Ashlley says:

    You have been nominated for the Sunshine Award please go to my blog and collect your award… I LOVE your blog and you inspire me and bring me sunshine everyday!!!!


  77. 77
    delia says:

    Oh man. I hate this. I have had this happen to me. Someone tried to sell stuff on etsy using one of my images. It had my newborn daughter in it, so I was pretty firm in my communications with her, which I only semi regret.

    I would also write a letter in English. Chances are they know English…I would think anyway. Best wishes in getting this resolved!

  78. 78
    Teresa says:

    Those have photos of your kids! Write letter let them know u will take legal action

  79. 79
    Claire says:

    I haven’t read the other 85 comments to see if someone suggested this… could you use google translate to type a message to mail them? Basically, a simple “you are stealing copyrighted material, desist or face prosecution!”…

  80. 80
    Jessica says:

    OMG. I have pinned every single one of those pictures. I LOVE THIS SITE and your craftiness makes me jealous. Stealing is wrong and that makes me SOOOO mad. Go get ’em sister!

  81. 81
    Aunt Jeri says:

    My Aunt was one of the pinners that pinned from that site. I made it clear to her that it was a Make it and Love it original and directed her to your site. Hopefully she will be pinning from your site from now on. I’m not sure what to do when they go as fare as to take your water mark off. Definately a copyright invasion but what to do about it, I’m not sure. I will have to think on that one. Actually, Popular Photography magazine usually as an article from a lawyer that deals with copyright laws. I remember reading one of the ariticles but can’t remember what it said for sure. Go to and look it up on their site. They might have something helpful. I will see if I can find that article in one of my magazines.
    Love ya!

  82. 82
    Jessica says:

    I just love your blog and pick stuff to do with my bonus daughter all the time and we BOTH appreciate your projects/ideas, it’s a shame that people don’t give the credit where credit is due! Thank you for posting the stuff you do!!

  83. 83

    How frustrating! A few years ago I stumbled across a vinyl lettering website, and they had {no joke} 26 pictures on their entire website…and 21 of them were mine. Watermarks removed and replaced with their own. They didn’t have any of my kids (thank goodness) but they had all sorts of pictures of my own home that were on my personal blog :(
    Fortunately for me they spoke english :) Unfortunately for them, I didn’t take a deep breath and count to 10 before I emailed them a piece of my mind.
    Maybe when you finally do find someone who can translate for you…you will be calmer than I was.

    Maybe email them a picture of yours with a big read X on the top of it and large print stop stealing my pictures…then maybe they can translate what you are saying!

  84. 84
    xevg says:

    Ok, my english is very bad so i do my best (i´ve no problems reading, but writing I suck >__<

    This page ( is a chinese Pinterest, so is not only a person stealing your beatiful work, not one, but (maybe) a LOT

    I suggest to add a watermark on your future post in a way to avoid more people steal your things

  85. 85
    Bethany says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say I love your blog. It’s a huge inspiration to me and I’m sure it’s more than frustrating to have people stealing your pictures and pretending they’re your own. So wrong!!!
    Anyway, I’m sure someone else has suggested this, but Google has something called Google Translate. You could give that a try, maybe? Hope everything get cleared up. :) Again, thanks for your rockin’ blog!

  86. 86
    Brigitte says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve seen a LOT of these on Pinterest lately, and not just yours. I’m seeing tuts that I’ve read and bookmarked links for showing up linked to the Chinese site. Not cool. I understand the flattery, but your hard work put this site together (which is fantastic, by the way, I love it!) and you should definitely take steps to protect your work. More than likely, they do speak English. I would write to them in English first, before I tried Google Translate or anything. The work is copyrighted under US law, not Chinese. Any legal action against them would be taken here, and the onus would be on them to represent themselves in our courts, which means legal documents would have to be in English. Generally, English is the language of business worldwide, anyway, so as I said before, they probably speak it.

  87. 87
    Andaira says:

    Hola Ashley! espero que puedas solucionarlo.
    Veo en ese enlace que hay una chica llamada Weewena, y que parece que lo está acusando de robo y le dice que esas imágenes son tuyas….(en chino)
    Seguro que se soluciona.
    Hi Ashley! I hope you can fix it. I see that link there is a girl named Weewena, and it seems that he is accused of theft and says that these images are yours …. (in Chinese)
    Insurance is resolved. (google translator)

  88. 88
    nileey says:

    The comments are in mandarin but the recent ones seemed to condemn this person for using your pictures as his/her own. Now hopefully this person will do the right thing…

  89. 89

    I think the most frustrating part is either they try to claim as though they didn’t know they did anything wrong (so not cool) or they actually DONT know that they did anything wrong. Due to a culture barrier, they just don’t GET it. 0_0 How do you do anything about that ya know? Ugg

  90. 90
    Valeria says:

    Ashley, just start feeling flattered for being copied and move on to making new lovable items!

    It’s really bad when they steel your design (I would not worry about the pictures really) and start making money simply because they can. You can’t fight Chinese companies, Chinese sites even less.

    I work for a German company (koziol) and our products are being copied and manufactured by other companies all over the world for decades. We really try to fight these companies but it costs so much and it takes so much time that sometimes it seems not worth it. But sometimes we do have a success and we are really glad =)

    The only practical advice I could give is to start putting a thicker watermark through the middle of your pictures. But as far as I can tell, you’ll not like that idea…


  91. 91
    Anshu says:

    This is just so disgusting. I have had that happen to me too. Somebody took my whole tutorial and made a pdf and made it available on their site…just not cool.

  92. 92
    Emily says:

    that makes me sick. i guess there’s not a lot you can do since it’s international? they’ll have their just reward!

  93. 93
    Katie says:

    I didn’t take time to read through all of the comments, so this may have been on here before, but my antivirus popup thing is going nuts on that site! It looks like a malicious site all around.

    BUT no wonder why they’d want to rip off your stuff. Adorbs!

  94. 94
    Anonymous says:

    One concern I have about that is some of those sites claim they sell the products for an incredibly low price as a scam. That’s so terrible and I don’t have any words of advice but I’m sure someone out there can point you in the right direction. Good luck and I love all of your ideas!!

  95. 95
    Christi says:

    First, I’m so sorry they are stealing your work and your kids’ pictures! Yuck!

    Second, I adore your stuff!

    Third, I think it’s awesome how many non-American people have commented here and follow your blog! It is amazing how such different people and cultures are so similar in their love of their families and of making cool stuff for the ones they love. Having an “It’s a small world after all” moment.

  96. 96
    julianne says:

    Here’s another one i found on pinterest that leads back to the chinese website – maybe you already know about it so sorry this is happening :(

  97. 97
    Kel in Oz says:

    Hi again,

    Don’t know if you’ve had any joy with this issue but I’ve found a few things that might be of interest?

    Scroll down to the shrink wrap info.

    They can probably still do a screen dump, but the image won’t be as high quality.

  98. 98
    sharla says:

    I have a friend who has a pretty popular blog and the entire thing was stolen-as in posted under a different website- the entire thing. So it happens all the time in the internet world. I would just be bugged about the photos of my children.
    I love your projects and all you share. I have looked at your blog and seen many posts – and thought I already did that – like for example- black out curtains. :) But I think it is great that you share your ideas. Some of them blow my mind- like recovering a baby car seat- that I started a year ago- and never finished- and now my baby is almost one- so forget that one for me….ha ha. Others out there have great ideas too- even if they don’t have a big website…and the towel lady- has a great one-although there a million towel wraps out there- just google it. (I always google before I post anything that I made up- just to double check that someone else did not think of it too….and post it first. :) )
    Thanks for all your share. I don’t know how you do it with kids!

  99. 99
    Nicole says:

    Just email them (if you can find a link with an envelope by it!) They probably speak enough English to understand what you’re saying. Ask them not to use your pictures without giving credit or asking your permission first. So lame, sorry to hear that you have to deal with this!

  100. 100
    Bett says:

    回复 weewena : 看來你也看到了Ashely寫的文字,我已經私信堆糖新浪微博了,看他們怎麼處理吧。還有發這個的朋友,還是把原創鏈接標出來的好。回复


    Hey Ashley, I love your website. Just want to translate the above for you. Basically 林海田田 and weewena are fighting for you. 林海田田 had written in to regarding lifting your tutorials and claiming them as theirs and also to give you credits on your work. Weewena had also written to complain that the tutorials are yours and not theirs and listed your link as the original link.

    Keep up the good work.