Computer Advice…..HELP!!


No, my computer hasn’t crashed.


And this advice isn’t urgent.  But if you have a second, let me pick your brain.



I know people feel strongly one way or the other about this………but the question is, are you a MAC or PC user?

And then, of course, why?


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Okay, we have always been PC users.  They have always worked pretty well for us.  And the price?  Well, it’s obvious you can buy a lot more for your money.  But our computers always seem to get sick after a couple of years.  And I don’t know if it’s me, or how I use my computer, what programs I use……..or maybe that’s just normal.  But when I talk to MAC users, they always seem to talk about their computers lasting for years and years.  Is that crazy to believe?  Or are my MAC using friends just lucky?



I know we live in a PC world…..but those MACs are gaining ground.  There must be a reason for that, right?



I guess PCs and MACs are good for different things.  And I hear that for those who are designers, there’s no question that MACs are superior for that type of work.  PCs are better at other things…… maybe it all just comes down to what type of work you are doing on your computer???



I always seem to have 4 or 5 programs running at once on my PC.  Have you ever used Photoshop?  It’s a power sucker!!  But it’s open A LOT on my computer.  I also always have Picasa (photo storage program) open, sometimes Adobe Acrobat, a Word document or two, and then a few browser windows.  It makes my husband crazy…….because the result, is a sluggish computer.  (Hey, at least I put the toilet seat down!!) I know, this is probably just because my computer is older and needs to be updated.  And I need to close my programs when I’m not using them. But my goodness, keep up Little Missy.



Okay, now MAC users………..let me hear it.  Why do you like your MAC?  Do you just like being in the MAC club (haha) or is there really that much of a difference?



And MAC haters………what’s the deal?  What drives you crazy about those MACs??


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Oh, and what’s with you not needing much anti-virus stuff on a MAC?  I’m always on top of that with our PC, always cleaning out old files, always checking to see what’s lurching in the background, etc.  Do you really not install anti-virus on your MACs?




Is it obvious I’m on the fence? I use the computer a lot.  And I love having a desktop to spread out and work on my little hobbies.  So if I can find a computer that keeps things more organized, cuts down on loading time, and will last me longer……..I’m all over it.  So I would love to hear your thoughts.



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Okay, that was a mouthful. Thanks for reading.  And even more for responding.


If I could have you over to talk this through, I would.

We’re having leftovers for dinner?  Anyone want to join us? ;)


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382 Responses to “Computer Advice…..HELP!!”
  1. 1
    hannah says:

    Okay. . .I’m not super techy. But I’ve only ever used Macs, it’s all we had growing up, it’s what I had in college. . .and I love everything about them. I think one reason people don’t like them at first is because they don’t know the operating system or all the sweet, easy little shortcuts. But they’re not hard to learn, and they honestly are so intuitive once you start playing around. I converted my husband, who was solidly anti-Mac, and I almost regret it now because he wants to buy EVERY new Mac product that comes out =) A few years ago we invested in a cheap PC desktop because my hubs needed some Windows software for med school. It’s KILLING me to use anti-virus junk and still get viruses. . .I have never once gotten a virus on a Mac, and no, I’ve never installed anti-virus software. They really are that easy! I know it’s a lot of money, but believe me, it’s worth it.

  2. 2
    Erin says:

    I’ve been a Mac person forever, and I’ve converted a dozen of my friends or so! They are extremely easy to use, there are FAR fewer viruses for a Mac platform, you don’t have to worry about spyware, and the one I am writing this on I’ve had for 4 years and it’s still working great! Apple pays such attention to detail, and do little convenient things that you wouldn’t think you needed. My boyfriend was a HUGE PC person, and now he has a Mac and will never go back! They seamlessly work with an iphone, apple tv, ipad, ipod, photos, movies etc, if you have any of those either.

  3. 3
    Kitty says:

    I just recently had to buy a new laptop after my 5 year old dell started acting funny. I put the same type of post on my blog…and even though EVERYONE told me to get a Mac….I didn’t. (whoops!) First- Mac users are certainly more loyal, so you will probably get more responses from them. But I will admit, I’m pretty loyal to my dells.

    Here is my reasoning- Last month I bought a dell inspirion for under $500. The chepeast Mac is $1000. Point blank, whatever you get…you wont want 5 years from now. There will be cheaper, faster better, computers…and yours will stat to break, no matter what kind you get. I’d MUCH rather take the chance that my dell only lasts 3 years (which I still plan on it lasting 4-5 years) and when it breaks eventually, I can just buy a new one, and come out with a newer computer, and still spend less than I would have for one Mac. I’m a law student, and my undergrad was completely mac, I was ridiculed there for my thinking…but in law school, its about 50/50. The reason I say this, is that Macs are trendier….in my opinion/experience….not necessarily better. I can honestly say I’ve never wished I had one, and there is nothing I’ve found my dell can’t do :)

    • 3.1

      We’ve had our MacBook for 5 years and it’s still going strong!

      • 3.1.1
        Mariel says:

        I’ve also had my Macbook Pro for 5 years and it still runs great!

          theresa says:

          I’m a mac lover.. I’ve got the iphone that is two years old, mac book that is over 5 years old, and a nano that is three years old. I’m a teacher and I have owned many mac items, they are wonderful and the best part you can talk face to face with a person at your local Apple store when you have questions. Just set up a time and head in… AWESOME!

          • Hailey says:

            Mine too! I have had my MacBook for 5 years and 3 of those were in college where I was carrying it in a backpack everyday. I had to replace the battery ($100) a little less than a year ago. Macs are amazing, last forever, and never have problems. I was sold on my Macs the day my fiance brought home a brand new HP laptop, and my three year old (at the time) Mac was faster than his PC when it was brand new! Needless to say, he returned the HP, got himself a Mac and we have never regretted it. They are fantastic! Would never tell someone to buy anything but Mac.

    • 3.2
      Whitney says:

      Just a note… Dell as a company doesn’t care at all about the home computers that they make. They are all about business. They computers they make for businesses are very good. The computers they make for home use are terrible. Because they don’t care. That isn’t how they make their money. If you want to go PC, there are MUCH better choices on the market.

      • 3.2.1
        Angela says:

        THAT is the truth!!! My friends have had more issues with their home Dell computers!

      • 3.2.2
        Stephanie says:

        I too had a Dell for 5 years and had problem after problem. With the amount of money I spent on all of the repairs, I could’ve bought a Mac. I just recently purchased a MacBook Pro…and I LOVE it!!!!

    • 3.3
      Jason says:

      I got a mac about 5 years ago. I just installed the latest Mac OS on it (Lion). I’d like to see someone try to put the latest version of Windows on a stock 5-year-old PC and make it run well. Macs last forever! The only major problem I have EVER had with my Mac required me to pay $200 at the Apple store to get it fixed. That happened just 2 months ago (again, between 4-5 years of use–both college and professional, being carried around in my book-bag for years, etc), and now that it is fixed, I’m sure I’ll keep this Mac around for another couple years at least.

    • 3.4
      rach says:

      Absolutely don’t agree. I’ve had both a Dell Inspiron and a MackBook Pro. Hands down: MacBook Pro has less problems, runs faster, runs more efficiently, and will make your life happier. Don’t go for Dell Hell, join Apple Heaven! It’s trendy and popular AND more expensive…FOR A REASON.

      Since you are on your computer all the time, and you need lots of applications up, all the more reason to buy a computer that is JUST BETTER. I can’t stress enough how much more I love my Mac just because it’s a smarter computer.

      (It’s like owning a Bernina. Just BETTER.)

      And don’t be afraid of switching from a PC to a Mac. I was really nervous. I got over it in about 2 days, and now I can’t believe how awesome these computers are.

      AND they are snazzy looking.

    • 3.5
      HannahBee says:

      My dad’s work gave him a Dell and he never uses it because its too slow. Instead he uses his Mac.

    • 3.6
      Nicole says:

      Here Here Kitty!!! Well said!

    • 3.7
      the hatter says:

      When you sell your 3/4/5 year old $1000 mac you’ll probably get $300-600 for it. Sell your 1 year old dell you’ll be lucky to get $100, certainly not going to get more than pocket change once it hits 2 years.

  4. 4

    I am a Mac! I grew up with Macs and I love them through and through. To me the interface makes more sense and organization is easier. I also love all the key board and corner shortcuts. We (my husband and I) use many programs in the Adobe creative suite. It’s much easier with LOTS of key board shortcuts – perhaps PC’s have them too?? I don’t know. Installing programs and uninstalling programs are much easier on a MAC. Also the look is better hands down! Who doesn’t want a sleek, nice looking computer (no extra box) to display? Just my two cents . . .

  5. 5
    t says:

    We are both, (shhhhh) don’t tell the hubby, but I love my PC so much better.

  6. 6
    Liz says:

    I have a Mac that I got gently used from my brother for Christmas in 2007 and it is still a great computer. I work in marketing and so I use all the Adobe programs and have noticed that the programs run faster and don’t freeze up like they do on my work computer, which is a PC. Apple also comes out with upgrades Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc which help to keep it running faster. And no I haven’t ever put anti virus on it, and never had a virus. Can you tell I’m very pro Mac?

  7. 7
    Ashley says:

    I will start out by saying that I am not a super computer person. I have used PCs all my life…that is just what we had. Recently, my husband made the jump to a MAC laptop, and I dont think I could ever look back. I use my computer and I just want to curse the dang thing now! The Mac does take some learning, but it just runs better and with less upkeep/worry! I hope my humble and really computer illiterate opinion helps a little!

    • 7.1
      Valerie says:

      Same here. Used PCs all my life and thought Macs were for lazies. Then my VERY computer literate brother switched to Mac and had his computers (and now just about just about everything Apple makes) work without a hitch for years. In the meantime, I had my Dell laptop for about 5 years and had had to format the hard drive/give the thing a lobotomy about 5 or 6 times during that time period (did it myself). I finally decided I’d had enough and took my brother’s advice and bought a MacBook Pro. I’m COMPLETELY sold on Apple now. I’ve had it for about a year and a half and have NEVER had one of those annoying “error” popup windows that are inherent with a PC. Everything just WORKS. For example, you don’t have to know a bunch of server lingo/crazy computer man talk to set up your email. You type in you email address and password and it sets it up for you. Very intuitive. I have absolutely no antivirus/spyware/etc software installed. Just the stuff that came on the computer (which is only what you WANT and not a bunch of trial software, “toolbars” and crap pre-installed). There is no upkeep either. You don’t have to defrag because it’s smart enough to fill in the holes as you add to the disk…crazy concept, huh? I now have an iPhone (had it for over a year now also) and an AppleTV. And I curse the days when my in-laws ask for help with their PCs and Andriod-based phones. They make me extremely grumpy now that I’m used to the care-free Apple way.

      They are more expensive. But there is much more thought, care, and quality that goes into their products. You get what you pay for. I plan on using my MacBook for as long as it’s still compatible with the rest of the world…and I have no doubt that it’ll last as long as I need it to. As far as I know, they are easily upgraded too…

      I use Gimp (which is a free knock-off version of Photoshop) quite often, along with the Silhouette software and browser windows, Word (which is the only Windows cloud in my happy Apple sky…only because I haven’t had the time to learn Apple’s equivalent), and email simultaneously and it does get a little slow. It handles it though. It slows down but doesn’t lock up. I only have the base model of MacBook Pro though, so it would probably be a good idea to get a more powerful one in your case. If I were you, I’d go to an Apple Store and talk the the guys there. They really know their stuff, and you can play around with all of their computers to see what you think.

      I’m a loyal Apple customer for a reason! Happy hunting!

      • 7.1.1
        Flo says:

        I have a very similar experience.
        I had only ever used PCs, and then when the time came to change my old Panasonic, I hesitated for a long, long time, and finally decided to go and try a MacBook Pro.
        The whole system is surprisingly intuitive and it doesn’t take much time to figure out how things work.
        What most surprised me was how smoothly everything goes : no fuss to set up your system, no fuss to install a new program, no endless confirmation windows asking if you’re really sure you want to do something.
        I don’t hate PCs, not at all, but I am definitely starting to see what the Mac hype is all about. I’m really happy with the MacBook Pro.

        Hope you’ll find the right one for you !

  8. 8
    Meg says:

    I have used a Mac for about 4 years and I WOULD NEVER GO BACK. I am so surprised when I see people using PCs wondering why they suffer through the slow startups, the anti-virus programs, and the lack of ‘fun’! I bought my laptop 4 years ago and it’s working great (I use it a lot!) I have converted my parents, sister, and friends to get Macs and they all agree they would never go back. yes, it’s more expensive, but you get what you pay for. My work also uses macs and people who have PCs at home found them easy to use (after complaining about it unnecessarily for awhile) and then a lot of them have bought macs for their home computers. I think you’ll find that macs are faster and easier to organize. I hope you get one — you won’t regret it.

    • 8.1
      Laci says:

      ditto. Mac is sooooo much better, and not because its “trendy” but because it really is BETTER. Its faster, no need for anti-virus, 10X FASTER START UPS (I HATE my hubby’s work PC when starting up.. such a hassle). Anyway.. again ditto to Meg.

  9. 9
    katie r says:

    LOVE my Mac- the transition is awkward but so worth it- Macs are very intutive and the way you do things makes sense. Easy to search etc. Mac runs faster and stays running faster. Mac has a great service plan- 1 year automatic and then the 2 years you purchase are worth it b/c they fix stuff (other than water damage) with no ?s. The times they took mine to fix an issue it was shipped from vegas to nashville to fix and I still had it back in 72 hours. My laptop is 5 years old and still fast and no issues- and no plans to replace it anytime soon. There is almost no chance of viruses. LOVE IT! Hope that helps :)

  10. 10
    Rachel Craig says:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. We have an “old” desktop PC and I would love to get a l;aptop. My PC is so stinking slow it drives me nuts!! Are Macs worth it? I would love to know too.

  11. 11
    Barbara says:

    Love my MAC!!!! and they don’t get viruses like PC’s. Set up is super easy and so is wiping the hard drive. I had to back up after 4 years and wipe out the hard drive as I ran out of space and could do from the conveniene of my home without having to pay for anyone to do it. The setup afterwards was as easy as turning on and you’re ready!


  12. 12
    Ogi says:

    Well, I am a programmer, and I use PC, and would never switch it for mac. I make websites, so usually I have few browsers and Photoshop open. Things about computers is that you need to clear trash and sort your data, to have great antivirus program installed and to keep your browsers updated to latest versions. Also disk defragment is a must if you save and delete lot of data.
    Why I hate mac. It’s user interface is worse then PC’s, also dealing with lot of opened windows is so unlogical and not so smooth as on PC.I have to say frustrating for me. It’s keyboard is strange (come on it doesn’t have delete key, on laptops!). There are only few free softer for it, and bunch of them for PC. And as a programmer I think it is slower then PC, but maybe you wouldn’t see that difference.
    Mac is better in only one thing, and you have notice that in your post. But if you take care of your Win, that thing can be fix.

    So my advice, stay with good old PC and learn a bit more how to be kind to it :)

    • 12.1
      Ogi says:

      And by the way, My old PC (ten years old) still works like a charm, and my mom use it :)

      • 12.1.1
        Anonymous says:

        You plug it in, type your personal info and Go! Even registration is automatic. PC users say they have more software? Why do you need thousands of apps when there is one or 2 superior apps for any and everything you want or need to do for a mac?!?! And do it easier, faster and virus free. When you call Apple for ANY reason, they actually answer the phone, are super friendly, highly trained, answer your questions and resolve any issues you have before you hang up. No questions asked. They also put their products on the market AFTER they have tested them – not before to leave working out the kinks up to the consumer. I have a brand new PC only because I have an old software for my embroidery and I have never even been able to print something without unplugging the printer and replugging to get it to do a simple thing like printing! As they say, once you go mav, you never go back. You get what you pay for.

    • 12.2
      Kristi says:

      My Mac laptop has a delete key. And I personally love the way you switch programs on a mac. There are numerous ways and once you find they one you prefer it is great.

      I was a programmer before I became a stay at home mom. I had a PC and that was really my only option because of the software that I needed, but the minute I didn’t need to use that software I got a mac.

    • 12.3
      jaclyn says:

      My mac also has a delete key! =)

      • 12.3.1
        Valerie says:

        My MacBook Pro has a “delete” key, which acts as a backspace while typing (removing text to the left of the cursor). No dedicated button to remove text to the right of the cursor. BUT all you have to do is press the “fn” button and then “delete” to perform that function…saves space on the keyboard to not have all of those ugly, cluttery one-task buttons on a notebook.

    • 12.4
      angela says:

      Yeah, my husband is a web developer and switched to mac a few years ago. He was frustrated by dealing with multiple windows for a while, until he figured out that trying to manage windows the same way you do on a PC is murder, and mac has far better ways built in (yay Expose`!)

      For me, I switched to mac about a year ago and love it. I only have a mac mini, but I can still run a lot of heavy software on it, like professional image and sound editing stuff. I rarely have to restart to clear errors or speed things up. My husband has had his mac pro for the last 3 years or so and uses his computer heavily, it’s still running perfectly, and takes the new upgrades just fine, I imagine it will be a few years more before he has to consider replacing it.

    • 12.5
      Ogi says:

      Well, we have few Macs in firm and they don;t have delete key :) . Also about one month after we got them one of them broke. I use PC for 15 years and I never had any big problems with them. I usually change them every 5 years, cause I upgrade them, not because they don;t work good. And when I’m talking about free softer, I’m talking about tens of free softer for PC.
      But I guess all in all, it comes down to what you like, and if you are able to force yourself on different kind of interface. Mac doesn’t suits me, nor to my friends. Personally, I know/knew only 2 people in my whole life that are/were using Mac.

      • 12.5.1
        Julie says:

        Does your PC have an apostrophe?

          Ogi says:

          Yes but I can’t type :))))) Just kidding, I’m using different languages so sometimes I press wrong key :)

          • SarahMR says:

            No one else is typing in a different language, so don’t let them bother you about your errors! You obviously know how to use your PC VERY well. As for me, I use a MAC because I have no idea how to use computers other than turning them on and getting on to the internet. That is all I do, so I love the ease and simplicity of a MAC. I love the tool bar at the bottom too. It is like going to dinner and just pointing to the picture on the menu when you can’t pronounce the name of the food. Idiot proof. That’s me!

      • 12.5.2
        Anonymous says:

        My Mac has a delete Key :) but no backspace key which turns out to be fine since it’s easy to get around anyway.

      • 12.5.3
        the hatter says:

        You talk a lot about free software for windows… you realise that the vast majority of free software that runs on free OSs (linux, bsd, etc) and other unix-type platforms also runs on OS X ? Most is fairly simply packaged for mac users to install and quite easy for the developer to add OS X support for, but only a small slice of all these applications get windows ports.

          Anonymous says:

          Actually, I was talking about lot of free software for win, not linux. And the main softwares that I use on win, you can’t use on mac.

    • 12.6
      Danielle says:

      So by “learn a bit more how to be kind to it” you mean spend more time and effort maintaining it? You’ve hit the nail on the head right there. You don’t have to be more kind to a mac. They just work.

      • 12.6.1
        Ogi says:

        Well I can tell you have never used PC. By being kind to it , it mean to give it half an hour every few months. You don’t need to take it to service, cause you can do everything you need by yourself, so that means you don’t have to depend on other people and there are no limits what PC can do. So i think you nail on your head with your comment :) And by the way Macs get broken too.

  13. 13
    A says:

    We have both, and I’m not going to lie…I RARELY use my PC. I was pretty anti- Mac for a long long time, until the hubs convinced me to get one. ( He NEEDED the laptop for school…) Anyways I’ve pretty much taken over “his” laptop these days. I will say one thing about Apple products that will keep me going back forever is their EXCELLENT customer service. If something does happen to go wrong with any of their products, you just take it into the apple store and BAM new electronic device, no questions. My sister uses her Mac for all her photoshopping and she LOVES it. It’s true, there are pros and cons to both, so I guess it’s just a matter of opinion…but I will say for me, I like the MAC better.

  14. 14
    Lori says:

    I bought my Mac about 6 years ago and I still LOVE it! I bought a laptop PC about 5 years ago and I could have thrown the thing out the window several times now. The programs that come with a Mac (Pages, Numbers, iDVD, and many others) just work so much better than anything Microsoft has ever put out. Macs work faster, better, and are so reliable that you probably won’t have to replace it ever, unlike a PC which only really lasts about 4 years. Plus, my Mac fits on my desk so much easier than a bulky desktop PC!

  15. 15
    Carla says:

    I love my iMac! So much so that we bought 2 of them. 27″ display… I use mine for design, blogging, school, research… and to play. I originally purchased the iMac for school and research and I was a blown away by the design and the ease of using it and the programs. Because my school programs have not caught up to the iMac generation, my husband installed Parallels Desktop so I run my iMac as 2 computers and can run Windows applications on it.
    I have had the iMacs for a little over 3 years and have only had problems with 1 of them. IN 3+ YEARS!! Even then, it was a pleasant experience. The people at the Apple store were awesome and since I had extended care the repairs only cost me the fuel to and from the store.
    I still have a few computers that run Windows… I let other family members use them LOL! Go to the Apple iMac website and check out the training videos and the various programs available. Go to the Apple store and just sit and play around with one, but don’t be surprised if it looks confusing at first… that lasts only about a week… Be sure and check out the “Spaces” option. Often during my research and class assignments I will have easily 10 to 20 pdfs, web pages, and documents open and never have I had loss of speed or freezing up… or shortage of memory.
    I’m hungry…. I don’t eat meat… but I will have an Apple!

  16. 16
    Tracey says:

    We have a Mac and love it! Our first mac lasted us four years before the graphics card went crazy, but a fair amount of video gaming occurred on that computer in those four years. I just counted, and I currently have ELEVEN programs running, and switching back and forth is as easy as hitting apple+tab, and tabbing through the open programs until you get to the one you want. We don’t have anti-virus software and have never had a problem. Oh, and all our stuff from our iphones and ipad sync without having to keep contact information and such in 2 different programs. If you need office type software, you can get the microsoft version made for mac, or get mac’s iwork program. The iwork system has equivalents to word, excel, and powerpoint, and even allows you to save the files in microsoft office formats. It’s a win-win.

  17. 17
    adriennew says:

    I grew up using MACs. My dad is a newspaper man and photographer and he has always used MACs for it. As a grown up, we had a MAC for the first 9 years of our marriage… the SAME Mac. Only problem was it wouldn’t die!! It was slow because it was outdated so we couldn’t watch shows on it or anything like that, but we never had a problem with it. We recently got an HP laptop free with a cable contract, so that is what we use now, and I hate it! We never once got a virus on our MAC and it rarely had any problems, but it seems like our HP is always freezing and I just don’t like it. I’ll admit that if you’ve used PC’s it takes a little getting used to to use a MAC, but I don’t know too many people who regret getting one.

  18. 18
    Anne says:

    I’ve always been a Mac user. My husband’s always been a PC user. I finally converted him a couple years ago and he thanks me profusely at least once a week.

    To be honest, you sound pretty convinced to go for a Mac just on the basis of what you wrote. I always have lots of programs running (including Photoshop) and it does just fine. Plus the support at the Apple Store is unbeatable.

    Go for it!

  19. 19
    Lindsey Wells says:

    We are Mac users! Once my husband got me my iMac, I was a little unsure, but honestly I will never go back. Macs are super user friendly and intuitive. Have you ever been using your PC and tried to find something but its not in a place that you feel is best? Macs are not that way. My husband is a web developer and programmer and I am a photographer so Macs are the best for what we use it for. The other great thing is that I have NEVER gotten a virus. My kids play online computer games and I NEVER have to worry about them getting some sort of weird virus. We have had our one Mac laptop for over 5 years! It works like a champ. We have never had any problems with either laptop or the iMac. And I LOVE my huge screen!

    We love our Macs. But with that being said when it comes to smart phones and tablets we are droid users. In fact you may want to check out the new google chrome notebook. We just got one and it is awesome and they are only $500. I was hesitant to learn a new operating system with my iMac (3years old) but its super easy and I hate it when I have to use a PC now, they are so clunky and just a pain.

  20. 20
    Rachael says:

    I am a Total Mac! It’s not just about “The Club” Is about the ease. I don’t have to empty my cookies or run spy ware on a regular basis since purchasing my first Mac in 07. I also do have to worry about accidentally opening the wrong emails anymore.

    The reason there aren’t “many” viruses for Mac is because they are harder to write, and Mac’s are very fast at detecting them. Yes, my Mac tells me before I open, or click on something if that is a virus, or not safe to open.

    I use Photoshop CS5 and usually have many other things open at the same time (Web browsers, iphoto, Bridge, etc.) and they don’t slow down my Mac. Nor have they ever frozen up my system.

    I grew up on PC’s and liked them. But once I got my first Mac I fell in LOVE with it! I have never heard of a person LOVING there PC.

    Oh… The best parts: when you buy a PC you have to right off the bat buy software for everything you want on it right. For a Mac, you have so much already on the computer (they come loaded). You have photo editing software in iphoto. You have home movie editing software in Garageband, and so much more.

  21. 21
    Shady Lady says:

    I was always a PC person and totally anti-Apple. Then I got an iPhone and I was completely impressed, so much so that when my latest PC started going downhill (as they do so quickly, don’t they?) I decided I wanted a Mac. I’ve had my MacBook Pro for almost a year now and it still performs as well as it did on day 1. And NOTHING compares to Apple’s customer service. In fact, I dropped my iPhone on the driveway two days ago, shattering the screen. I went into the Apple store the next day and they gave me a brand new iPhone FOR FREE.

    My husband was totally anti Apple as well…until he saw my MacBook. The way he describes Apple products is this, “it’s like they asked people, actual users, what they wanted…and then they gave it to them.” They continue to give users what they want. It is truly incredible. The latest operating system was just released. Guess how much Apple is charging to upgrade? $29.99 Tell me the last time you could upgrade operating systems on a PC for that cheap. And the new operating system is incredible. I will never go back to a PC again.

  22. 22
    Amanda says:

    I’ve used both PCs and Macs pretty extensively. If your considering switching, my best advice is to go to an Apple store and physically play with the Macs. There’s a huge difference in feel, and some people just don’t like it.

    A Mac definitely plays to aesthetics. If you tote your computer around, it’s much smaller and goes everywhere very easily. They hold battery like a champ too. I had my first Mac laptop for SIX years (and never had a problem with it “being old” – I upgraded because I, um, dropped it – it still ran the latest software). Everything is compatible from Mac to Mac, so each time a new OS came out, I was able to upgrade without changing things on my computer. I just recently bought a new Mac, and all of my older programs run just fine. There is definitely a wider variety of photo software for Mac products, but other software like games and accounting is far less abundant. It’s not as customizable as a PC either – you get what you get. I’ve never had anti-virus software, and never needed it. Apple tech support and warranty is AMAZING – my cat chewed through my power cord, and they replaced it for free with my warranty. Unfortunately, making the switch is expensive, because you not only have to buy the Mac, but you have to buy the Mac software switch too (word, any photo software, etc).

    There’s a LOT of difference, but overall, Macs can do the same thing that a PC does. It’s a personal preference. Yes, it’s more optimized for photo editing and such, and less for games and Microsoft products (though they are available in Mac form). The switch can be a hefty thing, but it won’t be regretted in the future.

    • 22.1
      rach says:

      You don’t NEED to buy Word. Seriously. I love the Apple’s version of Word: Pages. It’s awesome. Really. You just have to get used to it, and they you will love it.

      For compatibility, just save documents you need to email people or whatever as a PDF. It’s a simple step and will allow them to open your file if they use a PC and obviously don’t have Pages.

  23. 23
    Nana says:

    The engineer in my life who can fix anything computer related thinks the difference is quite simple. You pay a lot more for a MAC, but you walk in the store and they fix it for you. It’s a pretty easy process. If you have easy access to an engineer’s brain, you buy a PC, save yourself a bunch of money and if it breaks, enjoy fixing it yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you Mac’s never break. They do. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with both my PC and my MAC.

    One more thing. In my experience one of the big differences is freedom of choice. With MAC it’s their way or the highway. With PC the options are limitless.

    • 23.1
      Josh says:

      You are exactly right. It’s not about what one is better or worse its about what you want, pure and simple. This discussion will go on forever and ever about which one is better, thats not the issue both have their pros and cons, its what you want. PC = lower cost, flexibility, you typically do the repair, you learn how it works. MAC = higher cost, their way or the highway (which is the VERY reason of why it is reliable, they don’t have to try to program a bazillion options into it), you typically take it to get repaired, you don’t have to learn how it works. That is what it comes down to, do YOU want to know about your computer or pay SOMEONE to know about your computer. It doesn’t matter which one is better, its what you want.

  24. 24
    Michele says:

    I grew up using PC and made the switch to Mac about 3 years ago. I was tired of my PC getting slow after a year or two and feeling like it is was always outdated. I also hated spending so much on the anti-virus stuff. So I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try the Mac because PC will always be there. I won’t be going back. I love the programs it comes with. The iPhoto is really easy to use and organize things. As for the anti-virus thing, from what I understand Mac is a unix base which means it is more difficult to get into and the computer comes with a security feature that is always updated. However, I’m paranoid about viruses and losing all my information, so I use a free anti-virus called Sophos (they used it at the university I went to so figured it was probably pretty good). It does take some getting used to after making the switch because the “hot” keys aren’t exactly the same. If you had some programs that you really like with your PC you can even put a windows platform on your Mac (talk to the Mac people, they’ll tell you about it or the website). Okay, so I’m getting a little technical and wordy. In all I love my Mac (and I’ve never heard of anyone going to PC after using a Mac…just sayin’).

  25. 25
    Kathy S. says:

    PCs are more well known to the general public…those of us that are not “techies”. More software applications are designed for MAC available at most mass marketing venues. Macs are designed to process graphics better and faster. The issue with PCs (IMHO) is that they usually get sluggish after a couple of years…not because of their age…but rather, because they have an insufficient amount of RAM to process with after we have “gunked it up” with so much crap. The issue is the “user” not the computer. Delete old files and old history files, etc…free up space on your drives and install additional RAM Memory if need be. Lot’s cheaper than getting a new laptop. Downside, PCs get more virus hits probably because they are a larger target…since more folks own them. When/if MAC starts getting more popular…the idiots will attack more of them…it’s just the nature of things.

  26. 26
    Heather says:

    I grew up on a MAC – like the really, really old MAC. Then I used PCs for years in college and into my married years. My husband was so tired of being my computer support person for the PC so he agreed to get a MAC. Yay! I LOVE IT. I use photoshop elements and it works way faster with fewer crashes. I can run several programs at once. Plus, we got 1 TB of space on my MAC with an auto-backup 1 TB. It’s pretty much awesome. Plus, I love that I don’t have a big seperate box… just the screen, the keyboard, and mouse.

    Go for the MAC. I do agree that it takes a little while to get used to the differences, but it’s well worth it. I wouldn’t ever want a PC again.

    Good luck!

    • 26.1
      Anonymous says:

      ive always used pc, but mac sounds better. but i guess they’re more expensive for a reason! my computer sometimes gets viruses and yeap i have to install anti-viruse stuff all the time. but its been running for over 5 years and works just fine!

  27. 27
    Holly says:

    We always had pcs growing up, when my husband and I got married we got a pc. We went through 3 pcs in the first 4 years of marriage. Never due to a virus, they just wore out that fast. We kept them conditioned as best we could, doing regular maintenance, updating software, having current anti virus, but they always just crapped out. I had never used a mac, and thought that only nerdy people had them. But I had an iphone and loved it, so we went to the store to see what we thought. We ended up buying an imac. That was almost 4 years ago and OH MY WORD it still seems like a brand new computer. It’s SO different than a pc because everything runs well, fast, and doesn’t crash. You also don’t have to worry about anti virus software, because Macs don’t get viruses. And it auto updates for you so you don’t have to worry about having anything outdated.

    I am a professional photographer and all the programs for photographs work so much better. There’s also all sorts of cool “hot key” shortcuts that actually work (they only sporadically worked on my pcs). You can easily multitask, and it never gets slow or seems bogged down.

    My husband and I have realized that the only people who swear by pcs are programmers, or those who like to rebuild it and go in and “tinker” with it. But the people who do video and photo editing, use it for some aspect of their job, or just want a fast-easy-reliable computer LOVE their macs.

    • 27.1
      Danielle says:

      Agreed. I’ve never met anyone other than programmers and gamers who claim to love PCs. People who have PCs generally just don’t think it’s worth the extra money to get a mac. But look at this comment thread. People LOVE their macs! People don’t love PCs. They just settle for them.

  28. 28
    phyl says:

    I have a PC, simply because… well, that’s what we started with and so it goes. But when my son went off to college 4 years ago, we splurged for the mac. And just before he graduated in May we bought him a new mac, to take advantage of student discounts and because the original mac was on its last legs. His mac is AMAZING. He always is recording/downloading/mixing and doing stuff with music for his band, plus using using Photoshop extensively and doing lot of stuff with photos, plus everything else you can imagine. There’s no way my PC could handle all of what he does. If I had the money and wasn’t so deep in the PC stuff that I have, I’d buy a mac in an instant. Totally cool.

  29. 29
    Clarisajo says:

    I’m a Mac. Here are my top 3 reasons for why I love Macs.

    1- they last… Forever! My desktop is 5 yrs. old and I can’t justify switching it. If you want to know about the workload it takes, let’s just say that the computer is our life. We don’t have a tv so the computer is our tv, we watch all our movies on it, we play wii on it, and we even have a hook up to play our cable through it. It is our radio, pandora is going constantly. I’m a photographer and a digital scrapbooker so between home stuff and my business photoshop is always open.

    2- They can handle an amazing workload. See above posts.

    3- Hot corners – this will speed up your work progress so much. I’m constantly switching between windows, checking the date, calculating things.

  30. 30
    Jill Scott says:

    We have two PC laptops in our house and a Mac desktop. The ONLY reason we have the PCs is because one of them is my husband’s employer’s computer, and it has PC driven software on it that he needs for his job. The other PC we bought only so I could run the PC driven scrapbooking software put out by Creative Memories (I used to be a consultant). We have had two Mac desktops in the last eight years and the first one we got used when it was a couple years old and it lasted for about eight years total, with no slowing down issues EVER. When it died it was because the screen burned out, so we were able to get everything off of it.I use Photoshop on my Mac and it handles it just fine. It is true that Macs last for much longer than PCs, and they perform much better during that time. The biggest drawback to having a Mac is that you don’t have as much software available to you, and that is the same reason why they don’t get viruses like PCs. Not only is software written for PCs, the viruses a re too, and that is because more people have them because they are cheaper. I love my Mac, and I look forward to the day more people are using them than PCs.

  31. 31
    Holly says:

    Sorry I said macs don’t get viruses…they CAN, but it’s VERY rare. Macs have built in safety nets so for a general user, you don’t need anti virus software.

    • 31.1
      Vanessa says:

      We use PCs here, and in the last 5 years we have only had 2 viruses and we don’t ever install or use anti-virus software. In my case viruses are also very rare, you just have to be careful and not open questionable links/emails ect. I am not anti Mac, I would love one! Husband is a software engineer and he likes PCs. But as someone stated before it is because he likes to build computers… But viruses can be VERY rare on PCs too, just be smart!

  32. 32
    carmel says:

    It’s funny…My whole family (with the exception of me) is MAC Based and whenever I used to visit them I would have to use my mom’s MAC and would inevitably get frustrated and be offline for the rest of my visit (not necessarily a bad thing) I have always been a PC/Blackberry Smart Phone. Mom and Brothers MAC/iPhone. However it appears that I am slowing making a transition from all that. I think for the pattern writing, photo editing and creative process that I use my pc for a MAC will do better, but it is the cost that is a major deterrent. I am partially transitioning like I said, at Christmas I received an iPad (amazing) and last March my husband and I junked our Blackberry’s and went with the iPhone (love so much more)
    I think the bottom line is that MAC/Apple has created a software program that seems seamless and with my PC I’m constantly updating, running anti-virus, sometimes swearing at it and if I just spend some time getting to know a MAC it would definitely be it for me, I would succumb.
    Probably not much help LOL

  33. 33
    jenni says:

    i have always been a pc user. only thing we ever had growing up. then, i started teaching and my school district had macs. it took me about 3.5 seconds to figure out, and it was love. even so, the hubs and i had a pc built custom for us. it crashed within a year. my husband had been trying to convince me to get a mac, even before we had the pc built, and after the crash, i was sold! we invested in the mac desktop and it is a beautiful piece of computer! best investment we have ever made! since, we have also bought a laptop, so i can do a lot of my photography work on the go! we have had the desktop for a little under 5 years and no issues, same with the laptop, about 2 years, no issues!!! the only thing that i will say against a mac, with the laptop, is that i have had to replace the battery. they don’t last that long. other than that, love! i would never buy a pc again. ever.

  34. 34
    Kimbwely says:

    I used to be more of a PC person, but I made the switch to Mac about 3 years ago, and for me, it has been a wonderful decision. I have not had any virus issues on my Mac. We now have a MacBook and an I-mac and are in love with both.

    I do agree that if you know how to fix PC’s and love it, then why not go for the PC? But Apple sold me with Apple care on their computers. It is so simple to be able to get your computer or anything with Apple care on it fixed. We have not been charged at all for any of it and sometimes it was our fault it was broken, but they fixed it for free anyway!

    I don’t hate PC’s, I just find that Mac’s make my life easier and I love the organization and simplicity of the Mac. I am a teacher and am able to do a lot of the Mac for it.

    Hope that helps!

  35. 35
    Elizabeth says:

    We are Mac addicts at our house! At different points in our lives, we’ve owned either type and we both definitely prefer Mac! SO I would definitely recommend it! It does take some getting used to, as the interface is slightly different, but it’s still VERY user friendly. My mom recently switched over to Mac and it didn’t take her very long to learn the differences. My brother is adamantly opposed to Macs, and honestly the only real reason I get from him is that he doesn’t understand Macs nor sees how they are superior. I guess it’s a preference thing? But I have found that Macs are just more user friendly- I’ve never had to “install hardware” for a new camera or anything annoying like that! (we’ve had a number of new cameras during our time with this mac…I wish Apple would make a camera ;) Plus Apple just released a new operating system- it’s awesome, but I’m still learning all the new things you can do with it! Since you often have so many programs open at once, you can have each program open in a different “workspace” so when you change over to that program, the only thing on your desktop will be that helps keep your screen less cluttered and more neat!
    As far as viruses- it’s a completely different language writing for a Mac than a PC (which is why some programs are released for Macs at a later date than their PC release date) So therefore the viruses that will kill your PC won’t affect your Mac because your Mac won’t be able to read it. I guess the hackers don’t think it’s worth their time to learn to write for a Mac, but people say that it’s just a matter of time. Still the fact remains- the threat of viruses is far lower for Macs than PCs.
    I have a MacBook and I use it in a common way for a stay at home mom- sometimes I have Photoshop open, my internet program (Firefox) is always open, sometimes I have Mail or iTunes, or iPhoto open, often many at a time. For what you usually have open, I would recommend a MacBook Pro though- it’s what my husband uses for his work and he often has far more programs open than I have and no problems with it acting slow. Of course, it always works faster if you have fewer open programs and if you empty your trash often.
    Also, my MacBook was bought in December 2008- we did add a little bit of memory to it because it’s where we store ALL of our family photos (well, here and our back up hard drive) but it’s still going strong! Of course, as with anything, it’s depends on how often you use it and how well you care for it.
    My final selling point for Mac is their service- my husband has AppleCare on his computer and he recently had some sort of hardware issue (those are all beyond my comprehension) anyway- they replaced his hard drive and some other hardware, moved over EVERY last bit of his files, settings, etc, and it was all covered for FREE under AppleCare. It would have cost $300-$400 without it. So if you get a mac- make sure you get apple care! It’s definitely worth it!

    Sorry for the novel! But I hope it helps you understand Macs a little better :)

  36. 36
    Whitney says:

    To keep a PC clean and running smoothly for a decent length of time you need to be pretty tech-savy and on top of things. To do the same for a Mac you don’t really need to do anything. Honestly, the only downsides to Macs are the price and the lack of customization (at least for a decent price). There isn’t really anything special about Mac hardware. The magic is in the operating system. Right now I have a MacBook Pro which is 3 years old. I love it. However, once I decide to get a new computer, I’m going to make a Hackintosh because I don’t want to spend the money for a new Mac (basically a Hackintosh is a PC that you install Mac OS on instead of Windows, you aren’t technically supposed to do it, Apple hates it, but it can be done if you know a little about computers or have a friend who will do it for you).

    Basically, to solve the problems you mentioned about your PCs, get a Mac. Expensive but amazing.

  37. 37
    Allison Gardner says:

    +1 for Mac. Just for the record- the cheapest Mac is their Mac Mini which will run you about 600. The cheapest Laptop is 1000, and they are both great computers.

    I use a Mac (we have 3) and we will never go back. They just work- and if they don’t Apple has AMAZING customer service. They just fix it. You can never get customer service like that through Dell, HP, or Microsoft.

    The anti-virus stuff is true. Apple releases updates to your computer that takes care of all that stuff. Because Macs are getting more popular, people are starting to start making them more for Macs, but Apple is on top of that stuff so you don’t really need to worry about it.

    If you think about all the stuff that a Mac comes with- it’s really NOT that much more expensive. It comes with your iLife stuff so you need to add the cost of those programs as well.

    I LOVE the hot corners/spaces for multiple work spaces. It sounds like this would work great for you. You can have your work stuff going on in one “space” and blog stuff in another “space”

    I understand why some people, computer programs, would love Microsoft and not love Macs, because Macs you can’t really get into the nitty gritty stuff of your computer and mess with it, but most of us consumers don’t need to do that and will probably screw something up like a lot of people do with Macs.

  38. 38
    Keriann says:

    My brother is a computer nerd for the Air Force. He recently told me that the thing that separated the two the most was the Intel processor…Mac/Apple is switching to use the same thing. And you can purchase mac programing for a PC. To sum it up…they can pretty much be the same internally now.

  39. 39
    Amy says:

    There are good things and bad things about both but this is what it comes down to for me. If you are doing artsy stuff (like my husband is a photographer/film director editor) then I’d recommend the mac – the money is worth it. If you are just surfing the internet, word processing, and stuff like that…you’re probably fine withe the other – but make sure you get a really good protection/maintenance plan for it.

  40. 40

    oh I have so much to share!!

    I chose mac. I have had a mac since 1989 (and I was one at that time). I grew up with them, and even with to school with them (A STEM school for 1-5, it was awesome). I love the user friendliness of MAC, and the fact that it can do so much more if you do have some knowledge. Life for me has been so simple on a mac. And it’s true, there is less spyware type stuff (I don’t think I did anything with it on my laptop my 4 years of college- I don’t the deal on my new one- Hubby takes care of it all).

    My family would replace the house MAC every 8 to 10 years. The reason being- software was not compatible with such old computers! (think about the changes from 89 to 97, our first upgrade….)

    Hubby and I have talked about switching to PC due to cost. But we won’t. The software on the MAC is awesome, the computer techs that work on it (you don’t just have to go to the apple store, there are specialists) are so great in whatever state we are in, and they last! Hubby has had his laptop for 6 years. It’s seen missionary life in other countries, college dorm life, searching for jobs, and he uses ti for work every day! That computer is on 7 days a week! I had to replace mine after 4 years because I fried the battery. I plugged it into an outlet with faulty wiring and poof- smoke, fire, not good. And after that it still lasted another 2 years, the only problem I had was that it had to be plugged in at all times! (near the end we found out the hard-drive was slightly damaged, but we were able to sell it for a good amount to a restorator!)

    There are some product just about the buzz (iphone is a great example of one that is not needed, a droid can do it all and more). But over all, when selecting a computer to make it through with you every day- go for mac. You can buy used (which are restored and normally have a new harddrive) for much less than at the Apple Store. If it’s just price holding you back (which is a big reason, I get it) you might want to look into the actual specs of what you need and compare it to all ways of purchase.

    Happy hunting!

  41. 41
    Leslie says:

    Mac users love their Macs. Apple has done a great job of making their clientel buy into a lifestyle. If you’ve got a mac you can only use “this”. They’ve created a consumer culture where you need to have the newest apple gadget because they don’t sell the accessories/programs for your old model. I really don’t like that. I also find the switch from PC to Mac difficult and not intuitive. When you’ve been using a PC for ever it’s really awkward to switch. We’ve had our PC for 6 years and it’s still running strong. We got an external harddrive to dump some old files which helps speed things up. In regards to “macs never crash/ get viruses” it’s total bunk! My sister and sister in law both had issues with their Mac within the first year (literally a dead screen, could not turn on) and they had to send their macs away to get them fixed if they could get fixed. I like that I can trouble shoot my PC. And while people feel that macs are better for more creative things (design, music editing, movies) I have found PC software for alot of Mac only programs eg) pro tools. Oh and the fact that I can buy a PC without changing my entire lifestyle, well that’s kind of nice!

  42. 42
    Ann B says:

    I am a business person, and a hobbyist who uses Photoshop, etc. I use a Mac (often 6+ hours a day, during the week). I switched 6 years ago. Unless my employer makes me :) *or* I’m playing tech support for my parents, I don’t touch a PC. In all of that time, I’ve never had a Mac crash. Never lost data. Never had a virus. Never had to do anything other than a monthly maintenance script that runs overnight (plus back-ups, obviously, but I haven’t needed them). The Mac store moved my data to my first Mac, and it took about 5 minutes of work to move the data to my second Mac (I moved to a new machine a year ago, although I still use my old machine as a media server).

    I think Macs just work … better. They take about a minute to boot-up, instead of the 10-15 minutes that’s common on Win-based machines. The hardware and operating software are *made* to work together, so there’s a lot less friction in how things work. Fewer vendors / interface points make for a smoother user experience. Applications install easily and intuitively. Adding new hardwares isn’t much of a process at all. There is a LOT less mucking about with disk clean-up stuff. All of the major programs (including those for business) are on Mac now.

    Now that Macs have Intel processors, too, you can always run a PC-based program, if you must. But I honestly try to avoid that – it just introduces a bigger risk of viruses (in the “PC” side) and more complexity. And part of what I love about the Mac is simplicity. While Kathy’s (above) is right – PCs can work better with maintenance (and this is the function I help my parents with), you just don’t have to do that same level of maintenance on a Mac and you still don’t get things like sluggish performance.

    The only real issue I’ve had in all of this time is money management – Intuit’s Quicken for Mac wasn’t originally designed for Macs, was ported poorly (in my opinion) – they’ve now created a Mac-specific version, but it will be several more releases before the Mac version reaches PC-functionality. So I use MoneyDance instead. It works well.

    If a business person can use a Mac, I’m not sure that there’s anyone for whom it’s NOT a good fit … I say: JUMP. You’ll be glad you did!

    Good luck.

  43. 43
    KATE says:

    Hi! I grew up using PC’s. My mom would mess things up constantly on it. It would get viruses, etc. When I got married, my husband had a Mac. So that’s what I learned to use! I must say it was incredibly easy to learn. I’ve used Macs for 12 years now. We keep them for SEVERAL years (at LEAST 4-5) before we do something else. And even then (4-5 years old) you can still RESALE your old Mac on eBay and make a couple hundred dollars off of it! My mom & dad have ALWAYS used PC’s. My mom is COMPLETELY computer illiterate! I mean, she doesn’t know when to click once or twice on a PC. I’ve tried for years to get my dad to buy her a Mac. I knew it would be so much EASIER for her! It does so many things FOR you! Well, he finally got her one AND THEY LOVE IT!! They say they’ll NEVER go back to PC’s again!


  44. 44
    Lorenna says:

    I will preface my comment with saying that I studied electrical engineering in college and am a serious nerd. I apologize in advance for my nerdiness.

    I was a PC user until 5 years ago when I bought my first Macbook. Since then, I have had 3 different Apple laptops (1 Macbook, 1 Macbook Pro, and 1 Macbook Air), 1 PC netbook (gave to my husband when I bought my MBAir), and an iPad. I don’t like the iPad, but I do love my MacBooks. I have learned that I really do prefer the software interfaces on a Mac. It is a big transition to get used to, but one that doesn’t make you want to go back. And besides, Macs are really pretty.

    Macs are pricey, but they do run very well. I can run photoshop, illustrator, my internet browser, and a few other things at the same time. But I will also say that my Mac still freezes up on occasion, especially with really really large powerpoint or excel files (we are talking REALLY BIG files though). Just like any other computer, they slow with age and use, so you need to “clean” them up every year or so to keep them running fast.

    I still don’t think you can expect a much different lifespan from a Mac than you can a PC (there is a reason Apple doesn’t offer warranties over 3 years), but with any computer, if you get it with sufficiently high specs and take good care of it, it should last you 4-5 years tops.

    You still need antivirus software on a Mac, but I find it is not as annoying as it is on a PC (I use McAfee). Also, Macs don’t come with all the annoying trial programs that PC manufacturers put on their computers, which I spend hours trying to remove. I also like the convenience of being able to take my computer to the Apple store when I have a question, or when it needs service.

    That being said, my husband is still a PC user, and he has no desire to switch. And I don’t mind because his computers are MUCH cheaper than mine, for very comparable stats. PCs still have the market on all of the cool tablet PCs (check out the Dell Inspiron Duo), since Apple has yet to put a touchscreen on anything with an actual operating system. I still recommend Lenovo as a good PC laptop manufacturer.

    Last, I do use some software that requires a PC, and all new Macs have the ability to Boot up as a PC as long as you install the Windows operating system. This means that you really have 2 computers in one (a Mac and a PC)! So, even if you really hate using Mac stuff, you can still have a pretty computer and run it like a PC if you want to.

    I hope these comments help, and good luck on the computer search.

  45. 45
    Kim says:

    We have both in our house. My husband is definitely a Mac user. Several years ago I purchased a used Dell desktop from a neighbor. It worked great for several years. When it died we did buy an HP desktop to replace it. But in my husband’s office is a Mac. And we have a Mac laptop. I love both the Mac and our HP. But I use the HP more just because it is here at my little desk by the kitchen. This is the computer I pass by all the time. So it is the one that I end up using.

    I will say that when we had the Dell, my husband spent a considerable amount of time fixing it. Every time he had to fix something on the Dell, or with this HP, it just makes him love his Mac so much more.

    Also, one of the best things I love about Macs is the built in camera. If you ichat with others who have Macs, the picture is so clear it is amazing. But when I skype with people who have something other than a Mac, the video feed stops and starts and the sound is horrible. And my kids love making movies of themselves in front of the Mac camera. It is great!

  46. 46
    Andrea says:

    Well in case you aren’t convinced yet :) I’ll add my two bits… We are totally MAC people too! I grew up on Mac’s in school and at home. Then as an adult we checked out the price comparison between getting a Desktop PC or a desktop MAC. 8 years ago, once we added up the monitor, keyboard, mouse, programs, etc… the MAC desktops were almost the same price, so it was a no brainer for us. Honestly, we’ve never looked back. We sold our desktop to my parents 3 years after we bought it so we could get a laptop and they only just got a new computer (MAC again) this year (8 years old) and not because it wasn’t working but because the software was outdated and they wanted to update (a lot has changed in technology in 8 years). Our laptop that we bought 5 years ago is what I am writing on right now and we LOVE it… In 5 years the only thing that’s gone wrong is the battery but they are not bad price wise. We took this computer all over the world and it has served us well. Mac’s are much more simple to use, the switch from PC is annoying but only because you have to retrain yourself. They are much more user friendly and common sense like. And viruses? I’ve never worried about one.

  47. 47
    Natalie says:

    Here’s my thoughts. I used Macs in college but when I bought my own computer I got a PC because there wasn’t much software out there for Macs at the time. Fast forward 20 years (eek!) and many PC’s later that my husband built very inexpensively and my husband now works on Cyber Security at a national lab and all they really use is macs for the mere fact that there are very few viruses that can cause problems with Mac’s and malware (software someone gets on that your computer from a website you visit that you will not know you got and that your virus protection software will never see and that will then send all sorts of information from your computer to someone else) is even less likely to get on. For this reason we are in the process of getting all our computers to be Macs (after we save the money up). Personally, I don’t think there is much difference over all, if you are doing a lot of photo stuff or graphics Mac’s are built for that but PC’s work pretty well also.

    Good Luck!

  48. 48
    Tanya says:

    I’m a full blown Mac person. Have been since they were created. They are the only way to go! I don’t know anyone who has had a Mac who has “gone over to the other side.” You will NOT regret getting a Mac. I am sitting here on my desktop with my laptop nearby with my iPhone charging close. They are the best! Give it a try! I am sure you won’t go back!

  49. 49
    CarolineD says:

    This is such a charged topic. Maybe we can talk about race relations, the economy and religion next? ;)

    I use a PC. (I am, however, NOT “a PC”. I’m a woman, a mother, a friend, a salesman, a scrapbooker, a paper addict, but I am not the computer I use.) I love my computer. It’s less than a year old and it replaced a 4 year old laptop that I dropped on the edge of a coffee table and the “s” key broke off. I’m also a student and it happened at that point in the semester when everything was coming due, so I opted for the quickest fix and bought a new one. I bought a wireless keyboard, hooked it up to an old, very good monitor and now I run two machines. I think if I had dropped a Mac the same way the results would be similar, but if I had spent more on the machine I would have felt absolutely compelled to make the fix.

    I’m not anti-mac, but I can’t justify the price. I hear it said all the time “They’re so easy to use.” and I believe the people when they say it, but having worked on Windows for so many years it’s what I’m used to. I think my OS is “so easy to use” too. We have Macs at work and it’s funny because it’s really hard to make that transition – there are things that I really struggle to do on the Mac that I can do on PC no problem. As for the “they don’t break”, I’m watching my boss struggle with her Mac laptop – the mouse pad no longer works, the keyboard has intermittent issues where she has to borrow one of the store’s keyboards and plug it into hers, and two weeks ago the battery started puffing up and has since split. She’s sweating bullets on how she’s going to free up $1500 for another comparable Mac laptop, and I’m not saying buying any computer is easy, but finding $700 is easier than finding $1500. (For me, at least)

    All that said, her’s is skinnier and that’s awfully attractive. But so is keeping $800. ;)

  50. 50
    Megan W. says:

    I do really love my MacBook. There is a bit of a learning curve when you switch over- things are in different places and it takes a little while to get used to the mouse functions. The best part of this computer, however, is that it doesn’t seem to age. I have one with aluminum casing which is incredibly sturdy, and surprisingly lightweight. Despite the fact that I am incredibly hard on computers, this one has really held up well. I haven’t had any problems with viruses or lack of speed (my husband is an IT guy though), but overall, our experience with Mac has been wonderful. Also, the warranty really can’t be beat.

  51. 51
    Jennifer says:

    I love my Mac. I know that some people think they are trendy but I have been using Macs for 17 years. I have used PC’s at work and have had to HP notebooks die on me. I bought my laptop about 5 years ago. The hubby wants me to get a new one but it works just fine so why bother. He has a desktop that we love. We went for the biggest screen possible at the time. I thought it was a little over the top but I love having a huge screen when working with pictures and such. I’ve never had a virus. I have lost my pictures twice due to me treating it like a PC. I took it in to the store and they fixed it for free with just a few button clicks. And both my laptop and desktop have a giant delete button. While Macs are perfect they are pretty easy to fix yourself or take in the store. Every once in a while a program will automatically quit or will quit responding. But if you save often while working on your projects it isn’t a big deal. And I love the programs that come automatically on the Mac like iPhoto, Photobooth, iDVD, and iMovie. I have made some pretty nice DVD’s for my nieces after their weddings that have all of their photos/video from their special day. And of course everything works so well together: Laptop, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV (love!), iPod.

    And yes, Mac users are loyal! What is not to love (other than the price tag)? They do offer discounts to students, teachers, and state employees(I think). So don’t hesitate to ask about who is eligible. It might only be 100 bucks but that will pay for Photoshop elements. Go into an Apple store and play around. You can also get classes in their store on how to use it.

    We also own a Dell laptop that my husband needed for work. It has worked great for that purpose. He uses it for the internet only now and hasn’t used it for work. I would stay away from HP just because I think we have gone through 4 laptops with them. Luckily we bought two at Costco so we just took them back because the keys kept falling off. That is why we got him a Dell. I do love the cute covers you can get for Dell.

    Good luck deciding! And just know that we will all still follow you if you buy a PC. :)

  52. 52
    Wendy says:

    Mac users are certainly a devoted bunch! I’m a PC girl…have had both HP and SONY and I’m using my daughter’s old Dell laptop too (UGH!). All of the towers I have owned are great. I’ve replaced them through the years because I like to upgrade for speed. I’ve only lost one because of mechanical issues – a power supply went bad and I wanted a faster computer anyway. I have to say my experience with laptops is they are a problem because they overheat. I much prefer my desktop “towers” and have had no trouble with them. I do have antivirus and keep it updated.

    I’d like to hear from the MAC people about the power cord issues. I have an ITouch…2 cords have split. My daughter has a MAC laptop- power cord split. We have to wiggle the wires around now in order to get power to them. My daughter went to the Apple store to get a new cord…$80!!! Her laptop is only a year old. I’ve never replaced a power cord on any of my computers. When we tell people about the cord issue we hear…”Oh yeah…I lost a cord too.” You can buy a lot of computer for $80 a year on new cords…

    • 52.1
      Amanda says:

      Call Apple. They should send you a new power cord asap, and a box to send the old one back in.

  53. 53
    Lynnae says:

    I’ve had an imac for just over 3 years. I really like it BUT I seem to be an exception to the “macs never break” rule. I’ve had it break several times since I got it. I purchased AppleCare (which I would recommend for anyone). It’s basically an extended warranty. I’ve had to replace my DVD drive twice and my power supply died right before my warranty ran out (luckily). However, now it’s randomly shutting down when it feels like it. I’m fearful that the logic board is going out, which means my computer is about to die since it costs $800-$1000 to get it replaced in store. The logic board tends to be macs Achilles Heal. You can google it. I did take our computer into our local repair center to check on the shut downs, and they couldn’t find anything, but they didn’t charge me either. (Just like a car! Never going to do the weird thing when it’s at the mechanic’s).

    Anyway, I’ve actually really enjoyed working on my mac. I borrowed a friend’s PC laptop while my imac was in the shop, and it was really a headache to use. It took me over an hour just to print off a couple fliers because I had to install all the drivers. You normally can just plug things into a mac and it works. So nice!

    A bit of advice for your computer now. Increase your RAM memory. It’s normally very inexpensive and increases the speed of your computer 10 fold! I bought mine from this place and was very happy with their service.

  54. 54
    kristin Dyer says:

    I am now a proud owner of a Mac. I fought my husband about this topic for over a year, when we were looking at buying a new computer. He won, because most men usually win when it comes to technology. We have had our mac for about 4 years. We have not ever had a problem with it. We never get any viruses, or have trouble hacking in our computer. It is so easy to use. If you ever have a question about a program, just hop yourself over to a store and ask. They also have a great on-line help site. If you do buy a Mac you usually get free classes with it, take the courses, and you will learn so much. The only downer that I have with our Mac is that some programs are not compatible with it. But it seems like more and more are coming around and making their programs Mac Friendly. YOU WON’T GO WRONG WITH A MAC!!! I love ours and am so glad that my husband took the liberty of winning this argument. I will forever be grateful. IPHOTO and IMOVIE are enough to sell me on the product!

  55. 55
    Alex says:

    I am a photographer & blogger and after having to go through 3 PC’s in the time I have had my mac… I would most definitely choose MAC!!! I’ve had Dell (crashed within a year of using it in college), Sony (crashed for unknown reasons), Fujitsu (crashed after uploading too many photos- and losing all of them- permanently) – finally I gave up and switched to Mac and I have never been happier. I’ve had this one for 6 years now and never a bug/virus/trouble/misbehaving. We have been so happy with Apple’s customer service and overall experience that we have become quite the Apple family (ipods, itv, ipad). Never will I ever go back to a PC. Oh, If you are in love with Microsoft Office – they make it for Mac so you can still have your word, excel, powerpoint, etc.

  56. 56
    IT Guy's Wife says:

    I know you have 53 replies, so I’ll keep mine short and to the point. My husband is an IT guy. He hates PC’s, why? He has had 2 different MACs for 8 years, no problems! One he uses heavily, daily for work. Macs don’t get viruses, really, there are none out there for them. So the HOURS he spends working on my parent’s Dells and the amount they pay to fix things could be used elsewhere, mainly in a MAC where they would cease to have these issues. Macs are user friendly and all that stuff you love from your PC? Mac prob. had it first and it prob. runs better on a mac. So, that is my not so humble input. My parents have gone through 4 or 5 computers in the time we have had our 1 mac. So yes, PC’s are cheaper, but is it worth it? (Also, Macs really don’t loose their resale value like PC’s)

  57. 57
    Jennifer W. says:

    My hubby is a programmer, and all we’ve ever had are PC’s. A lot of computer people will tell you that a PC runnning a Linux OS is best.
    And I’ll tell you why Macs don’t get viruses very often. It’s because the people who write viruses want to go after the most readily available target, which means people who use Microsoft software. I guarantee you that if Mac software was to be the most widely used on computers, they would have the same virus failings as Microsoft.
    Also, DEFRAGMENT is your friend. :) Keeps it running smooth. it’s all about maintenance.

    • 57.1
      Mary Hart says:

      Totally agree. I’ve been on PC’s & laptops running LinuxOS for over 10 years. Never had a virus and never replace a computer other then to upgrade for speed, memory, etc.

      Also since Mac appears to be gaining more popularity It is only a short-time before hackers start writing viruses for Macs.

      I like Mac’s, grew up on one, but I can’t handle their price versus what they pay their employees in China to build those spendy little machines. I also like that if one part on my computer breaks I can fix it without breaking the bank.

  58. 58
    Liesel says:

    This is all you need to know..answers most of your questions:

    Scroll just a little bit and click on the video. If it doesn’t blow you away, then you’re a PC girl. :)

    • 58.1
      Lynette says:

      Pretty cool video! I use a PC mainly because of pricepoint and what I’m used to, but I would totally love a computer that runs the same way my ipod touch does. I love how your can use your fingers to control the scrolling, page turns, zooming in and out that Lion (the new mac OS) can do…just like the ipad and ipod touch! Sweet!

  59. 59
    CaLynn says:

    When my pc crashed, I did not have any money for a new one, but my gracious husband brought me home a Mac he wasn’t using at the office. I hated it at first. My previous experience with old Macs blinded me to what they have become. I got over it and “once you go mac, you never go back” is nowadays pretty accurate.

    My husband who works in the computer industry, has explained to me the virus issue. There are two major reasons Mac viruses are pretty much unheard of:
    1. The core of a Mac OS is Unix, and is built with proper coding to be secure. If a Mac were to get a virus, it may only affect one portion of the computer, not the entire OS. The OS simply doesn’t allow it to corrupt files throughout the entire system. Therefore, creating a virus for a Mac just isn’t nearly as “fun”.
    2. The people who create viruses and such obviously know how to code. And coders use Unix-based operating systems. So A) Why would they want to build something that would destroy their own platform? and B) People who can code devastating viruses are really good at what they do – they are infuriated with the sloppy coding of Windows and therefore use viruses to exploit the security flaws.

    That said, obviously Apple has a cult phenomena happening, where it is trendy to buy “overpriced” products. But in my experience, **you get what you pay for** – as long as you aren’t a hardcore gamer, a Mac will do everything for a reasonable price, without ever needing to worry about viruses (I have been free of anti-virus software now for about 8 years). The price IS reasonable because it will work for many years to come, it gives you a peace of mind about viruses, the tech team if you ever do need help is always friendly and available, it auto-updates everything on your computer, and the cliche of “it just works” is true (in my experience, with every Mac user I know, but obviously another commenter has known some to have a problem). And it is no longer true that files are not compatible between Mac and Windows – my university has Windows and I never had a problem working between home and school on the same files.

    If you have a chance to visit a Mac store in person, do so. They will make sure you select the right product and you’ll find out if you really are making the right decision.

    I agree that there is no way you will be sorry if you get a Mac. But are you aware there are other operating systems you can put on a pc? You do not need to be limited to Windows – you can still buy the cheaper hardware, and then put a much more reliable OS on it. I have had some experience with Linux, Ubuntu, and FreeBSD and they all got the job done. In fact, my husband swears by open source OS and programs and so over the years I’ve pretty much tried all kinds of programs and found free quality replacements for expensive suites (LibreOffice over Microsoft Office; Gimp over Photoshop, etc).

    The work I do is: blogging, photo storage, and university research/reporting, and I am currently on a MacBook Pro. I use Mail, Aperture, and LibreOffice primarily, along with Safari and NetNewsWire, and an FTP program open all at once. Sometimes ITunes as well. But my husband did upgrade my mem and installed a larger hard drive. Although I doubt I ever would have upgraded had my husband not be all about the tech industry.

    Good luck on your decision! :D

  60. 60
    Anne Marie says:

    I am a windows user and want to get a new computer, a mac, but don’t have the funds to switch – or I so would –

    windows has crashed a few times for us, and the ‘computer techs’ (my professional computer tech sister being one of them) said “that’s just what windows does”

    those are my thoughts –
    I know a few people who love their macs and have had no issues thus far –

  61. 61
    Lara says:

    Hi, my sister-in-law is a photographer and uses a mac for her photography but they also own a pc and thats what they use for everyday stuff… Best of both worlds :)

  62. 62
    Mandi says:

    I’m currently on a apple computer that came out when I was in high school. I’m 24 now. It’s a little sluggish and way out-dated, but does everything I need to do, including some pretty hard-core photoshopping. I also have a macbook from about 3 years ago that works great. I am apple 100%, and if you really look at the specs, pricing is pretty comparable for an equally-powered PC. If you’re wanting a desktop I would actually look at the mac minis. Put any monitor you want with it, and they are much cheaper than an IMac. Plus they are PLENTY powerful enough for what you want. As much as I would love an iMac, I just don’t need that kind of power, so my next computer is going to be a mini. (And they are super tiny, which is really nice too if your desk is anything like mine!)

  63. 63
    jaclyn says:

    haha such a great debate =) Well my two cents are: I had always used a PC. Then my PC up and crashed…and my finacee gave me his Mac that he bought 6 years ago and I love it. I never get any frozen screens and have to shut down my whole computer, I do not use any spyware at all. (I heard that PC copied MAC’s programing way back in the day and did it on a lesser quality and that is why they get viruses and have to defragment and stuff…thats what I heard) I think people don’t like using Macs because they are different. I know i was thrown off when I first used a Mac and didn’t really like it. PC are popular because they are cheap and the average joe can afford a $300 computer. But you get what you pay for. There is a reason Macs are more expensive, Its because its a nicer quality item. As far as what I use my computer for…well I am not a graphic designer or anything like that…its all personal use..emails…blogging…storing photos…typing papers…ect.

  64. 64
    Jeanne says:

    I am a retired IT faculty member and I swore by my PC. I had used Apples years ago and left them behind. Then a year ago my DIL convinced me to try a MAC. So we have a PC laptop and a MAC laptop in the house. I never use the PC if I can help it! There was a learning curve but not bad. Our MACbook Pro is fast to boot and to shut down. It doesn’t bog down with Photoshop, MS Office and other apps running at the same time. Speaking of photos, iPhoto has some new features which are incredible. When it is time to replace our PC laptop (probably within the year), it will be another MAC here.

  65. 65
    Kim says:

    I am a hardcore Mac user. I grew up on them, used them in school, it’s what I learned on. My first experience with a windows machine was when I was married. Everytime I used the thing, I wanted the throw it out the window. My husband uses’s Windows, and I can’t even stand to look at it.

    We went through about a computer every two years with windows, until I finally put my foot down and said if you want a windows machine, Fine, I want a Mac.

    I. Love. It. even more than I did before. I can have 4 or 5 programs open and it doesn’t run sluggishly at all, and it’s usually larger programs to.

    And no, you don’t have to worry about virus software on macs, I still use one, Just in case, because I am paranoid.

    They also tend to stand behind their products more in my experience. We had a dell that went out 8 months after we bought it, and it was out of warranty…because apparently it was only 6 months?

    the warranty with my mac was 1 year, and I had an issue with the power button sticking, and even though it was out of warranty, they not only fixed the power button, but also replaced some keys that had broken, (kids) for free.

    To me, everything on a Mac is simplified. It just is easier to me to set up networks, printers, etc.

    Pretty much any software you get get for PC, you can get for mac, unless you are a hardcore gamer

  66. 66
    Andrea says:

    I made the switch from a PC to a MAC back in 2009. I’d always been a PC user but after a virus attacked my PC and completely distroyed all my Windows software I made the switch. I’m a photographer and blogger and MACs they have a bit of a learning curve especially if you’re used to a PC but they are so worth it! I made the switch and I haven’t regretted it yet. Apples customer service is by far the best!! They have lots of great videos and tutorials online that can teach you how to navigate your MAC if you’re a new MAC user. But, also everytime I’d had small issues I’ve just gone into the Apple Store and they have fixed it for free. They are always willing to help you. Macs rarely get viruses that’s why they last so long. Their processing software is different than a PC so it’s harder for hackers to create viruses. I’ve had mine now for 2 years and never had an issue with a virus. Also, MACs are simple!!! If you want something in the trash you just drag it there and it’s in the trash, on a MAC it’s just drag and drop and you’ve saved something or sent it to the trash, etc. They are just so simple, there’s no 3 step process to send something to the recycling bin! I love that too. And in my opinion for designers, bloggers, photographers, etc. MAC is on the only way to go. Much more options when it comes to all those things on a MAC. MACs are more expensive yes, but they are worth it I think in the long run.

  67. 67
    Jill says:

    We just switched over to Apple last year and I will NEVER go back now! They are fast, well designed, and most of all reliable (knock-on-wood!). We have an iMac, iPad, and I am hoping to get an iPhone so that will have everything syncing over the “Cloud” very soon. It is more money which made me hesitate for years, but I ma happy that we bit the bullet!
    Good luck in your decision :)

  68. 68
    aymee says:

    ya. Mac all the way….we’ve only owned 1 pc and it was for about a year. The rest of our 8 years of marriage we have owned two mac’s. And the only reason we got a new one was to upgrade. We sold the old one, and got the “fancy new one”. I have NEVER had a virus, and the customer service you get through apple in of it self is worth it. Once we went mac, it’s not even a question in our minds anymore….

  69. 69
    Danielle D. says:

    We have both! We have a PC for a laptop and an all-in-one MAC. I have to say I love them both. I grew up using PC’s so they come more naturally to me. We bought our MAC earlier this year and I was hesitant about it first but it is very easy to learn to use and so easy! Very fast, no matter what you have running. MAC’s have a built in anti-virus that automatically updates but if you feel the need to buy another program you can (this is what the salesman told us). But we didn’t and havent had any problems. I would use the MAC more if it weren’t upstairs. Worth the money!

  70. 70
    smosbey says:

    Wow. There’s so many comments on here, I hate to make you read more….but I’d also like to help!

    I have used both, but ultimately, I think the best option for what you would be doing on your computer is a PC. HOWEVER, choosing the right operating system can make all the difference. Windows is pretty lame. And although they really improved with Windows 7, it still has a lot of shortcomings. So I prefer a Linux OS (especially Ubuntu). It has a similar feel to a MAC OS, but isn’t as difficult to switch to from a PC. Plus, Linux is FREE! (and really, who doesn’t like free?!) They are constantly making improvements upon it, and you just do a quick little system update to get all the new features, without having to buy a whole new OS like you do with macs. Linux offers tons of free software to download and most of it is really fantastic.

    Sure, macs are sleek and trendy, but there’s a lot of stuff on there that the average person doesn’t even use. And windows just automatically loads stuff on your computer that tends to bog it down. I’ve never had a speed issue or a virus issue on any of my computers running linux.

  71. 71
    Carrie says:

    I’ll bet the farm you end up with a MAC. I’ve had mine for 4 years and I just had the hard drive replaced but I didn’t loose any of my files. I have NEVER had a virus and have never installed any virus software. They are just as hardy as cockroaches. The design possibilities are enormous STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. My husband has a PC and I have my trusty MAC, we’ve never had problems sharing files and in fact he’s now switching over. Hope this helps…. you know the right decision ;)

  72. 72

    Mac all the way. I even converted my die hard pc husband to a mac around a year ago. I use all of the programs you talked about, plus more and I have never had any troubles with them slowing down my computer (and I only have two gigs of ram!). The nice part is we don’t have to waste a bunch of our hard drive with unnecessary programs like an anti-virus, I should mention too, I have never had a virus. One thing I did have was my battery died, and my hard drive crashed after around 3.5 years. But, I got the extended warranty when I bought it (only about one hundred more dollars) and they completely switched out all that stuff (and upgraded it!) for FREE. So basically I had a new computer. I didn’t even lose information or anything, the people at the mac book store hooked up my hard drive to an external hard drive and took everything off for me. Did I mention they did all that and replaced my cover and keyboard and screen for free? I really like that you can go into an apple store (bring your computer) and ask them a question and they actually know how to help you. When I went to upgrade my ram they told me it would be more expensive there and then told me where to find it cheaper and how to install in, just to save me a few dollars. One more tidbit of advise. They are always running promotions, so keep your eye’s open for them before you buy. I got a free ipod and printer with mine when bought it. They also offer a student discount if any of your family is in college. (its about $100 off)

  73. 73
    Patti says:

    I purchased my iMac in 2006 and I still LOVE it. We also have a Windows laptop and 2 netbooks and those are constantly going into the shop. I am also the technology coordinator for my school and of course, they are using Windows systems and we have problems with them daily.

    I love how I don’t have to worry about viruses on my Mac and I can count the number of times it has frozen up on me on one hand, and all of those times was because I had many things going on at once.

    Macs are worth the extra money!!

  74. 74
    Annie says:

    I used PCs all my life as well. I was always frustrated but thought that’s what computers do. My sister got a MacBook Pro about two years ago and I really liked playing on hers. So back in Nov when I needed a laptop I had to make a decision. I asked all my friends. They were either one or the other, and strongly about about. I chose a mac simply because I hate dealing with viruses. It drives me absolutely crazy. So I bought a mac. In the 8months i have had my mac (just a little 13 inch MacBook, I wanted small, under 15 inches, spent HOURS at Best Buy looking at everything, and frankly a notebook just wasn’t going to cut it!) I love it! Yes, the shortcuts and trackpad are a little odd at first. I’m not a shortcut pro yet, but what I use my laptop for I have the shortcuts down. And yes, not having a delete or home key is frustrating, no end key either (it has a delete key, but it does the backspace of a PC, not the delete of a PC). I live in a small small town, so Best Buy was my only option, or the internet, so I went with BB, got their extended protection plan as well. Decent price on that.

    Since I have bought my laptop my mother’s 3 year PC died. Again!! I don’t even know how many PC’s she has gone through, and I always made sure she had all the antivirus stuff up to date and everything. It never worked. But her and her husband now use my laptop often, and he does not use computers at all. So if he can learn, anyone can learn. I did have to sit down with both of them to show them a few tricks, how to use the trackpad and stuff, but they both like it. She has almost decided to ditch her pc and get a mac, but at the moment she doesn’t have the money for anything, not even fixing this old one, which we have had to get fixed at least 3 times, over $100 each time, so did not save her any money in the end on it.

    I really love that I can just plug in any printer to my computer and just print. No installing a printer and going through all that. I take this laptop to work often to do stuff for them on it, and I have printed from all three of their printers no problem, just plug and go.

    I can safely say I will never buy another pc again, though I did buy Word for this when I got it. But I do love word, so I couldn’t help it. lol Hope this helped.

  75. 75
    can't say says:

    My brother in law works high up in IBM and though it is supposed to be hush hush, he told me they are switching internally to Macs. Hmmm. Food for thought even though I am a PC user

  76. 76
    Amy says:

    I was a confirmed PC user until 2009. The final straw for me was a virus/worm that overcame my top-of-the-line Dell notebook and actually resulted in hardware problems. I bought a MacBook Pro and will never go back to a PC. I now run a software application called “Parallels” on my Mac; that allows me to run Windows 7, when I have a client who is running a PC-based software that can’t be used in an online environment.
    I love my MacBook Pro, almost as much as I love my dogs.
    I really never loved my PC that way; it was too needy and fickle. My dogs aren’t even that needy and fickle.
    Have fun with whatever computer you choose, and best wishes!

  77. 77
    Megan says:

    My husband is a Clothing Designer so he is using Photoshop illustrator etc all of the time so 3 years ago we made the jump to Mac, just more designer friendly. Also our PC made me crazy with the virus’ running slow. There is a learning curve. You have to get used to closing down your windows on the left side instead of right etc. But you don’t need virus software, you can have multiple program open at once without delay. There are super cool features like F3 button will show you everything you have open so it super easy to toggle through the different programs. F4 is your widget, calc, world clocks, weather etc use it all of the time. The only down side for me is that the money software programs stink for mac. I now use And Mac is more expensive. But I would buy Mac over and over. Good Luck.

  78. 78
    Lauren says:

    I was always a PC user until I met my husband. He converted me to MAC and I will Never go back to PC! We have never had an issue with our MAC and have not once had any type of virus. My husband is in video production an uses all of the same programs you use as well as many others and he never has an issue with anything!

  79. 79
    Jenn says:

    I have tried both, but I have been converted to a MAC! It takes a little getting used to at first, but once you get it down – you will love it. My computer at work is a PC and I am constantly trying to do things my MAC does and it just won’t work. I love my MAC, because with as many websites as I am on – I worry about viruses – but with a MAC you don’t have to worry about that. Think of all the money you will spend on an anti-virus program for your PC? Well, you don’t have to do that with a MAC!!! Tough decision – good luck!

  80. 80
    Annie says:

    I am a Mac all the way. I used to have a PC and didn’t really think twice about my computer, it was just another electronic in the house. After a couple of years I started thinking about it, but not in a very nice way. It crashed and I lost every picture I took of my little girl’s first year of life. You can imagine how I felt about it after that. I still intended on buying a newer version of my old beast and then I “saw the light” when my big sisters introduced me to their Macs. Can I just say “love”? I use my computer mostly to make photo DVDs and to organize my family’s life. When we bought our Mac about 2 years ago the only reservation I had, and I find that this is what most people worry about, was that I knew it didn’t operate like a PC and that was all I knew. It took me about 5 minutes to know what I was doing and to realize that this machine is so easy to navigate. I left PC two years ago and will never look back.

  81. 81
    Sharon says:

    The way someone explained to me about the virus stuff was like this….most viruses speak english, a mac speaks spanish, so the english speaking virus cannot communicate with the spanish speaking mac. So, it makes viruses unable to get into your Mac. Makes sense to me. I’ve owned macs for years and never had a virus. My pc’s on the other hand, always get them. My first “real” computer was a college graduation gift back in the dino ages of 1991. I LOVED it. It was easy. It was slow because of dial up back then, but everything was slow. I met and married my husband, he “was” a pc user. You know how women somehow eventually get rid of their husbands old things, like their lazy boys and old furniture that they don’t like? Well, my husband got rid of my mac after we married and was convinced that I would LOVE the pc. (by the way, he’s in the financial industry, and I’m into photo’s, movies, anything “arty”). After YEARS of a pc, I had enough. I think I went through 3 or 4 of them. About 3 yrs ago I bought a MacBook, and lets just say I didn’t get much time with it because everyone in the family wanted it. Then a few months ago we bought a monster size iMac. WOW, I’m in love. I think they are more intuitive than pc’s, more applications for creative folks, but still good for business and banking etc… The DOWN side to Mac, even though you will have it for years and years…there are some things that irritate me like iTunes, only being able to share with a certain amount of devices, iweb is $100 a year….I also am an iPhone user and love it too.
    And for my husband, he still has his old, run down, slow pc in our home office, but only because he hasn’t moved the stuff he needs off of it…..he has totally converted to mac!
    Apple makes learning about your Mac really easy if you live near an Apple store. The customer service is outstanding.

    • 81.1
      Andy says:

      Macs CAN get viruses.

      • 81.1.1
        Sharon says:

        I’m sure they CAN, but I’ve owned 3 macs over the years and never once have I had a virus…..I’ve owned several pc’s and every single one got viruses, with protection. I’m just saying it’s much less likely.

  82. 82
    Sarah says:

    I’ve been a Mac user {and lover} since 2007. I was always a PC user before that…and didn’t even know how to use a Mac. Now, you couldn’t PAY ME to own a PC. I loathe them. I can have a ton of programs open on my computer and it barely slows down. Part of that is just because it’s a newer computer {MacBook Pro} and has more memory and hard drive space. I have rarely had issues with any Macs {I’m on my second because I just wanted a new one =P} and even when I do the Geniuses at the Apple Store are eager – and 100% capable – of helping. It’s not like the Geek Squad at Best Buy. And, no, Macs don’t really get viruses. Hackers don’t like to write code for Macs because it’s more difficult. I have never had spyware on my Macs and have never gotten a virus. I love my Mac and I’ll never go back to PC. =)

    • 82.1
      Rosie says:

      actually its not anyore difficult to hack or write viruses for a mac, its just not worth their time becuase Mac doesn’t have a big enough market share of the computer users and the point of writing malware programs it to get it into as many computers as possible.

  83. 83
    Kylee says:

    We have both, and both in laptops as well. Bottom line if you don’t have the time to relearn everything….get a PC.

  84. 84
    David says:

    I have been professionally supporting and using PC, Mac,s and Linux computers for 17 years. I can tell you from experience that this argument of what is better than that is purely religious in nature. It’s a matter of what is the best tool for the job. Mac’s for video and graphic design, Linux for Web Servers and PC’s for everything else. For home users it’s also a matter of support. If your circle of friend only uses Mac’s or PC’s you can get free support from them by joining the crowd.

    One thing I must put to rest if this NO viruses for the Mac, no mater what anyone says they do. With only 10% of the internet being macs you don’t get your name on CNN for infecting them, but they do get infected (in fact serious hackers consider it child’s pay to brake into). Apple has taken some flack for denying infections with a rogue antivirus that was actually spyware. The Apple support staff was told to deny it’s existence and to not help in it’s removal.

    That said PC’s do get infected but if your fully patched and running Windows 7 x64 your system is not going to infect itself. Serf safely and don’t open every attachment or click every link you get emailed and you will not have to worry.

    Now personally I have PC’s with my family. The reasons are simple:, Choice and my kids. As stated by some one else, with Mac’s there is only one way to do everything on a PC, I have 5 ways to do thing, and 10 times the available software to choose from. Contrary to what some people think. PC’s do have shortcuts. AND Macs cant do everything on the keyboard. Have you ever tried to fill a web form that contains drop downs on a Mac with just the keyboard. Or change the default option in a dialog box with just a keyboard. Cant be done with the Mac. As for kids. The business world is PC’s and Apple does not want to cater to the business world If I want my kids to know what they are doing when they get a job and have to use a computer they need to have access to PC’s and schools don’t do that.

    With Mac’s if you ask a new user question in the online forums the Mac Zelots will demean you for not knowing how to do it. This is why I suggested you make sure you have friends that can answer your questions, they are more understanding. If you have the budget and the friends and only plan the surf the web and use email. Then by all means get a Mac. If you have a 12 year old that knows how to install and support Linux then let them set that up It’s the cheapest. But If your like most people and want a good price and lots of other people that can help you fix any issues either get a laptop from, or go to a local system builder. ( just got a dual core 3gh Acer for under $400. It may not be as trendy trendy and light as a mac book air. But it’s as fast as the “pro” mac books and was a fraction the cost)

  85. 85
    Rosie says:

    the reason that you don’t need as much virus protection for MACs is that the programming is different. Those who program the viruses program them for PC targets, becuase its a much larger share of the market. However, I’m pretty sure that as MAC continues to gain market share and ground, they’ll start needing to address virus protection as well.

    My dad is a programmer and he will never use a MAC. I don’t know what his specific reasons are, but he hates them. And he hates i-tunes too. Also, I personally feel like the business structure of MAC or Apple is set up to drain you of your money. Even if its a good computer, people want to upgrade every few years as new technology out-paces their current computer. With PC, you can upgrade in components, even if you’re using a laptop (although thats not as easy). With Mac, if you want to upgrade, its the entire machine, which is far pricier than upgrading by components. There is also a lot more competition in the PC world to keep the cost of components down… not so with Apple.

    And, frankly, being a PC-snob programmers daughter, I’m inclined to think that people whos PC are constantly in the shop just don’t know how to take care of them. We have a 10 year old laptop that is old, but still works and has never been in the shop. And our desktop had its motherboard replaced last year ($70), but it otherwise its 5 years old, never needed to be taken to someone else to have it fixed…

  86. 86
    Hannah says:

    I’m a Mac user, and I have been since 2003. My original Mac lasted as my primary computer until 2009, when I bought a new iMac. The first Mac still runs, it is just no longer powerful enough to run WoW as well as I’d like it to. The new iMac is a dream, it runs unbelievably smoothly and has the alarmingly large monitor.
    While I do think there are people who buy Apple products as a ‘lifestyle’ or ‘hipster’ thing, you really don’t have to change your lifestyle to run a Mac. That’s ridiculous, that’s like saying you have to change your lifestyle if you switch from Dodge to Toyota or something.
    There are two really important things to take into consideration when you look at switching:

    1. Will the software I normally use run on Mac (and yes, you can set up a windows section on a Mac, but it’s not smooth or easy)- Check your cricut or silhouette machine software, for example

    2. Am I ok with paying a higher amount up front? Because you will. It will most likely last longer and cost you the same or even less over the long run, but it is not cheap to do up front. And you MUST, MUST, MUST buy the Apple Care package. It is comprehensive, and if anything does go wrong, they fix it. No questions asked. If they can’t fix it, you get a new Mac.

  87. 87
    Patty says:

    I am a PC user and I have to tell you…. it feels like after two years or so my computer seem to crash from out of the blue! And I am a very careful person… I don’t go crazy downloading unknown files online or overflow my PC with a bunch of useless programs. Just a year ago my PC crashed and it wouldn’t turn on for no reason… I can swear I didn’t do anything!! Oh, and I have anti-virus… It makes me think if it happens on purpose so people go and buy a new one… hummm… I am on my fourth PC (different brand) but I promised myself if this one breaks again I am definitively going to buy a MAC one. I always hear from MAC users they love their machines, but I could just not afford buying one at the time… I’ve been so hesitant to buy a MAC too just ’cause I am used to the Windows interface… but I guess I’ll have to give it a try next time!

  88. 88
    Casey says:

    MAC for sure. I’ve only had mine for a few months & maybe I love it so much b/c my last laptop was in terrible shape before I bought the new MAC. I’m just tired of having disposable PCs. My laptops seem to only last 2 years before I have to get a new one. Not to mention that the customer service for MAC is far superior to what you get with any PC. Just to have someone even diagnose a problem on your PC they usually charge around $80. If you live near an Apple store, that’s even better b/c they will tell you what’s wrong for free & most likely fix it for free. i’ve had iphones & ipods for years & dealt with the Genius Bar (Apple’s tech support) many times & they’ve been wonderful. Also, I’m just a student & don’t really need all the features that my MAC has to offer but I love this thing. It’s delightful.

  89. 89
    Rachel says:

    Mac all the way. I’ve used PC’s for ever – desktops and laptops. I’ve had Dells and Toshibas and every other kind there is. When my husband finally convinced me that we shoudl try out a Mac and we got one, I was blown away. I’ll never go back. You’ll seriously love it so much you’ll never want to try a PC again. I’ve never had to worry about it going slow – it is ridiculously fast! I use all my programs I used on my PC and I still can’t get over how well and how smooth they all run. My whole computer experience with what I could do has shot through the roof since we got a Mac. And there was one comment who said that the design options were enormous just straight out of the box – I agree with that 110%. Just by itself the dang thing is amazing.

    I know there are a lot of computer tech people who don’t like Macs because they are so strict on what kind of software you can load on to it and stuff. You don’t have a lot of free reign in programming the computer itself like you do on PCs (one of the comments one here was actually a programmer who explained in detail why he was pro-PC and anti-Mac). Honestly, if you’re not into programming the computer and trying to manipulate different stuff, it will never ever be a problem for you. I think that’s one of the main reasons why people hate Macs so much – either they are computer programmer/engineers or they’re just die hard loyal to their PC’s. I personally think Macs are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Word of caution – it takes some getting use to. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to go back to PC’s. Macs are simply wonderful.

  90. 90
    Alisha says:

    My very first computer using experience was a Mac. When I finally got my own computer, it was a PC. We used PCs for about 14 years. Like you, we had to replace them every 2-3 years. We also had problems with viruses that were not caught by our antivirus software. We ended up having to pay a bunch of money to get them removed. Our most recent purchase was a Mac. It has taken some adjusting, just because I was REALLY good on a PC. I understood how the whole thing worked and I could figure out problems. If I have a problem with my Mac, I have to take it into the Apple Store. (We have one close, so it’s not bad.) I just don’t understand the inner workings of it. BUT– I LOVE my Macbook!!! It is perfectly OK to have multiple programs open and running at the same time. It is NEVER sluggish. And, yes, NO viruses. A PC is great, but a Mac is amazing.

    We had a “knife man” come to sell his wares last week. He told us that buying cheap knives is more expensive than buying GOOD knives, because you have to replace cheap (DULL) knives every few years. The GOOD knives are an expensive purchase, but they can last forever. THis works with computers, too. We’ve spent SO MUCH money on PCs, replacing them every few years, that it would have been a better use of our money, although a larger initial investment, to just buy a Mac in the first place.

  91. 91
    Henderica says:

    Now Mac’s are pretty, but I grew up with PCs & since I’m not a person that can spend a lot on computers and also loves computer games (that in the beginning where only mostly for Windows) I only had fairly cheap (not huge brand) or self assembled Window’s PC’s (since you can get cheap things to replace when something breaks down ;) )

    As far as viruses yes most are written for WIndows but common sense what to and not to trust, a virus scanner (Norton & Mcafee make PC’s slow, there are other (even free) scanners that work just as fine) and a firewall you should be fine. The right processor also makes a difference. I also use Photoshop/Paint shop pro sometimes and never had trouble with those being slow.

  92. 92
    Sharon Thomas says:

    We started off as MAC users because that is what my DH used at work. Then the company took all the MAC’s and issued PC’s to its employees. After using PC’s at my job, and then the kids started using PC’s at school, the day came when we had to upgrade. Did we upgrade our MAC and all the software? Or did we buy a PC which came fully loaded? It was less expensive to upgrade to a new PC. It came fully loaded with the software we used, and Windows was much closer to the old MAC interface. With the majority of family and friends also using PC’s, it was the right choice for us. To this day, there is a lot more software available for the PC. I have always heard if one is doing graphics, a MAC was better, but our son, who is an industial engineer, prefers his PC. Confused yet?

  93. 93
    Tiffany says:

    I’m a MAC girl. My first MAC I ever used was in 5th grade way back in um…. 1985 (?) when I had to “program” it. Fast forward many years and I’ve always been a MAC girl. I CAN use a PC, I don’t particularly LIKE it but I do use it. I don’t like the fact that I walk in the room and the PC crashes. I’m on my second MAC lappy in 12 years (and yes, it has a delete key). My hubs uses my “toilet seat style” iBook for school word processing still! I currently use a 5 year old MacBook Pro and LOVE it. It’s been dropped 3-4 times, the case is dented, the “T” key is lifted from when I slid my binder across it. BUT it’s working like a champ! I am even running an old OS on it and have NOT problems at all. I run open office (free version of “office” type programs) and have NEVER EVER EVER EVER had a virus problem. Viruses aren’t written for MAC’s because they represent such a small % of computer users that it’s just not worth it. Most large corporations (that are virus targets) don’t run MAC’s, they run PC’s.

    I didn’t read all the comments (almost 80 already!) but I will say that IF you find a need to run PC programs, YOU CAN! There’s a program to get and you partition your hard drive (they’ll do it for you at the Apple Store) and you can totally run PC programs.

    My sister and her hubs who are BOTH computer geeks just switched their WHOLE HOUSE over to MAC! MAC TV, iPads to operate everything, they’ve got a swanky program that they can use to run all the electrical and stuff in their house from their iPhone or iPad. It’s AMAZING!

    I have students bring me USB drives with files on them that the PC’s at school won’t open and I can open and print them on my MAC. It’s been a life saver!

    As far as going MAC to PC with files, it’s NOT easy. If you go from PC to MAC, it’s VERY easy. A MAC will read almost any file. I’ve never had one that I couldn’t get to open on my computer! There are TONS I can’t open on the school PC’s.

    GO MAC! Yes, they’re more pricey but it’s SOOOOO worth it to not have to worry about viruses and stuff not working properly.

    I LOVE MY MAC’S! :)

  94. 94
    Rachel says:

    Macs are way easier to use. They make more sense. And they are a better quality product compared.
    We have several macs and pc’s in our house and no, you do not need to install anti virus software on macs.

  95. 95
    Shauna says:

    I was always a PC person. My dad was a computer programer and PC’s is what we used. Then I married a Mac man and our first major purchase together as a married couple was an imac. It was great! I quickly fell in love with everything about it. Then best is that a virus isn’t going to slow it down (just maybe 14 programs running at once but I never notice and I am the same way) We have since graduated to different mac computers a larger tower for my husband and a laptop for myself. A few tips, mac accepts trade-ins we traded the imac we bought 6 years ago in and then we got 500 dollars off the laptop. We also ALWAYS buy refurbished. You get an amazing price (like my MIL just got an iphone for 11 dollars) the warranty is still good and apple care will take care of you like you are their first born child. For me the customer service alone is reason enough to never leave apple. Good luck though!

  96. 96

    I have had a MacBook for 2 year now. I have 3 teenagers who love facebook. I have not had a single virus or crash since I’ve had the computer. The downside was it cost me $1000. That’s a lot of money! I could have purchased a few PC’s in these past couple years for the same price. I also really really want to get an ipad. I’ve had an iphone but went back to my droid. If I had to redo, I would still get the mac. I almost returned it twice because it took some getting used to, but after a month I got used to all the differences between a mac & pc. Good luck choosing!

  97. 97
    KathyH says:

    I have used mac since the apple 2E came out. That was nearly 30 years ago and now, 8 or 9 macs later, I still use Macs. I love my 2009 Imac! They have always been very simple and easy to use and have never had any problems like PCs have. I used to be a computer administrator and teacher at several elementary schools. I was trained to teach kids how to use PCs and also I learned how to repair them and add memory, features, software, etc. I hated PCs! I used Macs at home the whole time and loved how simple and elegant the Apple operating system has always been. I have never had to fuss with drivers or search for stray parts of software that are causing issues for the computer. I never had to run scandisk or any other repair program on my macs. My macs have never had one issue, ever. In 30 years, through 8 or 9 Macs, not one has ever had to go to the repair shop or needed any repair from me. They have always done their job and given me pleasure.

    The only reason I have ever bought a new Mac is because, after 3 or 4 years, the newest software like Flash doesn’t work so well on the old computers. Otherwise, the computers would still be in commission. They have never failed me for any reason other than simply being too old to be fun anymore.

    I finally got my mom to get a computer at age 65 because she went to the Apple store and decided they seemed way easier than the clunky PC my dad had at home. Now, she has her Mac and loves it and he has his old PC that has too many drivers installed and takes forever to boot up and has other problems. LOL!

    We also got my mother in law to finally enter the technology age by getting an ipad! She is still wary of it and does not use it much but, after taking many computer classes at the library and failing to understand how PCs work, the ipad is the first time she is using email!

    I love my Mac! Apple is the best!! Go mac and never go back!!! They are worth every penny.

  98. 98
    kristie says:

    If you spent the same amount of money on a PC as you do a mac($1000+) the PC would be 10 times more impressive. Plus you would have more freedom. Macs are the communists of the computer world.

    Also, Adobe products are large programs, on any computer, they’ll require a lot of juice. If you do decide to get a PC(which is what I highly suggest), don’t be cheap or you’ll just be disappointed again.

  99. 99
    KathyH says:

    Oh I did not answer all the questions. I use my mac for managing my home sewing business on Etsy and writing my blog and having social fun and managing our home photos. We also make home movies on it. I use it as my downstairs stereo, too. So, it is our home computer.

    Also, you should always have an antivirus program, even on a mac. Just because they have a very slim chance of getting a virus doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. Sophos makes a great one for free for home users.

  100. 100
    Nikki says:

    I use a Mac bc it was a hand me down from my husband. I don’t like it very much. It is not at all intuitive to me. I’ve been using the Mac for over a year, and I still run into hiccups constantly (I.e. A few weeks back I tried to print a target coupon online. I spent 20 minutes trying to print a $1 coupon, and finally gave up.)
    I’m not super computer savvy, but I’m not completely ignorant either.
    The virus issue is probably the best reason that I can think of to have a mac. Computer viruses are written by people who have nothing better to do with their time…and bc most everyone uses a pc, they are written for pcs. There are some Mac viruses out there, but not many.
    Good luck!

  101. 101
    Joy says:

    So you are facing the pc/mac thing huh? Our family is the commercial… he’s a Mac and I’m a PC…. well, a pc being converted… He bought his Macbook pro 5 years ago, it went to IRAQ with him (imagine sand in little places) and when it came back had a factory battery issue… took it to an authorized dealer who COULDN’T believe it had been to the land of sand!! He said it was in AMAZING shape for being over there! Battery was under warranty. We have recently replaced to a better battery for it, hubs could tell you the details, but it is a group of ‘little batteries’ working together instead of 1 large one and is supposed to be better/longer lasting etc.

    WE have a DELL as a home PC and I do NOT love it… even though for work and home have always used the PC operating system… My husband runs what is called ‘parallels’ which is Windows on the Mac, you just click and use windows, then go back to mac, the ease at which it will switch is amazing I must admit.

    The only thing keeping us now from having a home MAC is the cost. You can however buy refurbished…from Apple if cost is a factor and I believe they would come with a year warranty just like new. Best Buy has ones that are returned/opened so discount them as well. My daughter is VERY artsy/crafty and wishes she would have bought a Mac. Ok there’s my ‘dollar’ of advice. GOOD LUCK on your decision. :)

  102. 102
    Jill says:

    I’m going to put in a nerd vote for using a PC with a Linux-based OS like Ubuntu. I will never go back – to either Windows or to a Mac.

  103. 103
    kristie says:

    P.S. Check out Samsung computers. They are awesome. Before you make they switch to the trendy Apple, go to a Microsoft store and see all the variety they have to offer.

    • 103.1
      Anonymous says:

      My Samsung laptop can do everything that my brother’s macbook can do. It’s weighs a little less too. And it’s prettier. The shortcuts on my laptop are more intuitive than my brother’s. And it easily runs ALL the software I need for school (engineering/math) along with my Adobe Suite. Oh, and I always have at least 5 or 6 programs running at the same time.

    • 103.2
      Anonymous says:

      And my Samsung syncs just fine with my iPhone (which I do love).

      • 103.2.1
        Kristie says:

        Well said! We just bought a new phone. We were going to go with the iphone but then we saw the Infuse… it’s a Samsung as well. It’s amazing. It does everything the iphone does, but just like your computer it does more and it’s more intuitive. Love it.

  104. 104
    Nikki says:

    (I should have added that I do love apple products. We own 4 iPods and 2 iPads. It’s just the laptop that i don’t get along with!)

  105. 105
    C Mae says:

    You’ve got 109 comments of opinions on this but I will say I had a PC all through college and the same thing…after a few years it would kick the bucket. Get slow, take forever to open close or boot anything.

    I bought my first macbook 4 years ago. And I PROMISE you it runs just like the day I bought it fresh out of the Apple store. It was one the BEST purchases I have ever made.

    Don’t buy into the garbage that people say well it’s to hard to use …..Are you kidding me? I came from using a PC and this is WAY easier! You never have to delete or make room on your “C” drive as a PC person would. You NEVER get viruses on Mac. They are programmed to SHUT DOWN if one were to ever try and make its way to your computer.

    Go Mac. You won’t go back!

  106. 106
    nicole says:


    if not for any other purpose then the “drag and drop” feature. simplifies life SO much.

    i am a teacher, grant writer, amateur photographer + mom ;)

    i use my computer for work, photos, editing, and playing.

  107. 107
    Haters gonna hate says:

    So what if IBM is switching to mac? (assuming that is more than a rumor) Even though PC comes originally from IBM PC, IBM is well known for manufacturing PowerPC CPUs that have been used in macs for years. And that was the worst macs ever.

    Having experience with both PC and mac I can say the following:
    1. more less it is the same crap, especially now when they have the same hardware, so it comes down to personal preference
    2. in my experience, if you are not going to do any serious work, and by that I mean software development, you can go with mac
    3. there is serious lack of quality free software on mac, unlike PC
    4. you need at least 2 times more clicks and key strokes on mac than on PC to do anything
    5. only idiot can like menu bar
    6. window re sizing, moving and minimizing/maximizing is just ridiculous on mac. who ever designed that should burn in hell
    7. mac os is much more stable than windows PC (not linux though), but that is much less of a problem since windows 7 (in my exp)
    8. mac os x is and operating system that can crash if you install new font!!! (happened to me at work, and apple support guys told me not to install new fonts if not really necessary!)
    9. same hardware working on mac os x is slower than under windows (in my exp)
    10. mac is much more secure than windows, there are far less virus programs (but there is anti virus software for mac so there must be a reason for that :D)
    11. if you live in USA. mac is much more popular there then in other parts of the world so if you have trouble you are more likely to find a friend to help you
    12. finally: apple fan boys express the same behavior as religious fundamentalists :)

  108. 108
    Megan says:

    My husband runs a computer business, so I asked him. While there are differences, for the most part PCs and macs are very similar. The thing with a mac is you have to take it to an apple store or send it off to them for repair. Because of the proprietary software/hardware that a mac has no one else is authorized to fix them. With a PC, you can take them to almost any PC store and get it fixed. Like someone else mentioned, many times with a PC it is the user, not the actual computer and depending on if you get a laptop or a desktop you can customize a PC much more easily to get what you want. Now with that said, if I was going to be doing a lot of photo/music editing I would definitely buy a mac because they seem to run those programs better and faster than a PC, but I’ve also been told if you have enough ram a PC can do just as well. The other thing to consider when switching to a mac is that you are going to have to buy mac based office programs which can be pricey but where your husband is still a student (I think you said he was still in an earlier post) you can buy student editions for almost half the price for either mad or PC.

  109. 109

    ABSOLUTELY A MAC!!!!! I started with a Mac (in the seriously “old” days of the original teeny tiny square one). I had to use a PC, though, at most of my jobs (with occasional Mac stops). Throughout the years my situation was mostly Mac at home, PC at the office. Now I’m retired and still have a Mac at home. But, I bought an inexpensive Acer Netbook PC to take while traveling because it was so little. Yikes!! It drives me crazy, shutdowns after updating, big hassle to uninstall unwanted stuff (example. If I want to “uninstall something from my Mac, say a game I never use, easy peasy-I literally just drag it with my mouse to trash, done!! I just uninstalled something on the Netbook-big hassle, took ages, no fun-and that’s just one example of the ease of use).

    Yes, Mac is “famous” for the graphic stuff- but I think that was way more true years ago than now. Don’t think of that issue-ease of use is the key. Pretty much all software documents go back and forth between the 2 platforms (sending a Word doc to someone by email, for example) seamlessly. Sometimes a font might change, something simple, but I solve that by just saving it as pdf if I’m concerned (which is also way easier to do on the Mac). I use Photoshop a lot, and Picasa both on the Mac and the online website-no problems. I often have many browser tabs open plus photoshop plus Picasa plus Adobe Reader PLUS an excel doc or 2, no problem at all.
    Another BIG plus. If you are having problems unless it’s a huge crash or something you can get free advice at your local Apple/Mac Store from the always on duty “Macologists”-they are fantastic. They spent over 2 hours with me one day after my Iphoto pictures disappeared (they found them). Can’t get that with a PC. And it doesn’t matter if the warranty is long over, either.

    If you really want one but it’s not in your budget, go to the Apple official site and check out their refurbished Macs. You save a good amount and they come with some sort of warranty.
    MACS FOREVER!!!!!!!!
    p.s. because of the dramatic increase of Apple products, especially Iphones, the bad guys are starting to look for ways to goof up the Macs now, though still nothing like the PC problems-even with a Mac invest in a Virus Protection software to be safe

  110. 110
    Lana says:

    There have been a lot of comments, but I’ll just add to the MAC lovers. I have had MAC for about 10 years now and never had a virus, and their customer service is truly superior. They will replace or fix anything, usually cost free if it’s not your fault and especially if you have the warranty thing they offer. I have never even used anti-virus stuff and never had a problem with viruses. When I do have a problem I either call in or take it in and it’s always been taken care of quickly. I know they’re more expensive, but I think they’re worth it.

  111. 111
    jenn says:

    I went thru the same thing a year ago, ah the indecision! I was always a pc, never even really considered a mac, mostly because of price difference. But when my pc became infected AGAIN last year, I decided I needed to reevaluate. I run 2 online stores, so I need a dependable machine. After much scientific research (polling my facebook friends) it was clear I needed to step out of the pc world. I got an imac last july and ill tell you, I will not go back to a pc as my main computer ever again. The difference can’t quite be measured fully until you have been using your mac for a few months, then your husband asks you to look at a problem with his pc. You take a look at the pc, and you say “Man I’m glad I don’t have to deal with all this crap anymore, sorry dear.” I bought mine used, so I got a great deal, but I would say that even a full priced mac is better than a pc anyday. There’s so much less user maitenance needed, and that helps because I don’t want to have to ‘maintain’ my computer, I just want to use it!! Once you go Mac, you won’t go back LOL

  112. 112
    Emily says:

    my husband bought a MAC laptop and I was completely happy with my PC. A year later he got a laptop from his work so I got his MAC…and I lOVE it!!!!! I use the Adobe suite and they run so nicely on my MAC. From what I heard a few years back the MAC was made for more designer/art people…but I heard the PC graphics were catching up. The system is a little different but once you get the hang of it and the short cuts it’s super easy. PLUS, did you know you can have multiple screens? I have a screen for my internet browser, one for my Adobe programs, one for my finder (folder explorer), and one for other stuff. That way I don’t have to minimize anything and share one screen with all of my programs

  113. 113
    Amber says:

    Macs can withstand a lot more than PCs. If you’re using photoshop along with other programs, I think you would be impressed at how much faster and cleaner everything will run on a Mac. I, too, used to be one of those tried and true PC people, but since getting my MacBook back in 2007 (and I’m STILL using the SAME one) I am a convert. They are far superior in almost every function. It will take some getting used to with the difference in operating system, but I promise you will find PCs almost infantile after using a Mac for a while. And it’s true about the viruses. Macs don’t get them. I’ve never put an anti-virus anything on my comp and it’s going strong 4.5 years later. I’ve dropped it multiple times, my kids have dropped it multiple times and it just keeps on fighting. I LOVE Macs! Definitely worth the difference in price.

  114. 114
    Nicole says:

    My husband had to convince me to buy a Mac when we were first married. I was unsure and at first I hated it. Now I would never go back. We don’t have nearly as many problems with our computer as my PC loving family. The cost seems to always be a lot more, but I think it is totally worth it. Also, once I got use to my Mac, I think the way they work is so much more logical/user friendly. Mac’s aren’t perfect and there are things that I don’t love about Mac (I can’t think of one right now, but I know there are. They just usually aren’t major.) I think if you get a Mac and really get to learn how it works, you won’t go back to PC with your next computer. (Also, my husband tried to explain to me that because the operating system on a Mac is based off of Unix, which makes it more stable, which equals less crashing. There was some other stuff, but I don’t get all that computer stuff.) Good luck! Whatever you decide, stand by your decision and don’t look back. Nothing is worst that second guessing your purchases like that.

  115. 115
    Sara says:

    A PC generally does die after 5 years. The last one i had lasted for ten, but the keyboard was demolished, the computer was slower than dial-up anything, the screen only had one hinge let on it, and it was literally smoking on its last day. Sad. A PC’s hardware it OK, and it can run most things on it. But a Mac has more features, a nicer everything, and is generally faster. I have had a laptop Mac for 7 years, and nothing is different (besides the chipping paint) from when I had it for 2 years. It is VERY durable. Even though it is a harder computer to learn about and get a hang of all the shortcuts and such, it is definitely a nicer buy. It’s worth your money.

  116. 116
    Emily says:

    We have both a Mac and a PC. The PC is always having problems and the older it gets the slower it runs and then it ultimately has to be replaced. We bought our MacBook 2 1/2 years ago and have NEVER had a problem with it. It runs the same as it did the day I took it out of the box and I don’t foresee replacing it any time soon. We have never had a virus either. They are worth the money. Go with a MAC!

  117. 117
    Katie Buttle says:

    we LOVE our MAC. I worked in an Art Department with a MAC and loved it, so we decided to get a 24 inch MAC after we graduated. I can NEVER go back to having a PC. We’ve had it for 3 years now, and it runs just like the day we got it. It takes a little getting used to (the ‘x’ to close windows is on the left instead of the right, and anything with the ctrl button on PC is now the command button…)

    And like you mentioned, there aren’t really any viruses or anything that you have to worry about for MAC (I don’t get why either.) So we never have to buy any software or anything for that kind of stuff. It runs so quickly, and compared to my husbands PC laptop for work, it’s ridiculous. From the time you push the power button its on and ready to run in (we counted once) 27 seconds, while the PC takes a good few minutes.

    One more thing to add to my novel… They size of the huge screen is a crazy must have. (though I’m sure you could get a PC with a big screen too) because I can have a few windows open at the same and be able to look at them all. I go crazy with a small screen now.

    THE END! :)

  118. 118
    CB says:

    Here’s our story: I grew up using PC and never really knew any better – I just thought computer problems were part of life. Well, a little over three years ago, my husband (a jazz musician – talk about hefty software to run!!) wanted a new computer so we decided to make that our tax return purchase. Off we went to Best Buy and bought a really nice PC. The guy in the computer section told us that Mac would be more appropriate for our (my husbands) type of use, but we just cringed at the price difference. Well, long story short, we returned the PC within the 14-day return window after it crashing multiple times under my husbands software use, bit the bullet (ouch!) and bought the iMac right from Apple, just the way we wanted it. That was one of the best bullets we’ve ever bitten and since then we’ve gotten my husband a MacBook and love it equally as much. We have had 0 days w/out a computer due to crashing, etc. The programs are SUPER easy to learn and we’ve had several programs open at once and haven’t noticed significant slowdown. Like I mentioned, my husband’s a musician and he’ll have several software programs open at once. The only downfall I’ve seen of having a Mac is that some softwares aren’t yet available for Mac (some kinds of Quickbooks, for example) or they’re more expensive. Those have been few, however, and I’d say very worth all the other dozens of pros. Besides, the Apple store has always had something kind of program comparable to the one that wasn’t available. Oh, and I know you use a Canon Rebel XSi, as do I. You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE iPhoto. It is so fast and easy to select the photos you want, export them the size you want, and they load so much quicker (like my family blog). PhotoBooth is a blast with the kids. And the calendar is an awesome program as well. Okay. This is the longest comment I have ever left, and I rarely ever leave comments – anywhere. So, I guess that proves how sold I am on Macs. I’m stepping off my soapbox now and hope you have a great weekend! Oh, last thing, if you’re husband is still a student/associated with his college, the student discounts are great (why we have two macs).

  119. 119
    Christina says:

    You have tons of comments, but I thought I’d add my 2 cents! LOL We have always had Apple/Mac computers. I’ve used PC in the workplace, but always used a Mac at home. Never had a virus in the 30 years we’ve been using these machines. But, my main reason for writing is to let you know that even though these suckers are expensive, Apple sells refurbished machines on their website. They come with the same warranty as any of the brand new machines. We’ve bought a few that way and have never had a any problems. Worth checking out!

  120. 120
    Megan says:

    Mac, for sure. We made the switch about 8 years ago and will never, ever go back to pc. Best thing about a Mac? It just works! Never a slow internet, no blue screen of death… We converted a few friends and now they feel the same way. Well worth the extra cost if you consider you won’t have to repair or replace it any time soon. Trying to convert my Mom next!

  121. 121
    Carla says:

    MAC!!! love how easy it is to use. hardly any viruses. you’re gonna get one right?!

  122. 122
    Stacey says:

    We bought our mac our first Christmas after we were married (2006) and we have had it ever since! It has NEVER crashed, has NEVER had a virus, and my husband is a photographer and I’m still in school so we always have word, photoshop, and about 4 other programs open. I think you should definitely check it out!

  123. 123
    Andrea says:

    Well you’re getting quite the response here. A few years ago I was in the same situation. I’m not very good with technology and was tired of my computers suddenly crashing and costing hundreds of dollars to fix. I just wanted a reliable easy to use computer. I asked around and learned a few things. People that know a lot about computers and want to configure their own computers and make changes on them are happier with a PC. It has more freedom to make changes. A MAC can’t be changed in all the same ways but is more for someone who doesn’t want to have to mess with anything and is happy leaving it the way it. (That’s me!)

    Also, I’ve had my MAC for four years now and have never put any type of anti-virus/spyware on it. NEVER had a problem. It was explained to me that, it’s not that a virus can’t be written for MACs it’s just that most people writing them are using PCs. So, if they wrote a virus for a MAC it would infect them as well. So, eventually MACs will probably need something, but it’s pretty safe right now.

    I used PCs all my life and thought I liked them. I am amazed weekly as I learn new things my MAC can do so much more easily than a PC. It definitely is an adjustment and takes some time to play around with, but you’ll LOVE being able to drag your photos from one program to the next. It’s awesome to be able to see all your windows with the click of a button. In general everything is easier to use, more logical, better looking, and more reliable. WELL worth the money!!

  124. 124
    kandyce says:

    mac! my mac is more durable, much better designed than a pc, better suited for music and photographs than a pc and completely.worth.every.penny. it doesn’t get viruses, everything is self contained (meaning, no disc drive that pops out and breaks off) and the genuis bar/ repair is fantastic. if there’s something wrong with your computer that shouldn’t be, they’ll fix it for free. they’re also more intuitive/ user friendly.

    the only annoying thing is that some websites (i.e. blogger) aren’t the most mac compatible. most of those sorts of issues can be fixed by running google chrome or firefox, though.

    i’m probably echoing everything everyone else has already said here, but: i will never, ever buy a pc ever again.

  125. 125
    Kylie C says:

    We’re a half and half household because it depends on what you want to do with the computer. The kids want to play games and use the internet so they have a PC because it’s the better gaming platform. My husband works from home on his Mac which is a reliable work horse.

    Looking at prices of Mac vs PC can be misleading because of the way the system philosophies differ. With PC’s the hardware (the computer) is cheap but the software (Windows, Photoshop, games) is expensive. With Macs the hardware is expensive but the software is cheap. For example upgrading to the new Windows OS will cost about $130 for the most basic package but upgrading to the new Mac OS will cost $20-30.

    I can say that customer service at Apple stores is beyond amazing. My own computer is a Macbook from 2006 (aka far beyond warranty and a dinosaur) when the hard drive crashed a few months ago I took it in and was told that it would be replaced free since there was a design flaw on file for my hard drive. Not only was it replaced but since Apple standardizes replacement parts my hard drive went from 20GB to 60GB (my external hard drive is happier now).

    The last thing I want to add is to think about how comfortable you are doing your own computer repairs. Most are not difficult at all on desktop computers and can save you a ton of money if you do have a PC. It would probably be cheapest to buy new RAM and a hard drive addition or upgrade and install them yourself in 10 minutes than buying a new machine.

  126. 126
    Grace says:

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t bother reading everyone else’s comments, so it’s possible that I’m repeating what others have said. But with a PC, you need to reinstall your operating system every now and again to give it a clean slate. There are all those viruses, adware, and other things that eventually bog your PC down and a fresh install will fix it. Also, quit running Photoshop with other programs. ;) *imagine a humorous tone, not a patronizing one*. Photoshop is a huge sucker of RAM, and it can crash a PC by itself. If you got some more RAM, or a new processor, it would probably help with the sluggishness. I’m not really into the PC vs. Mac debate, as a PC is easily customized to handle the same programs as a Mac, it really all comes down to personal preference. If you like how a Mac runs, go for it. If you like how a PC runs, go for it.

  127. 127
    Taylor says:

    Ok, so it looks like you’ve got 137 pieces of advice already so you don’t really need mine but i’ll throw it in the mix anyway. People are seriously divided and feel really strongly about their macs or pcs! You’ll get as many comments on that as you will any of the other controversial topics out there ;)

    I converted to mac in college bc my compaq presario was ALWAYS getting viruses and having issues. I got a 13 in macbook and never had a single issue. I’m about to buy my 3rd and still have yet to have an issue. Plus I sold my first one for only a few hundred dollars less than I paid for it, covering a huge portion of the new one. The resale value is good on macs.

    I blog, use microsoft word and the adobe suite so that’s what I use it for.

    Good luck deciding!

  128. 128
    Ashley says:

    We are Mac users all the way in my household. I went to college for Graphic Design, and started off on a PC. We were taught everything on a Mac. That wasn’t easy. And the design programs (photoshop, indesign, dreamweaver) were always killing my computer. And I got viruses.

    I switched to a MacBook Pro my junior year and have never looked back. My programs function much more smoothly. The computer is sleeker. And once you get the hang of it, Macs are more user friendly. I’ve never gotten a virus nor have I ever had any antivirus software on my computers.

    That first laptop lasted me five years until the harddrive crashed (my fault I overheated the laptop ALL THE TIME). I’m on an iMac that I got in ’08. The harddrive has crashed once. I also have a new MacBook Pro that I got for Christmas. Haven’t had any problems with it yet. I will say I never had any harddrive crashing problems on a PC, so that might be the only drawback I’ve had. But it isn’t like it can’t happen on a PC either. Just make sure you back up your files, on an external AND online.

  129. 129
    Mindy says:

    The main thing that is keeping me loyal to Apple and willing to pay more for the computer is the customer service. It is beyond amazing!

  130. 130
    kim esteves says:

    This was the most asked question to myself about a year ago!

    We have always had pc, and had no problem with them until…..about 2 yrs ago when our dell pc got a virus that was so bad we had to wipe out our computer. after many hrs on the phone with the dell people not to mentions a huge cell phone bill. we finally got it cleaned up and my friend even installed his “government protection” software on it. well, that was great for all about 2 sec.. a month later we had the same problem.

    At this point running a business with a computer that was more stress than it was worth we were DONE! more like I was done! thats when we went and got our first ever desktop apple…it was a hefty price tag but I have never looked back since. At the time of purchasing (summer) they were running a special where you could get a FREE printer or a ipod touch…well we could not refuse and got the Ipod touch…love it!

    We have loved our macs so much that we went and bought me a mac book air, and I love that even more. especially since it came with a FREE printer.

    I will never go back to a pc, the stress, time, and money it takes to fix once there infected with viruses is something no one should have to deal with.

    love my mac!

  131. 131
    Anonymous says:

    Mac all the way. I actually think that PC is more expensive when you add all the incidentals all together. You don’t have to buy the OS in the way you have to with a PC. It’s all just one price and currently Lion is $30. Plus you have a lot of indie developers that rock and try to keep costs low or it’s free (and just ask for donation). To me there are only a few considerations when going for a PC. One is gaming (to a serious gamer) and the other is certain programs. However look around. If you cannot find an equivalent program for the Mac (there are a small few) I’ll be surprised. Those programs often have more help and run better than the PC ones. Also the community is great. Whenever I’ve asked Mac people for help, I’ve gotten it quickly.

  132. 132
    Stormy says:

    I am a Mac user. I was always a PC user, but now that I have my Mac I literally will never go back to a PC. I personally like the Mac because of the Video Editing Program that I use for my business is only available on a Mac, but the program is 10,000 times more amazing than the PC program I used. Macs don’t have to have anti-virus software, they are so user friendly, and they are just plain sexy. Enough said. :) No but really, I could go on and on. I won’t though since you already have a ton of comments. I am bias, but I love my Mac.

  133. 133
    Staci says:

    I was always a PC user. I was afraid of MAC because the operating system was completely different. I didn’t “get” it. What all the fuss was about, I mean. I, like you, got tired of buying a new computer every 3-4 years. I also got tired of the viruses and the other PC issues that come on randomly and then you spend 3 days trying to get back to where you were. So, I bought a used MacBook Pro on Ebay. Best decision I ever made. It’s pretty. It’s easy. It never fails me. I can run as many programs as I want and it never locks up. I still have to use my old PC for work (only because they don’t make the payroll software for Mac) and I hate it. Once you go Mac, you never go back! Do it. And don’t be afraid to buy used. They really do last forever. Definitely get the MacBook Pro or above. The body casing is much better. Speaking of, you know what else I love about Mac. There are only like 4 options. With PC, there are about 8,000 different things to look at and research. Mac is so straight forward. Seriously, do it! ;)

  134. 134
    Jenni Clark says:

    I use a PC – I only use it for email, facebook, Etsy, reading blogs and my new fave Pinterest… … but some days I really wish I had a Mac because of the issues PCs have, but my husband works in the IT department, which means he is a PC guy therefore I cannot get a Mac :o) I look forward to reading what you choose!

    • 134.1
      Sarah says:

      My Hubby is IT too but he has seen the light. We are now a Mac House! Hold out hope, it might happen someday :)

  135. 135
    Jamie says:

    Hey Ash!

    Sorry you already have almost 200 comments so you probalby won’t even have time to get to this one. I have been a PC user for years, and I have no problem with PCs. In fact, I hated Macs. But then I got a Mac laptop and it’s changed my life. It’s torture going back to a PC now. I’ve had not one problem with it and it runs my Adobe programs (photoshop, indesign, illustrator) perfectly. It’s so user friendly and I’ve had no viruses, and our home PC has had like 4 in the past year!

    I think for what you do, you’ll love a mac :) Love reading your blog(s).

    Love, Jamie Heywood Whittier

  136. 136
    amanda says:

    MAC! ’nuff said! :)

  137. 137
    Sarah says:

    Please, please, please go Mac! You will not be disappointed. I have a refurb MacBook Pro, 15″ screen. My hubby is an IT guy and he loves Mac’s, even talked my grandma into an iMac rather than a PC and she loves it too.
    First and most important in my book Apple has about the best customer service in the world. I have so many stories from people that I personally know (and me too) where Apple has gone above and beyond to fix an issue that wasn’t even their responsibility. They rock!
    I use Aperture for my photo storage and editing and I LOVE IT! It’s way cheaper than Photoshop and it’s so much easier to maneuver around.
    I also must disagree with those who say PC has a better gaming platform. I run lots of games like W.o.W and Dungeon Siege, etc. and it runs smoother with sharper graphics than my PC ever did. My PC was good cause my hubby built it with premium parts but my Mac is so much better. Of course I also use it just to browse the web, read blogs and stay addicted to Pinterest. I cannot say enough good things about Apple and their products and how highly I recommend them. Sarah

  138. 138
    Marilyn says:

    The person who said that you will hear from more Mac users was right. Mac users ARE loyal and there is a reason. They work. There is a reason that apple stock is out performing every stock. The ONLY reason I don’t like apple is that IF I would have purchased Apple stock when I first wanted to, we would be millionaires. We have both in our home as well because there are some programs that don’t run on mac’s –especially for engineering (and yes, you can run windows on a mac but it is just easier to buy a PC). Each of us have a macbook pro. I have mine in the family room, along with a pc laptop. IF I am on my laptop the kids will go get theirs rather than using the pc. It just sits and collects dust. Dells helpdesk is in India. Apple in the USA. (Although you will never need to call–they never stop working.) The stores are always packed because they are fun. They come with everything you need on them. The guys in the store are smart and will help you and not sell you things you do not need. Go visit and check it out. Buy a mac and join the revolution!

  139. 139
    lechelle says:


    I do typical home stuff. I store and edit my photos (mac has great software available for this), use word (there’s a mac version of word available, it’s different so can be confusing at first, but it does the same stuff), normal web use (blogging, internet browsing, etc.

    One thing you might like about the Mac is that you can have several different “desktops” open. So you can have your adobe, photoshop, a word doc, etc, all open on multiple desktop screens that you can switch back and forth between. We never have issues with our computer running slower when we have multiple items open, just get a decently powerful one.

    We don’t bother with anti virus stuff and have never ever had a problem.

  140. 140
    Melanie says:

    Mac! My Dad got me a strawberry Mac computer when I was in junior high and ever since I have been a Mac fan, although that is what I’m more comfortable with. I used PC’s in school but never liked them. It’s true that you get more for your money with PC but Mac is great for creative minds, easier to use, no virus problems, good customer service with the genius bar etc!

  141. 141
    AJ says:

    We love our Macbook! We got it almost four years ago and it still runs as good as new. It has not slowed down in the slightest. It takes some getting used to after using a PC for so many years, but we like it much better. I found that once I got used to it, it was much easier to use than a PC. Not to mention that Photoshop and all those other Adobe programs run so smoothly on Macs. My parents have had various PCs and have always had problems with them. They just bought their first Mac a few months ago and they are in love! They biggest problem I have ever run into with having a Mac is that sometimes downloads or software is not available for Macs. But things are changing as Apple gets back into the game. I am a firm believer that Macs are the way to go these days!

  142. 142
    Andy says:

    Our household has both. I have a PC and my fiance has a Mac. I swear by my PC and it’s the best out there while he swears that his Mac is the best. It’s personal opinion in the end. I hate the Mac’s interface & organization. I love how much more simple my PC is to work. When I gave my old PC to my little brother to use (9 years old & still in GREAT SHAPE!), I was forced to use my fiance’s Mac for 6 months until I could buy my own PC. I HATED IT!!!! I was so happy when my fiance bought me a PC for my birthday 3 years ago. My PC is never slow and I always use lots of programs. Especially photo editing ones! I’ve never had problems with viruses and I don’t have a virus protection program. If you buy a PC with the right amount of hardrive space, etc, you shouldn’t have a problem with it being slow.

    What you should do instead of asking everyone about their opinions is test out a Mac for a week or so and see if you like it. If you do, buy one. If you don’t, buy a PC. It’s that simple. : ) Apple stores have some kind of workshop thing in which they show you how to use Macs. My fiances uses it all the time when a new software comes out. That’s another thing I don’t like about Macs. They are always changing their software (even if it’s to better it, it’s annoying) and they are not cheap. PC’s updates are usually free! I know I’ve never had to pay for an update.

  143. 143
    Andrea says:

    Wow! Well, it looks like you have a lot of great responses and you are probably even more confused than ever. I am sure my response will not helps clarify things any more than the next person’s but this post is just too timely and pertinent to pass up. I just went through the very same conundrum. It took me four months no less to make a decision. I too use a ton of different programs simultaneously: Photoshop, multiple windows and files open at the same time, plus several design programs too. I LOVE my iPhone so I naturally wanted to go Mac. But, I consulted with the computer experts at my husband’s office (one who owns an independent firm) as well as the good folks over at Best Buy and every one of them said stay PC. If you plan on using PC products on a Mac then you have to allocate space for that when you initially set up your computer. Going full Mac was not an option for me because my existing PC software is so expensive to switch over. I really wanted a MAC, but at the end of the day, PC was the only viable option for me. So then it became which PC. I researched this a ton and everyone said Sony VAIO’s seem to have the least amount of repairs. I have owned every major brand out there and I hated HPs the most. I also had a Sony desktop years ago and was also disappointed. But, the techies said they have come a long way and consider them to be one of the best laptops on the market. Net-net: I got a 640MB Sony Vaio for $699…plus I was able to get the $100 Best Buy gift card promo (there is also a free XBox promo going on too), and cashed in my Citibank Thank You points for Best Buy gift cards (just for banking with them) so my out of pocket cost was only $290. If this thing ends up being a total dog in a few years I won’t cry over needing to buy another. But, so far, I love it!!! Good luck with your quest!

  144. 144
    Becky says:

    My son has a broken Mac. My husband is an uber-geek, who can fix any PC. Except the Mac. Only an Apple store. Can’t even figure out how to unscrew it to replace the fan. So I am against. On the other hand, my BFF is sure she is a super-geek (LOL). She knows just enough to be dangerous, but not understand the ramifications. We tell her we are going to get her a Mac, her PC is down so often (because she “fixed” stuff).

  145. 145
    Anonymous says:

    I’m a MAC. For years I was PC all the way, and then about 4 years ago I switched. I have LOVED it. My husband never did get used to the different set up so he’s not crazy about it, but I will never go back to a PC. With a MAC, everything just WORKS. No slowdowns, no viruses, no problems – ever. When I log on to other people’s PCs and there is a little warning box popping up, and it takes forever to load because of the anti virus stuff, I get so annoyed. Free yourself! All the programs are so easy to use and work so well together. I just installed Photoshop on my MAC and have been so frustrated with it because it wasn’t made by Apple and just doesn’t work as nicely and easily. I love my MacBook, I’ll never go back.

  146. 146
    Hilary Lemon says:

    Macs DON’T last forever. I purchased my first laptop as a student a few years ago, and I got an iBook. And I coddled it like a baby. Despite my care and attention, it did die within a year and a half. And it took everything on my external hard drive with it in a flaming ball of horrible. The Mac store said they could maybe fix it, IF I coughed up $800 for parts plus fees for labor. In the end, it was cheaper to buy a brand new PC laptop. My Dell Inspiron is now over four years old and works like the day I bought it.

    I use Macs at work, but I’m a PC woman at home!

  147. 147
    Anja says:

    I am a PC person. In fact I’ve been a PC tech for over 12 years now. And while I’ve worked with both, I still prefer my PC.
    (Though I do love my Iphone. LOL)

    Be careful picking a mac, do your research and make sure all of the software platforms you use are Mac compatible. I know the Silhouette software was limited with a mac OS and you might not be able to do as much as you could on your PC (unless they’ve come out with software for the mac since you convinced me I needed one! lol).
    Also, if you’ve dropped the $ on Photoshop, you’ll have to drop it all over again for the MAC friendly version. Its sold as 2 seperate units.

    Macs do in fact get viruses, they just don’t happen as often. Actually one of my Cyber Security buddies at work and I were just talking about this. PCs operating systems were easier to infultrate, which is why it was such a problem. But some of those hackers and virus programmers do love a good challange, and have turned to attacking Macs. Its just a matter of time before they will be forced to run antivirus software the way we PC people have had to. The trend has begun.

    And for anyone using a PC that has a slow startup. A lot of that may be what programs you’ve got starting up (and only running in the background) that causes a slow startup. I have a fairly average PC hardware wise (Pc tech or not, I can only have what I can afford! lol) and on a boring day at work my coworkers and I were killing time and living the “Is a PC or a Mac bettter” competition, my Windows7 PC was up and ready to go faster than its equivalent MAC. If you know a PC saavy person that is comfortable working in MSCONFIG, have them take a look around in there and make sure you aren’t starting up a bunch of unnecessary software and eating up your resources and slowing you down.

    (And if you do end up sticking with a PC Platform, keep in mind that Windows 7 is a TOTAL MEMORY HOG. Absolute bare minimum amount of memory for running the 64bit version of Win 7 is 4 Gig. But if you can afford it, get at least 6. :D )

  148. 148
    Stephanie says:

    Mac all the way. I was on the fence about 6 years ago and tried it and now will never go back. We are total Mac people at home–my school desktop (I’m a teacher) is a PC and I am constantly fighting off viruses, system issues, etc. Never with my MAC. I have had to replace a battery once, but that was a constant use laptop and completely worth the price of a new battery (that happened after about 3 years). They are sleek, intuitive, and I love, love, love them. We do purchase microsoft office so we can play nice with others, but I now understand how un-user friendly that system is.

  149. 149
    Misty says:

    PC users here. I’m a photographer and my husband is a videographier.

    We are pc users for a few reason.

    1: the price of a MAC that would work for video editing it NOT WORTH IT! Let alone their editing software and it’s latest hiccup…
    2: PC is more for personal customization
    3: When something goes wrong with a part on the PC I can just order the replacement and replace it myself without having to load it up drive it to apple/best buy and paying them to diagnosis and fix the problem
    4: We have 2 desktops and 1 raid tower in our house (and 2 laptops). We are always swapping out hard drives, changing processors, upgrading video cards, etc. Things that are not available to do on your own with a Mac. These things cause you to either purchase a new Mac, or send/take it in and pay for it.
    5: My husbands editing machine is hooked up to 3 monitors. 2 are actual computer monitors and 1 is an LED vizio TV for playback; All three were cheaper then buying one Mac monitor with the same specs. (the thunderbolt is the comp… it’s 1K)

    I have nothing against MAC users. But they are just not for us. We like to customize, upgrade, swap, and use or computers to our advantage on our time, for less money.

    Just my thoughts. Good luck on your choice.

  150. 150
    Janelle says:

    PC, but NO WINDOWS!!!

    The problem with most PCs is Windows. It’s huge, buggy, makes the computer slow, and gets a gazillion viruses. We like Macs ok, but we’re PC users–but we are NOT Windows users. We go with Linux. More specifically, Ubuntu. It’s all open-source, works great, and is virus-resistant, all without the expense of a Mac.

    • 150.1
      Cindy says:

      Ubuntu does NOT support Photoshop (or is it Photoshop does not support Ubuntu?) if that’s a big concern to you. I made my last laptop dual boot windows/ubuntu but after it was stolen and I got my Lenovo I didn’t bother to make this dual boot because I used the Ubuntu so rarely (since I’m always using photoshop)

      In general though, I like PCs, and there’s not all the proprietary issues that Macs have (HAVE to go through the apple store to get a repair done? No Thanks! Monopoly anyone?) HOWEVER, I always buy the mid to high end range when I buy a new computer.

      I think a lot of the problems some have comes from buying the cheapest computer they can find. Seriously, the only time I’ve lost data with a PC is when my laptop (and backup drive) were stolen.

  151. 151
    Kristi says:

    Just had to throw my two cents in here. Up until two years ago we only ever used PC’s. After getting a laptop and a desktop that only last two years (at about $1500 each since my husbands a gamer and needed some upgrades to run his stuff well) we decided to make the jump and switch to a Mac. We built a desktop (and again got what my husband called a beast of a processor) for about $2000, which we built a slightly lesser version on the dell website and it was more for the dell. After two years the processor is still a decent processor and our computer is going strong. In fact my husband just looked it up on the Apple recycling program and we could resell it to them for $1000. In fact we like it so much that I got myself a macbook and it’s still working perfectly after 2 years. Honestly I can’t see us going back to PC’s for the household, although my husband still does need one for schoolwork (he’s learning computer security and apparently coding is different for the Mac’s or something like that, it would be easy enough if we needed to run Windows to do it). It did take a little getting used to, but honestly most of our questions were answered by the short tutorials the Apple website has (before we got an Apple store at our local mall, now if we need something we go in and ask and get GREAT customer service!). But honestly I’ve found it very intuitive. I’m a computer novice and honestly I hated doing anything beyond the basics on my PC for fear that I’d do irreversible damage. I don’t worry about that on my Mac. It’s very user friendly and works beautifully. I’d highly suggest getting one and do to all my friends getting a new computer.

  152. 152

    I’m a Mac all the way. My husband is a web developer so he knows his stuff and he has transitioned all of his stuff over to Mac in the last 8 years (he used to have both a Mac and a PC). I’ve never had a virus and my laptop is several years old (at least 3 or 4) and still going strong. One of my favorite features is having a long “up” time- meaning, I rarely have to reboot/restart my computer. I love that. I use my computer for iPhoto (which you will LOVE- it’s like Picasa but even better) and the internet primarily with some Photoshop and iTunes thrown in there. There’s pros and cons to both systems, but we’ve found the Macs to be more intuitive and user friendly, which I appreciate.

  153. 153
    B. Moore says:

    WOW! Now after reading EVERYTHING…I’m confused too! I’m using a Dell Window Xp pc and am only now finding it slow as I have been saving a TON of quilting and sewing patterns, templates, blah, blahs.
    I’m sort of slow at learning new stuff now…just turning 50 and all.
    Gonna’ stay with what I know. I think?

  154. 154
    Clarissa says:

    I was born and raised a Mac user/lover, so I admit that I am biased. I also don’t know much about software and all that junk but it looks there are plenty of your readers that are and can share that stuff with you. What I will say is that my experience with Macs has been great. My dad still uses a computer from the early 90s because it does exactly what he wants it to do and is happy with it. Macs really do last. Its true though that they do have their own problems but what doesn’t? Someone can buy a brand new car that has the highest ratings and things can go wrong in the first few months. Thats just the way it goes. Duds happen. The other thing is that my husband just got a MacBook Pro and loves it. One of the great features that the newer Macs have is that you can minimize your windows and organize them all on the screen. So if you have four different applications open you can click a button so you can see each one of them and bounce from one to the next simply. Another thing that is great is that they are making their computers with Aluminum which is a heat syncing material so the hardware doesn’t overheat. The console itself gets hot to the touch of course but nothing inside gets fried. Thats my two cents and probably isn’t really worth that but if it helps, it helps. :)
    Love your blog by the way. :D

  155. 155
    Michele says:

    I use both, but you’re right, Macs last much longer and rarely need virus protection.

  156. 156
    Jennifer says:

    My husband HATES Macs. He’s not a huge programmer, but he does have to do some for work and Macs are harder to get to work with programs (Programs that you will probably never use.) Someone like a web developer or a graphic designer loves Macs and quite frankly if you’re doing a lot of that work and you’re good at it then that’s the computer for you. On the other hand, Macs are quite user friendly for those NOT knowing what they are doing. PC’s allow people more options and perhaps that makes it easier to mess up a PC. My guess would be that you were a Mac person. I read the comment about the Silhouette and my friend, who happens to be a graphic designer for them, has a Mac. That doesn’t seem to hold her back at all with the amazing things she does with it.

    Also, about the anti-virus. There are less viruses out there for Macs. With the usage of the Macs going up I would think that the viruses built will start hitting the Macs more and more, so I wouldn’t start thinking of that as an advantage.

    • 156.1
      Jennifer says:

      Ok, so I have a little more information. With your computer so bogged down you need a good processor. I’d get a quad-core processor. There’s better, but it’s pricier.

      Also, it’s unfair to compare Macs to cheap PC’s. Macs don’t make cheap computers. The CEO is quoted somewhere as saying we don’t know how to make reliable computers for $500. Well, nobody does. So as far as reliability for desktops, ASUS and Dell Alienware are known to be more reliable than a Mac. For laptops, there’s an even bigger list. So the ones I can remember, ASUS, Dell Alienware again and the most reliable of all the laptops, at least for the general public, would be a ThinkPad. The thing is built like a tank. Customer Servicewise Dell and HP are considered to have superior customer service of all the brands. Mac, I’ve heard mixed reviews.

      As for user friendly, that’s in the eye of the beholder. I love Windows 7 and use mostly the same programs you do. I also agree with this comment:

      Absolute bare minimum amount of memory for running the 64bit version of Win 7 is 4 Gig. But if you can afford it, get at least 6

      Yes! Get 6!

      Also, I asked my husband which is easier to hack, a PC or a Mac, and he said hands down a Mac. So, with only 5-10 percent of the market being Macs, less people want to make viruses for them. But it is becoming more common.

      Macs do have a lot of compatibility issues. My graphic designing friends love them, but they use the same programs I use on my PC.

      So I have to change my last opinion a little. Buy a PC.

  157. 157
    Jolynn says:

    I don’t have a very educated response… but I really like both. Always have used PC’s but in college, the computer lab in our Elementary Education building was all Mac’s, so I learned to like them… “learned” is the key word. It was not automatic. We now have a Mac in our home and I love it. But I really don’t mind PCs either.

  158. 158
    Jules says:

    After reading even just a few responses… you KNOW you wanna flip to the Mac side :) Just do it :)

  159. 159
    Charlotte says:

    I am a Mac user and they’re great!! I had only used PC’s until last year and then I started using Macs and they sooo much better!! The only problem you may have is that the software you use will probably not be compatible with a Mac!!

  160. 160
    Serena says:

    I’ve been a PC user through and through for the past 15 years and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve heard a lot of pros and cons with both PC and MAC but computer techs do seem to prefer the versatility of PCs. I LOVE my new HP computer set up and I have it on 24/7, all day every day…it goes into sleep mode after a couple of idle hours until I wake it up….but I very rarely have to restart or reboot it. I’ve heard that PCs give you a lot more control which is something I like. I love that you can upgrade hardware yourself or get someone else to do it at minimal cost whereas it appears you have no option but to send MACs away at enormous cost if outside of warranty. I’ve heard MACs can be limited in some areas so I guess it all depends on what you mostly use your computer for and if all the programs you use can be easily replaced with MAC versions. If all you’ve known is PCs, a MAC will definitely take some getting used to.

    After reading through some of the comments, I think it really comes down to personal opinion….so, best of luck!


    • 160.1
      Anonymous says:

      No, you do not have to send away MACs to upgrade hardware, and the cost is very minimal. The newest operating system came out very recently and is available for download of the App Store or you can bring your MAC into an Apple store and they will upgrade it for you at no extra cost. It is only $29.99 for the system!

      • 160.1.1
        Serena says:

        Sorry, I only made that comparison because I read a previous comment from someone stating they had that experience with their MAC computer.

  161. 161
    Laura says:

    I am currently using a 3 year old MacBook Pro and I love it. Of course we also have an iMac. We love that too. I use photoshop on it all the time. I don’t leave open when I am not using it, because that is probably the one program that slows a computer down the most. I have several things open at once, with multiple tabs and windows in my web browser. It is usually pretty quick, but my hard drive is full so it is sluggish lately (a quick upgrade in HDs and it will be all good again). If you get a MacBook go for a big hard drive, but remember that you can always upgrade it.
    There is no need for antivirus programs because the OS doesn’t have all the wholes in it that Windows OS has in it, as well as the fact that people just don’t bother creating them because they aren’t as mainstream as PCs. I have never had a virus on a Mac and I’ve been using them for 11 years now (my husband has been a Mac owner since he was a kid).
    We have PCs at our house as well (my husband is a computer programmer). We use the PC for our media computer-hooked up to our TV, it has a DVR and we watch TV and movies on it. It has issues all the time. Our Macs don’t. You can also sell an older Mac for a decent amount of money while it is hard to give away old PCs for free. We sold a 5 year old Mac for $400 2 years ago. They don’t lose their value the second you take them out of the box. With a Mac you can just update and upgrade if necessary. I suggest talking to your local Apple store about what they can do to upgrade a Mac a few years down the road, should you go that route. Computers don’t have to keep all the parts they come with, you can replace them at any time!

  162. 162
    LoraLynn says:

    I’m a Mac lover, but I own a PC. My hold up on Macs are the expense, but you will almost always get a quality product with them. Right now I’m a Nursing student and I use my PC like crazy. Web browsers, Word, Adobe, Itunes, you name it, it’s running, and it really does slow everything down. In HS I worked on the yearbook and used photoshop a LOT, but we used Macs for everything. If you’re a right-clicker and a CTRL + whatever user, transitioning to a Mac will be hard at first, but they have the same shortcuts, and even better processing systems, and you’ll eventually wonder why it took you so long to switch over. I can’t wait until I can!

  163. 163

    I only use PCs, my last one lasted 10 years, so they do last for a decent amount of time.
    It is just personal preference, although the MACs are prefered by people who are in the visual arts business.

    My DH hates MACs though, so I don’t think he could cope with it if I ever got one ;)

  164. 164
    Alexis says:

    I have a PC, but only because it’s cheap and we bought it when we were poor newly weds. A MAC is on my list, very high up. I grew up on both, the Mac never got viruses and would last forever, the PC would be a flippin’ virus magnet. I remember our PC was dying a slow and painful death and my dad gave us all CD’s to back up our stuff. We named our disks Lazarus. :D A Mac costs more up front, but you don’t need to buy some expensive virus protector because that kind of stuff is built into it. A Mac will keep you happy for years, despite the price and a PC will only keep you happy for about a year before it starts breaking down. It’s all about the quality.

  165. 165

    I personally have never owned a Mac, but every single one I have ever used, I have loved. If we had the money, we would go out a buy an iMac right now, trust me. They are different from PC’s and at first it’s a little frustrating, but trust me, once you have been on a Mac for a few weeks, you’ll wonder why you ever wasted time and money on a PC. I would recommend a Mac because they are such good machines and they end up being really user friendly. I think you will end up loving it if you splurge and get one. Good luck with the decision!

  166. 166
    Aja says:

    I have had my Mac for seven years now and it has never had a virus, malware, frozen up, gotten sick, slowed down, or any of the many problems I have had with past PCs. It was worth it to me to spend a little more upfront to get a product that would last and not end up in a landfill within two years. Even after seven years and thousands of pictures and songs and files of all sorts, my Mac is just as easy to use, fast, and relevant as the day I bought it. It seems that PCs are designed to only last for a few years so that you will always be having to buy another one. That’s how they make money and still have low prices.

  167. 167
    Spring says:

    I’ve had PCs in the past and we’ve always had a major malfunction with them which meant we lost data and OMG pictures and I lost count of how many mother boards we’ve had to replace. We got a Mac *pets* two years ago and I will never own anything else. it’s fantastic. The resolution is amazing, it’s so easy to operate and also: shiny! They also take up no room at all. I have a desktop version and the computer is in the monitor. No computer tower at all. And it seems to run cooler than a regular PC, too but that might just be my biased impression. I also don’t worry about getting viruses, which is lovely.

    One thing, the Apple Care is a must because of course when Macs do break, it’s expensive (no computer lasts forever) and a broken computer is nothing more than an anchor. I normally never get extended warranties on any product I buy, but after listening to some friends who have Macs and the inevitable problems arose, they were always grateful for purchasing Apple Care. But I insisted and when a problem arose (as it will), it more than paid for itself. We would have had to pay nearly as much as a brand new iMac for the repair if we didn’t have it. Yikes!

    That said, I didn’t hate my PCs. Believe me, I was glad to have them. :)

  168. 168
    Heather says:

    I’m a MAC girl and I’ll NEVER go back to using a PC. At first getting used to a MAC was different/a little challenge, but now it’s so smooth and literally seems to read my mind. It’s just SO user friendly. I love the lay out, the apps, and I NEVER NEVER have had any viruses or any computer problem (for seven years). I’m totally sold, worth EVERY penny.

  169. 169
    Britney says:

    Mac… Mac forever and always. Pretty sure you’ll see there are a million loyal very happy Mac fans out there, PCs have their “users”, Macs have their “fans” :o)

  170. 170
    Sara says:

    I got mine about 4 years ago because of my major for school, Graphic Design. I kind of dreaded making the change, but after a few weeks of getting used to the changes that come with switching, I was hooked. I have never ever installed a anit-virus program, nor have I ever gotten a virus. I was told a while ago that Mac’s do not get them because no one has been able to hack in an make one like they are able to with a PC.

    I’ve been trying to convince my mom to get a Mac. Ever couple of years she’s purchasing a new computer system because of them being over taken by the viruses. With all of the money she spends to do that she could have bought a Mac and not have had to spend any more money.

    Once you go Mac you never go back. And honestly, it’s true.. it’s almost like the best thing out there!

  171. 171
    CatherineC says:

    I have to admit that I love my mac, I just am not 100% sure it is THAT much better than a PC would be for the cost. I love the shortcuts, the drag and drop, the “no” virus worries, and the ease of apple products that connect to it. At this point, I can get really frustrated when I try to use a PC because I am so USED to my mac. BUT (and I am speaking only about laptops, which I think needs to be said because if you are looking at a desktop, it will be a total different story.) I had a dell in college and it lasted 5.5 years and my macbook is in TERRIBLE shape after 3.5 years. I had to replace the battery within 3 months of buying it and have had to replace the power adapter once as well. I am constantly on the go and traveling so it is necessary that my computer be built tough…and I just don’t think my mac has cut it. The hard case is cracked and I have had lots of things that I could have fixed on it but can’t afford to. It constantly tells me I have no more room and I have pulled EVERYTHING off of it on to an external HD…which is so inconvenient, I might as well be tied to a desktop. My point is that there is very little RAM. My macbook (3.5 years old) doesn’t even have enough space (completely empty) to hold the new OS Lion.) If you want to read more about my most recent frustration that pertains to all things Apple (which is definite CONS side of the Apple product compatibility and interdependence almost) you can read this blog entry…it’s not the only of its kind either…

  172. 172
    meikjn says:

    I have two brothers and a father-in-law who are computer experts they all like PC’s. Mac’s can be harder to use. and the thing with computers is that they are designed to be incompatible with new programs and updates to make you buy new ones. PC’s are bigger which makes them cheaper,and easier to fix. so macs are not only way more expensive but they cost more to fix too. If you don’t use anything but the programs you mentioned you don’t need a Mac to hack it.

  173. 173
    Cushy says:

    Wow! There have been a Bunch of responses to this simple question. It’s amazing how fanatical we all get about our computers.

    This is obviously a HOT topic for a lot of people.

    It’s also amazing to me how many misconceptions there are about these two separate operating systems.

    I use PC at work and Mac at home.

    First of all.. Mac can do everything that PC can do and vise-versa. I can go through this entire thread and pick out every single thing that pc users have stated that only they can do and I can easily duplicate it on my mac at home. Macs can form Raid-arrays, swap processors, you can upgrade your video card in you own kitchen – (no need to go to best buy). Macs can use off*brand third party monitors and keyboards and accessories. Macs can run windows programs (yes.. ANY windows program) the list goes on and on. All of this depends on whether you have the tech-savvy to do it or not. All modern computers are versatile.

    The main difference at the end of the day is simple. Do you want an automatic or a stick?

    PC’s are ALWAYS in standard (stick shift). You have to do EVERYTHING yourself. This is fine, if that’s what you want. There are some major downsides to that type of technology and major upsides. Because PC’s are so raw and open, they are subject to a HUGE amount of problems. They are easily infected, they crash a whole bunch, and because the whole computer & operating system is made out of different parts from different companies that all have to work together there is an increased chance that something will go wrong. The upside is that you can “noodle” with all of the components and pieces like an old mechanic who likes to pimp up his car. And there’s a lot of people who like to mess with their cars… uh.. computers. You can turn your pc into all sorts of crazy things, change the cases and put lights on it and even make it glow in the dark. The operating system is more accessible. Meaning, it is easier for developers to do good things.. OR bad things.

    Mac’s come complete. Each computer is maxed out with the best that Apple can deliver at the moment. That’s why you pay so much. Mac’s are in AUTOMATIC mode. Plug and play. No brainer. Easy as sunday morning. They come pre-loaded with thousands of applications and abilities that are at your fingertips. If you were to load a PC with the same amount of options you would actually pay more for the PC than you would for a Macintosh. ALL of the components & Software inside of a Mac are built and designed by APPLE. There are no “different companies” jamming their parts into a box (like a pc) and hoping that the end user wont exceed the performance parameters and burn out their component before the warranty expires. Don’t get me wrong, Macs can be used for development. It’s just that Apple is very careful about the who, what, when where and why of the people developing stuff for their product line. They do not want their end-user (you) having a bad experience.. like a virus.

    Ashley needs to decide what kind of computer user she is. Does she want the sleek Cadillac with all the bells and whistles that costs a bit more (Mac) or does she want the Gadget-Mobile that may or may not survive Dr. Claw’s next big [virus] attack (pc)?

  174. 174

    So I didn’t read the other comments because there are a LOT of them, but I think you’re right on it depends on what you do with your computer. I am a mac user now, but I was a PC user for years and they both have pros and cons. It’s huge to me that I don’t have to deal with antivirus software on my mac, but there are some free programs now on PCs that keep track of that well too. As price goes, I firmly believe a PC and mac that have the same specs will cost almost the same price. Macs will be maybe a couple hundred more. I believe that’s made up for by the fact that I actually use the software that comes with my mac. I can’t say that about a PC. As soon as I get it, I go through and delete all the preloaded stuff because it is almost all junk. But I use iCal, iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, iDVD, Garage Band, etc on my mac all the time.

    As for your computer running sluggish, that all comes down to how much RAM you have on it. If you run Photoshop I don’t believe you can really get by without 8GB of RAM. I run on 4GB RAM right now on my macbook and it’s a bit slow sometimes. The amount of RAM you have determines how many processes your computer can run at the same time. Adobe programs are wonderful, but they are always memory hogs, so they use lots of that RAM. I’m all about having programs open though. It takes too long to load them up when they are closed. I definitely think you should go the mac route with what it sounds like you do on your computer, but you’ve got to live with it, so good luck!

  175. 175
    Melissa says:

    I don’t suppose I really have an opinion either way but I just wanted to throw out there that all kinds of PC users replace after a couple of years because the computer gets slow and/or virus filled when it is actually very cost effective to take it in to a reliable computer shop and have it cleaned out internally and have the harddrive cleaned up too. My mother in law’s computer was having severe difficulties about a year ago and we took it to the computer place where my sis in law worked and they cleaned it up, replaced the fan, and cleaned up the harddrive and it worked like new again… all for around $150. Pretty cheap compared to a new computer if you ask me!

  176. 176
    Ashley Daily says:

    Hi. I’m a Mac.
    I used a Pc when I lived with my parents but that’s because my dad’s an engineer and had his stuff all installed on a PC. (HP actually)
    When I got married, I made the switch and have never looked back.
    Best thing about a mac: Lasts FOR.EV.ER.
    Worst thing about a mac: expensive.
    Bottom line: worth the price. in every way.

    Plus side: pretty. shiny. wireless.

  177. 177
    Brenna says:

    My hubby and I bought a $2000 iMac when we were engaged. I liked it, he loved it. I had only ever used PC’s and there were some major differences. Right after the 3 year mark (when the warranty was up) it died. I was so shocked that Apple wanted me to pay for them to try to troubleshoot with me on the phone! I had never experienced that before! We took it to Simply Mac and they said the logic board was dead and would cost $600 to replace it.

    The computers themselves are nice, but repairs and their customer service sucks.

  178. 178
    Emily says:

    Mac ALL THE WAY!!!! My dad is a LONG time Mac man though so I guess I am a little bias that way. When we were first married we got a PC and it blue screened me all the time after a year or so. We invested in a Mac and haven’t had a problem since! Good luck. Really any computer will need some love and they all do eventually kick the bucket.

  179. 179
    Sam says:

    I’m a PC. Why? Because the partially eaten apple is a clique-ish hipster icon. They’re on the rise because there’s more hipsters now. Also I can buy 3 notebooks for the cost of 1 mac. I’d rather upgrade every few years, software demand more and more of computers and a 4+ year old machine won’t handle the new work loads.

    If you want to upgrade it… this explains the process:

    This is just a funny, I like to share:

  180. 180
    Jean says:

    Someone said early on that you would hear from more Mac people… and she was right! Wow! I agree that there must be something to those Macs for people to love them so much. That would go beyond the issue of them being more expensive and very trendy at them moment. I own a PC and always have…. they are easier to come by and I don’t really know anyone very well that has a Mac. I hear there is an adjustment period to the Mac but you can handle that. Also, I have heard the hackers aren’t developing as much malicious ware for Macs because there are tons more PC’s out there and so there are more vicitms available. …. I’m not positive, but it sounds like a good reason. So you should still stay on top of your protection. I say, get one and let us know how you like it!

  181. 181
    Laura says:

    I use a Mac and love it. Unlike the last post, I’ve only heard wonderful things about Apple’s customer service. They consistently receive high ratings for customer support. I just purchased my 2nd laptop (13″ macbook pro) after the 2004 powerbook that was a hand -me-down from my husband finally bit the dust…and by bit the dust, I mean it needed a new power supply ($70) and the computer was worth less than that to resell or recycle. However, until it’s final day, that little machine, with nothing “extra” about it except added RAM, ran illustrator & photoshop for me without problems. I don’t know of many PC’s that will do that after 6 years.

    Yes, Macs are known for working well for designers. The way it displays graphics has something fancy to do with algorithms, I’m told…
    No, Macs don’t need virus protection. They require a system admin password to authorize program downloads, so just don’t plop in your password if something fishy pops up that you didn’t click on.

    I typically have the same programs open on my mac, without problems. And my husband almost always has Final Cut Pro on his…and you thought Photoshop was a hog :)

    Three pointers:
    If you’re looking at laptops, go with the Macbook Pro over the Macbook. It is worth the extra money if you plan to do anything more than basic documents and surfing the web.
    Save your money by buying from the refurbished section on the apple website. The machines are backed by the same warranty. We’ve purchased 3 computers that way personally and a couple more for our church and none have had problems.
    If you’re used to using a PC and live near an apple store, sign up for the classes they offer to new users and learn the basics that way. It’s not that difficult, but it will save you time to learn the shortcuts of using a different operating system. It’s inexpensive for the amount of customized help they’ll give you, specific to what you want to learn to do.

    Oh, and lastly, send me an email if you have questions. My husband is the next best thing to an apple salesperson, without the pressure or commission. Maybe that makes him better than a salesperson ;)

  182. 182
    Cynthia says:

    Ok, I’ve used both and I like PC’s much better. There are more programs available for them and they have a wider range of capabilities and they are cheaper. Macs don’t get as many viruses (they do get viruses) because they aren’t as common. If a person writes up a virus they want to hit the most people they can so they write it for Windows computers. I have been using Linux for quite a while and it doesn’t get viruses. I don’t have to download antivirus software and I use a PC. I think Macs are too expensive and its not because of their warranty or a better build-it’s because they are trendy. My husband fixes computers for a living. He works on both and sees both. My advice would be get a PC and use Linux. You can do pretty much anything on Linux but it is a bit tricky to get to know.

  183. 183
    Katy says:

    It’s so curious that you posted this today, because today was the day my husband and I finally got fed up with our hand-me-down PC. It’s the viruses that kill me (and the PC). I really can’t afford to update my virus software year after year. It adds up to hundreds of dollars.

    We’ve both used Macs at work and so we’re semi-comfortable with Macs in terms of usage. But today we actually went to the Apple store in town and finally did the research we’ve been meaning to do. Of course we only heard one side of the story there, but it was enough to convince me of what I already knew: a Mac would serve us better.

    I’m a teacher and need easy/quick/attractive publications. My husband writes music and digs the software that comes on a Mac. We love that everything is compatible with PCs so we can transfer files no problem.

    For me, it’s the whole virus issue that finally clinched it. I can’t wait to play with it! (We’re purchasing a 13″ Macbook Pro and in order to get a free printer, need to wait two weeks until our store finishes its move.)

  184. 184
    Diana says:

    Hi my name is Diana and I’m a PC. (lol). I guess I’m hybrid since I do love my iPhone. I would say if you have a friend that would let you tool around on their Mac for an afternoon or evening, that would help you too. It’s a personal preference. I know for me- I wanted the Mac but couldn’t justify the costs when it came down to programs I was running. Everything needs to be backed up- doesn’t matter which. I had a laptop that was just getting old. I’m glad I got a newer one this year. I have used Photoshop and have turned to Creative Memories Memory Manager for my photo storage and editing. The majority of things I wanted to do in PS are covered with MM and in simplier form. And doesn’t tale as much to run, which was a problem I had. I like to keep different windows open. Just a choice… How you work. I love my PC and when sharing files with others, I don’t have to stop and think which version am I in. Good luck with your decision.

  185. 185
    Heidi says:

    We have had our mac (mac mini) for about 5 years now, and have NEVER had a problem. We got a labtop and got a virus in in the first 6 months and we were so careful. It was a hard transition to the mac learning to do what I wanted but it was completely worth it, and I will never go back. It is worth the money in the long run.

  186. 186
    Jac says:

    I use a mac laptop at home and a pc laptop for work, and I switch back and forth between them. The reason they’ve gotten the reputations they have is largely about some super-techy stuff that I barely understand, mostly about the operating system: Windows on pc’s OSX (and the updates thereof) on mac’s. Basically, there’s a lot of software written for pc’s by third-party companies, and apple is more tight-lipped about the information you’d need to know to make mac software. That’s kept mac as more of a specialist brand, and microsoft as the everyman’s brand. Macs are less likely to have tutorials and ‘wizards,’ because they assume you know a bit more about exactly what you want to do. As a semi-techy person, I feel like pc’s are full of smoke and mirrors, and it’s hard for me to find what I need because it’s all presented in a way that’s meant to be uber user-friendly for the vast majority of users.

    As for the need for antivirus software — that will be short-lived. Few people write viruses for mac’s because pc’s have more of the marketshare. From a virus maker’s perspective, it’s a waste of time to write mac viruses. As mac gains more of the marketshare, viruses will catch up.

    If you don’t use specialized software, it really comes down to a matter of preference. Most of the style stuff (mac’s are shiny, with soft edges, etc) has now been replicated in various pc’s, and pc’s are still cheaper for the same memory and speed. You can get most software on both mac’s and pc’s, including photoshop and microsoft office, though some work better one one operating system than on the other. An open source operating system like Linux is always an option for either a mac or a pc (and some mac’s and pc’s allow you to partition your harddrive so you can switch between operating systems; my macbook runs OSX most of the time, but I can go into Windows when I need to).

    Good luck and happy shopping!

  187. 187
    Kelly says:

    I’ve done my schoolwork and graphic design stuff on both PCs and Macs and although the Mac graphics are reaaalllllyyyy prettty, I still really like my PC. Why? Because I know how to fix it if something screws up. Also, there’s more programs and program support for PCs and what programs I in particular use. :D

  188. 188
    Raelynn says:

    I converted from a PC to a MAC when my laptop was stolen….And I LOVE APPLE!! I was on the fence like you, but once I got it, I love it. I have an HP for work, and while its a good computer, I miss my MAC every second I use that PC. I have only once had an issue with my email on the MAC and I made an appointment with the Genius Bar at Apple, they plugged it in, did some stuff, and voila, it was fixed, never had a problem again. Never have had any reason to have an anti-virus software (although my husband is convinced that some o that software for PC’s is what causes problems…who knows), I would say MAC all the way….it will take some time to get used to the different features, but once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner….

    Good Luck either way!!

    P.S. There is software for Apples that you can switch from Apple operating system, and Windows operating system, it’s called Parallels, so if you absolutely need something that is Windows based, you can run it on your MAC!!

  189. 189
    Anonymous says:

    I see you have been swamped with responses but I have to weigh in. I only recently switched to a MAC. I LOVE it. I had planned on using my mac in professional school and my PC for personal things but I find that I just can not go back to my PC. It is slower and the inteface is not as fun. I love the gestures on the mac ( if you look up the new LION software on they explain it all. It also has a lot of fun programs and I can run a ton at a time. Photoshop is designed to run on systems with dual and quad cores where for most programs it doesnt really matter (from what i understand).

    The only down side I have had thus far is the price. They are really expensive but they work and the apple care is totally worth it. Besides that they offer customizable options including hard drive size and whether you want a solid state or moving parts etc.

    bottom line, unless i need a dirt cheap computer in a pinch i would never go back to PC.

  190. 190
    alys favero says:

    I have a PC and a Mac. Our Mac is coming on 5 years old this October, and is still hanging in there (although we anticipate getting a new one soon). It has been a great computer. My husband mostly uses it for design programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, and others). He beefed up the memory and hard drive so it could handle running multiple programs. It does really well with that, so if you are looking for running big programs a Mac might be a good choice. Just so you know, you can get viruses on Macs, but it is very uncommon. We got one on ours a few years back, but haven’t had any problems since. They are more pricey, but they are good computers.

    I just purchased a new laptop. I work over the internet and mostly use the internet and word or other document viewers. I could’t justify buying a Mac since a PC would do just fine for my needs. I am pleased with my purchase.

    I think either way computers get better every year, so the next one you get will be better regardless if it is PC or Mac. I am curious now what you will get.

  191. 191
    Alicia says:

    I’m not even going to try to read the 185 comments, so will probably repeat more than half of what they all said, but I’m a Mac user.

    Growing up we were always PC users. My first personal (not family) computer was a gateway – which lasted a good solid 3 years getting me most of the way through college. At that time I thought three years was an AMAZING amount of time for a computer to last! I know growing up we were replacing computers every 1.5-2 years because of viruses and in general just slowing down. When it came time to replace that computer after it got the ‘blue screen of death’ I jumped on the mac bandwagon for no real reason other than it was ‘trendy’. I got this Mac before my senior year of college in the summer of 2005 – so it’s about 6 years old and still working. It’s admittedly on it’s last leg, has lost a couple of keys over the last few years, the battery doesn’t hold a charge since we always keep it plugged in, we’ve had to replace the power cord twice in the last 2-3 years (the wires were getting worn and losing connection), and the operating system is so old now that some newer mac products don’t work with it… but for a 6 year old computer, I’d say that’s not a bad track record!

    We have every intention of replacing this with another mac – and hope to do so soon because this one is aged, but as others have pointed out (and I’m sure you’re aware) they’re expensive, so we are trying to hold off as long as possible.

    They’re much easier to use (yes, you will have to adjust to the ways of a mac – but after the learning curve they’re quite simple in comparison). I’ve never had any viruses or other issues which of course is a plus! And while some say that it’s just as cost effective to buy 2 computers in 6 years for 500 as it is to buy one in 6 years for 1000, think of the inconvenience of switching all that information from one to another… etc, every 3 years.

  192. 192
    Briana says:

    I use both…our home computer is a PC {because my hubby is anti-Mac} and I use my Mac for school{I’m a teacher}. I would honestly probably pick my Mac over our PC because of its ease of use. Just like all Apple products, it just seems to run a little smoother. Although, Macs aren’t perfect…I’ve had it 2 years so far and I’ve had to have the battery replaced and it was reimaged by our tech guy (whatever that means).

    The other negative about Mac is that there are some programs I have wanted to run on it that are only available for the PC….like Live Writer. Boo!

    So, I guess I’m torn. I really like both, but the PC is definitely cheaper. There is just something about a Mac though! =)

  193. 193
    Maggie says:

    MAC MAC MAC MACCCCCC!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. My hubby is in an artistic field and so we were forced to convert over because of that. I have never looked back. Never had security software. Never had a pop up. Never had a broken computer. In fact, I am writing this on our Macbook Pro that we bought about 8 years ago. Never had a problem with it. Now we have this trusty old one, two Macbook Airs, his/her iPhones and an iPad. Up front you pay more but in the end we have saved TONS in money and grief by going MAC! (I love them so much that I almost want to marry them.)

  194. 194
    Heather B says:

    I have wondered the same things a lot!! My bro in law is the director for Simply Mac (an apple specialist and dealer) and they are all about them. I think all of my family is headed that was as well. You can check them out at good luck :)

  195. 195
    Sam adams says:

    I’ve had my macbook since 2006. I don’t do anything with anti-virus, just let her do her job and she’s never failed me. Sure stuff has happened, but when it does I make an appointment with my closest Genius bar (usually available within 2 days) and they fix it for me or tell me what I need to do. A few time I was within warranty and it was done for free. I still use a PC at work and I have no problem going between the two, I think it’s useful to be able to use both. If you do get a mac learn your shortcut keys! It make thinks so fast! My husband has a PC and we often race to see who can find the answer to an answer online, I usually have it before he’s computer is even warmed up. Once you go mac you never go back.

  196. 196
    Kristen says:

    I’m not sure you need more comments on this, but I switched to a MAC 5 years ago. I’m not a computer person and don’t know much, but my MAC is so user friendly even for me. My parents have yet to switch to a MAC in in the last 5 years they have gone through 3 PCs (my mom thinks she’s too old to switch) and have had countless problems. Always calling the computer guy. I haven’t had a single problem. Not one. I don’t install any anti-virus and it’s not a problem. I love my MAC and will never go back.

  197. 197
    anna says:

    Well I was really hoping to be the 200th person to leave a comment… haha. You probably won’t even read this but I’ll give you my input anyway.

    I’m a graphic designer turned stay at home mom and I (of course) use a Mac. I think someone in your position would be happier using a Mac because the Adobe software(s) all run more smoothly on the Mac platform – InDesign, illustrator, Photoshop… But no matter WHAT computer you’re using, if you are running photoshop while using several other software items, it will MOST DEFINITELY slow. your. computer. down. Photoshop is a beast, always has been (at least for the past 10 years that I’ve been using it).

    Yep, Mac’s are trendy, but I think it’s because they are seen as something “different.” Not totally mainstream, yet anyway. I love how they cater to beauty, form, function, aesthetics, and the experience of owning an amazing machine. One that you use several times a day.

    The Silhouette released a Mac version of their software a while back that is the same, if not better, than the PC software. Which is awesome (I bought one after seeing one on your blog and didn’t realize they didn’t release Mac software for it until I had already opened the dang thing. VERY frustrating).

    Oh, and I’ve only owned 3 macs in the past 11 years; two of them were laptops and one a desktop. Typing on my laptop now. My desktop had an internal problem that was never solved and because we purchased the protection plan, they sent me another one for FREE almost 2 years later. Now that’s awesome customer service!

    Everyone else has covered pretty much everything else. Good luck in your purchasing!

  198. 198
    stacey says:

    I’ve used Apple since I was 2 years old, but have always used PCs for my job. I now have a three year old MacBook, named Herbert, whom I loove. My husband, btw, has gone through three PCs in five years, so I’ve got a better track record I think. :) Although I’m more technically minded and he tends to beat up electronics. I love Macs because in general I think they’re more stable, and they really don’t get viruses (I’ve never gotten one, my husband has and I’ve had to rebuild his computer twice.) We don’t do desktops, we each just have a laptop. That being said, my work PCs have been okay but not great; I just don’t have the same appreciation/love for them that I do for my Macs. If you do creative stuff (Photoshop, web stuff, video editing) you can get much more power for a lower cost than a comparable PC. (Although a basic PC is cheaper than a basic Mac, but I think your needs are beyond basic if you’re in Photoshop.)

    Oh, and to answer your question of what kind of work I do: I just finished grad school, so I do a lot of papers in Microsoft Word, I blog, I email, I edit photos in Photoshop/iPhoto, video in iMovie, and build websites in Dreamweaver. Right now I’m editing car videos for my husband in iMovie. :)

    Get a MacBook Pro. It will do all of the video/photo/tech stuff you need, last a long time, and run quicker. You can run it with a monitor when you want a desktop/bigger screen for editing photos, and run it as a laptop when you want to blog from the couch.

  199. 199
    Nandini says:

    MAC! MAC! MAC! I wrote my entire thesis on it without having to switch if off even once, with a dozen pdf’s, word docs open! Not to mention browser windows and pretty much used it atleast 14 hours a day! That is saying something.. try doing that with a pc! :)

  200. 200
    Whitney says:

    Not that you need ANOTHER comment on this all too hot topic, but… For the love of God, GET A MAC. You may pay more up front but it will last longer and give you less trouble along the way, leading to an overall lifecycle cost that is equivalent to or less than a PC. Refurbished Apple products are available. Additionally, there are licensed third party sellers that can save you (for example) from paying sales tax (one is Apple products have a higher resale value than their PC counterparts should you decide to scrap your computer a few years down the road. I’ve used PCs at work and Macs at home for years. I do prefer a Mac and am glad to now be self-employed and able to choose my own equipment (ALL Apple). MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC!!!!!

  201. 201
    Jason says:

    I know you have plenty of comments, but I wanted to add my two cents in. Also I’m not sure what all has been said, so I apologize if I’m repeating earlier comments. I got a Macbook about 5 years ago, and it is still going strong. Here are some things I like about Macs:

    Yes, they are more upfront, but they are durable–both the outside and the inside. My family has gone through SEVERAL PCs, and all of them broke down in weird ways. My dad and my brother’s laptop hinges broke. Mine completely died after battling viruses for a year. All these PCs died within 2 years of use. My mac has lasted twice as long as those, and it is still going strong.

    I got my Mac my junior year of college (to replace that PC that broke after only 2 years). I carried it around in my book-bag everywhere. With my job, I travel around town a lot, so I still carry my macbook everywhere. The most damage my Macbook has gotten from all this use and travel is a couple of scratches on the outer casing, and those are barely noticeable.

    Also, Macs keep up-to-date better than PCs. I recently installed the latest version of the Mac OS (Lion) on my Mac. Imagine trying to install the latest version of Windows on a 5-year-old Dell or HP… Also, style-wise, my Mac still looks modern.

    Also, no viruses. I mean, none. I have never had any virus protection on my Mac in the 5 years of use, and I have never had to worry about anything.

    Lastly, I love the software on Macs. I almost never use Microsoft Word or Excel Powerpoint. Mac has their own office suite called “iWork” which is (in my opinion) better than Microsoft’s, and it’s MUCH cheaper.

    So yes, upfront a Mac is $1000+, whereas you can get a PC for under $400… but long term, the investment is worth it. It will last longer, you don’t have to invest money (and time) killing viruses, and it will stay up-to-date and modern for years. And as a sidenote, if anything does go wrong, going to an Apple store is a LOT less of a headache than dealing with HP’s or Dell’s customer service…

    Hope this helps!

  202. 202
    Helen says:

    You have soooooo many responses but thought I would put my 2 cents in anyway

    My husband is a software engineer and we have 7 computers in use in our house, so he is all about computers and software and I have been able to benefit from he love of them because I used them for work and for everyday stuff at home but nothing compared to him

    I have a MacBook Pro but am running the windows OS on it and am in love. I have always always always been a PC user and I loved my last laptop (it was a DELL and it was PINK!!!!!!) but when it finally died after 4 years my husband convinced me to go for the MacBook Pro instead of getting a new DELL. It has taken a little while to get use to the different keyboard (hubby has gotten phone calls with my about to blow my top asking how the hell I do a screenshot with a screenshot button) and mouse pad but am really enjoying all the advantages now. The Mac is a grea piece of machinery, the battery lasts for a really long time (a little shorter when running windows OS instead of Apple OS), it has a longer life cycle, the shell is 1 piece of moulded of metal for the base and 1 piece for the lid so there is less chance of chips which means its stays prettier for longer and the best thing is that you can change to the Apple OS using ‘boot camp’ so I get the best of both world being able to run Photoshop in the Apple OS and things like Live Writer in the Microsoft OS. Basically I think the MacBook Pro is a great piece of hardware but will always love the Microsoft OS

    • 202.1
      Amy says:

      My hubby (the IT guy) has also partitioned the mac hard drive and we use “boot camp”. I can either boot the computer up in windows 7, apple OS, or Linux! I don’t normally use my windows side but it is a handy option.

  203. 203
    Amanda says:

    If I could afford a Mac, I’d get one.

  204. 204

    Macs are down right fun. Also, unless the Apple Store has changed their setup since I was last in, you can pay something like $99 for a years worth of classes one on one with their techs and learn EVERYTHING about your computer :)

  205. 205
    Silvia says:

    My Partner bought me MacBook Air….I don’t even like my PC anymore!!!

  206. 206
    Sarah says:

    We are one of those (rare?) families that have both. We were fortunate to get a Mac desktop for a wedding gift (combined with hubby’s college graduation). My PC brothers gave me such a hard time about it. 3 years later we have had nary an issue, and have done no work to it :). Plus we are rest assured that we can bring it to any Mac store at any time for hassle free, cost free fixes.
    My church provides my work laptop but they could only provide a few hundred dollars and we couldn’t afford an upgrade, so we stuck with PCs. I am very careful with my things, but 11 months after getting my laptop, I got the blue screen of death, which even the computer shop couldn’t recover from. So now they have bought me 2 computers in 2 years.
    I always tell people that if they can afford the up front cost of a mac, it is so worth it. But not everyone can. If you don’t have the money, don’t buy it.

  207. 207
    Amy says:

    i’ve used both at work and really i don’t think there is much difference as far as interface and experience, except that the pc is subject to viruses. i’ve always had pcs at home because of the programs i use, but now it is more common for everything to be available on both platforms. i’m getting more and more viruses lately from malware from blogs. if you are thinking of a mac, you should definitely get one. if price is an issue, then try to wait and save. if we get another computer, we are going to more seriously consider a mac.

  208. 208
    Amy B says:

    I am a MAC for the past 3 years and would never, ever go back to a PC. MAC is more mainstream than you think and you won’t find it difficult to convert over. I say GO FOR MAC!!

  209. 209
    Heather says:

    I didn’t read all of the comments to see if it was already mentioned… if you do decide to go with a Mac, check the refurb link at apple online. They come with the same warranty as a new Mac and they are often A LOT cheaper! We’ve gotten our MacBooks and IPads refurbed and never had a problem. But even if we did, Apple is super awesome :) and I’d be speaking with an american when I have trouble.

  210. 210
    Heather says:

    I bought a iMAC three years ago. I HATE IT. Now, dont get me wrong, it is great for surfing the internet and watching movies on that nice screen. And it LOOKS really pretty.
    But the programs are limiting and they are all expensive. I used to do a ton of digital scrapbooking and design. But I can not do any of that now- unless I buy a 600 program and learn a whole new system!
    I am determined to buy a new PC this year.

  211. 211
    Colleen says:

    I’m an electrical engineer. I was taught PCs. I know how they work. And funny enough I had a Mac in school and it frustrated me to no end when I came home from class and would poke around to find I knew nothing about how my Mac worked. With that you should find it no surprise I’m a PC girl. I have a 10 year old Dell that is still running strong. It’s only crashed once and I swear it was because I was trying to load some Verizon software. Oh and I’ve only intermittently loaded anti virus software on it. I’ve never had a problem with viruses. But I also know not to click on strange links or open email from people I don’t know. I’ve only kept it for so long because its the only thing my beloved embroidery software will run on.
    My opinion on Macs…they are great! I often wander over to Apple and drool over the sleek incredibly user friendly machines. I can’t get over the prices though. (I really think if they dropped their prices they could truly rule the world.)
    I think they’re great for technologically challenged folks…like grandma and most people in general. If you have no desire to know how something works, you just want your software to run. Get a Mac. But I’m sticking with my trusty PC for now.
    Just don’t buy a Mac because of the fear of viruses. Most viruses are just data collectors. If Mac users don’t think their data isn’t being collected, let them keep thinking it!

  212. 212
    Biz says:

    I grew up a PC, but a few years ago my husband and I decided that we would go Mac and quite frankly I can’t ever think of going back. It’s been explained to me that PCs were originally created for office use and Macs for home use. Ever since I got my Mac I’ve had ZERO problems with it running slow or it crashing or having problems running MULTIPLE programs at once. I used to use Photoshop and now I use Aperture and iPhoto. My husband’s step-dad works on and sells programming for PCs, but after seeing how much we loved our Mac he bought one for his own personal use.
    I could spend $X for a decent computer every few years as they crash or I could spend 2 times that for a Mac and at least have it work for 2x longer with fewer problems along the way, I’ll take my Mac any day! Happy Shopping!

  213. 213
    Jeanette says:

    Hi, I’ve been a mac user since 1999 and I have no complaints. I started out with the flavor colors they had back then and kept it until about 3 years ago. Although I was unable to update it because it’s hard drive was too small, it was still usable and when small children came to visit, I would turn it on for them to play different games. I also own an ibook and an imac desktop. In all my years, I’ve never had any issues with virus, loosing data, sluggishness, etc. Currently I have over 8,000 pics on iphoto on my desktop (yes, i should probably back them up somewhere) and i have no issues with how’s it’s running, it has not slowed down. I usually have about 8 safari windows open, iphoto open, itunes is sometimes running and some document or excel file. I also have photoshop and while I don’t use it often, it has never crashed on me. I also have about 5 users set up and at any given time two or three of us are logged on. I have an old dell that i keep around because it has the latest version of microsoft word loaded on it (which is what i have at work) but it takes forever and it seems every year I have to have work done on it. Hope this info helps and happy shopping!

  214. 214
    The countess says:

    Wow! 212 comments, I think you hit a nerve here….I love my advices but wouldn’t switch to a Mac computer just because of the limits on software available. More choices in the PC world. More choices equals more configuration issues. My cofig, error messages and virus issues ended when I started using a professional to setup and troubleshoot. Runs like a charm and I have very little trouble.

  215. 215
    Liza says:

    We’ve always had PC’s (let’s face it, if you’re on a budget it’s just the way to go), but my sister in law kept saying that we needed to get a Mac (she loves her laptop and desktop). After our computer of 5 or 6 years kept crapping out on us, we had to get a new one … which one to get? Now, Macs are a lot like windows now, they’re pretty easy to work with (it may take a day to get use to it). After much deliberation we got a Mac. One reason I decided on a Mac was one of my friends said Mac (I asked the question on Facebook), she got her Mac used from her sister in law and it’s close to 10 years old and works wonderfully.

    Now, we’ve only had our iMac for a few months but I love it. It’s so much faster than my old PC (of course any new computer would be faster than the old computer). BUT I can turn my Mac on and in about a minute I can start using programs, I had to wait at least 15 minutes to use my old PC. My Mac also turns off in seconds versus the 5 – 10 minute wait for my PC to turn off. I lot that I can have Microsoft Office on my Mac too. I could give you a better opinion in about 5 years, but my current preference would be Mac.

  216. 216
    Jesy says:

    Until last year, I was 100% PC user…Last april I purchased the 27′ iMac.. and I have to tell you for the money.. I got way more than I could with a PC.. 1TB hard drive, 4GB ram… etc.. all of my programs run smooth and its easy once you learn the shortcuts to put things together.. and the screen.. is just beautiful.

    I always wanted to purchase an apple computer since college, but I always thought they were super expensive and was weary of the “no right click” that I got so used to with the PC. I mean really .. no right click? :)

    Then my PC at the time was a laptop and it was dyeing fast.. which yes.. PC’s tend to get cheaper.. but i was buying a new computer about every 3-4 years. But for the same price I would have paid for an upgraded, powerful PC I was able to purchase my iMac.

    I have never looked back and I couldn’t imagine not having it now, it took a while to get used to the layout and how things work, but I (knock on wood) never have had a virus, I have never had memory bleed, I have more storage than I know what to do with, I can have Lightroom, photoshop both open switching back and forth with no lag..I seems that I get everything I was doing on a PC done in less than 1/2 the time now.

    :) i have enjoyed my Mac but still work on a PC for my job, i prefer my Mac for sure, but its personal preference :) They aren’t as expensive as they were before I am not a Apple fanatic by any means.. :) I say research both and see what fits your needs :)

  217. 217
    Kelsey says:

    I was alway curious as to why there was such a division between macs and pcs! I just switched over from a pc to a mac and although I don’t think my mac is as great as everyone says it is I do love it more than my pc. I have had my mac for three days and each time I open it I try to discover something new I can do with it. I’ve had a pc since… well, since I can remember and while switching to a mac was a little confusing, i’m surprised at how intuitive it truly is. Everything can be done through shortcuts and you rarely have to “click” on anything. Everything is done through a soft tap or a finger swipe. I also have tons of things open on my computer at once and I am better able to flip through things on my mac.

    I don’t know if this was much help but I would definitely play around on a mac before you consider getting one. I got mine because the design software is better, it looks better, and in the end they are simple. I just read earlier today that a pc is designed by an engineer for an engineer… that probably answers the questions of why I could never understand what was going on and where things were.

    My number one absolute favorite thing is that if you need to know something about your computer isn’t easy to find through “finder”. What once took me forever to do on my pc looking through “my computer” now takes me seconds.

    Best of luck!

  218. 218
    Katie says:

    Been a mac user for 8 years, two different Macs. our current one is our home computer, we’ve had it over two years now. We’ve never had a virus problem, ever. The only maintainance is buying the new operating system, which is inexpensive and well worth it. They have outstanding color quality, and they are so user friendly,

  219. 219
    Sandy says:

    I’m having this same debate! I think my biggest hold-up is that the nearest Mac store is in Mpls, which is 3 1/2 hours from me. I haven’t been there in years! Can I truly buy a Mac online without the store? And if I get a lemon, how’s the service if it’s a total hassle to get to the store.

    • 219.1
      Stephanie says:

      Sandy! I’m the same distance from my Mac store and it hasn’t been a problem! It’s NEVER been in and it was purchased in 2006! Still using the same one!

  220. 220
    Vinnie says:

    Well, like my husband says, “once you go Mac, you dont go back!”

    It has been so true for me. I was totally indifferent when we got married, a computer was a computer for me. My husband was a Mac guy, but we were poor students, so we had a hand me down PC laptop…it was a pain, there was always a problem with it…so for University Graduation, we got a Mac Mini…LOVE LOVE LOVED it….seriously, not a problem, and in fact, my kids use it to play on it, that was 6 years ago?, the only reason we upgraded was because it was too small and we ran out of room… Now my husband has a macbook and I have an iMac…I love it and I have not had a problem with my iMac once in the almost 4 years we have had it. But I will give you this, it is a machine and it has running parts and nothing is perfect, so yes, my husbands macbook did crash after a few years, but the customer service at Apple is fabulous and it was completely replaced with the new operating system for free and has been going strong since. We will never buy a pc…ever again, and are super happy with our Mac’s! (shhhhh…dont tell, but we had a baby about 7 months ago and guess what his name is??? Mac….)

  221. 221
    Lindsey says:

    I am a recent Mac convert! I honestly will never go back to a PC! I got so tired of programs just deciding they wanted to “Not respond” and I would lose my half finished work for school, digital scrapbook, etc. I finally gave in and got the MacBook Air in October and am in love! It is super light, BEYOND fast. You literally press the button and it turns on in 2 seconds. Loading programs is just as fast! I have not found one thing that I do not absolutely love! If you do go to a Mac buy it from the Apple Store – they had the best prices and warranties, classes, etc. I tell everyone around me how much my Mac has changed my life! It’s super simple and you learn the system rather quickly if it’s something you want to learn!

    You will NEVER go back!!!!

  222. 222
    Carrie says:

    As my husband’s graduation present a couple months ago he got a computer and his dad talked him into a MAC. Not really caring one way or the other, I was just happy to have a new computer, but I have LOVED having a mac. You really don’t have any antivirus software, and that was always a headache for me. And now that we are in the MAC world, I have heard all about how they will last a Long time. My experience at the Mac store was hilarious (they do have amazing customer service too), but it was an experience just walking in the store and seeing all the people and the hype. One employee was transferring stores and was leaving while we were there and they were crying and clapping and saying goodbyes. Quite a club they have. I have to say I’m not sure I will ever want to go back to PCs.

  223. 223

    No matter what a MAC costs, they are hands down better than a PC. We always used a PC, but we switched about 3 years ago and we will NEVER, EVER, EVER switch back. I am pretty sure I would rather be without then go back. Go for it, you will be so happy you did.
    About 6 months ago we convinced my parents to switch to a MAC. My dad had the most expensive, high tech PC around, and had been using PC’s always. He took the plunge and now calls me randomly to thank me for making them switch. You know what they say…

  224. 224
    Kiersten says:

    We have 3 macs at the moment. My husband has a 5 year old Macbook Pro. I have a 4 year old iMac and we have an 8 year old eMac. We got the iMac to replace the eMac but my sister-in-law still uses it at college. It’s a little slow now, but it wasn’t made to run all of the things we run on computers now. And it still works and has never had a virus (without anti-virus protection). My husband teaches music at a college so he has to have a Mac. At least that’s what he says. But they are the computers that run the recording programs he teaches. I was a PC user before we were married and I’ll have to say I will never go back. Macs are so user friendly and frankly, they just look good. I don’t use photoshop, but I’m constantly using tons of different programs at the same time and it’s hardly ever sluggish.

    One note, though. When my husband bought his Macbook Pro, it was a lemon. we took it in numerous times for repair. Finally 4 months later, they just handed him a brand new computer with updated specs and updated software. Because of the problems, he did end up buying the extended warranty, but he hasn’t used it for much besides a new battery or two. Even with the lemon that we bought, we have had many more bad experiences with PCs than we ever have with macs.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. I think part of what makes Macs superior is that the whole computer (besides the Intel chip) is made by Apple. They control everything about it, which I think makes it all flow better. You don’t have one company making the hard drive and another making the monitor and another making the DVD player/burner.

  225. 225
    carolyn says:

    My family uses PCs- not that we are Mac haters, we just prefer the PC. My brother is a computer nerd (went to school for computer stuff) and he does a lot of rebuilding and repairing computers. He says that the two are pretty similar, and that Mac has some cool stuff on them, but PCs are generally easier to repair. He also says that despite common belief, Macs do catch viruses, but your computer doesnt make you aware of it. So he will have to repair computers that are full of viruses that the owner was never aware they had.

    So, we just stick with PC because they are more fixable- at least for us with the computer geek in the fam. Good luck with your decision!

  226. 226
    Lady Nixon says:

    I made the transition from PC to Mac this past November and I don’t think that I could have made a better decision. Running several programs at once is no longer an all day process nor do I have to wait on anti-virus programs to run! Another thing that I noticed within about a month of having the computer is how much more time I had not having to update Windows, with the Mac I don’t have nearly the amount of updates that I did on the PC. My husband is still using the PC but he’s now fussing about how inefficient it is and how I seem not to have the problems that he has. I told him you’re right I don’t, so I guess we’ll be converting our house as well as our business to a total MAC family in the very near future!

    Good Luck with your decision making!

  227. 227
    HannahBee says:

    I really like Macs, they are just so clean and organized (can you tell I’m a neat freak?) and we had a Mac for four or five years and before that a family member had it for 6 or 7 years and its just now heading down! Although we have a really nice PC right now. Its really close between the two, but I’m a Mac-er.

  228. 228
    Emily H says:

    I have used both, and I like both. Currently I have an HP laptop, and I haven’t had problems with it. I like the price tag on PC’s better, and I’m still on the PC mostly because I’m not one who likes to follow trends just because they’re cool at the time. Either way, I think you’ll be happy! Good luck in your decision, and be sure to let us all know! :)

  229. 229
    Tina C. says:

    My family have a broad range of computers including several macs and pc’s and here are my opinions from what I’ve seen.

    Viruses: mac’s get them, and they can be just as damaging as viruses that infect PC’s. The deal with that is that viruses are mostly targeted (read: made) for PC’s, which the vast majority of people have. I HAVE had my mac infected by viruses and crash (and I even had an anti-virus installed). So yes, MAC’s CAN GET VIRUSES, it’s just not as likely.

    I’ve never noticed THAT much of a difference in lifetime between my PC laptop (a now 5-year-old machine) and my family members MacPro and Mac Book(s) – of course my pc laptop was a higher-end machine and probably on par with what I would have paid for a mac (I can’t remember the price of mac’s 5 years ago). That said, the average Mac is built better, with better quality parts than the average PC.

    I’ve had to resign an iMac into a backup machine because I couldn’t replace parts that would have been easily fixed/replaced on a pc (a cd/dvd drive in one case!) and because of serious slowing after the first couple years. But, I’ve also had PC’s that have had problems like that.

    That said, I’m not all for PC’s either, they have their fare share of problems. I’m looking into a new laptop and I’m also on the fence on mac vs. pc, so I’ll be reading these comments, too.

  230. 230
    denise says:

    We have a MAC. The thing I don’t like about them is that you can ONLY buy a 3 year MAC warranty and nothing longer than that. Ours went kerplunk almost exactly two years into the warranty. At the time we hadn’t been using an external hard drive. So we took it in and $80 later they couldn’t get any of our pictures or anything. Of course they replaced our hard drive, but the lesson I’ve learned (which is probably true with any computer) ALWAYS have an external hard drive to back up everything. Good luck

  231. 231
    Brianna B from AZ says:

    Our mac vs pc—PC ALL THE WAY! I know it’s personal preference. and also my hubby does computer work and fixes computers on side. We do have a mac which is only connected to our tv screen and ITS SO SLOW. Can’t stand using it unless I have to. I use the dell computer or hp laptop WAAY before mac. Also, cant upgrade macs have to buy new one if you want upgrade. :(

  232. 232
    Shyla says:

    I have had both and I love my MAC I hate PC’s anymore. I had bought a Hp laptop back last year for me to use for going back to school and it over heated for months after several repairs they sent me another one that I sold. After they sent me the last one I bought a new Macbook pro and I have had no problems whats so ever.

  233. 233
    Alicia says:

    I recently converted to a Mac from PC. I was a huge skeptic at first. There was an adjustment period of about 3 months before I really go the hang of using it, and now I LOVE my Mac and wouldn’t go back. It is so simple to use. For example, in hooking up my printer, it was a one click process on the Mac, while the same printer on a PC required instillation CDs and the instillation wizard took me through a series of steps. It is simpler and easier to use a Mac (once you get to know it). It is the fastest computer I have ever owned.

    I run a small business and have been so grateful for the simplicity of a Mac. I created and manage a website, take care of orders and invoices, etc. It is awesome to have a user-friendly computer for creating professional-looking materials. It is nice not to have to buy virus protection software, too.

    I have Mac on half of my computer’s hard drive and Windows on the other half. Cool that you can do that, right? It’s nice to have both on the same computer, even though I rarely use the Windows side. I do use one program that can only be operated in Internet Explorer and need to have access to the PC side for that.

  234. 234
    Kristin says:

    Whoa, I don’t really think I need to add much to this conversation thread, after reading just a handful of the comments, but MAC is the way to go, really. For all the reasons everyone listed. We have a Mac mini, it’s our second… we’ll be installing additional hard drive space soon, just from all the pics and podcasts we have… but we just LOVE it. My hubby has a pc laptop, and my son has a small pc netbook, and they are constantly needing firewall/blah blah blah updates for all the crap that pc’s seem to attract. It’s never, ever been that way with our mac, and we’ve had a mac in our house for 14 years now.

  235. 235
    Dee says:

    It’s all been said. Generally speaking, Mac is a superior product. WAY back before many of these comment makers were born, my husband bough our first Mac in 1984. Basically they were born (the Mac version) that year. He is a geek, a smart PhD Chemical Engineer…but a very nice guy too. We’ve had Macs ever since. I don’t know how many over the years, but we’ve loved them all along the way. He does a lot of programming and database analyst work on his work PC. Were he a cussin’ man..he would be. He gets so frustrated with the PC. We have both spent time at work PCs, but it’s only Mac at home. For certain things (like a son’s CAD software), he’s used software that let’s you run Windows if needed. I’m lucky to have technical support at home, as I’ve done graphic design (and as you mentioned Macs are the industry standard) and often work with Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator opening (and Safari, and Mail…and whatever else). He raises his eyebrows at me, but it still works! Fun thing, when I went to comment on the blog, I actually crashed the computer. I had to laugh, as it’s a rarity…and none of the design software was open. Aside from the lack of virus problems, and other problems, I love the built-in ability to generate pdfs. I use them for a lot of my PC coworkers, as their systems can’t seem to open much. Buy Mac, sleeker, cultish, more expense, but WORTH IT.

  236. 236
    Amy says:

    Just switched over to a MAC this year and just downloaded the new OS Lion. We had so many problems with our PC’s over the last 10 years and just decided to go for a MAC to see if we have better luck. So far I LOVE the MAC and wonder why we didn’t try this years ago. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s opinion about 1 or the other and why, but for me it’s a MAC.

  237. 237
    Rachel Noel says:

    MAC all the way!! I’ve had numerous PC for years and they continually crashed or got too slow to use anymore after a few years. I’ve had my MAC (who I named “Martin” – I name everything) for 5 years now and LOVE it. The only thing I would change is I’d spend the extra money to get a bigger drive so I could put more on it. I have an external drive that works great, just like to have it all in one place (but with all my pictures and sewing stuff, it’s a lot). I always have at least one if not more browser windows open, a few Word documents, some sort of photo program like Photoshop, and iTunes going at once and it works like a charm. Once you go MAC, you won’t turn back. I love Martin and will never go back to a PC. As far as virus software, there are a FEW issues that can affect MACs, but they are VERY few and far between. I have no anti-virus software on Martin (never have) and have never had an issue. My old PC’s, however, needed the software constantly and I had to clean out files, etc. You don’t have to do that on MACs. Hope that helps! (PS – I LOVE your site and have made tons of things thanks to you, all of which are loved by everyone. Thanks!)

  238. 238
    Amber says:

    I have been troubleshooting macs for about 7 years now and wanted to let you know what I think about the virus thing. I know a lot of people say that they don’t need virus protection….which is partially true…in the 7 years I have been working with Apple I have not once seen a legitamate Virus on a mac. However they can still be carriers,meaning they can still spread contaminated files to other computers. So in my opinion macs are superior :) and if you decide to go with macs you should definately get virus protection.

  239. 239
    Kristin says:

    Hi! I work in tech support. Just thought I’d throw in my 2 cents :) (I love your blog, by the way!)

    My boyfriend and I have both PCs and Macs at home. We have two PC desktops, a PC laptop, I have an older Mac laptop (it’s from 2004 and it still runs fine — not as fast as our 2011 PC laptop, obviously–but the fact that the Macbook works at all is impressive). We also have a Mac Mini and an iPad (which we love) and we are both iPhone users.

    The reason that Macs “don’t get viruses” is because something like 90% of computer users use PCs. If you are designing a virus and you want it to really spread, designing it for Macs would be silly when PCs are such a large portion of the market. That said, Macs can and do get viruses. Just not nearly as often or as likely as PCs. Everyone should use virus protection or anti-malware of some sort, although programs like McAfee and Norton really seem to hurt more than they help, most of the time (they seriously limit what your computer can do — I joke that they’re practically viruses themselves, because they’re so hard to remove!). I personally use Malwarebytes, which is absolutely free and doesn’t interfere with running anything on my systems. I have never had a virus problem. Just run scans regularly

    The reason many people prefer PCs is that they are more customizable. You can upgrade components of your PC on your own. You simply cannot do this with Macs. However, as has been mentioned, there is something to be said for their longevity.

    I’ve heard Macs tend to be used more by design professionals who work in graphic arts. I personally use my PC for Photoshop and LightRoom.

    Macs are also very user friendly — this has also been covered. The interface is pretty self-explanatory and there are really only a few major troubleshooting steps you can take with a Mac. PCs have tons. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether there is an Apple store near you ;) As far as tech support, more people are familiar with PCs in general, so it’s likely that it will be a bit more easy to troubleshoot issues with a google search. Macs, on the other hand — well, you can look at the Mac forums on Apple’s site, and they may or may not have an answer. Tech support for Apple is not the most helpful — I usually just take my stuff to the Genius Bar (I’m much more familiar with PC troubleshooting techniques, and like I said, there is really only so much you can do for a Mac).

    Anywho, I didn’t mean for this to become a mini essay, haha. Both platforms are great. I’m sure you’ll love whatever you choose :)

  240. 240
    Rachel says:

    I’ve used both. I was a graphic design major for awhile in college and used mac for that but I am a pc girl. My hubby orders the parts from and builds our computer himself. This is UNBELIEVABLY cheaper than mac. See to have a mac all your parts MUST be a mac whereas there are several companies driving down the price for pc parts.

    As far as longevity goes well you have several companies making parts for pcs and they’re not all the best. I guess it depends on why your computer is sick. We don’t have any major computer issues with ours if it starts acting funny we do a system restore (this fixes most viruses and adware that slip through windows anti-virus program ) If we somehow got a bad hard drive we can usually call in a warranty and get a new one. Our backup computer is about 15 years old and still going strong. From a computer fix it guy you really should format your computer ever year two at the most. This makes it run like new. (you can look up how to format it’s really easy but make sure you have everything backed up elsewhere and your program disks on hand)

    As far as running programs this always depends on the guts of your computer, not the brand. fast processor, loads of ram, plenty of hard drive space. You can also change your allotment of virtual memory on a pc (I don’t know if you can on a mac) This reserves a certain amount of hard drive space for your running programs. A MUST for photoshop. I always have like 2 programs and 5 windows running non stop all day! Never any problems.

    Good luck. And YAY for new computers! :)

  241. 241
    Amanda T says:

    I was a PC user/owner until I started school as a graphic design major. I’ve had a MacBook with no troubles for over 5 years and an iMac for 4 years that still going strong too! You get your money’s worth out of the long haul. And the added relief from virus protection/hassle is so great.
    I run PhotoShop(CS2), Illustrator, FireFox, and itunes all at the same time regularly.

    good luck! : )

  242. 242
    Susan says:

    MAC!!!!! I have purchased my first Mac years ago and LOVE it!!! I was very skeptical and always purchased PCs (Dell). My one Mac has lasted me the equivalent of 3 Dells!!!! The best thing about the Mac is the Customer Service!!! When I called Dell customer service I would always get the run around! Not with Mac! Love it!!!!!

  243. 243
    Megan W says:

    Hi Ashley! Thanks for the shoutout awhile ago on the paper towel butterflies. I started an email to you and haven’t finished it yet because 2 kids is still so new to me.

    We have this conversation a lot. Windows 7 (do you have it) seems to be a hybrid between Mac and PC. I love Windows 7 (and I loved Vista, which with the service packs was very stable). I’ve heard Mac people talking about features that only Macs have, only to point out that my PC has just those features. The Snipping Tool is amazing, and there is a search feature built right into the start menu that seems to be a lot like Spotlight. And if you search, you may just realize that your PC could have all of those features that Mac people rave on about. You may have to buy a program, but if you just count that as part of the price of your computer, you will still spend less than on a Mac.

    Have you tried WIndows Photo Gallery (or Windows Live Photo Gallery…I think that’s the upgrade)? It’s a lot like Picasa, except that instead of needing to import and have a library it’s integrated with your Windows Explorer, and thus much faster than Picasa. You can also tag, and even make simple edits in it.

    If you decided to switch to Mac there will be some major differences if you use keyboard shortcuts on Photoshop. Adobe will gladly exchange your PC software for Mac (just asking you to destroy the PC version), but only if you have the latest. Otherwise you will have to pay for the upgrade. I love CS5, so it might be worth it, but add that to the price you are paying for your Mac. Also, check for compatibility with other programs that you have.

    I think Mac would make a lot of money if they let you borrow a computer for a month to see if you want to buy it. We’ve heard people say it is sooo worth it, but I just haven’t been convinced enough to put my money toward it. That and the fact that when we bought our HP the card reader didn’t work, and 3 fixes later with a very pleasant customer service experience, we were given twice the computer we bought, with plenty of room in the tower to upgrade.

    If you go PC, get 64-bit Windows so that it can use more RAM. I think 32-bit can only use up to 4 gigs of RAM, and with 8 our computer runs amazingly. It only starts slowing down when it gets dusty on the inside, so that’s an easy fix with a can of compressed air. And we’ve been switching our online backup, so we’ve even been leaving our computer on for weeks at a time, with Photoshop open for days, and I haven’t had much lag at all. And with our (free) Avast antivirus we haven’t ever had problems.

    Good luck with your decision!

  244. 244
    Vicki says:

    We just purchased our first Mac, and I am completely addicted. It is worth every penny. We had gone through so many problems with our PC, that we just decided to make the break and get the Mac. Good luck in your decision. :)

  245. 245
    Brooke says:

    Personally- I love PC. I don’t like the layout of a Mac but if I was into the artistic stuff- music, design, art, etc- I would probably buy a Mac. For a college student, a PC works great. It’s easy to understand the layout and as far as problems go- my dad’s a “computer nerd” so he fixes the problems :)

  246. 246
    Amy says:

    Is there a reason I should even post at this point? I’ll be brief:

    As someone who really doesn’t care about technology, I thought there was no way I would ever get a Mac – or notice the difference. But my husband convinced me when my PC died and I didn’t fight him on it. I AM SO GLAD!! I have had a seamless experience with my Mac and found the software to be superior. I use my Mac every day and have for the last 4 years. And there are SO MANY BRILLIANT FEATURES that I have learned to use over time. I highly recommend going to a Mac! Oh, and their customer service is unparalleled!

  247. 247
    Lorna Bingham says:

    I am a programmer. I USE and ABUSE my computers. MACS can take it. PC crash and burn quickly. I get asked this question all the time. For my line of work Mac is the better option. I love Macs but that doesn’t mean I recommend it for everyone. If you are the standard user, and have been using a PC all your life, switching to Mac will require a learning curve; a large investment and future investment in software you might currently have and will not be compatible. You may get … say 5 years more out of your Mac, true. But it will also cost you 5 times more. So think about it and make the best decision for you.

    Either way you go, make sure you put your money into getting a computer with a good processor, enough memory and a solid hard drive. Make that more important than all the fancy features and you will be ok.

    Good Luck.

  248. 248
    janelle says:

    I’ll start off by saying that your computer is probably running slow because you are filling up your hard drive with pictures, files, downloads, etc. When I got my DSLR I started taking pictures like crazy and filling up my hard drive fast (15 mega pixels start to add up quickly). Then my computer was running slow (I have an iMAC). I was getting frustrated when editing photos and like you I was running multiple programs at once. I talked with a friend and transferred all my photos (and some files) over to an external hard drive (and because I do photography as a business I backed up my external with another external for safe keeping). After I knew my photos and files were in safe keeping I deleted them off my hard drive. Guess what? Computer started running SUPER FAST. My husband was in complete shock at my computer skills :) Sometimes it’s not always your computer, but what you are doing to your computer. I now only upload my photos to my external to keep from hogging my hard drive. If you hard drive is full or close to full you hog up your computer’s memory and thus in turn it runs slow. Free up that hard drive and you’ll most likely see a difference.

    Both my husband and I are MAC users (though he just had to buy an old PC for work purposes) and we love them. But I was never dissatisfied with my PC. Like I said, it depends on how you use (or abuse) your computer. Know how to take care of it and it will take care of you!

  249. 249
    Shawna says:

    We made the switch to “the Mac club” 2 1/2 years ago after yet another pc died. It was WELL worth it. Our computer still performs like a champ and has never had any major issues. I do not own a fancy camera, so no major hogging of memory there. But I do use photoshop as well as the silhouette software frequently. I’ve noticed photoshop can run a little slow when I have 3 or more programs running, and if I’m looking at a lot of images / projects in it. I love my iMac and would never go back.

    We’ve never put anti-virus on our machine and have had no issues (knock on wood). We even bought a used MacBook pro on eBay that is fantastic. Yes, these machines cost more, but you definitely get a better quality product. Good luck with your decision making and happy shopping!

  250. 250
    callie says:

    well I am not a computer expert but my hubby is of sorts. he is a programer for microsoft on the retail store team actually. We have PC’s and they last for years. Of course he does all the managing. The reason you don’t hear of many viruses on mac’s is because the percentage of macs to PC is so small. Also the reason your computer may be running slow is because you have a bunch of crap installed that needs to be uninstalled. (all the crap that comes with your computer when you buy it) And as far as anti-virus….all you need is microsoft security essentials (and it’s free!). Anyway, good luck with your decision.

    • 250.1
      Stacey says:

      I work for the Apple Store (that store that Microsoft copied brick for brick) and while you are are correct there are less Mac users, Apple checks their system regularly for bugs where as Microsoft leaves the door open for virus protection software engineers to fix the issues. Apple may only be 13% of the Market share, but they grow every year by double digits and Microsoft loses 1-4 percent every year. Apple also has customer service that beats Microsoft’s India call centers hands down.


      • 250.1.1
        Sarah says:

        Macs don’t come with the Windows crap that comes pre-installed. If you buy a computer at the Apple store you can get a year of unlimited training 1 to 1 for $99. I Love mine and don’t miss the corporate out-sourced feel of my old Dell.

  251. 251
    shar says:

    Mac all the way Baby!! Being that I will post somewhere around #250, you may have made up your mind by the time you get to my entry, but here you go anyway. I’ve had my Mac 3 years, my husband 2, and both of my in-laws for 5. We heard them toot on and on about their Macs but just blew them off before finally taking a look for ourselves. What really made me look at them more thoroughly was simply the fact that a PC may be half the price, but if I have to replace them twice as often, I’m not saving any money.
    I was sick of all the pop-ups and anti-virus junk. Macs don’t get viruses. Hackers just don’t make them for macs…maybe they are mac user’s themselves??? You could google it to find the real answer.
    Apple makes everything easier to use. If you can use an ipod you can use a mac computer. There is an adjustment period to go from PC to Mac. Why? You have to un-learn doing things the hard way that PCs demand. Their user interface isn’t a “intuitive” as on a mac.
    Other than those reasons, I say, you need to ask yourself what your needs are. Do you do a little bit of office stuff or a lot? A little for me, is I type up recipes and do banking with an accounting program. Other than that, most of my computer work is internet related or entertainment/personal use related. Internet usage isn’t better with a PC or a Mac, it’s more just a personal taste for which browser you like, and you can get any browser on any computer, so that point is moot. If you are doing things more on a personal use side than business side, then a Mac is more for you, just like me. Ask youself, do you use all those business/office programs that come on a PC or do you just use one or two office programs that have an equivalent/same program on a Mac? Do you use more personal programs like a photo program, iTunes, Skype?
    My computer doesn’t get bogged down with all my programs going at once, but just like a PC, Macs can have RAM upgrades you can do youself (youtube can show you how to upgrade RAMs) if you think it runs slower than you like, although I doubt it will be an issue.
    I say you find a friend or relative with a Mac. Have them walk you through the programs available only on Macs (like iPhoto and iMovie) and then walk you through the ones that are equivalents to programs like Microsoft word, etc so you can see how you like them. And PS, say you just can’t give up your Quicken, like any PC program, you can buy it for the Mac. You can even buy Microsoft Office.

  252. 252
    Ashley says:

    Looks like you’ve gotten a lot of responses on this one! Hopefully you have time to read all of them! :)

    I’ve always been a PC user, and worked for the Geek Squad, fixing people’s computers in their homes. Only once did I ever have to do a service call on a Mac, and that was just to retrieve the login password (which is not possible on a PC). I switched to a Mac in 2008 before I went back to school because I wanted a computer that would run well for me throughout school and after graduation. It’s been 3 years now, and I have only had to take it in to Best Buy for repairs when my son pulled it off the table (accidental warranty plan is AWESOME! haha). Soon I will be taking it in to remove the SD card that my son also slid into the CD/DVD slot. (Probably my only complaint, since I can’t fix it myself.) Otherwise, I have not had to run anti-virus software, which saves quite a bit of money, and time!!

    A few things I really like about my Macbook Pro:

    -Keychain Access – it saves all my passwords for any website/program I want it to. Granted, there are programs for PC you can do the same with, my personal opinion is that the keychain is superior.

    -Time Machine – backing up your computer files and being able to go back to a particular date and actually SEEING what files were there (as if you were looking at the finder window today), instead of having to search through folders upon folders upon folders on a backup for PC.

    -iPhoto – excellent way to sort pictures into groups (dates, events, people, etc), put names with faces (and then it recognizes those faces in other pictures and tags them as well), and so much more!

    -Entourage – Microsoft Office’s Mac version of Outlook… love it so much more than Outlook!

    My husband was not computer savvy when we first started dating, and I bought him a PC laptop for Father’s Day one year… he doesn’t even mess with it anymore, he prefers to use my Macbook instead.

    My school’s photography department uses iMacs, and they are AMAZING!! I plan on getting one someday, probably for the kids to use…

    Good luck with your decision!!

    • 252.1
      Ashley says:

      oh, and something you may consider is having a monitor (any monitor will work, preferrably one with DVI) hooked up as a secondary monitor. Then you double your screen size, can have multiple programs open and are able to see them without having to switch back and forth.

      I also have photoshop open quite often, and yes, it does suck the life out of a computer, but not near as much on a Mac as on a PC…

  253. 253
    Stephanie says:

    These are all good comments. I’m a mac (user). One of my favorite features of all Apple products is the Apple Care. We routinely sell our computers about 6 months before the expiry of the warranty and get a very good resell price for it — buyers know it’s a newer machine and that if they have any issues, the entire computer is still covered. We then turn the proceeds from that sale into the purchase of the next latest and greatest computer Apple is offering.

    I don’t know of any PC that someone would be willing to buy with or without warranty after two + years of use.

  254. 254
    Dara says:

    all i can say is that i was a PC for the first 23 years of my life, now i work as a designer and HOLY MOLY Mac is much better. PC is great cause you can diagnose and fix most problems by yourself. Mac, you cant even really do much virus software, but thats because they it’s very unlikely that they get viruses. If you like fixing yourself, get a PC. but Macs have better features (in my opinion). i just bought a new iMac and i LOVE IT. wont go back to PC unless i get a desk job.

  255. 255
    Jamie says:

    I am 10000% convinced on macs. I had a PC, then it got a virus and crashed… got another PC, it was too slow to handle my photoshop and other programs… got another PC… you get the idea. Then one day, I decided to splurge and get a MAC and I haven’t ever had a problem! It is AMAZING! The learning curve from the PC to mac is a little rough, but once you learn the Mac, it is a wonderful machine! It runs smoother, faster, and is so much more durable than a PC to me. I haven’t ever had a virus or any problems. I think it also depends what you are doing with your computer, but for me, Macs are the way to go!

  256. 256
    Tiffany says:

    You will have to do a recap, 253 comments, I can’t even keep up! But I’m thinking MAC is winning…heehee. I own a PC but I will NOT buy another one. No way, No how. More people are buying MAC for a reason. I wish this were a survey so I could see the results, I’m dying to know :)

  257. 257
    Jessica says:

    I really love my mac, I actually had pc desktop and a macbook, and I always went to my macbook,once you get used to it a week or two, it’s so east to use, and they are just made user friendly, they are great for graphics and music, it’s also great for kids cause they can’t mess them up as fast as on a pc. I have NEVER had one problem with a mac like you do with PC’s every 6 months, and it’s worth the extra money up front!! that’s my 2 cents, everyone that has a mac loves it so that alone tells me there is something nice about them!

  258. 258
    Heather D says:


    I switched a few years ago. It was hard at first. I had only ever used Windows pc’s, so switching to a completely different operating system was daunting.

    Macs are awesome. AFter you learn a few simple shortcuts, you’ll be using one like an old pro. Mine is super fast, and I always have big, chunky programs running. In fact, if you get a new Mac, you’ll be able to get the newest OS Lion included, and it is awesome. It has a great solution to the problem of having too many programs running at once. You can set the programs you’re not actively using to a sort of sleep mode, but they’re right there and will pop open again when you need them. It’s awesome, seriously.

    Mac has made my life SO much easier. Do it. YOu won’t be sorry!

  259. 259
    Marie says:

    One last thing to think about. There is a quality/cost issue that you have heard over and over for a reason.
    If you compared the lowest priced Mac, and tried to “build your computer” with similar specs from , say a Dell package, the cost would actually be pretty close. This is because Mac uses really good foundation pieces, such as the processor and a larger monitor, that comes with your purchase. To get the same equivalent from Dell , would up your PC price. You could go the Mac mini route, which I did for my Dad & son. Got a monitor at Costco for one, key boards and mouse from Fry’s electronic, and used an HD TV as a monitor for the other, since he was mostly interested in utilizing Garage Band. Good luck!

  260. 260
    mandak says:

    I am a proud Apple lover, converted 7 years ago…one thing that often gets overlooked is that all your software will need to be switched too, another big expense. I had to get myself Photoshop, Quicken, and some other stuff that I use in the Mac format when I made the switch. Totally worth it though!

  261. 261
    Nicole says:

    Simple simple answer. You say your pc gets sick every few years? Welllll isn’t that about when you want a new computer anyway? See the way I see it, a MAC is about 2 1/2 times as expensive as a PC. So if you buy a new PC every 3 years, you would only be able to buy a new MAC every 7 1/2 years. Yikes. That is a LONG time to have a computer. At least for us, with how quickly technology is developing we would never go 7 1/2 years using the same computer. Think what computers were at at the beginning of 2004. Would you really want that to be your current computer? I’m guessing the answer is no. :) ALSO another advantage of a PC is it is inexpensive to fix, and usually someone that lives down the street can do it for you, whereas it gets pretty pricey to fix that MAC!

  262. 262
    Shannon says:

    With so many people weighing in on the virus issue, I don’t even need to discuss that. But I did want to say something about the organization aspect. I’ve been using Macs since 1999, and I love the finder/spotlight ability. You can type in a word and it will bring up all emails, docs, folders, etc. with that word in it. So, if you’re looking for a specific item, it’s easily accessible. You can also create folders and assign pics to them. I’m a visual person and love being able to identify a folder by it’s pic. You can easily change (by the click of a button) from visual file options to folders listed in “list” order. Just a short history of our macs…we bought an imac (green one) in 99 and it just quit working 2 months ago. My husband could’ve repaired it (contrary to popular opinion – there are many mac forums where you can troubleshoot yourself and most of the time repair any problems yourself if you are a little tech savvy) but it would’ve cost more than the computer was worth so we popped out the hard drive, put it in an enclosure and plugged it into our mac mini. Voila! Instant new computer. That’s one of the things I love about our macs. You can just plug up a hard drive externally and you have extra storage. We separate all our files. We have our music on one hard drive, videos on another, pics on yet another – we have over 14,000, etc. You can keep it all on the computer if you want, but we write/record/edit music and it’s easier to keep things separate. We also have a 2TB hard drive plugged in to run Time Machine exclusively so that we have extra protection of our data. Contrary to popular opinion you can also customize your Mac. You can upgrade different aspects of it (we have on almost all of ours) and you can do it yourself – again, if you’re a little tech savvy- at a later date if you need to. One of the other things I love about our Macs is that they all relate to each other (we have ipods, iphones, mac mini and a 2004 ibook that still is going strong) and I can seamlessly move files from one to the other. When I update the calendar or address book on one of my apple products, it updates all of them. We bought the mac mini last year to update our power mac g5 we had purchased in 2004. And again, we just popped the hard drive out of our power mac and plugged it into our mac mini. No loss of data. Oh, when I search for a file, it also looks on all of our linked hard drives and tells me where it is. Again, no lost files. There is a slight learning curve, but once you’ve learned it your computer life will be so much easier and more organized!

    As a side note, we bought the mac mini because they are under $800 and we use a Samsung monitor with it ($120) and we’ve linked it to our Samsung LCD TV. Don’t think that you have to stay with Mac everything. Since Mac converted their processors a few years ago and can now run ANY pc program (parallels is one program that lets you do that, among others), Macs are extremely customizable and if you decide to go with Mac, you won’t be disappointed. By the way, we bought our mac mini from best buy (the closest mac store is 2 hours away) and they offer a trial period, so if you don’t like it, you can return it.

    Happy Shopping!

  263. 263

    Mac all the way! I switched over a year ago and have never regretted it. I was a little worried about it because I blog so much but we were having the same problems as you. Our PC would crash every couple years and we would have to get a new one. So we made the switch and I feel like all their programs are so much better and their support is amazing.

  264. 264
    Krista van Langen says:

    I prefer PCs hand-down. I think it’s mostly because it is what I’ve been raised with and I’m used to using. I had a MacBook that I used at work (that’s the computer I got, not my choice). What drove me crazy about it was the fact that there was no right mouse button, so when I wanted to right click on something, I had to push a keyboard button and the mouse button. I also found it irritating that the keyboard shortcuts I am so used to are just slightly different on the Mac. I was also just irritated by the whole fact that the entire interface of the computer was different. Sometimes I had a hard time making the computer do what I wanted it to becuase I couldn’t find the right menu! But there, I think my whole issue with the Mac is that it’s just different from what I’m used to. Plus, I’ve had my current PC since 2007 and have not really had any major problems with it. I guess everybody has their own preferences, and I’m just a PC girl.

  265. 265
    Shannonannon says:

    I switched over at home to a mac 3 years ago and then my office platform 18 months ago.

    I love the macs. My husband still has a little dell laptop that he uses and it has become a bit of a joke when he pulls it out. It takes no less than 3 1/2 minutes to boot up and even the it is so virus prone and slow he’ll end up using his cell phone instead.

    The mac does have some deficiencies. The address program does not make it easy to keep a shared book so everyone has the most current info, but seriously that is the only problem we have had.

    It takes time to learn the programs. Like any new program would. The ease of working with them once you have figured it out makes it worth it.

    Good luck

  266. 266
    Monica Quijada says:

    We are Mac users at my house. My husband is a IT guy and his thought is that he spends all day fixing computers, the last thing he wants to do when he gets home is fix another computer. We’ve used Macs for *cough* 20 years and not once have had a virus. (Crud, I probably just jinxed myself!) Although the cost is often high, Macs last much longer than PCs. I just replaced my MacBook Pro from 1994 last year. My MIL had 4 PC laptops in that same time frame.
    Also to address some of the other things PC users are frustrated about when moving over to a Mac, you can buy a two button mouse and it will work on a Mac. After working with PCs at work, I did get used to a two button mouse so I bought one for home. (They have this really cool one that is really just one button, but depending on where the pressure is, it behaves like a two button mouse.)
    If you are concerned about not being able to run your software, Macs have something called Bootcamp that will allow you to run Windows on your Mac. That way if there is something you really can’t live without, you will be able to run it on your Mac. Just remember, you will have to buy or uninstall whatever flavor of Windows you’re running on your PC to install on the Mac. (I think that requires a phone call to MS support.) This could also help defray the cost of having to buy expensive software like Photoshop twice.
    Good luck on whatever decision you make! Buying a new computer Should be fun.

  267. 267
    Valerie says:

    I use both Mac and PC at work, and I started with PCs, but now I prefer working on the Mac. I have a Mac at home, which is 11 years old–I spent ab out $2000 for computer, monitor, and printer back then (and my friends bought their Dells for a fraction of the price)–however, their computers were always getting sick and going to the shop. I spent about $300 to soup mine up 5 years ago, and it’s faster than any of the (newer) computers at work. In addition to internet/email we mostly use it for PhotoShop and Office at home. (Even if I had only kept my Mac for 5 years, I still spent less during that time period than my friends did between new PCs and repairs.)

    Macs perform much better than PCs with graphic applications. I think they are also more user-friendly, and they are definitely less prone to viruses, etc.

  268. 268
    Abby says:

    I just had to laugh out loud when I read your post…I am so glad someone else uses a computer like me (tons of windows open at a time!) My husband is a computer nerd and two years ago he switched me to the MAC world (he was sick of coming home from work to then have to fix my PC, he wanted his free time back!). I didn’t want to switch at all. I didn’t want to learning curve of learning a new operating system…I knew the PC world. Wow it was the quickest learning curve ever. MAC has the best help icon and I also signed up for the one year classes to take at the Apple store (only took a few because I didn’t need anymore).

    Here are my top 3 things I love about my MAC:
    1. 27inch monitor-Can have tons of windows open at a time without slowing down the computer, great for picture editing(one of my hobbies), and movies are so easy to watch on it.

    2. Organization-I love to have everything very organized and the MAC makes it so easy.

    3. De-stressed my life and gave me more time to do the things I love! That is priceless to me.

    Our big joke in our house is that my husband bought a MAC for himself to never have to use.

    MACs to me are like the Bernina of sewing machines…once I went MAC or Bernina I will never go back.

    Happy Computer Shopping! May you find the one that best fits your needs.

  269. 269
    kaylan says:

    I bought my Macbook in 2005 and it’s still running strong. I lasted through 4 years of college, one year working where I was required to use my own computer, and now two years of every day personal use. On a conservative estimate I’ve probably spent 8+ hours a day on this computer for SIX years. I did buy the $300 Applecare warranty when I bought the computer and had a few minor things fixed in that 3 year span, but I haven’t spent a dime on this computer since the initial purchase. Can you say that about your PC? haha. I regularly run Photoshop, iPhoto, Skype, my mail program, and an internet browser at the same time. I’ve never noticed it running slower with something big like Photoshop or Indesign open.

    I am firmly an wholly in the Mac camp.

  270. 270
    Shelley says:

    I switched to Mac a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. I use my computer for work and when I had a PC I lost countless hours to updates, virus protection, crashes, waiting for my machine to start up, looking for drivers……being self-employed this meant that I was losing a lot of work time, which translated into a loss in income. I can easily say that my Mac has paid for itself. When I come up to my office to work, I sit down, open my computer and start working. No waiting, no viruses, no updates, no looking for drivers, etc.

    I’ve never heard any regrets from anyone who has switched over to Mac.

  271. 271
    Anonymous says:

    I am an will always be a PC. I have never been able to get anything done on a mac apart from surf the net. My last computer was a Dell laptop, and it served me well for four years (about the limit to laptops, in my experience). My brother had a mac that lasted the same amount of time, but my computer had way better graphics and fewer problems. The mac needed a new harddrive after a couple years and a new battery a few years later.

    If you like to have so many programs open at once, make sure to have a lot of RAM, or the computer will be sluggish. I would look for at least 6 GB. Plus a desktop computer has a lot more opportunities for upgrades than do laptops. So if, in a few years, the technology has gotten a lot better in some area, you can just buy the part and the computer won’t seem as old. I don’t know if mac’s have the same opportunity for upgrade or not.

  272. 272
    Liz says:

    I’m torn – I think it depends on what you are doing. For office work – using excel, word, etc, I still prefer my PC, but when i have to do picture editting or anything graphic (or watch a video) I LOVE my Mac.

  273. 273
    Kristina Noall says:

    Oh dear. You’ve gotten a ton of comments already, as I figured this would elicit, but I’ll add mine anyway.

    I’m on a MacBook right now, bought 4 years ago, no real problems in all that time, and we like it–but we have Windows installed on it. It’s a program called Boot Camp, where you can go to the Mac side or the Windows side at the beginning, when you turn on the computer. I still know very little about actual Mac programs, but I know they’re very cool so i need to learn one of these days. But this computer has been very good for running Windows better than an actual PC would.

  274. 274
    Mayde says:

    I used macs in grade school and the reason was less viruses are out to get macs because windows is larger. I use windows xp on a laptop, but I actually prefer a operating system called Linux open suse which is a lesser know operating system so it gets fewer viruses. There is an operating system known as Linux, but i don’t know the difference between Linux and open suse since I only have used open suse.

    I prefer linux open suse out of these, but between windows and mac, i have to say mac because it works better for me. I use windows primarily for games and skype(mainly because the laptop has a webcam,) but mac seems to work better at loading (that might just be connection though), but documents are easier to find on mac.

  275. 275
    Melissa says:

    We purchased a Mac this last February and have never looked back (we have owned 3 PCs in the past 5 years). It was the best money we’ve ever spent on a computer. I would recommend a Mac over a PC any day.

  276. 276
    Lora says:

    All I can say is that my hubby is a software developer at Microsoft and all we have at home are Macs. ‘nuf said!

  277. 277
    Marin D says:

    I say they both have their good things and bad things. Some people have no problems with their Macs but I swear that my sister has had 4 different Macs in the time I had one PC. In an ideal world, I’d have both so I can do my business stuff on the PC and the artsy stuff on a Mac. So far, I haven’t had any virus issues. Not sure what all you people are doing – wink wink. LOL. Good luck deciding!

  278. 278
    Rachel says:

    My husband is a graphic designer, and we bought an iMac about 6 years ago. It was always free of problems and ran great. We recently sold it for $400 and bought a macbook Pro. Not only is the quality good on Macs, they hold some value years later, versus PC’s, which really don’t.

  279. 279
    Theresa says:

    I always used PCs until I took a Journalism class in school that had us use iMacs. Instantly I was in love. The whole process is just streamlined (check out the new Lion OS reviews and you’ll see what I mean). They can do things that PCs just can’t. And yes, I’ve had my macbook since 2007 and have had ZERO problems with it. No viruses, no freak outs, no loss of anything. I’ve dropped it even, and it’s still been so good to me. In comparison, I’ve had three PCs go down from viruses or system failures since 2006 (and I always have antivirus on them). Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  280. 280
    charity says:

    I have used both a mac and a PC. I loved my mac (laptop) I used it all the time. The interface was nice and clean and the ilife software was great. I ran some pretty intense molecular modeling software on it and it never had a problem handling anything I threw at it. Plus a mac is just cool. They have unique little features that really make them special. Also if your mac has a problem you can always take them to a mac store and ask for help. They are generally really helpful even if you don’t have a warranty. I never ran virus software on my mac and never had any problems, but I’m told that as macs are getting more common there are more viruses aimed at them. still not as many as windows though.

    The drawback to macs is that they are so much more expensive. They are more expensive originally and then after that all the software is also much more expensive. Also programs are usually written for Windows before they are written for mac so there is less selection when it comes to software. Depending on what types of programs you’re looking for it can get pretty frustrating. One option to get around that is to buy windows for mac so you can dual boot. That is another cost though so…

    We just bought a new computer and Windows won out because of all the extra expenses that come with a mac, but if money is less of an issue I would definitely go with mac.

  281. 281
    Rachael says:

    I have a mac and I did get a virus once. I have an 11 year old son, *sigh* he thinks he knows everything about computers and he downloaded a program that was a virus and opened it. Anyway, I just did a “search” for this virus program on apples website and in less then 10 minutes it was gone. Just like 5 easy steps, nothing was harmed, nothing was lost.

    I love my mac. There is a reason that “mac people” are so devoted. If we didn’t love them we wouldn’t be.

  282. 282
    Marisa says:

    I lucked out when I got my MacBook Pro. My dad teaches the Apple classes at Utah Valley University … when they upgraded his MacBook, I got to “buy” his “old” MacBook Pro for $500 (people are selling them for closer to $1000). And I LOVE IT!

    I love how much faster it is than my ASUS laptops, or my Dell desktop, or my husbands IBM laptop. I love being able to go to the app store and download whatever apps I want … just like on my iPhone.

    But, what I love most is that I can do Screen Sharing with anyone else who has a Mac and is my friend on iChat …. my younger sister (who has been working on a Mac for years and years) was able to show me what I wanted to do on my MacBook … and she lives in Utah (I’m in AZ). I was able to talk to her and she was able to manipulate my cursor and show me how to do it. Love that feature!

  283. 283
    Carrie says:

    Here are my rambling thoughts…I’m struggling with the same dilemma. We’ve always been a pc user family. My hubby absolutely hates macs…not sure exactly why. I mean, he says that it’s because there aren’t many programs for it, etc. The usual complaints. I used macs in college and didn’t have any problems. We buy PCs because they are cheaper and you can fix them on your own, buy replacement parts, etc. Macs are very controlled. You can’t just go online and buy a new hard drive or extra memory and install it yourself. So if the mac does break, it’s expensive to fix. I’ve talked to lots of mac users and they all love it. It’s better for graphics and it lasts longer. It doesn’t lose it’s value as PCs will. They are expensive because they use good parts. Essentially, you get what you pay for. If you buy a $500 PC, you will get a cheap-performing, cheaply made computer. The $1000+ mac will give you the best parts.

    We are looking to replace my daughter’s dell laptop. We’ve had it for over a year, but it’s crashed probably more times than I can count on my two hands. It crashed two days before finals, and she lost everything! I was talking to an IT guy at my work, he said that you can actually split the Mac into two operating systems…the Mac system and the PC Window’s system. So you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. There are actually lots of programs out there for macs now unlike in the past. I mean, software companies have to come out with Mac versions to accommodate the growing mac users or they’d be missing out on a large population of customers.

    The only thing really stopping us from just buying a Mac laptop for my daughter is the price and I’m not sure what to do about buying the Applecare warranty or the squaretrade warranty. The Applecare doesn’t help if you spill stuff on it or drop it while the squaretrade does. I’ve bought several squaretrade warranties and had to use one of them…didn’t have any problems.

    • 283.1
      the hatter says:

      You can absolutely go online and buy and fit a replacement hard disk or memory in any mac, except the Air where memory isn’t replaceable to save space (and there’s no comparably thin/light windows machine that lets you). Desktops and any other laptops it’s the same process as a PC. If you’re worried about hardware breaking, extend your AppleCare to 3 years for not very much money, either take your machine to a store or have them send a courier to collect it, they’ll replace broken things and also things that are just a bit old and worn. (they will also send out self-fit replacement parts but I don’t think this option is for you) Don’t be surprised if Apple help with a dropped or spill problem – they may not be obliged to but mostly they act well above their contractual requirement rather than skirting it at every opportunity.

  284. 284
    Amy Caroline says:

    We have been PC people forever and then about 3 years ago my husband bought a MAC laptop. The guy at the computer store totally sold him on it. Told him no need for virus protection (we did buy it but NEVER needed it), that all the programs he liked on the PC is now available for the MAC, and that it runs faster.

    Within 2 months of having our laptop we got the big MAC. I will never, ever go back. It is so much faster, it does everything I need it to do better than any PC I ever owned.

    In fact, 2 years ago we inherted a top of the line HP laptop, brand new. It is now totally worthless. The sound doesn’t work, we can’t get in the internet, and it runs so slow. And all our anti-virus on it was up to date. We even tried to get it fixed but it came back worse!

    I have never had to run through and compress files, have emergencies, or any other drama with my MACs. EVER. Unlike my PCs which I had to do constantly.

    I honestly believe, and I can say this because I used to be one of those people, that PC users fear MACs because they think that PC come with more. But all the more is, is all the free AOL, games you never play, and other junk that just takes up memory tat you would rather use for your photos, designs, and documents.

  285. 285
    Linds says:

    MAC. hands down. I thought I was going to die when I made the switch to the MAC because it’s SOOOO different and takes a couple tries to get use to. But let’s be honest…it’s EXTREMELY more user friendly, and you wont be getting viruses either. ya. no viruses. Enough said.

    • 285.1
      caryn says:

      Yes! NEVER had a virus on my mac – and it’s been about 4-5 years since I switched. Yes, 4-5 years! No viruses! Not one! You will never go back…

  286. 286
    caryn says:

    Oh Ashley – you totally need a mac!!! :)

  287. 287
    Kjerstine says:

    I’m surprised when people say that they’ve had a PC last for years and years. I had a Dell laptop in college for three years and it had broken multiple times and was extremely slow and I wanted to throw it out the window. I also take very good care of my things since I spent a lot of money on it I don’t want to ruin it, so it was disappointing how often it would break on me with one problem or another.
    When I got married my husband needed a laptop for his class so he used mine, it was a pain having to share it since I needed it for my homework and he needed it at the same time for his. He eventually just bought himself his own computer, a Mac. I couldn’t believe it (I was very loyal to PC and thought Macs were a joke). He loved it and I would use it from time to time and quickly fell in low with how easy it was to use, how compatible it was with PCs still (most people think you can’t share files between the two, I share files with my mom all the time and she has a PC and we have no problem with anything). He has had his computer for three years now and it still works as well as the day we bought it. A few months after getting his we went and bought me a new computer, a Mac as well. I love it and am so glad that we converted! It’s super easy to use, very user friendly, pretty (which I really like!), no anti-virus software needed, and the customer service I have received has been fantastic.
    Yes the initial cost is a lot, but if you factor in all the money you spend on anti-virus software, the repairs when your computer gets ‘sick’ and every other problem you have with your PC just to have to go and buy a new one three years later, you might as well spend a lot of money on a Mac. You won’t waste money on anti-virus stuff, and it will last you years and years (I know someone who used there Mac for at least 8 years because it still worked great).So yes, it costs a lot, but I think it is 100% worth it!!

  288. 288
    Adrienne says:

    My husband is the System’s Administrator for a library system. He has to deal with hundreds of PC’s and is responsible for making sure that every thing works properly. (Staff computers, public computer, circulation computers, etc.)
    We have a Mac at home. To quote my hubby, “When I get home, I want my computer to just work! I don’t want to troubleshoot anymore!” Now, hubby keeps the library’s computer running and pretty much without a hitch, but it takes a lot of work and updating and scheduled maintenance. Our home computer does not need that much attention. We all use it and sometime simultaneously. My daughter will have a game on PBS kids running on a “tab”, my son will have something from Nick Jr on a “tab”, I might be downloading embroidery files on another tab all while my hubby edits a photo real quick in Picasa. And guess what….NO CRASHING!!!!
    We all love our Mac! I don’t think I could ever go fact, almost everyone in our family has one now. Since hubby also serves as resident IT for everyone, he has convinced everyone to switch and now can visit family….not just get called over to fix their PC.
    And on another note…..our Mac is a refurbished one! We did not even buy it new. (Saved quite a bit by doing that too!) Runs like a dream and we still got it under warranty!
    Just my two cents! ; )

  289. 289
    Cheree says:

    I had only ever used a pc…until I quit my job to be SAHM. My work had always provided me with my own laptop…so it was time to get my own. My husband convinced me to get a macbook…so I did with the stipulation that if I didn’t like it, we’d get a pc. Well, 4 years later, my macbook is going strong. In those 4 years, I’ve upgraded the OS, the hard drive and the memory and that is it. As far as your question regarding why we don’t have to worry about viruses, etc., basically, not many hackers bother to write viruses for the mac (this is according to my master computer scientist husband). I’ve never had any viruses and he’s never had them either. He’s been using macs for 6 years, and I’ve been using them for 4.

    I’m a photoshop and illustrator user, and I’ve never had trouble using both of them at the same time. The cool thing for me was that it wasn’t much of a learning curve to switch. I thought it’d be harder, but it wasn’t. I’ll never go back…I love macs.

    The other cool thing I like about macs…is that I only reboot it when there are system updates. My computer never crashes…I love it.

    Good luck!

  290. 290
    Hannah says:

    I wasn’t too keen on getting a mac when we made the switch; I didn’t want to learn how to do things over again. I quickly found that macs are very, very user-friendly. I love that I can have multiple pages / programs open, on the screen, at the same time. I can change their sizes and move them around the screen so that I look at my budget program and online banking at the same time, instead of toggling back and forth. I love the way iphoto organizes my pictures; it’s been a breeze to make photo books using the iphoto program. I don’t do many fancy things with our computer, but at this point I wouldn’t go back to a pc unless if I had to (because of price). My sister-in-law, who lives in a bigger city then I, was able to get a package for lessons / help at the apple store when she bought her computer. She would go in and the employees would teach her how to use different programs (like garage band, or imovie) well. Then, she could go back, work on her projects and ask for help if needed. If there is an apple store near you, it might be worth looking into.

    There is a reason that macs have such a good reputation. Kind of like the Harry Potter books. Some people resist reading them, because every one is doing it, but once you try them, you like them. :)

  291. 291
    Jenna says:

    One thing to remember too is Apples warranties are amazing. My mac that had been going strong for 3 yrs wouldnt turn on, I took it into the store they hooked it up and told me what was wrong and it was covered for FREE & now not a single problem!! I looked it up and the replacement would have cost me over $500. Their service is amazing. And the products are amazing. Mac all the way!!

  292. 292
    Elisabeth says:

    We have had PCs till 5 years ago when we bought a Mac desktop. Space saver, fast, programs are amazing. I absolutely love the iphoto, imovie, and idvd. I have a 5year old and a 3 year old and I make photo slideshow dvds for everything they do. Birthday thank yous, TBall videos, wedding dvds, new baby slideshow. It is amazing and I can have a lot of things open at one time and have no problems with speed. The only down fall was the programs I have used for years, does not work on a Mac, but I have found others that do a wonderful job. We love our Mac so much we just went out and bought a Mac Book as well and now I can take my work with me. LOVE LOVE LOVE our Macs.

  293. 293
    Shelby says:

    It looks like you’ve gotten a ton of advise and someone may have already said this, but I want to make sure you have this bit of advise as well. If you do decide to get an Apple product, buy the longest term Apple Care package they offer (I got the 3 year)!! I know it seems like adding insult to injury when you’re already spending $2000+ to then have to pay $300+ in Apple Care on a brand new product, but believe me, it’s worth it!! You wouldn’t purchase such a high ticket item w/o insuring it, would you? Although I’ve had my Mac Book Pro since 2007, I have had a fair share of problems (the hard drive was replaced twice within the first two years and the optical drive went by the second year), I don’t know if I’m just the unlucky one, but w/o the Apple Care I would have been totally screwed! Apple Care took care of both problems which more than paid for the initial investment in the program. I’m well over my Apple Care warranty, but several years in the computer is doing great! My husband has had his for longer and it’s starting to get a bit slow, but nothing compared to what I used to go through on my PC. Oh, and the other thing I learned from all this: get yourself a nice terrabyte (or two or three) external and BACK UP EVERYTHING ALWAYS! The second time my hard drive gave out, I almost lost everything (which would have included all my pictures from living abroad in France) and ever since I have been meticulous about backing up my precious pictures. Best of luck, whatever you decide!

  294. 294
    Ashley says:

    I loveee macs! Love that there are no know viruses to macs, and my laptop mac from college still works amazingly thats (6 years now) while my 3 year old desktop pc took a dump. My husband also has his mac laptop its 8 years old! Not really up to date. But it still be beating strong! Now have a beautiful desktop mac and I am in love. I couldn’t imagine going back to anything else unless something amazingly new came out. Well, and I could afford it :p

  295. 295
    Talia says:

    My hubby converted me to macs when we got married. I’ll never look back!

    It’s a common misconception that you get more for your $$ with PCs. They are cheaper, yes, but if you compare the specs most of the time they’re not anywhere near the same level! It’s just that Apple doesn’t have low-end computers. Why is this a good thing? Because you know you’re get quality, and some of the best computing power available!

    Also, it’s not true that there are NO virus’ for macs. But yes, it is true that you don’t have to worry about anti-virus software.
    There are several hundreds of thousands of PC virus, and less then 100 Mac virus’. Here’s the reason why:

    Windows (the OS you are most likely using on your PC) is made to work on nearly every type of computer. It has to be… flexible, and unfortunately with this flexibilty comes LOTS and lots of holes. Which is how virus’ work (just like human virus’). They find weak spots in your computer, and attack through there.
    Lion (the OS you will be using on your mac) is designed for a handful of computers. And actually, each OS is slightly different. No holes for virus’ to get through!

    Your mac will run periodic system updates, any time a weakness is found in OSX (nickname for this series of Mac operating systems), Apple is REALLY quick to release an update, and your computer is just as quick to download and install it for you (with your permission of course!).

    From my experience, your mac does last a long time (my husband’s old macbook is running about 7 years now), but you will want to upgrade before then anyway. We have just passed our computers down the family line (kids use the crappier ones), or use them for other purposes- a kitchen laptop for recipes, media PC for your iTunes, etc.

    Hope that helps!

  296. 296
    Kristen says:

    I saved for a year to buy my mac and you’d have been hard pressed to find anyone more excited to take the plunge. They actually talked me down (from the 17in pro) to the 13 in macbook. I’d definitely suggest going for the larger screen/ hard drive/ extra ports. I’m sorry I conceded.

    Unfortunately, I ‘think like a pc’ and therefore I have found nothing but endless frustration on my mac. I don’t use photoshop, but if you are planning to do anything in the MS suite budget for MS Office 2010 (it has the ribbon and updates like 2007 for pc. Don’t even bother with Mac Office 2008.)

    The security is true- you don’t need to install anything. The battery life is amazing. The graphics and construction are far superior. It does seem to run faster, but since I don’t know how to use any of the programs I don’t often multitask. And I’m afraid it will never die and I won’t ever have a reason to upgrade.

    That said, I was recently given the chance to swap my mac for a comparable pc and I turned it down. I really feel the future is Apple. But if you don’t know anyone who can help you through the transition, plan to make those classes Apple offers your top priority.

  297. 297
    Camillia says:

    I’m a little behind on answering this but I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in anyway. I used to be a loyal PC user until about 5 years ago when my boss had me working on a project with his personal MacBook. At first using it was completely confusing but I really did catch on fast and came to see what every other Mac user says – they really are easier and more user friendly. About a year after that a friend of mine was selling her old MacBook to get a new one. There wasn’t anything wrong with the old one, she just wanted the new one. So, I bought it from her and she gave me a killer deal on it. I still use it to this day and I LOVE it. It is about 9 years old and it’s just like new. Never had any virus problems or any of that junk that you have to deal with on a PC. I use it for everything you could imagine. My husband needs a new computer for his office and despite the cost being so much more there is no question that we will be getting him a Mac. More cost now but so much less down the road. We are and always will be a Mac family!

  298. 298
    Shiloh says:

    I am a graphic and web designer. I am constantly using adobe photoshop, illustrator and dreamweaver. I use to be a pc user, and a die hard at that. About 6 months ago I was forced into using a mac to design some projects. I have not turned back since. I have 2 pc laptops that are now collecting dust at my house. a duel screen mac pro at my office and a macbook pro. The time it took me to learn things on a mac was about 1 day, and I will never go back. My wife uses my macbook when I am home, and she loves it.

    Macbooks while they might be more expensive are worth every penny. I wouldn’t do anything else, and this is coming from a guy who was very one sided towards pc’s only 6 months ago.

  299. 299
    jean D says:

    Love my Mac, have had one since 1982. I used to teach for the Bay Area Mac Users Group and one of the places I taught was at the senior center. The seniors really preferred the mac, because it was so much easier to use and much less intimidating.
    One of the reasons that Macs don’t have viruses is because there aren’t enough Macs to make it fun for the hackers. But the Macs ARE more resistant to viruses. i only recently installed an anti-virus program after nearly 20 years.
    I am a yearbook adviser and have to fight to keep Macs, as the district IT guys like PCs, but I think it is really important to keep the macs, as they are so much better at graphic design. I don’t remember which movie it was, but I think that it was one of the Star Wars where they had banks of Macs to support the special effects.

  300. 300
    Anonymous says:

    Mac…hands down. Could bore you with specifics but assume they are pretty much covered above. Was PC-changed to MAC b/c use Photoshop and photo browser while running internet and 3 or 4 other things and it doesn’t miss a beat.

    ALSO, if you change platforms, I am pretty sure Adobe gives you a super discount to change the same version of Photoshop from PC to Mac. Just sayin…

  301. 301
    heather says:

    sorry-failed to ID myself above as comment 298. be well.

  302. 302
    Malori says:

    I am a MAC, but I think it’s all about your personal preference. My husband had a MAC when we got married, and we bought me one later – and I am madly in love with it!!!
    They do work better for video editing and animation, but as far as the details of them….I don’t know. I just know that we have had one for 5 years and one for 3 years and the only problem we ran into was needing to replace a battery……..

  303. 303
    Suzy says:

    We are both. # 1 dislike about apple products the quirks. They aren’t compatible with other things outside the apple world and they upgrade os all the the your comp after a few yrs won’t allow the up grade. Our harddrive crashed at 2yrs. PCs aren’t as good at the techy stuff and don’t like their os as much. Apple is much more idiot proof. We like both just do different stuff on each one.

  304. 304
    Amber says:

    I grew up on PC’s. I knew a lot about PC’s and was so used to the layout of microsoft. I was totally a PC person. I married a mac person. We each had our laptops, but then mine got stolen. I had to decide whether to switch to a mac or replace it with a pc again. My husband kept showing me his computer. After playing around on it I decided to get a macbook. BEST CHOICE EVER! It is SO much better for organization! Iphoto is amazing because it lets you select certain pictures to put in different folders as you upload them. With my pc I had to organize pictures later…which would never get done. PLUS there is a program that allows you to run both OSX and windows on the mac! So if you don’t want to have to relearn everything right at first you can use windows. Go with a mac…you won’t regret it…coming from a previous PC fan.

  305. 305
    Sheri says:

    What a wonderful debate! I myself like PC Dells, now first let me tell you that some 30 years ago I went to college for Computer science when you use main frames, then I use whatever the college had at the time because you couldnt really afford a home PC right. Well then Apple donated some computer to the lab which was most interesting writing programs at the time I didnt care for them for many reason one you could only use them with themselves if that makes sense. The went back to PC it had a broader usage mainly forward a few years or so I started using PC at home as well as work, writing programs, then of course Windows came out which I fought like crazy I like doing my own Database programs right! I was crazy spending so much time writing instead of enjoying some free time. Well I converted to the Window PC now I have loved my HP, Dell every since, Oh Gateway too. Now there is one thing I do have to say is that you have many choice for PC as now Apple is out with alot more programs however the cost of Apple, and the programs were at one time very expensive and to some still to high in today market. Apple has a true following from the Steve Jobs fan club as many follow Michael Dell, and of course Bill Gates which all these guys are great in their own rights. I feel that people tend to buy buy hearing more about whichever person is in the news at the time to a degree. If you want to look at it as the PC user. Its all about how your personnal computer will be used I think. If net is where your at and you do alot of networking PC is nice with every program under the sun is offered. Mac are great to however I believe you have to purchase more programs over all than a windows based PC. I read one that said the organization was better on a MAC that to me is not true its all about how you run it, what program you have set to do the job at hand. So bottom line is check out consumer reports for the best feedback on customer service, warranty to help. For viruses I love my Microsoft Virus protection its Free, and boy does it work and this comes from someone that was a Norton, and Trend fan for years. I have had one virus its all about where you go, out you clean, and take care of the programs, computer and your email. Just have to be smart with any computer use common sense in opening emails, going into site that are less like to have someone playing in it. Hackers want info and money. I have safety on mine 3 pc 3 laptops in my network and knock on wood have been very lucky. So you have both lovers I the PC and MAC user will always love them as well. I have never ever had an issue with my Dell, HP a little but minor. I like the idea of getting any little program possible, I dont like the idea of the limited amout for Apple. Good lucky I am sure you will enjoy whatever you get as most of use do.

  306. 306
    Sarah says:

    I think the answer depends on how you plan to use it. I have one of each. My PC I use for business things – essentially Microsoft Office Suite — anything related to that, finance, etc. That’s my work computer. My personal computer I just switched to a Mac, and I really do love it. For personal, I watch a lot of online TV (hulu / netflix), do digital scrapbooking and design, and need the graphics powerhouse for which Mac is known. I’ve done that on PC, but truly do prefer it on Mac. However, I absolutely detest using Mac’s version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. One would think PowerPoint would be fine on Mac, but it’s molasses. For what it’s worth… :)

  307. 307
    Hannah says:

    well, the macs are better, in my opinion. i have used both, but the windows is far slower, and bulkier. macs have shrotcuts for everything, the keys are easier to reach, they are more compact, and have a more sleek design. everything is insanely user friendly. have you ever had the experience that a program you reeeeealy want is only availiable on one platform, the opposite to your computer? well, with macs there is a program called boot camp. it runs windows programs quickly, with minimal errors. also when you quit a window of a program it doesn’t quit the whole program, thus meaning you can have less windows cluttering your work space. it also means that if you finish writing something in word, and you quit the window, but them have to make another file, it doesn’t need to re-start the entire program, which can be a little slow, even on a mac. one last thing – macs come in different colours!!!! you can buy skins, and get keyboard covers, in a rainbow of different colours and patterns! hope this helps you make up your mind, Hannah.

  308. 308
    Ashlee says:

    We have an iMac, and a MacBook Pro, and an iPad, (and two iPhones)… so we’re a Mac family. The only problems we’ve ever had with Mac’s is my daughter (she was 12 weeks old at the time, so I blame my husband for this one) spilled water on our old MacBook Pro (aaaaaahhhh) and toasted it. Even though water damage isn’t covered under apple care, apple still took care of us and helped us through. Wonderful service, and I love that you can walk right in to any apple store and get it fixed (with an appt but they’re easy to schedule online).

  309. 309
    dawn shoemake says:

    I have used both macs at home and windows machines at work. Which are slow and have to have a lot of help. My husband is a mac technician so we have nothing but macs at home, he uses one at work and fixes them all day long. his big problems is mostly users errors. All of the bells and whistles(programs) come already installed for a mac with some window machines you have to purchase them. the reason for lack of anti virus for macs is because there is no virus written for them. there are a few trojan horses(different type of virus) out there for macs but as soon as apple fines out about them they write up dates to fix the problems. Macs do break but it takes a lot. they are well worth the money. Why would windows machines keep trying to come up with things to make it look like a mac and run like a mac. again it goes back to what you want to do with it. you just have to play with both and then decide what works for you best. Oh you can run windows on a mac so if you really need windows a mac can do that too.

  310. 310

    Firstly, potential clients, employers, and anyone else looking to hire you will only
    spend a nominal amount of time looking at it.

    The circle, plus sign, or brackets in the middle of your viewfinder is for
    focusing and isn’t necessarily for centering the subject. The first thing you can do is read that long manual that came with your DSLR camera.

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