A really fun new SPONSOR…….and GIVEAWAY!!

Ooooooh, you’re in for a treat.
This new shop makes me smile.
A lot.
Alyssa, from Pip and Bean, is the creative mastermind behind these darling and playful super-hero-capes.  She is kept busy as a mom of 2 little girls, but loves to create reversible little capes on the side.  Alyssa’s capes have been used for all sorts of reasons and themes and her ideas seem endless.  Each cape is reversible and attaches around the neck with a velcro closure, perfect for a quick release if necessary.
But enough talk, let me just show you how knock-your-socks-off-cute these capes are.
And keep in mind, you can customize your cape just how you’d like it……and include your child’s favorite super hero.
Is your child into Buzz Lightyear or Star Wars?
Or maybe they are crazy about Wonder Pets like my kids are…
Do you have a dinosaur kid at home?  Just check out those scales that are popping out.
Or maybe you’re thinking about Halloween coming up.  
Why not mix your child’s love for super hero capes, with his/her costume this year?  
Quick and simple.
Or wait, we all know how fun it is to plan a child’s birthday party.  
And how about instead of stuffing party bags full of miscellaneous items, send a cape home with each child to match the theme of the party.  
Each child will receive hours and hours of fun from their take-home party gift.
Pip and Bean also creates capes that fit the whole family.  Great for family fun or even Halloween parties. 
And if you’d like to customize your own cape, there are even plain capes available over at Pip and Bean.  You can add your design or even let your child create their own super hero insignia.
And then, just let those kids fly, soar, and save the world.
What an adorable and fun-filled collection from Pip and Bean, that is sure to ignite great imaginative play in any child.
And yes, Alyssa has decided to do a great giveaway here for one of you lucky readers.  
She is giving away a 5-pack of plain capes (valued at $52.00) that would allow you to distribute capes at your next super hero birthday party………or just save them for gifts for your kids, neighbors, and/or nieces/nephews.  Each cape is double sided like pictured above, with a velcro closure.   
Alyssa will include 2 girl, 2 boy, and 1 neutral color scheme for the giveaway.
Who wouldn’t love that?
Here’s how to enter to win:
  • Visit Pip and Bean here, check out the shop and browse around for a bit, and then choose your very favorite item(s) over on the site.  Then come back and let me know what you like, in one comment.      
  •  Be sure to leave your email address so that I can contact you if you’ve won.

That’s it.

 **Not sure how to leave a comment? 

Make sure you are at the Make It and Love It site (not reading from an email or google reader) and scroll down to the bottom of this post.  You will see in smaller print, “Posted By Ashley”, then a time, and then the word “Comments” with a number by it.  That number signifies how many people have left comments.  Click on the word “Comments” and a new screen will pop up.  On the right side, there is an empty white box where you can leave a comment, enter your info below it, and then publish your comment.  Your comment will appear at the bottom of the list of comments.  That’s it.
Any questions? Email me at makeitandloveit@gmail.com


This giveaway ends Tuesday, Sept. 21st, at 12 midnight (EST)
Good luck!

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581 Responses to “A really fun new SPONSOR…….and GIVEAWAY!!”
  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    I like the
    Butterfly Children's Super Hero Cape double sided reversible!

    onlyjustine at yahoo dot com

  2. 2
    Hannah says:

    I just love the superman one! These are so adorable. They remind me when I was little and I would tie a blanket around my neck for a cape. Would have loved to have one of these for sure!They are too cute!

  3. 3
    Rachel says:

    If there is any drawing to win, it's this one! These are wonderful! I love them all, from the cute one with the monkey to the super hero ones with letters. they are all fabulous!


  4. 4
    jen says:

    My little guy is all about superheroes! He would love any of those capes. They are too cute. My favourites are the pirate ones.


  5. 5
    spinellifamily says:

    I LOVE the Harry Potter capes, kids would be going crazy over that party! spinellibelly@gmail.com

  6. 6
    Ramsey says:

    With three girls currently obsessed with Superman…these capes offer INCREDIBLE opportunities to do some super-heroing!! I love the brightly colored princess capes. Just enough without being too much!

  7. 7
    Lily says:

    I love the skull and crossbones capes. They all are soo cute its hard to pick which one is my favorite. This would be the perfect gift for my nephew. His birthday is coming up and he's just at that age. Thank you so 0much for sharing this with us.

  8. 8
    Patty says:

    I would totally wear the super hero girl cape!!

  9. 9
    Olga says:

    I love JEDI STAR WARS, and I know the perfect little boy who would like to have this amaizing cape. I'll cross my fingers for this one!

    oboskovic at gmail dot com

  10. 10
    Morgan says:

    My girls would love any of them, but mostly the Disney Princess capes!
    wugrider AT hotmail DOT com

  11. 11
    Jennifer says:

    I love the pirate! That's our school mascot and how cute would that be to wear to a football game!

  12. 12
    Nancy says:

    I love the girls reversible cape! So cute!


  13. 13
    ellzabelle says:

    I love the princess ones with the crown since that's my theme for my daughter's 3rd birthday in a few weeks. So cute! ellzabelle@hotmail.com

  14. 14
    Diana and Scott says:

    I love the Halloween Dinosaur Cape. My boys are so into capes lately…and dinosaurs. What a cute idea. I would love to win this. Thank you,
    Diana H

  15. 15
    Amy says:

    LOVE! the pirate ones :) How FUN!

    akandes1 at gmail dot com

  16. 16
    Anonymous says:

    My favorite is the Wonderpets Capes. I think it's cute and funny!

  17. 17
    Rebecca says:

    I LOVE the double-sided custom letter cape. It would make my 5 year old son very happy! I also like the set of 5 plain capes for my neices and nephews for Christmas.

  18. 18
    Annalee Taylor says:

    Love these, my 3 year old son is obsessed with princess dresses, but Im not sure if that is the best idea! So we tie blankets around his neck, a new cape would be wonderful! I love the buzz one, so would he! I hope we win! Thanks a lot

  19. 19
    Jenny says:

    I love the Princess capes, and the Harry Potter gift pack, I might just have to get some for my my girls next party… I think they would love them.


  20. 20
    Jen says:

    I love the Jolly Roger capes (the girl one especially) and the Lady bug capes. They are all so cute!

    jred_88 at yahoo dot com

  21. 21
    Michelle says:

    The ladybug capes are adorable!

  22. 22
    Joseph's Grainery Recipes says:

    I'm loving the adult superman…my hubby needs it! He still pretends he's superman….that is with our 2 year old. :)

  23. 23
    Krystal says:

    I LOVE the pirate ones! They would go great with my son and daughter's pirate b-day party next month!

  24. 24
  25. 25
    Fawn says:

    I love the girls pirate super hero cape.


  26. 26
    Lindsey says:

    Any cape with that pirate on it would be awesome! Especially the one with the heart-shaped eye patch. Too cute!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    lindseyjunk (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  27. 27
    Matt and Jessica says:

    My little girl just recently discovered superman so she would love any of these adorable capes.


  28. 28
    Angela says:

    My favorite is definitely the lightning bolt cape

  29. 29
    Gramy Lynda says:

    Wow!! You mean no more towels tied in a knot around there neck!! Haha
    What a great idea!! I have 1 grandchild that would love the Star wars ones.and THE BUZZ LIGHT YEAR. I love the princess ones, I didn't see any Lego's but how cute would that be?? you ARE AMAZING!!


  30. 30
    Jess says:

    These are wonderful! My little man would love the Dino Mite design. So cute!

  31. 31
    The Sweeter Sweater Company says:

    My boys would love these capes; they are always fashioning blankets into capes. I love the rocket super hero capes. Thanks for the fun giveaway!
    paskettc at gmail dot com

  32. 32
    Amber King says:

    I love the stegosaurus cape. My son would love that.


  33. 33
    Mama Lusco says:

    The Dinosaur capes are amazing! Thank you! mamalusco @ ortelco.net

  34. 34
    Kristin says:

    I Love the little girls butterfly cape! Very cute! nkmeldrim at hotmail dot com

  35. 35
    The Hendrys says:

    I think the super hero monkey cape is adorable.

  36. 36
    nicole says:

    I personally would love the dinaosaur cape in adult size and i love the pirate one..email addy is amomentintime@live.ca

  37. 37
    Laura says:

    While I loved many of her things, I especially love the dino cape and the ladybugs. I also liked the Harry Potter idea. Fun!

  38. 38
    Amy says:

    I love the dinosaur cape with the 3D scales. I know a couple little boys tht would love it.

    qt_girl2000 at hotmail dot com

  39. 39
    stefeni says:

    Such a great idea!! I love the WonderPets. They're all so adorable.

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  40. 40
    prairiewhisper says:

    I love the princess capes, just perfect for my daughter and the super why for my son. Thanks for the contest.


  41. 41
    Ryan and Heather Bartron says:

    I love the "Super Boy" cape. So cute! What a fun idea!


  42. 42
    Bailey says:

    I love the pirate capes – I would even wear one of those!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  43. 43
    Rebecca says:

    I love the "super girl" cape! How adorable!!

    madaboutstampin at hotmail.com

  44. 44
    Amanda Joy says:

    I need the ladybug costume for my daughter's 2nd birthday party in March, and I need the Buzz Lightyear cape for my almost 3 year old son. He loves Buzz, so much so that he named my mom's baby goats Buzz and Woody:) These would be perfect!

  45. 45
    Jeremiah Burns says:

    My girls are really into pirates. I Think that is what we will buy!!
    kara B

  46. 46
    Bethany says:

    Looks like I'm not alone in saying-Pirate Capes FOR SHORE. Those would be the biggest hit at my house! :)

  47. 47
    Margie says:

    How to pick from all the cute capes? I know you said to pick on, but I just can't. First, I'd have to pick the Star Wars cape. My son is 7 and has been a Star Wars fanatic since 3. Second would be the monkey one and finally the girls' pirate cape is adorable.

    margiea {at} mac {dot} com

  48. 48
    Melanie says:

    I LOVE the monkey one! Super cute!! Your blog is amazing, by the way! I don't know how you find the time to make such wonderful things, blog about it AND take care of your cutie pies. You are awesome!

    dabremers at verizon dot net

  49. 49
    Alisha says:

    These are so cute! I love the girl pirate cape!

  50. 50
    jeanine says:

    My boys LOVE capes. I think they would like the pirate capes.


  51. 51
    Little Feet says:

    LOVE these!!! Buzz would be a HUGE hit at our home. :)


  52. 52
    Carly says:

    I love just the plain versatility of them all. I've made a few capes (and honestly thought they were a pain to make with the shiny fabric!)… but what I love most is that each one is so different! The cars were perhaps my favorite.


  53. 53
    Tammy says:

    The pink dinosaur cape is great!

    ESTMom2Kids@gmail dot com

  54. 54
    The Bugs' Mama says:

    My boys and I would pick the Ohio State cape for sure. O-H!

    Leanne7580 at hotmail dot com

  55. 55
    Kelli says:

    They are all so cute! I really love the Butterfly cape.


  56. 56
    Silly Steeneck's says:

    LOVE the pirate & the princess capes!

  57. 57
    Shauna says:

    How cute! I am especially excited that the store is in my hometown! I am seriously thinking about that dinosaur cape for Halloween!

    shaunalewallen at yahoo dot com

  58. 58
    chokanson says:

    I love the T-rex double sided reversible. It would be so fun for my little boy.


  59. 59
    lisawitt says:

    love the "super boy" cape, so cute!

    lisawittliff @ yahoo dot com

  60. 60
    Jen says:

    My fav is the pirates! I love the idea of both a girl and a boy pirate with the difference in they eye patches. Great job!

    Thanks! Jen

  61. 61
    Roxy says:

    I really like the one on the third page that is perfect for a little princess!


  62. 62
    Anna says:

    I loved the super boy cape. perfect for my little – and only- boy in the house!


  63. 63
    Tj and Amy says:

    I love the Halloween Super Girl Cape. amypugmire@live.com

  64. 64
    Mimi-n-Moe's Mom says:

    I like the lightening bolt ones, but I know my kids would LOOOVE the Buzz Lightyear one!!! What a great giveaway! Thanks to you and to Pip and Bean!

  65. 65
    Kristen says:

    I love the custom super hero capes. My little man would think it was awesome to have one with his initals on it!

  66. 66
    Lechelle says:

    I love the dinosaur cape!

  67. 67
    Maryann says:

    have to go with BUZZ! my son loves toy story!

  68. 68
    annifranni says:

    I love the pirate cape with the heart eye patch. I wonder if she'd make me one in an adult size? :)

  69. 69
    Jenn says:

    I love love love the stegosaurus cape! My children are all into dinosaurs, but my daughter would also love the princess crowns and my 1st son the Buzz Lightyear one and the baby loves Tigger so maybe one day… For right now the plains would be great because the oldest is always asking me to tie her blankets around her neck!

    oops forgot my email dollysface@hotmail.com

  70. 70
    Here I Am. says:

    I love the princess capes! So adorable and my little girl would love it!


  71. 71
    Stacy says:

    i love that they're so customizeable… but the superman one is really neat!

  72. 72
    Amanda says:

    I would LOVE this! I've been wanting to make capes for my kids forever. I love the dinosaur cape.

  73. 73
    Kim says:

    Totally love the pirate capes. So cute!


  74. 74
    Bernie says:

    I love the Lady bug cape! My dd is loving everything lady bug now so she would die if she saw this!


  75. 75
    L&M says:

    My daughter picked out the double sided pink and yellow. HOW FUN!! emollenhauer at gmail dot com

  76. 76
    Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says:

    My fav would be the wonder pets capes, my kid would go NUTS for those!

  77. 77
    Anonymous says:

    I love the monkey one! So cute and fun!

  78. 78
    Nicole Marsh says:

    I love the pirate ones. My kids are into that right now and would love it!
    nicole _ Marsh22 at hotmail dot com

  79. 79
    The Gardner Gang says:

    It would be so nice to have actual capes for my 3 boys to play with. I'm done rubberbanding their blankies around their necks. I think the ring bearer cape is awesome. Anyone willing to have their ring bearer wear a cape at the wedding is even more awesome. What MY boys would love though, is to have velcro or snaps on the cape with interchangable patches. Wouldn't that be great!?

  80. 80
    Kendal Barriere says:

    I love the Halloween Dinosaur Cape! Adorable


  81. 81
    J Mitchell says:

    I personally love the family pack of Super capes!! How FUN!


  82. 82
    Ashley says:

    My 21/2 year old daughter is obsessed with dinosaurs and being a super hero right now, so I would definately pick the "friendly stegosaurus"…she would be ecstatic! Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  83. 83
    Heidi G says:

    I love the Super Hero Cape Customized for ADULTS

    heidi@ dicarlo1 dot com

  84. 84
    KJH says:

    I have two little girls would flip for the ladybug one!

    jandkhatch at gmail dot com

  85. 85
    LeMira says:

    Wow! So hard to decide, but I actually love the family set of capes! How fun is that?!

    lemira dot wheelwright at gmail dot com

  86. 86
    Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya says:

    I love the one "inspired by princess and the frog" SO Cute!! My girls are suddenly into superheroes and this is a great "girly" way for them to dress up!!


  87. 87
    Christina says:

    I love the Pirate Super Hero Capes


  88. 88
    purplesunset24 says:

    I absolutely love the ladybug costume. My little girl is my little ladybug.

    maryoguinn24 at yahoo dot com

  89. 89
    Bethany says:

    I love the personalized super hero ones!


  90. 90
    Sharon says:

    I think the wonderpets capes are SO cute! But I think we'd get more use out of a blank one. I love that they are reversible. SO CUTE!

    smbang1 at yahoo dot com

  91. 91
    L says:

    I love the capes. I would have to have one customized with my personal super hero logo. I always tell my boys that I am supermom and even created a logo I sign their notes with :)

    lhuff2002 at Hotmail dot com

  92. 92
    Lisa says:

    There are a few I like, the jack-o-lantern and pirates would be super cute for Halloween, but I think I would buy the plain ones so I could spend a day decorating them with the kids.

  93. 93
    Alison K. says:

    Love Love Love the wonder pets capes!! My kids are always making capes out of towels and blankets, they would love some real ones!

    alisonbug at hotmail dot com

  94. 94
    Julianne says:

    I love the superman cape!


  95. 95
    Michelle says:

    We love all things princess around here! Awesome capes!
    heinerfamily at gmail dot com

  96. 96
    Jacilynn says:

    These are fabulous! I love the princess themed capes.
    jacijangy at yahoo dot com

  97. 97
    ShirleyC says:

    My grandson would go crazy over any of those, but he really love Buzz!


  98. 98
    Marie says:

    I really love the star wars capes complete with light saber…adorable!

  99. 99
    JD says:

    I like the ring bearer cape. How cute!

  100. 100
    Coordination Queen says:

    I LOVE the pirate capes, with the skull & cross bones. My girl & boy would love to have those! Adorable!!!

    kassiebunting at gmail dot com

  101. 101
    Jennasee and Clark says:

    I love the monkey capes! My little monkey's would love them :)

  102. 102
    The Hughes Family says:

    I like the butterfly cape and i like the dinosaur caps that i know my boys would love!

  103. 103
    Audra says:

    I love the capes with the dinosaurs so cute! Thanks for the chance at this fun give-oh-way!
    audrajjensen at msn . com

  104. 104
    ErinandShane says:

    I just love that Jack-o-lantern cape, Halloween might be on my mind though.


  105. 105
    Jeremy, Lana, Brenna and Mason says:

    They are all so cute! I especially love the super girl one and the pink and yellow reversible.

  106. 106
    Arya says:

    I just adore all the capes but especially the super hero capes fit for a girl with the crown on 'em…


  107. 107
    Angie says:

    So so cute! My darlings would love these!


  108. 108
    Kellie says:

    They are all so cute but I would have to go with the ladybug!

    peachykellie at gmail dot com

  109. 109
    the fellers says:

    oh i LOVE the one with the princess crown on it. My little girl is the perfect mixture of tom boy and princess and she would absolutely LOVE that cape,,,,maybe for Christmas! What a great products!


  110. 110
    Jess says:

    OMGosh! Adorable! My daughter would be nuts for the wonderpets cape… she absolutely loves wonderpets, she sings the theme song everyday and has Lenny, Tuck and Ming Ming too as beanie babies! She also loves being a super hero, so this is sorta perfect! lol.

    I love that the capes are secured by velcro instead of by tieing the ends together… so much easier than having to untie knots.


  111. 111
    MTiesinga says:

    Starwars for sure..i have 2 boys and 2 girls! how perfect….wouldn't mind one for myself too:)


  112. 112
    Mel says:

    I love the Monkey cape. They are all just so cute.


  113. 113
    Anonymous says:

    I love the monkey cape. It reminds me of my nephew who we call monkey.


  114. 114
    Ashley @ Ashley's Craft Corner says:

    The dinosaur cape is adorable! My daughter would love it!

    awatson87 at gmail dot com

  115. 115
    Jmom says:

    I think the butterfly cape is just adorable. Although when my DD gets old enough to know, she will probably want the light saber one, her Dad is a Star Wars fan!

  116. 116
    The Karlinsey Family says:

    I have 3 boys who would love this. they are always wearing there blankets as capes. I love them all, so cute !!!!!!!


  117. 117
    mrsdiff says:

    Oh, goodness. They are all so adorable. I find myself being drawn to the skull and crossbones one, but the best one is the DIY cape. How great would that be to have a b-day party and let the kids decorate their own capes. Let the creativity flow!
    thanks for sharing!

  118. 118
    Sonya says:

    How cute! Love the lady bug cape!


  119. 119
    Mama Bear says:

    My kids are into water and pretending the toy box is a boat so those pirate capes would fit right in here.


  120. 120
    Stacy says:

    Love the idea for the Harry Potter themed party!

  121. 121
    Jordon and Terra says:

    I love the little ladbug cape! I have been wanting to dress my little girl up as a ladybug this year and that would be such a perfect addition! These are such adorable ideas!


  122. 122
    Megan says:

    Well, it definitely isn't the Ohio State cape (Michigan girl here), but that Buzz Lightyear one is adorable! :)

  123. 123
    StephanieThorp says:

    I have two little girls so I really like the princess crown capes. I am also a fan of anything with initials…

    stephaniethorp at hotmail dot com

  124. 124
    Laree says:

    I like the ring bearer set (although, I think it would be better for pretending to be Frodo than for a wedding . . . )

    Very cute!

    bookwormbaby AT hotmail DOT com

  125. 125
    Jessica and Matt says:

    The pirate capes are adorable!

  126. 126
    Arly says:

    I am digging the dinosaur ones. My little boy would love one of these! In fact, all my nieces and nephews would too!


  127. 127
    This Pettey Life says:

    How do you decide? I'd probably say the long necked dinosaur is my favorite.
    thispetteylife @ gmail.com

  128. 128
    The Picanco Family says:

    Those capes are so adorable. I have been wanting to make capes for my boys, but haven't gotten around to it. It would be great to win one because then I wouldn't have to do it. One of my favorites on her site is the orange and blue with the lightning bolt on it.

  129. 129
    brandenandrobin says:

    I LOVE the reversable pirate capes. my boys might NEED those.

  130. 130
    tricialee says:

    Honestly, I like the plain ones the best. That way it is up to the imagination, there is so much the kids do with capes and this way it can be whatever they want. tricialee22 @ hotmail . com

  131. 131
    Lacretia says:

    How cute! I'd love to give these to my nieces and nephews! I think my nieces would get a kick out of the princess capes! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!


  132. 132
    Ashley says:

    LOVE the customized children's boy capes!! What an awesome site!
    My fingers are crossed…ashleyfarrell1213@hotmail.com

  133. 133
    The Braley Bunch says:

    My lil boy is really into Toy Story so I would love to get him the Buzz Lightyear cape. Soo cute!

  134. 134
    Marin D says:

    Oh I totally dig the pirate cape. But they are all cute. The dinosaur one is also great!

    marinsoup at gmail dot com

  135. 135
    Emilee says:

    I love the Super Boy or the super hero with my son's initial. Cute!


  136. 136
    C&R Phillipps says:

    Totally totally totally cute!!! I love the pirate ones and also the classic superman one.


  137. 137
    LEF says:

    I love them all….especially the girls & boys pirate capes. My kids would love one. Beautiful work.


  138. 138
    Riley and Brittney says:

    My nephew is really into capes, so I would love to win!! My favorite one is the superman one.


  139. 139
    Kara says:

    Those Star Wars ones are awesome! My boys would love them!!

    karamurri at gmail dot com

  140. 140
    Angela says:

    I love the Harry Potter party capes. What a fun idea! But how can you choose just one that you like? They're all so cute!


  141. 141
    Jen says:

    my kids would love the hooded dinosaur cape. What a great party idea, thanks!

  142. 142
    heather says:

    I love capes. I think my favorite are the ones with the cars and the letters on the capes. So cute.

  143. 143
    Angela says:

    I love the Harry Potter party capes! What a great idea!


  144. 144
    Joslyn says:

    I love the initial capes and I love that they are double sided too!

  145. 145
    Aubrey says:

    I can just see my two little men running around in these. I think they're probably choose the cars.


  146. 146
    Anonymous says:

    So hard to pick a favorite but I'd say the one inspired by the princess and the frog! They are all really awesome though.

  147. 147
    Kelly says:

    superman all the way! these capes are so cool!

  148. 148
    LeAnna says:

    I love the jack o latern cap! So cute!! Would be fun to win!

  149. 149
    Anderson Ohana says:

    I really like the Classic Star Double cape! Andersonjaez@gmail.com

  150. 150
    LeAnna says:

    Oops, my address for LeAnna is…

  151. 151
    Anonymous says:

    Yippee! There isn't one cape I don't love, but my favoriate may be the birthday capes!!! Thank you! katy-smith@ouhsc.edu

  152. 152
    Laura says:

    The Dino cape is too adorable.

  153. 153
    Tiffany says:

    So fun! I would love the dino or superman one for my son and I'm sure my neices and nephews would love them too!

  154. 154
    Loralee says:

    My two year old is so into dinosaurs right now…he would LOVE any od those darling dinosaur capes.


  155. 155
    DaBudges says:

    We are BIG superman fans in our family, So I'd have to say the Superman one is my FAV!! dabudges@yahoo.com

  156. 156
    The Ivie's says:

    I love the birthday combo packs! The prices are so reasonable for these wonderful capes! I know where I am going when the next birthday party at our house comes along!

  157. 157
    Anonymous says:

    I LOVE the Halloween Jack o lantern cape! Adorable! aji_guesswhat@yahoo.com

  158. 158
    artsy_momma says:

    I like the Halloween Superboy cape :)

  159. 159
    Jen says:

    So many cute choices… I liked the Super Heros Cape Super Man Emblem with Your choice of letters

  160. 160
    Aubrey says:

    I love the little princess capes…my girl is having a princess party in Dec and it would be perfect!


  161. 161
    melanie says:

    Seeing as my daughter is addicted to Toy Story, I would have to say the Buzz Lightyear is my top pick! ;)

  162. 162
    Johnson Family says:

    So cute! My kids are Toy Story fanatics so I definitely love the Buzz Lightyear one. info at tresbeaucreations dot com

  163. 163
    Shae Ko says:

    I like the adult superhero cape. I can totally see my husband wearing it.


  164. 164
    Rachael says:

    The girl's pirate cape is totally rad!


  165. 165
    Brooke says:

    I love those car capes. My son would LOVE one!

  166. 166
    Chartina says:

    we would love the buzz lightyear one or The dinosaur.. love the capes tons! chartina@rocketmail.com

  167. 167
    awblackmon says:

    Any one of these capes would make a super hero out of any kid. Way better than the towels I used to use as a cape. I guess I'm most partial to the monkey cape!

  168. 168
    Abbie says:

    Any one of these capes would make a super hero out of any kid. Way better than the towels I used to use as a cape. I guess I'm most partial to the monkey cape!

  169. 169
    Cecilia says:

    I love the lady bug ones and the one that says "super boy"


  170. 170
    Lori says:

    I love the dinosaur cape!! I may just have to get it for Halloween, so adorable! lori.c.edwards@gmail.coom

  171. 171
    ** Adrian ** says:

    I LOVE the Wonder Pet capes!! My little Wyatt would LOVE a cape with a W on it… plus we love the Wonder Pets, too!!! They are all darling!


  172. 172
    Lovely Lizzy says:

    I love the family pack. I could never get my husband to wear one, but I've got brothers and sisters that babysit all the time.
    And my daughter would absolutely love this. She was running around yesterday with a silky garment hung from her neck pretending she was a super hero.

  173. 173
    Stephani Polson says:

    They are all so stinkin' cute, but I love the ones with the lightning bolts and a letter! They look like Harry Potter to me and my boys LOVE Harry Potter! So adorable and so creative!

  174. 174
    Linsey says:

    I love them all! I have a 5 yr old boy who right now loves Buzz, so I am thinking I love that Buzz one. But I think I would probably do a custom one… LOVE Those!!!


  175. 175
    Three Ring Circus says:

    Oh my goodness, these capes are just too darn cute! It's nearly impossible to choose a favorite one! But if I had to choose, it'd be the Super Hero ones and princess ones. Too cute!


  176. 176
    The Cookie Mama says:

    I have 3 boys and 1 girl. They play superhero all the time, and I'm sure she would LOVE the silky pink "girly" cape to wear!!
    Too adorable!


  177. 177
    The Allen Family says:

    I love them all! With 4 boys in my house, these would be used forever! I love that she has a Harry Potter party pack, how fun would that be for a party?!

  178. 178
    Jennifer says:

    my son would love the superman one!! jmwskipper @ hotmail . com

  179. 179
    Lea-Ann says:

    I love the Dino-Mite capes, but I also liked the ones with the cars that are on your blog but that I didn't see on the Pip & Bean site! Fab giveaway, hope I win!!
    lea.annw at gmail . com

  180. 180
    Shannon says:

    I like the dinosaur and monkey capes! (Email is in my profile.)

  181. 181
    Brittney says:

    i must have the super girl and super boy ones! those would be so cute on my adorable children ;)

  182. 182
    emilyjpaterson says:

    I like the purple cape with the green background and and the purple crown! Very cute, I think my niece would love it.

  183. 183
    Cas says:

    I want the Super hero Cape Double Sided customize with your child's letter and a bolt reversible…and it would need an H just like the pic….so cute!

  184. 184
    Erin B says:

    I love the Dino Mite boys capes. So cute.

    erin.bacon at gmail dot com

  185. 185
    mamma of 2 says:

    My three year old loves the letter M for Matthew, I would love a M one. Tracie
    traciek at sonic.net

  186. 186
    Stephanie says:

    If I had to choose a cape for me, I'd choose the smirky pumpkin cape ( I guess she calls it the Jack o lantern cape) and for my daughter, definitely the butterfly cape.


  187. 187
    Bridgett mom to 7 says:

    I like the long neck dinosaur cape.

  188. 188
    Amanda says:

    I love the monkey faced cape. They all look so fun and cute. amandasews@yahoo.com

  189. 189
    Jessica says:

    I like them all! But I really like the girly one like the crowns cause girls can totally be super heros too!

    jbrander at yahoo dot com

  190. 190
    Stephanie says:

    I just LOVE the Super Hero Birthday Cape. What a cute idea!

    girlofgrace139 at yahoo dot com

  191. 191
    Wani says:

    My son is obsessed with Star Wars… he would go crazy for a Star Wars themed cape!! He and his cousins would have such fun playing superhero games together! ;-)
    wanibug (at) yahoo (dot) com

  192. 192
    Mary says:

    I love the SuperBoy cape. Such a simple, cute idea for Halloween. My boy would love it!
    mh438 at nau dot edu

  193. 193
    us in a nut shell says:

    I love the jedi cape but really since I have a boy and a girl I found just about every cape adorable and perfect for my toddlers. So impressed by the work!


  194. 194
    DawnSheree says:

    Oh my boys would go crazy with these! I really like the Super Boy cape and any of the dinosaur shaped ones. I love the flowy fabric, perfect for running around.


  195. 195
    Jennifer Cleaver says:

    I like the lady bug capes. So cute

  196. 196
    That Crafty Fox says:

    These capes are adorable! My family and I seem to be on a dinosaur kick, so the Super Hero cape for the dinosaur lover really caught my eye!

    innovativefox at gmail dot com

  197. 197
    Dawn Ludwig says:

    These capes are adorable, I especially like the skull and crossbones capes.

  198. 198
    Becky says:

    The super hero blank reversible cape would be awesome. Very cool.


  199. 199
    Brenda Brown says:

    I love the capes. My grandkids would love them.

  200. 200
    Jessica says:

    oh it'd be cute to do little red riding hood too :)

  201. 201
    Lynsey says:

    my favorite is the Dinosaur Cape!


  202. 202
    syrant says:

    Sandi Holt- I like the Disney princess set

  203. 203
    Katy says:

    I love the idea of having a cute little Ring Bearer wearing a cape down the aisle… too cute!

    but the chickee pirate cape is pretty awesome too!


  204. 204
    Stacy Mosbey says:

    My favorite is the friendly stegosaurus cape. adorable!

  205. 205
    Alan and Natalie says:

    I love the little princess Cape!! My daughters would love it!! And I have a bunch of Nieces that would just eat them up too!!

  206. 206
    Joanna says:

    i love the pink monkey cape!
    Perfect for your little monkey.


  207. 207
    Traci says:

    Oh, my EVER LOVING WORD! These.ARE.SO.CUTE! My little guy would look so adorable in the Rising Star Design. Oh, how I love it! Thanks for introducing me to their shop. I know what we're getting him for Christmas!


  208. 208
    tamikay says:

    I love the ladybug capes! My boys had capes with superman on one side and batman on the other, and they were used all the time!

  209. 209
    Desiree and Lars says:

    Cute! I like the princess superhero capes!

  210. 210
    Amber says:

    The Princess capes are adorable!!

    amber dot burton at gmail dot com

  211. 211
    MelindaB says:

    love the Halloween dinosaur cape with 3d scales

  212. 212
    Caralee says:

    I don't know if I can choose which cape I like the most, they are all so cute. I love the one with the superhero one with the childs initial and the lightning bolt and the butterfly or crown girl capes.

    bakegoodz at gmail

  213. 213
    Jaylynn says:

    So cute! My kids love to have capes. My 3 yr old says he needs the Buzz one. :)

  214. 214
    Kama says:

    My son's 2nd birthday is next Saturday and these would be an awesome gift for the other kids at the party!!! I like Super Hero Cape Monkey business For boys and girls double sided and reversible for sure! I hope I win!!!!
    kama_blogs (at) live(dot)com

  215. 215
    Anonymous says:

    wonderful "giveaway"!
    My son really likes the "Red Kid's Super hero Cape"

  216. 216
    EunnieProctor says:

    I just started following your blog and love your stuff! We love the pirate capes for boys and girls! So cute!


  217. 217
    MOM says:

    I love the super man emblem cape. Of course my daughter would want the one inspired by the princess and the frog.


  218. 218
    Mary says:

    I liked the Superhero Superman one: G-Man.

  219. 219
    Mitzi says:

    LOVE the Halloween Dinosaur cape! My little super hero would love it and be super cute wearing it! :)

  220. 220
    Shannon says:

    I like the ones in the pic of three with dinosaurs (middle of 1st page). But if I won I'd probably pick a custom one with a super E for my little Eli!


  221. 221
    Kathleen says:

    All of those capes are SO super cool!! How are you supposed to choose?!?!!? But I really love those pirate ones and the cute princess crown ones. What a fun giveaway!

  222. 222
    Leanne says:

    I have to say that I have 2 avid Star Wars lovers and one little princess, so the Star Wars ones are great, and I love the tiara girl ones! So cute!


  223. 223
    SistersoftheWildWest says:

    I like the family pack of capes. Its super fun to act like a kids sometime especially at halloween

  224. 224
    SistersoftheWildWest says:

    I like the family pak of capes. Its fun to act like a kid especially at halloween.

  225. 225
    Siew says:

    As much as the theme song drives me bonkers, the Wonder Pets are my daughter's favorite.

  226. 226
    Jenny says:

    My daughter would love the purple princess cape. I like the letters with lightning bolts and the dinosaurs.

    worldcoincollector at gmail dot com

  227. 227
    Rachel says:

    I love the lovely little lady bugs! Perfect for my niece who's turning two!

  228. 228
    Celeste says:

    The ladybug cape! It's great that she makes capes for girls. There' don't seem to be enough of those in the world.


  229. 229
    Anne says:

    Pretty much everything is awesome, but I like the dinosaur with hood. :)
    mcdonoughanne at gmail dot com

  230. 230
    Kristin Dyer says:

    I would love to win! My little boy is in love with his cape, and I would love to get my hands on one for my little girl!


  231. 231
    Leah @ A Butterfly In My Stomach says:

    I love the buzz light year cape for my son.


  232. 232
    Liz says:

    love the colors!

  233. 233
    kristen_webster says:

    I love these, what a cute idea. I love the pirate ones. they are SOO adorable. Hope to win for kids for christmas or birthday's. Thanks.

  234. 234
    sydnee says:

    too fun! I love the capes with the letter on them.


  235. 235
    A little Birdie... says:

    My little guy is SO into capes right now, and I'm loving that lady bug for my little lady. So cute!


  236. 236
    Andrea says:

    I think my son's head might explode if saw the dinosaur cape!!! It's his two favorite things in the world =)

  237. 237
    Anonymous says:

    I just started planning my sons superhero birthday party–could you image the luck! ha ha.


  238. 238
    kristen_webster says:

    I love the ones with the pirates. I forgot to leave my e-mail. kristen_webster@yahoo.com
    Thanks again!!!

  239. 239
    Rachel says:

    i love the pirate capes.so cute!


  240. 240
    Michelle says:

    I love the Jedi Star Wars cape!!


  241. 241
    MBGITWWR says:

    I love Princess and the Frog Double Sided and reversible and Monkey Business. What adorable capes. I would ABSOLUTELY love these and I know my kids would too. Yay!


  242. 242
    Anonymous says:

    I love the dinosaur cape! Adorable.
    KristinReusser at hotmail.com

  243. 243
    sue says:

    I like the rocket cape.

  244. 244
    Julie says:

    I have to say I LOVE the pink dinosaur cape! My niece is so into dinosaurs & I know she would love it!


  245. 245
    Amy Hayes says:

    I love the ladybug capes and the princess and the frog. My daughter is having a princess party next week and these would be great party favors! Thanks for the chance to win!

  246. 246
    Pamela M says:

    I love the buzz lightyear one! My one year old LOVES him!!


  247. 247
    Nutty Mom says:

    I like the dinosaur one. But I'd have to see if she could make a custom turtle one, because my daughter's b-day is right around the corner, and she wants a turtle party. :)

  248. 248
    Amy Hayes says:

    Oops! I forgot my email!
    Amy Hayes

  249. 249
    Shiree says:

    I really love the ladybug and pumpkin capes. That is so versatile and creative! shireemartin(at)gmail(dot)com

  250. 250
    Heather says:

    the butterfly cape is soooo cute! love her stuff!


  251. 251
    Stephanie says:

    I love the pirate ones. But the plain ones are darling all on their own. How exciting!
    stephaniedix at gmail.com

  252. 252
    Janet says:

    These capes are so fun! I know my kids would love them. I really like the car, butterfly, and princess crown capes, they're all so cute!

  253. 253
    Inle says:

    The T-rex cape is so cute!! Actually all the capes are adorable!


  254. 254
    Lydja says:

    I have been wanted a cape for my son but couldn't decide the safest way to attach it.

    I loved the monkey and dinosaur!


  255. 255
    Lea says:

    My daughter loves monkies. I showed her the monkey cape and she thinks it the greatest!!!
    Lea_zich at hotmail

  256. 256
    Shanna says:

    I like the cars with initials on them…also the ladybugs. What fun and versatile costumes!

  257. 257
    MamaD says:

    I love that pumpkin one!

    anniedayton at gmail dot com

  258. 258
    Adrienne says:

    I love the dinosaur but I have a little girl that would love a princess or butterfly cape!

  259. 259
    Megan says:

    I think I like the plain ones, that way my kids can pretend more then just what's on the cape

  260. 260
    Leigh Anne says:

    My little superhero would love the Superhero cape w/ the Classic Star!

  261. 261
    Melanie says:

    I love the butterfly superhero cape …so cute!

  262. 262
    Tamara says:

    My two and a half year old is obsessed with The Wonder Pets so I'd have to get one of those for him. Good ideas for Christmas. Capes are so much fun!

  263. 263
    Laurel says:

    Oh wow, those pirate ones are the best! LOVE! :)

    laurel dot lakey at gmail dot com

  264. 264
    Sherry says:

    Um – the pirate capes. Those are fabulous. I have sewn with that heavy slippery fabric and it is NASTY to work with. But it make such wonderful sturdy capes – kudos to her.

  265. 265
    AnniePat says:

    LOVE the ladybug cape!!

    annacgiles at gmail dot com

  266. 266
    Anonymous says:

    I love the SuperGirl Cape! They are all soo cute!!


  267. 267
    Bombtastic Belle says:

    the star wars is too cute!

  268. 268
    Parkin Family says:

    My two girls would have a ball with the princess capes!!! Not to mention they only have boy cousins that we could give some of the super hero ones to.
    I hope I get picked. I am not a seamstress and wouldn't dare make them on my own.

  269. 269
    Jamie says:

    I love the princess crown cape. I love that my girls can still be their girly selves and be superheros!!

  270. 270
    Adrian says:

    My favorite is the cape with just a star on it – CLASSIC! My son would spend hours "soaring" around saving the world in that thing ;)


  271. 271
    Steph and Tony says:

    How cute are those?! I like the princess ones :)


  272. 272
    Katie Fox says:

    I love all of them, I have 5 boys and all of them they would LOVE, so much fun.

  273. 273
    Melanie says:

    My little boy would LOVE the pirate cape! Thanks!


  274. 274
    Lora says:

    The Butterfly cape, for sure! Just adorable!!!


  275. 275
    Heidi says:

    My favorite item is the Halloween Lady bug costume.
    heidikittelson at gmail dot com

  276. 276
    Joanna says:

    I like the custom capes with the letter with lightning going through it! Cute!

  277. 277
    Elizabeth & Broc says:

    I love the boy pirate cape. Very cute! My little man would love any one of those capes when he gets a little bigger!


  278. 278
    Cluffs says:

    These capes are adorable!! I love that Jedi Star Wars one and also the princess capes!! I have a little Jedi and three little princesses who would love these capes!


  279. 279
    Tiffany Fackrell says:

    I love the princess capes. and the one that says super girl! my little girl has a piece of sparkly fabric that she uses for her cape, and it is falling apart! These look so so fun!

    tiffanyjoy83 at hotmail dot com

  280. 280
    danyelle says:

    The dinosaur cape is too cute.

  281. 281
    Broc and Julie says:

    My little guy would LOVE these! Not to mention his birthday is next month! I like the pirate cape…so darling!

  282. 282
    EHC says:

    The Halloween dinosaur one with scales down the back is very fun! sorainima@gmail.com

  283. 283
    Tina Crowther says:

    I love the superboy! cape! Darling and my son would go crazy!

  284. 284
    Sam says:

    I love the superman cape!

  285. 285
    Sam says:

    I love the superman cape!

  286. 286
    Brianne says:

    Those are fabulous. My favorite is the Disney Princess Birthday Favor Cape Pack. It would be perfect for my daughter's upcoming birthday party.

  287. 287
    Heather says:

    I like the lady bug cape…so cute!


  288. 288
    The Deelo Family says:

    What a fun idea to decorate with our Super Babies!

  289. 289
    Dez says:

    Pirate reversible cape!! Love it!

  290. 290
    Jenette says:

    I really like the idea of the DIY KIDS SUPER HERO CAPE DECORATE YOUR OWN CAPE. It would be a must have if I win.



  291. 291
    Little Yancey Family says:

    Myy boy is totally into wonder pet right now. I can imagine a whole lotta fun animal saving flights with a cape of his own.

  292. 292
    AmyLenn says:

    Such fun capes!! My boy would love, love the dinosaur cape.. what a way to combine superhero dress-up with dinosaurs!


  293. 293
    **Erin** says:

    I would get the ring bearer cape! Both of my boys and my nephew are going to be ring bearers in my little sister's wedding, these would be perfect for them!

    erin.t.cummings at gmail.com

  294. 294
    Christine says:

    I think my son would like the Buzz Lightyear cape the best – he loves Toy Story at the moment! Such a fun idea for both boys and girls! christine.skousen@gmail.com

  295. 295
    Jennifer says:

    I LOVE the blank capes! Kids can be anything they can possibly imagine! Although I do have a soft spot for the ladybug one too! Adorable and what a great party favor idea!


  296. 296
    LindaK says:

    I ♥ the plain capes 'cause with a little contact paper you can personalize them with a different theme each day! PLUS you get two colors per cape…great Christmas/birthday gift idea!
    I may have to keep one or two in the toy closet for our 'little visitors'!

    rlkunz at sbcglobal.net

  297. 297
    Marie says:

    I love the lady bugs cape!
    marieallen at cox.net

  298. 298
    Shara says:

    I love the Disney Princess ones. My little girls would love these!!!

  299. 299
    tracyp says:

    I like that buzz light year cape.

    tracemclee at yahoo dot com

  300. 300
    Lizzie and James says:

    I love them. I wish i'd seen the "ring bearer" one before my bros wedding. It would have been awesome!

  301. 301
    Kristy says:

    OOhh, i love the pirate cape for girls, with the pink heart eye-patch. Super Cute!



  302. 302
    Renee says:

    Loving those pirate capes! How cute is that pink eye patch???


  303. 303
    Andy says:

    this is my fave and i love the pic because my son's name starts with an s so that would be cool for him to have.
    Super hero cape custom to your child reversible and double sided hand made by pip and bean

  304. 304
    kris says:

    clever idea to do the blanks for a party! love it, and my daughter's bday is next month, yay!

  305. 305
    Julie says:

    My favorites would have to be the dinosaur cape or the butterfly, they are so fun, I love it!

  306. 306
    Amy says:

    Buzz Lightyear is my favorite. So Cute! Amy2k@windstream.net

  307. 307
    Brandy says:

    I love the Halloween Jack O' Lantern Cape. Such a cute Halloween costume idea!


  308. 308
    JKGROSS says:

    I love the Pirate cape it is super cute. The heart eye-patch is too cute!


  309. 309
    Anonymous says:

    I love the ladybug capes. They are my favorite. Very creative!


  310. 310
    Andrews girl says:

    oh man! I love the dinosaur cape! so so cute, perfect to play around in!

  311. 311
    Ginger says:

    I think the pink one with the green dino is too cute. Dinosaurs will be the theme of my little boy's 2nd birthday party. Of course I would have to get him one in boy colors. :)


  312. 312
    Tori says:

    LOVE the Super Boy Cape! I'm having a super hero bithday party for my boys next month and that would be perfect!

  313. 313
    Bonnie Young says:

    How awesome are these capes, super cute! LOVE the Super Girls one and the Lady Bug, my girls would flip out over them!! Super cute!!


  314. 314
    Holly @ Domestic Dork says:

    I was going to say I loved the pink and yellow reversible cape best…until I saw the Buckeyes cape. That one, definitely!
    hollynoelle at domesticdork dot com

  315. 315
    Tara says:

    I love the wonder pets cape, my daughter is obsessed with them these days.

  316. 316
    jojoebi says:

    my son would love the dino cape, too cool!

  317. 317
    dancin' momma says:

    I think I would get in a whole lot of trouble with my girls if I didn't pick the Disney Princess Birthday Favor Capes as my favorite!

  318. 318
    Linda says:

    I love them so much! And can't you just see my little "B" Man having fun in his reversible B Man cape!

  319. 319
    TammyP says:

    I've got halloween on the brain, so I really like the jack-o-lantern one. But I love all of them!!!

  320. 320
    K Crew says:

    How fun! My son just discovered Wonder Pets this week and has become obsessed, so I would definitely pick a Wonder pet cape!

  321. 321
    Deanna says:

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks so much!
    I love the 3d Dinosaur – that would make a great cape!

  322. 322
    Linda says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love to get a cape for my grandson! The batman one would be perfect for him!


  323. 323
    Morgan says:

    They are all so adorable! I especially like the plain ones you can customize yourself! What a brilliant idea!


  324. 324
    Hannah says:

    The Jack O' Lantern one is adorable!!!!


  325. 325
    Sharon says:

    I have to say the "Wonder Pets" capes are precious and would look too cool on my 3 little people. Maybe they'll sing about teamwork . . .


  326. 326
    the W* family says:

    My daughter would freak over the Disney Princess capes! So fun!

  327. 327
    Courtney says:

    It's so hard to choose! Dinos and Pirates both rock pretty hard.

    camoore 85 at g mail dot com

  328. 328
    ashleyguercio says:


  329. 329
    Arathi says:

    I love the girlie monkey cape! All of the creations are sooo cute!!!! Thanks for the giveaway! I hope I win! :)

  330. 330
    lorena says:

    Oh, fun! I like the "Kid's Super hero Cape Classic Star" cape. ;0)

    lorepuckett at verizon dot net

  331. 331
    KatyBug says:

    I love the Buzz Lightyear! HOW FUN for a party!

  332. 332
    Anonymous says:

    I love the birthday cape. It is better than a birthday hat. Also, the cute girl capes are a plus for a grandma with a boy and girl.


  333. 333
    kirsty says:

    I love the girls pirate cape. Super cute!

    musicmaker at iinet dot net dot au

  334. 334
    Em Russ says:

    seriously? how do I pick, they are all awesome. I love the dinosaur play the trumpet and the ladybug ones. My kids would go crazy over all of them though. Great idea!!

  335. 335
    The Mickelsens says:

    Who doesn't like superman…and I would make my husband wear it too! casidyanne at hot mail dot com

  336. 336
    Anonymous says:

    My son would absolutely die for the Super Boy Cape! He would search for ways to work it into his wardrobe!


  337. 337
    Melissa says:

    I love the Pumpkin Cape – I am way too excited for fall.

    mwrb79 at aol dot com

  338. 338
    Kate E. says:

    I'd like a double sided reversible cape–one for each of my kiddos with their initial on it. I LOVE these capes. I'll definitely be bookmarking her site so I can hint to the grandparents that this might be a good Christmas present this year. I think the prices are really reasonable too.

  339. 339
    Krista says:

    I teach kindergarten and would love these for my class!!!!!

    kgpink at aol dot com

  340. 340
    Katie Clifford says:

    I think the monkey cape is too cute… that's what they are always up to anyway… being monkeys!


  341. 341
    Sarah says:

    I would love to get the whole family super hero capes for halloween!


  342. 342
    dianne says:

    My favourite is the girl pirates. Really cute stuff. Thanks for the giveaway.

  343. 343
    Elisabeth says:

    My son would love the Buzz Lightyear while my little princess would love the princess tiara. What a great idea!!!

  344. 344
    Running on MT says:

    Love the SUPER BOY with the stars cape. All of them are great! My husband would LOVE an adult sized Batman cape.

  345. 345
    Angela says:

    All the capes are great and encourage fun play. I love the star wars cape.

    Thanks Angela


  346. 346
    Nebuchudnessar says:

    Butterfly Children's Super Hero Cape double sided reversible is my favourite

    rachaek at yahoo.com.au

  347. 347
    Katie @ http://www.smworkshop.com says:

    Those capes are adorable! The dinosaur is cute!

  348. 348
    bethanndodd says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Pirate Cape. How fun!!!


  349. 349
    Hailey B says:

    The princess capes are hands down my favorite :)

    Such a great website.

  350. 350
    Kimberly says:

    I'm pretty sure I couldn't decide right now because I love them all! I'll have to think about it. However, my son is loving being a "monster" right about now so I'd probably go with the dinosaur one. Ahh…too many choices! These are adorable!!

  351. 351
    Hannah says:

    The capes are so adorable! My favorite is the customized super cape with a letter (for boys). My 3 yr old is starting to imagine himself as a super-boy, and a cape with the letter E for Esteban would be perfect!!


  352. 352
    Anonymous says:

    I love the customizable super hero one, very cute :) damirandveronica at gmail dot com

  353. 353
    Jackie says:

    I really like the one that says 'Super Boy' on it! My boys would go ga-ga over these!

    tettletop20 at yahoo dot com

  354. 354
    Rahraw says:

    I love the supergirl cape-i have three of my own supergirls!

  355. 355
    annemarie says:

    Love the Harry Potter cape – so neat!!

  356. 356
    Codi says:

    I have 3 boys and they would absolutely love these!!

    I love the double sided rocket cape, so awesome!


  357. 357
    Shar says:

    Must be the Superhero cape inspired by Princess & the frog. My daugther pretends to be a super hero princess all the time.

    shar_tex @ yahoo.com

  358. 358
    Emily Simmons says:

    I love the Super C Cape for my Super Hero boy whose name starts with a C!


  359. 359
    Elaine Brown Billings says:

    I love the lady bug capes. So cute!

  360. 360
    B Crock says:

    This would be perfect for my little girl!! Just today she wrapped a towel around herself and said she was a super hero!! I know she would LOVE the princess and frog double sided!!

  361. 361
    maddmomma says:

    What a fantastic idea for making a child's Halloween costume extra special! Gotta love it!


  362. 362
    Faire says:

    I love the harry potter party pack. melyen at yahoo dot com

  363. 363
    Erin says:

    My favorites are the dino and monkey capes.

  364. 364
    Lynn says:

    My favourite would have to be the Harry Potter cape but my sons would love the Buzz Lightyear one. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Lynn x

  365. 365
    Rockstargirlz says:

    I love the wonderpets capes they are to cute.

  366. 366
    Resplendentquetzal says:

    Those are so awesome! My son would love the lightsaber cape. He wants to be Luke in the orange flight suit for Halloween and his birthday is in Nov! so it would be a perfect giveaway!

  367. 367
    Kinsey says:

    I like the dinosaur ones. My son is really starting to get into those things! Cute!

  368. 368
    OSP says:

    oh wow, the skull and crossbones are pretty cute, but I love the idea of a ring bearer wearing a cape and I don't even really like weddings!

  369. 369
    Jocelyn says:

    I like the birthday cape or the girlie monkey cape.

    sparetimeblog at gmail dot com

  370. 370
    Catherine says:

    I love the capes as would my grand children. I hope I win. I especially like the dinosaur, butterfly and race car.

  371. 371
    Summer Braxton says:

    This is pure party genius! I love the girls crown capes. My girl would love em.

  372. 372
    Catherine says:

    The capes are all great. I like the butterfly, dinosaur and race car. My grand children would love these.

  373. 373
    Emily J. says:

    My fave is the knight cape! Or the superhero with the kid's initial and the lightning… They're all pretty darn awesome, though!

  374. 374
    Lara says:

    So hard to pick ONE. I love the pirate/skull & crossbones. And the ladybug. But my girl would choose the dinosaur, so I guess I have to go with that!
    lara3400 at sbcglobal.net

  375. 375
    Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer says:

    My sons birthday is in october and h would love ine of these. the cars are awesome.

  376. 376
    Jenna and Drew says:

    It was hard to pick just one favorite. My daughter kept saying, "oh, I want that one!" on every cape. I really like the princess ones though since I have 2 little princesses.


  377. 377
    Cara says:

    I love the monkey cape! We are all about Monkeys in my house!


  378. 378
    ~H says:

    What a fun idea!

    I love the Children's superhero custom ones! How fun that it can have their own letter so they can feel like a superhero!


  379. 379
    Kevin and Megan says:

    Love the capes with the tiaras. They would be adorable for my nieces.


  380. 380
    shaunelle says:

    oh how fun!!! my kids would love to run around and be super heros. i hope i am the lucky winner

  381. 381
    shaunelle says:

    sorry forgot to add email address

  382. 382
    Michelle says:

    I love the Halloween "SUPER BOY" cape. It's just way too cute!


  383. 383
    ShelliRae says:

    I love the super boy and and dinosaur capes. So cute!! My two boys would be so excited.

  384. 384
    Shana says:

    Omg Blaze would love the Buzz Lightyear cape. He runs around yelling To Infinity and Beyond all the time…lol

    mommy2blaze at gmail dot com

  385. 385
    The Ferrins says:

    The Pirate capes are adorable. My little guy would love this! Perfect for a pirate party!

  386. 386
    Amanda says:

    Love the butterfly cape and super hero/villain capes. Our 3 kids (1 girl, 2 boys) would have a hayday with them!! What a great idea for all occasions and playtimes 7 days a week!


  387. 387
    Kristi says:

    I really like the princess double sided capes – my little nieces would love them for Christmas – let alone my own little girls!

    richmond6mom at gmail dot com

  388. 388
    Amy says:

    I really like the girls pirate cape. So cute!

  389. 389
    Joshua and Rachel says:

    I really loved the lady bug costume. It is so darn adorable.


  390. 390
    mrsapplejuice says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Girl Pirate cape, but even better is the Kids reversible Pirate super hero cape–girl pirate on one side and boy pirate on the other (great for sharing)!

    Thanks for entering me in this giveaway. I'm so glad I stumbled on your cute blog!!

    mrs_apple_juice (at) hotmail (dot) com

  391. 391
    Alex, Brad, & Carly Sanchez says:

    Love the Skull and Cross Bones. My little guy loves pirates!


  392. 392
    val says:

    I liked the little Princess capes. Very cute!

    mattvaleiler at gmail dot com

  393. 393
    Candi & Brandon Merritt says:

    I absolutely love the lady bug and the dinosaur one! How fun!!!


  394. 394
    Anderson says:

    I love them all! I would let my son choose, as it would be for him. It's likely he would choose the dinosaur one or dragon one, though. He's a sucker for reptiles. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  395. 395
    Rach says:

    I've gotta go with the monkey cape for a girl…one of my daughters loves anything monkey! It's nice to see one with some pink. :-)

  396. 396
    Laura aka Lolo says:

    love them All! The Disney princess ones are cute & so are the boy & girl pirate

  397. 397
    The Graves.... says:

    I love the Buzz Lightyear cape! Both of my boys are obsessed with Buzz!



  398. 398
    Always For Alex says:

    Since my daughter wants to be Batgirl for Halloween, the Bat Super Hero cape would be perfect.

  399. 399
    Grandmajan says:

    All of these would be a big hit but My fav is Dino Mite.


  400. 400
    Jen Worms says:

    I love the butterfly girls cape. My daughter would play for hours in that thing!


  401. 401
    Vanessa says:

    I love the stegosaurus cape! My little girl is still too young for dress up, but I already have a collection going for her :)
    vrvimont at gmail dot com

  402. 402
    Tas says:

    The long necked dinosaur capes are great for boys but I think that the lady bug one is my favourite.

  403. 403
    Adam and Sarah says:

    I love the dinosaur cape. It is SO cute. And I know that either of my kids would LOVE it.
    Sarah Freitas

  404. 404
    Tim and Nancy says:

    I like the Boys Pirate Reversible super hero cape. My son would love it if I won because at the moment he uses pajama pants as a cape.

    Nancy lucky04you@gmail.com

  405. 405
    JennyB says:

    100% dinosaur cape…adorable!

    Jenny B


  406. 406
    little giffords says:

    I LOVE LOVE the Bat Hero cape – particularly as shown in purple and pink. I've got a little lady at home who, thanks to 2 big brothers, thinks Batman's the bomb – she would LOVE one of those!

  407. 407
    Julie says:

    The little girl's Pirate cape with the heart eye patch just slays me. So punk rock! :)


  408. 408
    The Browning Family says:

    I would love the princess capes for my two girls! They are adorable!! My nephews would also be in heaven with any of the super heroes!

  409. 409
    the Corbin Clan says:

    I love the Super Hero cape. I can totally see my 3 year old son running around the house in it! I also love that she is from Indiana! I just moved from Indiana and it is a wonderful state! She make such cute capes!!!


  410. 410
    Racheal says:

    I love the dinosaur cape.

  411. 411
    Lisa says:

    I love the super hero capes and the princess capes. They are all so cute!

  412. 412
    rebekah says:

    I love the girls pirate cape–awesome!


  413. 413
    molly says:

    just ONE of my faves is the diy kids superhero cape. so they can get their creative on and it will look oh so cute no matter what they've done. :)


  414. 414
    Anonymous says:

    I like the monkey cape – that is so very appropriate for my little grandchildren – age 3 & 2.
    lorettahps at yahoo dot com

  415. 415
    Anonymous says:

    I like the monkey cape – that is so very appropriate for my little grandchildren – age 3 & 2.
    lorettahps at yahoo dot com

  416. 416
    Jorgensen's says:

    I love the dinasour one as well as the pirate capes! What a fun and cute idea! janawardell@msn.com

  417. 417
    kathyo says:

    The princess capes would be *perfect* for our household. What adorable capes!

  418. 418
    The Pittmans says:

    Oh these are so cute! I have 3 girls but they love any sort of dress up!

  419. 419
    Jon and Jessica Bryant says:

    I love the princess crown capes. They are all adorable though.


  420. 420
    Anna says:

    My boys (and mom!) are big Harry Potter fans, the capes would be great for a viewing party of the next movie! Adorable!

    anna.simovski at gmail dot com

  421. 421
    Michelle S says:

    I love the Ladybug Halloween cape!! I can just picture my daughter running through the house wearing it!

  422. 422
    Domestic Creativity says:

    Adorable, both my Son, and Daughter love wearing capes!
    Great Work!

  423. 423
    GreenMomma88 says:

    I love the blank ones because they can be used with any outfit!

  424. 424
    Audra says:

    I like the star capes, the lightning bolt capes, and the monkey cape!

  425. 425
    MatthewandHeather says:

    Wow! They are all super cute!! I must say, though, I like the superboy and the butterfly ones best. Great giveaway-thank you :)


  426. 426
    Amber says:

    I love the ladybug.

  427. 427
    Jill Ann says:

    To be honest, I love the plain ones so you can customize. Simple and cute!

  428. 428
    Sarah says:

    OMG I love the "Plunger Man" Dad sized one. She needs to make a "Bug Squisher" one too. jnspatino at gmail dot come

  429. 429
    Diana says:

    I love the ladybug caps!!! Simple precious……

  430. 430
    jamie says:

    Those are so cute! I love the little princess capes.


  431. 431
    Olsens says:

    I think the material of the capes looks fabulous. It makes for comfortable, everlasting superheroes. The website is set up very userfriendly and visually appealing as well. My favorite cape themes are the princess crowns, the girl pirate, and the dinosaurs. Super Cute!

  432. 432
    cheeksb says:

    My son would love the starwars one but I like the Super "c" one for his name. I hope I win I know some kids who would LOVE the capes!!!


  433. 433
    sntbosch says:

    I like the car capes!

  434. 434
    Sahara says:

    I love the blank capes, that way my daughter can keep it plain or decorate it and exercise her creativity :) The purple and yellow would be a great color combo!

    runnerfrog13 (at) gmail (dot) com

  435. 435
    The Hathaways says:

    My saughter would go nuts for the princess capes. So cute!

  436. 436
    jjnhubbs says:

    These are so adorable!! I'd love to get my daughter a Super Hero Girl Cape with her initial on the back! She'd have so much fun with it!

  437. 437
    Chelley says:

    I love the Super C cape. So perfect for my Super Cooper!


  438. 438
    ccwheels says:

    I like the little princess double sided and reversible. They're all so cute!

  439. 439
    ccwheels says:

    I like the little princess double sided and reversible. They're all so cute!

  440. 440
    Brittany says:

    I love the ladybug cape and the group capes are so cute! Would be so much fun!


  441. 441
    bethgraced says:

    I love the Wonderpets capes!! My niece is a huge fan and would love to have one and give them to her friends. The superhero ones are fantastic, too!

  442. 442
    Aubrey says:

    I like the initial capes!
    byubabe14 at yahoo dot com

  443. 443
    Shan says:

    I love the Superhero lightning bolt cape. Such a fun idea. Thanks!
    shantellandersen at gmail dot com

  444. 444
    Nicole, Kole & Hendrix says:

    The boys pirate one or the create your own super hero one are my favorite!! My little nephew would love one of these!!


  445. 445
    Sabrina says:

    My favorite one is the little girl crown cape.


  446. 446
    B says:

    I love the Ladybug Cape! My daughter and her friend would love to run around pretending to be ladybugs!

  447. 447
    Antrobus Fam says:

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the pirate super hero cape! And I'm sure that my 3 year old would love ANY type of cape.

    j.antrobus at hotmail dot com

  448. 448
    Kierst says:

    My daughter wants to be super girl for Halloween so I love that one! It would be great to not have to make her a cape!
    kierst dot smith at gmail dot com

  449. 449
    Suzanne M says:

    I LOVE the pirate cape. So adorable and would actually fit with what we are wanting to do for Halloween this year!

  450. 450
    Amy says:

    OF course the princess capes would be a hit at my house althought the boy would like any of the blue/black or green ones.

  451. 451
    Britanie says:

    When our baby girl was born, our two year old boy did not know what to do with her. He was jealous, he was aggressive and it was impossible to leave him alone with her. Until, we told him that he was "Super Brother", he loved it, he is now her protector and her rescuer! He absolutely needs a "Super Brother" cape, I love the initial boy cape with the lightning bolt through it, it would increase his brotherly powers tenfold!

  452. 452
    Missy says:

    The pirate capes are so so cute!!

    Missyjurgens at gmail dot com

  453. 453
    Liz says:

    Man, oh man. I've been meaning to make one for my little girl for a while now. This would be perfect!

    I love the princess ones, but I am sure my lil girl would love the wonderpets one… she is crazy about them!


  454. 454
    Vicki says:

    I like them all! But probably Harry Potter the best! SO CUTE!


  455. 455
    TraciandBradley says:

    Coolest giveaway ever! seriously awesome store. LOVE TO WIN! ah! My favorite are actually the family pack. how fun would that be? wow! SuPeR cool. Crossing my fingers and toes! — TRACI — btleavitt5@gmail.com

  456. 456
    Billy says:

    I love the dinosaur with the hat the very best. My other favorites would be the monkey, the pirate, or the girly dinosuar.



  457. 457
    Jody says:

    My son is getting married so of course the ring bearer was the one that caught my eye. jodywalunas@hotmail.com

  458. 458
    digitalscrap.chick says:

    I like the the Dino Mite design.

    digitalscrap.chick at gmail dot com

  459. 459
    Anonymous says:

    love the dinosaur lovers cape. hehe! so cute for a boy :0)

    – jen

  460. 460
    Casey says:

    I really like the Dinosaur Cape!


  461. 461
    Lindsay says:

    The pirate ones are AWESOME!!! But I also love love love the dinosaur ones with scales sticking out – even though I dont have any dino lovers among my girls. Maybe for me?? :)

  462. 462
    Jocelyn says:

    My son would love the Buzz cape or even just one with his initial on it. He always wants me to tie a blanket on him for a cape, and it just never stays – this would be so much easier, and way cuter! jocelyn.tucker at gmail dot com

  463. 463
    Becky Rodli says:

    I have a 5 year old little princess so of course the hot pink/little pink combo with a crown caught my eye. I also like the more plain versions with Monograms as well. I would love to win this drawing!

  464. 464
    Shannon says:

    Wow I can only pick one???!:) these are way cute. I think I would love ANY of them!!!


  465. 465
    Adventures in Calli Land says:

    My daughter would totally go for the pirate cape. So cute!


  466. 466
    Mirissa says:

    Got to be Buzz Lightyear. My little boy is crazy for him!

  467. 467
    ashley says:

    Oh my! How cute! I love the wonderpets capes- the other day we were at a home improvement store buying some tile, and I wouldn't let my 2 year old out of the cart. She grabbed the handle with exasperation crying desperately "Lenny! Tuck! Ming-Ming!" She was begging the wonderpets to help her!


  468. 468
    Jennt says:

    So excited about your post. Been planning a super hero party for my son's bday in January. These are just the favors I need. We are pretty fond of the Wonder Pets so those would have to be my fav. jenn@thrailkill.com

  469. 469
    Tina says:

    I absolutely love the Girlie Monkey Cape! Soooo cute!! :)


  470. 470
    maria says:

    Adorable. I love them all but like the basic personalized capes the best.

  471. 471
    Amy says:

    I LOVE these!! I want a
    pirate one for myself : ) I also love the pink/lime girl monkey.


  472. 472
    Christie says:

    My 2 year old son would love the Buzz light year cape. He Loves Buzz and loves to dress-up like his two older sisters.

  473. 473
    Wilson Family says:

    I love the dinosaur capes and the super boy too! My boys would LOVE these!!!
    douglasheatherwilson at gmail dot com

  474. 474
    leaner says:

    Those are so sweet! I LOVE capes!

  475. 475
    Irene says:

    My kids think Super Hero's are the best. I can see them now jumping on couches and beds in these adorable capes!


  476. 476
    THE CONKS says:

    I think my little heros would love the Buzz Lightyear the most. What a great idea!

  477. 477
    Jamie says:

    My favorite is the little princess cape! SO adorable!!


  478. 478
    kyleandtaryn says:

    I love the princess crown capes. They are so cute, and such a fun idea!

  479. 479
    Kristina says:

    Wow, I never enter these drawings but this was just too cute to pass up!!
    I love them all, but since my daughter is obsessed with Wonder Pets right now I'd definitiely have to go with that one! But I would love it in green because ming ming is my favorite!

    Someone should suggest a super Why cape!


  480. 480
    Kristi F. says:

    The Halloween Jack o Lantern cape is my Favorite!


  481. 481
    Leah says:

    I really like the cape that has a monkey on it. I think it was on the second page. I would love to get a custom one with the Green Bay Packers logo on it. Jerseys are so expensive and on game day this would be a great outfit!

  482. 482
    Camille Campbell says:

    I love, love, love(!) the Halloween Super Boy AND Super Girl capes! Sooooo cute!!!

  483. 483
    evan-emily-lincoln says:

    I like the "Rising Star" kid's super hero cape, with the star on it. It's reversible and so cute! My little boy would love it!


  484. 484
    Heather says:

    Oh my, my little on would go nuts for a Buzz Lightyear cape. I'm pretty sure he would never take it off. Ever. Cute!


  485. 485
    1Hipchick says:

    My granddaughter and I love the Pirate capes and the princess capes the best but they are all great.

  486. 486
    Anonymous says:

    I love the set of 5 capes, I would give them as Christmas presents to my family and have an super christmas morning!


  487. 487
    Shelley says:

    I love the dinosaur one! My daugher loves dinosaurs so this would be perfect!

  488. 488
    Anonymous says:

    I liked the lightening bult ones!! I have three children who play dress up all day every day…they have been BEGGING me to make them capes but I haven't had the time. If we won these capes would be put to daily use of fun and adventure!!!


  489. 489
    Stephani says:

    I love the SuperBoy cape! My little guy would love one!


  490. 490
    Chelsea says:

    I like the monkey cape! My son would love just about any of them. He likes to pretend he is a different character every day. What a great idea for fun!


  491. 491
    Anonymous says:

    It is a toss up between the Halloween dinosaur with the 3d scales or the Monkey cape. They are so cute!

    aldwedgi at hotmail dot com

  492. 492
    Katy says:

    Supergirl says it all! Love the stars!

  493. 493
    Stac says:

    I love the dinosauer ones!


  494. 494
    Dana says:

    EEEK! I am in LOVE with the reversable pirate capes! I think my daughter would be in heaven! She is all about wearing superhero capes lately!

  495. 495
    Kim says:

    My favorite is the ladybug-probably because it seems like an easy, multi-year use costume now that Halloween is so close. (lovejoykim@yahoo.com)

  496. 496
    Embrace the Circus says:

    The Children's Superhero Cape (Inspired by Princess and the Frog — doublesided and reversible!) would be in high demand around here… My daughter peered over my shoulder just now and gasped when she saw it.

    (And can I just mention how perfect it would be to win this giveaway? My four year old is set on having a supergirl birthday party in December… Not that she's ever seen supergirl, but that's beside the point. I'd been thinking I'd have to make capes for our little guests. I'd be thrilled to win!)

  497. 497
    Starlie and Nate Schmutz says:

    my favorite one is definitely the dinosaur. so cute!


  498. 498
    Shannon says:

    I love the wonderpets capes…my boys would get a kick out of those!
    mom2tictacs at gmail dot com

  499. 499
    coca_loca247 says:

    The dinosaur cape with the 3D scales is so cute. Great 'tickle trunk' addition!

  500. 500
    mummy_chelle says:

    The Princess and the Frog inspired one is my fav but we know a few boys who would love the stegosaurus one. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity.

  501. 501
    Kristy says:

    Love the Ladybug Halloween costume cape, but also love the ones with the letter. My little TyTy would go GAGA over the T with the lightning bolt!

    benedictkristy at hotmail dot com

  502. 502
    Heather and PJ says:

    Well now I have three favorites: the childrens custom cape, the number cape you know to wear for that birthday and I love the idea of giving these away at my son's birthday. Way way way cute


  503. 503
    Megan says:

    Wonderpets are perfect for my toddlers

    Megan: Cougarfam@gmail.com

  504. 504
    Anonymous says:

    I love the Pink Princess Design! All of them are adorable!

  505. 505
    Anonymous says:

    They are all so cute! I love the dinosaur one.

    dancejfk2p at hotmail dot com

  506. 506
    Christy says:

    I just love the dinosaur cape – it's maybe the best thing ever. I know a couple dress-up-happy boys that sure would love to get a cape for Christmas… :)


  507. 507
    The Scott Family says:

    i love the incredible cape and also the lady bug cape. so cute. the double sided ones would be awesome so you can have so many different capes. what a blast for my 2 year old and friends!

  508. 508
    Jennifer says:

    I love these capes!!! So cute! I love that they are reversible also! I couldn't possibly pick just one…but I like the halloween dinosaur for my son and the princess and the frog inspired one for my daughter. What a great giveaway…thanks for the opportunity!

    Jenn jpdavis07@gmail.com

  509. 509
    Laura says:

    Absolutely the girls' pirate cape. I love anything pirate!
    lauraastill at hotmail

  510. 510
    The McComb Family says:

    Oh my gosh how cute! I love the ones that use the child's initial! What child wouldn't love one of these??


  511. 511
    Brookel says:

    i LOVE the halloween dinosaur cape, i know my daughter and son would love it and probably fight over it :)

  512. 512
    HillsRus says:

    Those are so cute! my 2yo would love the one with the dinosaur on the back. SOOOO cute!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  513. 513
    Amber says:

    I have to go with the Wonder Pets capes because my daughter loves them! I'm saving the store to look at for Halloween!


  514. 514
    Stefanie says:

    I love the Superman cape!!



  515. 515
    Max says:

    I love the party pack capes!


  516. 516
    Stacy says:

    The dragon cape is the best! Everything is great though, awesome idea. -Stacy

  517. 517
    Erin says:

    I really like the cape that has just a plain star on it.


  518. 518
    Batman's Mom says:

    I love the boy's pirate cape. My son would flip over that one.

    lori dot beckmann at kenblanchard dot com

  519. 519
    Keith, Heather and Carsen says:

    I absolutley love the capes with the cars and the letters on them!! such a cute idea!


  520. 520
    Anonymous says:

    It is funny because she has a G Man one, that is my little man's nickname. I def love that one!

    msokunn at hotmail dot com

  521. 521
    Jen says:

    I love them all, but the monkey business one and the butterfly are my favorite!

  522. 522
    Jen says:

    I love them all, but the monkey business one and the butterfly are my favorite!

  523. 523
    Anonymous says:

    though my husband will be upset that i didn't list the buckeye cape (go bucks!!!) i love the superman emblem cape with his initial on it!!!! they are all so cute.

  524. 524
    Anonymous says:

    though my husband will be upset that i am not picking the buckeye cape (go bucks!!!) i know my son would LOVE a superman emblem cape with his initial on it!! Love them.

  525. 525
    Carpenters says:

    My favorite is the family capes where you can design your own emblem. How fun would that be at Halloween? Okay, let's be honest; how fun would that be anytime?

    penelopescarpenter(at)yahoo(dot) com

  526. 526
    Williams Family says:

    I am so in love with the princes crown capes. They are so perfect for any little princes. All of them are so adorable though.

  527. 527
    Emily, David, Daniel and Miss Maggie says:

    i think that the princess ones are so cute!

  528. 528
    ...Sheri says:

    I love the double sided princess cape!
    othellostevens at msn dot com

  529. 529
    T says:

    eeek! I caught this contest just in time! My kids play batman and batgirl every day together and would LOVE a bat super hero cape. Here's to hoping I win!

    chiandshabby at gmail dot com

  530. 530
    Michelle says:

    My boys would love these – especially the superhero capes!

  531. 531
    Buggy's Mom says:

    I loved all of them!! I have a little boy and a little girl that would love any one of them!!!


  532. 532
    Gaylene says:

    I have a very energetic 3-year-old who LOVES rockets and would love to "fly" around in the Rocket cape. I can just imagine him racing through the house with this adorable cape flowing behind him. Thanks Pip and Bean–What a great giveaway!!

  533. 533
    Mim says:

    My son would just adore the Children's Super hero Cape with the rocket ship on it…. or the buzz light year one :)
    They are gorgeous, thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)
    I hope that I can still enter even though I am in Australia?

    mad_mim at hotmail dot com

  534. 534
    Kim says:

    There are so many wonderful capes to choose from. I would pick the monkey for my boy and some princess for my girls. LOVE IT!


  535. 535
    Yuli says:

    I loved the butterfly one!


  536. 536
    Team Gecko's Triumphs 4/23/09 says:

    Im lovin on the Dino capes.. cute cute baby dinos and mamma dinos.. hot pink and purple, cant go wrong.. btw super cute blog.. just found you from a friend.) thanks for the fun ideas…

  537. 537
    Anonymous says:

    It has to be the wonder pets caps set. My three year old is now walking around singing the theme song. Thanks for that ;-)
    schatzi319 at aol dot com

  538. 538
    Collette says:

    I love the lady bug capes as well as the DIY design! My neices would absolutely love these!


  539. 539
    mrspelly says:

    The little princess capes are adorable! But so are the Initials… so hard to decide.
    mrspelly at gmail

  540. 540
    Sophie says:

    I LOVE the pirate capes! They're so adorable.


  541. 541
    Carly A says:

    I am loving the dino capes! So cute! carlyhaynie@gmail.com

  542. 542
    Christy says:

    What a smart idea for party favors! What kid wouldn't love that! I love the dinosaurs on the back. I would have a hard time getting my lil guy to take that off. I also love the super girl cape. Maybe Mommy could match :)

  543. 543
    Sherry says:

    Oh,what a cute giveaway. Glad I happend to find it–and on the last day to enter–WHEW.. They are all so cute. The W cape is awesome and perfect, since our last name starts with W. Love the monkeys and all the cute girly ones. Sherry –apantry@hotmail.com

  544. 544
    privitt58 says:

    These would be great for the grandkids for Christmas. Hope I win. Ruth—-r.privitt@yahoo.com

  545. 545
    the reilly's says:

    I love the simple plain ones, so the kids can pick whoever he/she wants to be for that day.



  546. 546
    Bellis says:

    Hi! I love the race car :)Sweet!

  547. 547
    Molly says:

    I love the princess crown ones for my little girls. My girls would love these so much. My little guy would love the superman one. These are way fun and cute!


  548. 548
    Doty Family says:

    How do you pick?? I love the cute pirate. Especially the girl. I love the cute race car one's too!


  549. 549
    DeLiGhT says:

    I have 3 boys and they LOVE LOVE LOVE being super heroes. They'd like the Buzz and Superman capes for sure.


  550. 550
    Ami Bethea says:

    I love the tiara cape and the personalized capes with the child's letter. SO CUTE@@

  551. 551
    Aria says:

    I love the family capes. The Superman one for Dad is my favorite! Husband has always wanted one :) He's definantly a kid at heart…. Little one's would love them too :)


  552. 552
    JT42 says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the princess capes and the birthday capes!!
    oh my goodness, I am giddy looking at all these beauties! what talent!

    ttmom 42 at yahoo dot com

  553. 553
    Cara Dickerson says:

    I love all the little polka dot ones, but the princess ones are adorable. My girls would love those! Super cute.



  554. 554
    Brian and Jessica says:

    I'm in love with the Buzz Lightyear cape!! My 4 year old would wear that one EVERYWHERE!! Ü

  555. 555
    Jennifer says:

    my girls would love the supergirl cape. I must get the dinosaur one for my nephew.


  556. 556
    KidsCanType says:

    I just love the superman cape! They are all just too cute – thanks for sharing the link!!!


  557. 557
    La Vita Bella says:

    I love the little ladybug one. But the little princess crown one is so cute too! My little girl would love one of these.
    romarachel [at] gmail [dot] com

  558. 558
    Sarah Sherman says:

    The pirate capes are SUPER cute!!!

    Thanks for the entry!


  559. 559
    Shandi says:

    Wow!!! First of all i am soo glad that you extended this givaway!!! Second there is no way I can choose a favorite they are all so so fun. And third my kids are already asking of they can have a cool cape like the kids in the pictures!!

  560. 560
    Elisabeth Bittinger ICE says:

    I love the flower girl and ring bearer capes. I think these would make the kids feel super hero special!


  561. 561
    Nyssa says:

    I love the Harry Potter party pack of capes! I think that would be such a cute addition to a little kid birthday party.

    All of the capes are so cute and look very well made.


  562. 562
    John and Sara Roylance says:

    I love the wonder pets ones! I think I finally figured out what my kids can be for Halloween! Linny, Tuck and Ming-ming!!
    Even better if I can make the logo on these capes!

  563. 563
    Ashley says:

    I'm thinking my daughter would just love to run around in one of these and eventually her brother would too!


  564. 564
    Laurel and Jeremy says:

    I would love the Buzz one since my toddler is all about Buzz these days. :) Although I love the intial idea so even when his interests change, his name wont :)
    jnld515 at gmail dot com

  565. 565
    lizaw27@hotmail.com says:

    How can you go wrong with the "Super Hero Family Pack"? Awesome for family photos! That would make for a unique Christmas card!

  566. 566
    lizaw27@hotmail.com says:

    How can you go wrong with the "Super Hero Family Pack"? How fun! this would make for a great and unique Christmas card photo!

  567. 567
    Becky says:

    I like the Princess and The Frog cape!


  568. 568
    Anonymous says:

    The ladybug capes are my number one, lots of make believe playing and girl time fun!
    Chrissy :)

  569. 569
    Alexandra says:

    I love the monkey superhero cape!

  570. 570
    bree says:

    LOVE these! I would love to purchase some for my nieces and nephews for christmas this year!!!

  571. 571
    Leah says:

    I love the ladybug and bumblebee ones. So cute and original


  572. 572
    Anonymous says:

    I am so excited to see you've extended the giveaway deadline, I just happened upon your blog and LOVE it!! The capes at Pip and Bean are absolutely adorable and I love them all but I think my favorite are the Princess Capes, sooo cute!! I hope I am lucky enough to win one!! :)


  573. 573
    Tara says:

    I love any and all of the capes with Dinosaurs on them. I have two boys who love superheros and Dinosaurs. These are perfect. Combine the two.

  574. 574
    Adge says:

    These capes are adorable. I really like the girl monkey cape! My daughter would love that. Lately she has been on a superman kick, so she thinks she is a super hero, and uses a towel to hold over her shoulders. She is funny, so this would be perfect for her!


    Btw, I really enjoy your site. So many project ideas, where to begin?!?!

  575. 575
    Snapshotsofhappiness says:

    So hard to pick! I love the dinosaurs, monkey, and initial capes!

    mattnlindshayes at yahoo dot come

  576. 576
    Alex says:

    I love the Pirate ones! Such fun capes! thanks for the fun and awesome giveaway!


  577. 577
    Anonymous says:

    I just LOVE them ALL!!!!!


  578. 578
    pamela says:

    wonder pets and lady bugs to cute!!


  579. 579
    Anonymous says:

    I love the princess capes! All of them are so cute!


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