Stuffed Animal Part 2

Now for the Giraffe.
(A continuation of yesterday’s post.)



I guess it doesn’t take a lot more explaining but here’s another cuddly little friend for you all.


Cut out your giraffe, the same way you cut out your elephant.


But now, you’ll need to make sure and add your ribbon to the neck, as well as the tail.


Then pin right sides together, with lots of pins. Because remember……the minky slides around a lot.


Sew all the way around, leaving a 3 inch opening along the back.


Turn right side out, pushing the legs and head out with the eraser end of a pencil and stuff full of batting.


Hand stitch that opening closed and you’re……..




***And remember, if any of the directions seem vague, please refer back to yesterday’s post.***

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36 Responses to “Stuffed Animal Part 2”
  1. 1
    The Barrow Bunch says:

    There are SOOO stinkin’ cute. I just love them. I can’t draw worth anything. Is it possible to attach your templates?
    Have a wonderful day.:)

  2. 2
    Giles Fam says:

    So cute!

    * oh, and just so you know, I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and found that fabric I was asking you about without even knowing it was going to be there. imagine my surprise! :)

  3. 3
    The Acting Mom says:


  4. 4
    michellejohnnie says:

    Absolutely cute! I linked again!

  5. 5
    orhedricks says:

    Love the animals. Will make them for friends having babies next month! Thanks for sharing.

  6. 6
    CharityMay says:

    love your ideas, and your blog! do you have a tutorial/pattern suggestion for the little boy’s ties?

  7. 7
    April says:

    Hi Ashley. I love all of your cute ideas. I have a craft idea to run past you though because I haven’t the slightest idea how to execute it, but REALLY wanna try to figure something out for my YW for a camp craft. I read somewhere about pillow cases with an extra pocket for scriptures to remind the girls to read their scriptures before bed, or whatever. I would love to make these for the girls and let them decorate them as part of crafts at camp, but I don’t know where to begin with a pattern at least for where the extra pocket would go, or where it would be best. can you help me? thanks!

  8. 8
    Southcott says:

    these are really cute i am making them for my cousins that live in the U.K and they are so light to send. Hey do you have a pattern for a diaper bag.

  9. 9
    Wes and Dani says:

    Hey! Thought I'd link you to the stuffed animal I made from your tutorial. :)


  10. 10
    Ktbug says:

    I made the giraffe today. It turned out SO cute. And I was happy to get rid of some scrap material and ribbon. The only thing I did different was that I double stitch the entire giraffe and then triple stitched all the ribbon parts. Only because my 7 month old love to tear things apart and I didn't want her to pull off the ribbon and try to eat them. THANK YOU!

  11. 11
    ArtGirl/California/United States says:

    love it!

  12. 12
    The Three Vree's says:

    So cute! Is there any way to get the pattern for the elephant and giraffe?

  13. 13
    April says:

    Would you allow me to make some to sell in my Etsy shop? Love it!

  14. 14
    Ashley says:

    Sorry, the tutorials shared on this site are for personal use only. Please refer to my FAQ section for more info. Thanks!

  15. 15
    Jennifer says:

    Love this idea! I don't have any minky, and have had a hard time finding it in my area for some reason, but I am just going to use two types of complimenting fabric. I am working on it right now. As for a template for the animals, I did a google search for giraffe shape (you could enter whatever animal you were looking for) and clicked images at the top. BAM! :)

  16. 16
    Sita Gilly, Madre Artesana says:

    Hi there
    I want to thank you for your lovely pattern
    Here is mine
    I hope you like
    Kisses, Sita Gilly

  17. 17
    emily says:

    do i have to use minky fabric or can i use any fabric?

  18. 18
    Valerie Nelson says:

    Do you have a template for the giraffe?? I’m not very good at free hand drawing and this is soooooooo cute! I really want to make one! :) Thanks!

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    my baby loves them

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:


  21. 21
    bobby says:

    Yesterday’s post and the other links bring me to something completely different than the elephant and giraffe instructions.

  22. 22
    Nina says:

    Hi Ashley,

    both animals look really cute! Is it possible to get the pattern for the giraffe? Regards from Germany, Nina

  23. 23

    love this tutorial! It was featured here: thank yo so much for sharing!