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“Washi Tape Christmas” (a book review and GIVEAWAY)

I love when blogging friends publish books of their very best and favorite work.  I know how much love (ahem, and work!) goes into putting a book together and publishing it…….so I’m always THRILLED when I see someone publish an entire book of beautiful projects!


Enter Kami, from No Biggie.  Kami and I met years and years ago at a Michael’s Blogger event and I have adored her ever since.  Really, she has the biggest heart and the best ideas!  She has such a creative eye for crafting/decor and always posts the most delicious I-wish-I-could-taste-through-my-screen recipes!


Just recently, Kami released her very first book, Washi Tape Christmas.  And for those of you who are like me, and have a crazy Washi Tape addiction (and snatch one up any time you see a cute new print at the store and figure there must be SOME reason you need another roll)…..this book is PERFECT!!!