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DIY: Turn Jean Pants into a JEAN SKIRT

I think my 8 year old Elli has been eating extra green beans at dinner or something because this girls’ legs are on the fast track to becoming the longest 8 year old legs you ever did see!  I swear….this girl is growing out of everything in her drawer.  But that’s okay, because of all moms, I completely understand! ;)


Elli has this old jean skirt that she has been wearing for about a year now and the poor thing is just too short.  And tattered.  It was a hand-me-down from a friend to begin with….and finally needs to be put to rest.  So, I decided to finally replace it with another denim skirt.  But I didn’t want to actually buy anything because we all know she’s overeating her veggies at dinner and she’ll just outgrow this one soon too!  Ha! ;)  SO, I actually turned a pair of Connor’s old jeans (that were hole-y in the knees and too short for him) into a new skirt for Elli!


But really, you could do the same thing with your own adult sized jeans……and make your own denim skirt for summer! It really only takes minutes to do…..and doesn’t cost a penny!


DIY: Turn Jean Pants into a JEAN SKIRT | via Make It and Love It