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DIY “Frozen” and “BFF” Clay Charm Necklaces

My little Elli (turning 8 in a few days) loves to make things with her hands.  Just like her momma.  (Not gonna lie.  It makes this heart of mine grown 7 sizes each time I see the passion in her little eyes.)  I’ll admit though, most of the time that I’m creating things, it’s while she’s in bed, at school, busy with another activity, etc.  Because, well, it’s a lot faster to complete something on my own.  But lately, she has been asking a lot more to have me teach her to do certain things and really wants to be right by my side watching while I’m making this or that.  And when this happens, I generally find her scooping up my scraps from the ground and making her own little things from them for her dolls and stuffed animals.  So, I’ve been trying really hard lately to slow down……and let her join me.


So when I found out Elli’s 2nd grade class has been doing an economics unit and all the 2nd graders were asked to make items at home, to sell in a holiday craft fair, I was excited to make something WITH her.  And she was THRILLED.  She came up with a trillion ideas….but we finally settled on one.  Making polymer clay charm necklaces.  And she worked those little fingers and created some darling little necklaces to sell.  (Side note: the students priced the items, worked the fair, and then all the money they earned goes to a charity that they will vote on. Pretty cool unit.)


And because “Frozen” is hotter than anything ever in this whole wide world right now (it’s kinda nauseating), we just HAD to throw in a little “Let It Go” charm.  Because if I have to teach Elli one thing about economics and retail…’s that you give the people what they want.  And if all the elementary school girls are still in love with Elsa and snowflakes and Olaf the Snowman……you produce! ;)


Also, the whole BFF trend is crazy and out-of-control in 2nd grade, so we had to throw that in too.  


DIY "Frozen" and "BFF" Charm Necklaces...made from polymer clay! | via Make It and Love It