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DIY Car Seat Toys…for baby!

Oliver is a long baby.  He was born long, he has two long parents (I guess “tall” is the appropriate word…ha!), and he continues to measure long at each of his doctor’s appointments.  So, he outgrew his baby car seat pretty quickly.  (I guess most babies stay in the carrying car seats until they’re 1, right?)  Which is a bummer because a few months ago, I decided to make Oliver a few toys to hang from the car seat handle, to give him something to look at, touch, grab, etc.


However, he grew right out of that car seat before I completed them.  But I still had all of the car seat toy pieces laying around, so I decided to go ahead and finish the toys anyway and I’ll just hang onto them and use them for a baby gift or something. :)


After finishing the toys, I just had to attach them to the old car seat…..and then plopped Oliver in there as well, just to see how he would respond to them.  And he was in little baby HEAVEN! :)

DIY Car Seat Toys...for baby! | via Make It and Love It