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How To Landscape & Hardscape a Front Yard (…from our experience!!)

Oh my goodness….what a project.  But I’m so excited to finally share how to LANDSCAPE & HARDSCAPE a front yard……from our experience, at least! :)

(P.S. “landscape” refers to plants/trees/flowers and “hardscape” refers to brick/rock/drainage/etc…..I only tell you this because I had no clue there was a difference. ;) )

We decided back in March (when it started warming up here in Oklahoma) that we really wanted to overhaul all the landscaping in front of our home.  There were a few things planted and a few rocks outlining the front flower beds by the house when we purchased the home a year ago…….but it was pretty minimal and wasn’t really complete.  And I think because we didn’t love it, we didn’t feel any desire to pull the weeds or add annuals, etc.

I posted a round-up of 20 Cheap Ways to Improve Curb Appeal back in March because I really wanted to spruce up our outdoor space….and that’s when my brain started really turning.  Steve and I decided we were going to take out what we hated and turn it into something we loved looking at!

I have to be honest though, we looked into hiring help for the brick laying and heavier parts of the project.  We know we jump into huge projects sometimes and then realize it was more work than we thought… we got a few quotes for hiring a landscaper.  And then, holy smokes, we were quickly reminded why we like to DIY everything….because landscapers aren’t cheap!  (But we know why… can sometimes be pretty labor intensive.)  So we decided to heck with it…..let’s do it ourselves!  (And I’m talking about saving about $4-5000 by doing it ourselves. Holla!!)  That’s when the scouring of all corners of the internet happened.  And how I became best friends with the local plant nursery AND Home Depot! :)

And now that it’s done, we are pleased as punch.  It has been so fun walking around outside or driving in and out of the driveway, and seeing all of the beautiful plants growing and blooming and cheering up our entire home! Ahhhh!  3 words…VERY WORTH IT! :)

How To Landscape & Hardscape a Front Yard (...from our experience!!) |


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