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Fox/Bear/Raccoon DIY Stenciled Onesies (…with tails on the back!)

Oh boy, oh boy… I have a fun BOY PROJECT for you today!!!  (Okay, okay, this could work for either gender….but we’re going to call it a “boy project” since I’m having a baby boy in a couple months and frankly, boy projects are a little less common in the big vast blog land!)

But oh gosh guys, these are the sweetest little Fox/Bear/Raccoon DIY Stenciled Onesies….that are also so fun to make!  As I was creating the templates on my computer and then started adding the paint to bring them to life, I couldn’t stop gushing over these cute woodland creatures.  It got me all excited for this little guy to hurry and finish baking inside my belly and meet the world!

But the BEST PART?!  The bum of each onesie!!!  I can’t be alone in this…..but little diapered baby bums are kind of my favorite!  Especially newborn bums that sit entirely in your hand (or the bend of your elbow) as that little baby lays on your chest, snuggled into your neck.  And that’s why I had to add a little something to the bum of these onesies.

Fox, Bear & Raccoon DIY Stenciled Onesies (...with tails on the back!) | via

Ha!  Didn’t those turn out fun?!  (A bear tail is more or less a circle, which seemed kinda boring, so I added words to that one instead of a tail!)


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