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The TIN MAN (…from “Wizard of Oz”)

In case you missed the girls’ Wizard of Oz costumes…..I made Chloe a Dorothy Costume and Elli a Glinda the Good Witch CostumeAnd they are both in LOVE!


DIY Dorothy Costume (from Wizard of Oz) | via Make It and Love It    diy-glinda-costume-13 

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Great news…..THE PAINT DRIED!  Wow, it must have been something in that metallic paint that really slowed down the process, because that took DAYS.  Weird.  But now you know, if you make something similar…..plan ahead!! (After yesterday’s post about the wet paint, a commenter mentioned sprinkling baby powder on tacky [not wet] paint and letting it sit for a few hours and it takes the tackiness away.  I had my powder in hand and went out to the garage last night….but surprise, the paint was dry!  Thanks for the tip though Amanda!)


Anyway, Connor was SO excited this morning when I told him his costume was finally dry.  It has been hanging from strings attached to the garage ceiling since Saturday night and every time we walk past it to get in the car, he would gently touch it to see if was dry.  Nope, nope, and nope.  Tacky. Every. Time.  But this morning, right when I woke him up and told him the good news, he hopped right out of bed, excitedly put every single piece of the costume on, happy-chattered the whole time I put the silver paint on his face……and bee-bopped right out the door to snap a few pictures.


This kid, my gosh, he could hardly keep from giggling. He makes such a rad little Tin Man!!!


DIY Tin Man Costume (from Wizard of Oz) | via Make It and Love It