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How to Marble Fabric (with shaving cream!!)

Cami from “Tidbits” is back today…..and I couldn’t be more excited!  She has created the coolest marble effect on fabric, using SHAVING CREAM!!  I know, so weird, but the result is amazing!  And she’s done all of the hard work and experimenting for us.  Check out all these cool ways to marble your fabric!


. . . . .


Hello again!  It’s Cami, from Tidbits – and I am thrilled to be here today!


Perhaps, I am even more than thrilled.  I am here to share a project with you which I absolutely fell in LOVE with!  Did you know you could fall in love with a project?  For me, I know it is true love when a wet load of laundry sits in the washer for 3 days straight.  I know it is true love when I tell my kids we are not going to swimming lessons for the day because I want to work on my project.  I know I am deeply in love when that disgusting fast food joint down the road is our dinner 2 nights in a row.


Yes, my friends.  That is true love.


Now, if you too are craving a little “project love” in your life, I am convinced that after you discover what you can do with a can of shaving cream and some fabric paint . . . . . . . . . we will all be running the same load of wet stinky laundry, over and over again.


How to Marble Fabric (with shaving cream!!) --- Make It and Love It