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DIY Baby Boy Sailor Romper (for Baby Blessing/Dedication/Christening)

I mentioned in the Partial Button Placket tutorial at the beginning of the week, that I made a little Baby Blessing outfit for Oliver. (a “baby blessing” is similar to a “dedication” or “christening” in other religions.) The outfits that I made for my other kiddos’ blessing day (Chloe’s blessing dress is here), were sewn before they were born.  However, I just never got around to Oliver’s.  Typically, blessing outfits are all white (though they don’t have to be) and I honestly looked around for something I could just buy.  But, yeah, not a whole lot of white options for newborn babies.


Yeah, the outfit is not what’s important for their Blessing Day but each of our children have their very own outfit that I want to give them when they’re grown…….so my “mommy guilt” told me I better make s o m e t h i n g.  And quick!  So… know me.  I decided to stay up late one evening after all my babies were in bed sleeping, and whipped up a little something Oliver could wear.  So now he too can have an outfit from his very special day.  (And when the kids are teenagers, they can’t tease Ollie and tell him that he was actually some random kid we picked up off the street….and that’s why he doesn’t have a Blessing outfit.  Can you tell I’m the youngest of 7 kids?  Oh, how I was teased! Ha.)


And what did I quickly decide on?  A little ‘Sailor Romper’.  Ack……I love how this little thing turned out!


DIY Baby Boy Sailor Romper (for Baby Blessing/Dedication) --- Make It and Love It