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Oh my word.  I have been so excited to share this costume with you guys!!  But first, I apologize for not having it ready yesterday like I said I would in that quick post I put up over the weekend.  I had everything ready to go, I just needed to finish the instructions…..but I have had some sick kiddos (who have stayed home from school) and have been needing some extra love.  So thanks for understanding. :)

But, I’m now ready to share with you the winner of the Costume Vote from several weeks ago.  There were so many good ideas…..I was so excited watching all the votes come in.  And honest to goodness, I looked at the winner of the vote about a week after the voting and it was a BUTTERFLY COSTUME!  And then in second place (I think), was Harry Potter and then maybe Star Wars??  But, I forgot to close the vote and since then……the actual winner has changed.  Accckkk!!!  So, if you go back and look at the results, you’ll see that Zootopia is the new winner! WHHAAA?!?!  I had no idea it had changed until I looked at it over the weekend.  Whoops!  But too late—–I was already finished with the Butterfly Costumes….so we’re gonna go with it, mmmkay?? ;)

We also had different plans for my kiddos’ costumes this year (it was actually going to be Zootopia, which they LOVE…so how ironic that it ended up pulling ahead) but since I’ve been so sick and my kiddos are all taking turns missing school from being sick…..the girls are now happier than clams to wear these butterfly costumes! (Now I’ve got to figure out something for the boys!)

Anyway, there are butterfly costumes all over the place…..and you can definitely find all sorts of butterfly wings at the store, etc.  So, I was actually kind of surprised that this costume won the vote.  So, I was determined to do something a little more unique. And something more fun than the standard wire mesh wings for my 5 and 9 year old girls!

So I made EXTRA LARGE WING Butterfly Costumes….for both Elli and Chloe! :)

How to make a Large Wing BUTTERFLY Costume | via


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