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DIY Vinyl Hair Bows…for BACK-TO-SCHOOL!!

Oh my goodness, you guys were so sweet to me and my blubbering heart on Friday (and over the weekend)….your comments were sure appreciated!  Sending kids off to school is always so exciting (for the kids and I both, for many reasons…ha!), but I always turn into mush sending them out the door on that first day.  Ugh.  But today was Day 2 and our morning routine of lunches made, bunnies fed, bellies filled, and teeth brushed…..all on time!  So, it’s been a good day!:)

Anyway, back-to-school has been on the brain……and with 2 girls needing to be out the door early in the morning now, that means we have double the hair that needs to taken care of!  I tend to let my kids sleep as late as they can in the morning (okay, myself included)…so we try to keep the morning routine simple.  And that means that relatively simple hair for Elli and Chloe is a must.  Yeah, if there’s time for braids or fun little buns….I love squeezing that in for the girls.  But on most days, all we have time for is brushing through their hair.

To help keep Elli and Chloe’s hair out of their eyes, I like to sweep that front section of hair out of the way, into a small clip of some sort.  Yes, it’s nice to get that hair out of their face…..but it’s also a quick way to add a little bit of CUTENESS to their hair!

And these DIY Vinyl Hair Bows are perfect for all of the above!

DIY Vinyl Hair Bows...for BACK-TO-SCHOOL!! | via


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