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DIY Pacifier Clips…no more dropped/lost pacifiers

I know, I’ve been a little MIA this week but my head has been other places.  Okay, more specifically, doing a few things for the release of my book next week (more about “No-Sew Love”).  Plus, we have company in town this weekend and more coming in another week.  And if you’re anything like me, when company comes into town….it’s the perfect excuse to finish those projects that are about 80% done and functional.  And have been sitting 80% complete and functional for months and months and months.  But when someone comes into town, you all of a sudden notice that other 20% that needs to be finished, and you stay up late every night for a week finishing it.  (Our banister, random painting, organizing a few overflowing closets, etc.)  Am I alone in this?  I kinda love it……because so many things suddenly become 100% complete. :)


Anyway, I have had this project done before Oliver was even born but waited to share it so I could snap a few pictures of it in use.  Because, come on, everything is cuter on a teeny tiny baby! :)


I have used Pacifier Clips with every child.  We actually call a pacifier a “binky” in our house and every child has been a “binky addict”……so having something to keep those pacifiers readily available, has saved me on hundreds of occasions.  So, before Oliver was born, I was buying a few baby supplies and reached for the Pacifier Clips and almost bought a couple.  But then, like frequently happens to me, my dang brain said “NO!”  Really loudly.  And I had to put it back.  Because, come on, I could make them myself…..and a lot cuter than what they had hanging on the Target shelves.  (Yeah, that darn brain of mine adds so many projects to my to-do list.  Ha!)


DIY Pacifier more dropped/lost pacifiers! --- Make It and Love It



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