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36 SIMPLE COSTUME IDEAS for Kids and Adults

Well, the plan was to have Connor’s costume done and ready to share for today.  Arghh……it just didn’t quite happen.  But that’s because yesterday was a little on the crazier side (aka: one sick little monkey…..but she’s fine today) and naptime wasn’t as fruitful as normal.  So, the Wizard of Oz costumes are almost done……but won’t resume until Monday.  Deal?


(In cased you missed it, Glinda the Good Witch and Dorothy are both done.)


In the meantime, I’ve been noticing so many cute costume ideas around and just had to share.  And they’re all simple ideas… yes, there’s plenty of time for these.  Because, by golly, if I could wrap each person (yep, adults too) on this planet up in some sort of clever costume for Halloween, I would. ;)



And see you Monday!



 36 SIMPLE COSTUME IDEAS for Kids and Adults...just in time for Halloween | via Make It and Love It