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DIY Mermaid Costume…with a REPOSITIONABLE Fin!

For years, my 8-year-old Elli has made a little mocked up version of a mermaid costume from a baby blanket.  She wraps it around her waist, secures it with a hair clip and then divides the excess blanket beyond her feet into two sections and wraps runner bands around them.  You know, like the 2 flaps of a mermaid fin.  She helps Chloe do the same…and then they flop around the floor and couches, pretending to swim through deep waters, collecting treasures from the bottom of the ocean floor.  It’s pretty darn cute.

The thing about these 2 little girls of mine, is that they love glitter.  And sparkle.  And anything shiny and fancy.  So, when I decided to come up with an actual mermaid costume to share with you guys (since it was one of the winners of the costume vote), I decided to make shimmery sparkly mermaids.  However, it works out for the best, because those little sequins look like shiny scales.  So we’ve been drowning in little sequin bits around here…..including between Oliver’s toes.  And in the lint trap of the dryer.  Ha!

But, it’s all very worth it because now these 2 girls of mine, can ditch the baby blanket mermaid tails, and can flop around on the floor in their new Mermaid Costumes!

The one thing that my girls (mostly Elli) requested, was that the tail be something that would wrap around their legs and bind them together.  Like a “REAL” mermaid! ;)

DIY Mermaid Costume with a REPOSITIONABLE Fin! | via Make It and Love It



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