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Make a UNICORN HOODIE…in 30 minutes!

First of all, THANKS SO MUCH for all the love on my “Time to Spill the Beans” post on Monday.  Each comment made my heart increase in size just a bit…I swear of it!  But really, I appreciate you all so much! :)

. . . . .

I can’t even tell you how much I have missed sewing.  We are currently trying to overhaul my craft room and finally are adding shelves, cupboards, more organization, etc.  If I told you I have been crafting in a “horders junk pile” for almost 2 years….would you believe me?  Well, it’s true!  And I’m finally trying to dig out.  So, my machines haven’t been easy to get to and all of my supplies are in piles, waiting for their new shelf/cupboard. (I’ll share more once it’s done.)

However, among all the disorder, I got an intense itch to make a quick project for my unicorn loving daughter Chloe (who’s 5)…because I just couldn’t get it out of my head.  So I set my sewing machine up on a random table and made a quick Unicorn Hoodie… about 30 MINUTES!!!  And let me tell you, this girl was SO EXCITED!!


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