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40 DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas (for kids!)

Something crazy (and time/brain/emotion consuming) is going on in this household and I’m still trying to digest the changes that are happening here.  I know, totally vague and totally annoying to you, my sweet readers.  But a few more details have to happen before sharing.  Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad, scary or unfortunate.  But that’s why I’ve been a little MIA lately.  I’ll share soon though, I promise. :)


In the meantime, my kids have been asking what kind of Valentine’s they can bring to school this year.  Just a reminder, my kids LOVE cutting/gluing/assembling/(making messes)/etc……, Valentine’s is kinda their thing.  Don’t get me wrong though, store bought Valentine’s have been our friend several times in the past.  But, since we have more than 2 weeks to spare, we’re going to jump on this and toss glitter and foam cutouts around this weekend!


I shared several of my favorite Valentine’s Day Card ideas last year……and have even more “favorites” this year.  So, if you’re going to pull out the glue, glitter, and craft paper this weekend too, maybe some of these ideas will inspire you!


 40 DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas (for kids!) | via Make It and Love It



Let me know if you find some others!