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10-Minute DIY: Hanging Tissue Box Holder…for the CAR!!

I married a man with severe seasonal allergies.  (And by seasonal, I mean EVERY season!)  And because of those allergies, this guy goes through a TON of tissues!  Add 4 kids to the mix (several of which have allergies and chronic runny noses)……and AGGGHH!  So, because of this, we have a box of tissues in almost every room of the house, including the kids’ bedrooms.  And when allergy season hits, WATCH OUT…..there are tissues everywhere! :)

Oh, I forgot to mention one more place where we always have a box of tissues……THE CAR!!!  I always have a box up front with me while driving but there’s also a box floating around in the back of the car somewhere.  However, the box I keep up front is one I try to smash under my seat….but it usually comes free and ends up at my feet while trying to drive.  I am constantly kicking that thing back under my seat with my free foot.  Grrrrrr.  And the one in the back… always MIA when the kiddos need it.  Double GRRRRR!  So, we’ve been needing to fix this headache for a LONG time!

And finally, a solution. (…that takes maybe 10 minutes to make!)

A Hanging Tissue Box Holder…..for the CAR!!

10-Minute DIY: Hanging Tissue Box Holder...for the CAR!! | via


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