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Make a simple Bell & Moss JOY WREATH

I mentioned over on Instagram the other day that the day after Halloween, I took down all of our decorations and put up all of my “Fall” and “Thanksgiving” decor.  But not even a week later, I just got this incredible itch to bring out the Christmas boxes.  So I did.  Well before Thanksgiving!  I don’t know….maybe it’s because there was so much crazy going on during the first part of November and it just felt dreary and sad (I was letting all of the presidential election drama really get to me…..the fighting on both sides was exhausting).  So, I took down the “Fall” decor and started pulling out so many wonderful Christmas memories.  It seriously fixed my mood and made me so happy to celebrate something so special, sacred, and peaceful.  Ahhhhh……Christmas!

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-10-06-52-amimage from my Instagram account

And guess what?  Thanksgiving was still lovely and beautiful, even with Christmas decor already up!  Maybe next year will be different….but this year I really needed that little pick-me-up!

So when the Michaels Makers challenge for December was centered around Christmas decor, I was happy to join in!  In fact, I haven’t been loving the wreath on my front door….and decided I needed to fix that problem, and made this very simple Bell & Moss JOY Wreath!

Make a simple Bell & Moss JOY WREATH | via


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