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“Secret Life of Pets”: a Movie Night, a Dog Biscuit Recipe…plus, we have a PUPPY!

Did you notice the very end of that blog title up there?!  Yes, it’s true.  And I’m still trying to figure out how that all happened…..but, we have a puppy!  Our very first dog EVER!  And let me tell you…….puppies keep you on your toes, but that little stinker has wiggled her little fluffy self right into our family!  Ahhhh…..we all love her, especially the kids!

Pets are something we have never had a ton of.  Well, I guess we got a couple of outdoor bunnies about a year ago….but now, a puppy.  Oh wait, and we had a fish once.  But it seems that pets are slowly becoming a part of this family…..and surprisingly, I’m okay with it.  (Long story….but I’m not a huge pet person. More about that another time though.)  Anyway, we generally don’t go to the movie theater very often (mostly because my 2-year-old Oliver is a stink bug at the movies), but when The Secret Life of Pets was released in theaters, I took the kids to see it over the summer because it just looked so darn cute……and they LOVED it!!!  Mostly, because this movie gave my kids a little glimpse of what those silly pets could possibly be doing when their owners leave them alone. Ha!

And now The Secret Life of Pets is available on DVD and Blu-Ray (along with 3 mini movies…and an hour of bonus content) and when I received my copy in the mail the other day and told our four kiddos that we were going to have a family movie night and watch it again…..they were STOKED!!!

"Secret Life of Pets": a Movie Night, a Dog Biscuit Recipe…plus, we have a PUPPY! | via

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