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DIY Octagon Dining Room Table…with a farmhouse base!

Once we moved to Oklahoma (almost a year ago–wow!)……I quickly started to realize that not everything fit into this house the same way as our last house.  The rooms are different, the layout is different, and even my style is a bit different.  Once we started putting the kitchen stuff away, I realized that the kitchen nook wasn’t going to hold our old rectangle kitchen table the same way as our last house.  Which, I was completely okay with, because the table was in pretty rough shape and had pretty large gauges and scratches from moving with it twice.  It was a very inexpensive table anyway….and it was time for a change.

So, we started looking for tables that were more of a circle shape or possibly an octagon shape, to fit the square dining area in this new house.  The trouble was, we didn’t want a small round table that would only fit 6, we wanted to seat 8, so that our family of 6 would fit comfortably….with the option of having extra space for company.  But holy smokes, have you tried looking for decent round-ish tables that seat 8?!?!  Yeah, not only was there not much to choose from as far as style goes…..but thousands of dollars!!!!  (Which is thousands over budget, HA!)

Anyway, that’s when Steve and I started thinking about possibly making our own table.  We had a few other projects on the list and weren’t really “feeling” inspired to make a table.  And I think part of that was because we were super nervous about putting together a piece of junk that would fall apart.  Because, I don’t know, tables get used every single day, several times a day…..and we were a little intimidated by making something that would be worth our time.  So, we re-considered saving up to buy a table……but gave up again because, really, we couldn’t find anything reasonably priced that would fit the space AND sat 8 people instead of 6.

And that’s when we decided that we would build our own Octagon Dining Room Table….with a farmhouse-style base!  And oh my goodness, you guys, we LOVE IT!!!

DIY Octagon Dining Room Table...with a farmhouse base. (Seats 8 comfortably!!) | via Make It and Love it

***We actually finished this last fall, just in time for Thanksgiving guests….but I’m just getting around to sharing it now.  So sorry for the delay and hinting about it over on Instagram, but the tutorial is lengthy and I just kept putting it off during all the holiday excitement!  But it’s done now, yay!!


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