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A QUICK Homemade Baby Gift (…digital files included!)

I really, really love making little things for babies.  You know, like itty bitty baby shoes, frilly dresses, little boy bow ties, cozy baby blankets….it’s all so fun to make.  And the best part, it only takes a tiny bit of fabric.  I don’t know, I might have a slight obsession…..but it totally makes me happy to create baby things! (Tell me I’m not alone, please!)

HOWEVER, I don’t always have time.  I love attending baby showers and I always start thinking right away of what I can make and oooh, I get so excited, and my brain goes on overdrive and then I get really excited (see? I’m a mess!)…..but it doesn’t always happen.  (Darn those 24 hour days…they’re NEVER long enough!)  So, even though sometimes I find time to make more intricate projects to give to friends….it happens less and less these days.  And just so you know, I buy baby gifts too…I don’t feel like I HAVE to make baby gifts, I just really like to.  So I have been trying lately to come up with quick baby gifts, that are fun to give, but also include a little piece of my heart!

My latest favorite baby gift to give……are these cute little onesies with iron-on shapes and phrases!  You can come up with so many fun ways to customize them.  I also decided to create a little tag to add to my Stuffed Car Seat Toys, which is also a quick gift to make.

A QUICK Homemade Baby Gift ( files included!) | via


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