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Autumn Decor: Pumpkins with Hanging and Flying Bats

It’s SEPTEMBER!!!  Does that feel as weird for you to read as it is for me to write?  Crazy.  But, even the trees here in hot Oklahoma must know autumn is on its way because I have seen some leaves changing color.  (Which, hello?  The weather has still been blazin’ hot……how is that even possible?!!)

But since my calendar says it’s September, that means (in my head), that it’s time for Autumn decor!  Which is perfect timing because as a Michaels Maker, our challenge for September was PUMPKINS!  This was a fun challenge since pumpkins can be used for Autumn AND Halloween…..both of which I love!

What I decided to do, was create a little nook in our new place for some pumpkin decor, which is a fun change of pace.  And not only pumpkins……but I added BATS!  Some hanging bats inside one pumpkin and some bats flying across another.  Now we’re ready for September! :)


DIY Pumpkins with Hanging and Flying Bats...great autumn decor! | via Make It and Love It