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How To keep kids safe on the Internet—CIRCLE (from Disney). Plus, a BIG announcement.

I don’t know if you guys remember me telling you about a tiny little box that we got several months ago, that has completely changed the internet function and usage in so many homes since its release…..and that little box, is called CIRCLE (by Disney).

As parents/grandparents/guardians of children…..we worry.  And that’s okay.  Our little kiddos are bombarded with so much more than we were as young children, and sometimes it’s overwhelming to try and regulate every little thing that comes into their life.  But one thing that especially worries so many parents, is the internet.  The things they can see, the predators online, but also, how much TIME they are spending on computers and devices.

That’s where CIRCLE comes in.  It’s a sleek little box that blocks content, pauses the internet, sets time limits (and disconnects their device), and so much more!  Here’s a reminder about what this little box does!


This thing has been such a lifesaver to so many homes.  But there was one huge complaint about it when I shared it several months ago.  It only worked on apple devices.  GREAT NEWS……it now works with ANDROID!!!!  MORE INFO HERE.


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