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Another minor costume crisis…..WET PAINT!

I know, I know……you’ve heard me say several times, “ACK….crisis!  Costume delayed another day!“  And yeah, here I am, saying it again.  But this time it’s not a sick child or lack of time…….it’s WET PAINT.


For Connor’s costume, I created the entire thing, finished the last few details on Saturday, and then spray painted it all that night.  I checked on it Sunday morning…..still wet.  That’s okay, I wasn’t worried because I planned on waiting until Monday morning (which is today) to take the pictures anyway.  So, I pointed a portable fan at it, and begged that paint to dry all day yesterday.  I woke up this morning, sure the paint would be dry, and ready to have Connor step outside in it to take a few pictures before school.  Buuuuut……..still tacky.  WHA?!?!?!  Spray paint has always been my best friend.  And a quick-drying process.  But darn it, I think it has to do with the metallic in the paint?  Or maybe the breathe-ability of the fabric that I’m using? 


But the good news, is that a few things have dried.  And are ready for action.  (Any guesses on what those shoes used to look like?  Gah.  A terrible idea to paint something with a variation in textures.  Too late…..we’re ignoring it.)


1photo 3



It’s just the main part of the costume that’s being so stubborn.  And driving me crazy.  (However, I tested a strip of the same fabric a week ago with the paint and while it did take at least a half a day to dry, it eventually dried beautifully and didn’t chip, crack, etc.  So, I’m hopeful.)






Anyway, once again, a delay.  But that’s my life. (You should see me try and get myself and all the kids ready for church while Steve is at work at the hospital for the one sunday/month that he’s scheduled.  It’s actually pretty comical.  “Connor, where are your shoes?  Elli, grab your tights!  Chloe….why are you naked?  Oliver, you pooped?  AGAIN?!?!”  Better late than never though, right?)


Talk to you “soon”!  (That really means tomorrow but if the paint hears me, he’ll surely stay tacky for another day.  Grrrr.)  Meanwhile, Oliver’s costume is in the works. :)