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25 Clever Ways to Childproof Your Home (…plus a little update on our table)

Oh you guys, I’ve been been hinting about our new dining room table over on Instagram for months…..and have been dying to share it!  Last fall, we were talking about buying a new kitchen table but we needed something round to fit our dining room space but everything was SO expensive.  Boo.  We never even considered making a table……but realized we’d save HUNDREDS of $$$ if we just made what we wanted!  Instead of round, we went with an octagon shape that actually fits 8 people comfortably…..and we LOVE it!  Anyway, I took lots and lots of pictures to share with you guys how we put our table together…..and today was the day to finally share!!!


I have had one sick little baby who has needed a lot of momma holding the past 2 days.  Yeah, that sweet little Oliver of ours has had the flu and wasn’t able to keep anything down, ugggh… I’ve actually been enjoying a lot of snuggling with a feverish and flu-ish little person (with a big red bowl nearby at all times).  So, the tutorial will have to wait, but I can hardly wait to show you that you can absolutely make your own octagon shaped dining room table!!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.07.15 AM.png

Here’s the assembled table top, before we stained it……and another photo of my husband Steve attaching the finished table top to the base we created!  Both were snagged from my Instagram account from last fall.


Anyway, while doing a lot of sitting the past few days (with a sad little Oliver draped across my lap), I was looking around online for some new ideas to keep this little guy out of things.  Because Oliver is INTO EVERYTHING!  Day in and day out, he explores our home like his own little playground and empties cupboards, digs through drawers, pulls food off of pantry shelves, empties tissue boxes, drags baskets out of place, chews on everything, steals shoes, pulls on cords, dumps out boxes of anything, and on and on.  Yep, it’s totally normal and healthy for a growing little 19 month old……so I’ve needed a few more ways to slow this kiddo down!

And while looking, I found some other ideas that I don’t necessarily need, but thought were super clever ideas to childproof the home, that some of you may find useful!


25 Clever Ways to Childproof Your Home | via Make It and Love It


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