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Shirt & Tie Tote Bag……for BOYS!

 Every now and then, I like to share a loved post from the past.  Some are 3, 4, and even 5 years old (wow, has it been that long?)…..but are such fun projects to make.  I revive my old tutorials all the time for myself and pull up the instructions on how I made something, so I can make it again.  And even though some of you remember this, many of you are new around here…….so today’s post, is an oldie but goodie!!

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This Shirt & Tie Tote Bag tutorial was originally posted 6/19/2012.


My husband has a surplus of button-up shirts. He had to wear them for school for years and now has to wear them to work. However, finding them isn’t as easy as just stopping by the mall. My husband is 6’5″, remember?!! So sometimes we get lucky and find them in local stores…..but mostly we find them online. But usually the very longest (sleeves included) are just barely long enough for him. So if they are ever accidentally dried in the dryer, forget it. Their days are through. Also, sometimes cheaper brands shrink just from washing. Uggh. Those ones are goners too. And what does a man do with all of his ‘too-short’ button ups? Well, he puts them into his wife’s refashion pile like a good husband should. ;) But good heavens, those shirts have rapidly multiplied over the past few years and rather than feel like a button-up shirt hoarder, I decided a good button-up shirt re-purpose project was in order.


However, I had something in mind that would need a neck tie. So, I asked my husband Steve if he hated any of the hundreds hanging in his closet. (Okay, not hundreds. But lots and lots.) Luckily, he pulled about 5 of them and said they were either “too short” or “snagged” or “just too skinny at the end” and he wasn’t wearing them. Sorry for your misfortune dear husband……but thanks for the treasure. :)


So, I got to work —–


Shirt & Tie Tote Bag...for BOYS!! |via Make It and Love It