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A new adventure…

Let me tell you a little story — (buckle up)


When Steve and I were married in August of 2005, I was nearly finished with my degree and Steve hadn’t even started his.  We lived in Rexburg, Idaho for 4 years while I finished my degree, Steve began his, Elli and Connor both joined our family, I began my own little shop on etsy (and eventually started this little blog) using our tiny hand-me-down box screen Dell computer, and then Steve finally finished his bachelor’s degree.  Whew.


In December of 2009, we were off……to Georgia.  To begin his 2 1/2 year program of PA school.


(Look at those babies……wow!  And I know, the packing behind them is ridiculous!)




While in Georgia, Steve was gone a lot with school and I began blogging like a crazy woman!  Elli was 3 and