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Fabric Leaf Hanging Mobile (…or any other shape)

While putting Oliver’s room together (right before he was born 3 weeks ago), I had visions of making a mobile.  Not one to hang over his crib…….but something fun to hang over the fabric chair in the corner of his room.  I figured I’d make some sort of simple mobile structure and then hang my own string, attach fabric shapes of some sort, etc.  But, in true Ashley fashion, I procrastinated my days away — and still hadn’t finished the mobile, with only a couple weeks before Oliver’s arrival.  That’s when I started browsing around Amazon, trying to find some sort of pre-made mobile base and came across a very simple (and inexpensive) Photo Mobile, that you clip pictures from.  Bingo.  That was going to become the base for Oliver’s nursery mobile.


So, I created some very simple Fabric Leaves…..and clipped them to the mobile.  Truly, about a 30-60 minute project!


DIY Fabric Leaf Hanging Mobile (...or any other shape) --- Make It and Love It




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