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A New Tandem Bike and $500 Visa Card GIVEAWAY --- Make It and Love It



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How to Paint {{Super Straight}} Horizontal Stripes

Last week, while Steve had a day off and while Connor was at school, we completely emptied his room and decided to finally paint it.  We have lived in this house for almost a year and the poor kid has had his mattress on the floor, pieces of wood for his bed stacked up in the corner, stashes of un-organized clutter everywhere…….and oh my, it was true chaos.  But we were waiting to set up his room until we could paint the lime yellow/greenish paint color that was all over his walls and ceiling.  Grrrr.  When Connor got home from kindergarten and saw that his whole room was out in the hallway, he was THRILLED!  He has been asking for months for us to finally start his room.  Sweet patient kid.


While painting his room with grey paint, I decided last minute that he needed some stripes on one wall.


Are you afraid of stripes?  Do your tape lines leak?  When you pull back the tape, are you left with wavy messy lines?  Yeah, I used to have the same problem.  And it seemed that no matter how expensive the tape was or how hard I pressed the tape onto the wall, it was always a mess.  But since figuring out how to paint super straight lines the EASY way, it didn’t take much time at all to paint these great stripes on one of Connor’s walls.


How to Paint {Super Straight} Horizontal Lines --- Make It and Love It





Go ahead and look closely, even though the wall are textured, those lines are razor sharp. :)


How to Paint {Super Straight} Horizontal Lines --- Make It and Love It





I only painted the stripes on one of the walls……but wow, it adds such a nice texture to that focus wall.  (And no, we still haven’t decorated or put everything in place.  That little plane is just propped against the wall and the ‘S’ is part of the word ‘SOAR’ that we had up in his last room.  Once it’s done, I’ll show more details. :) )


How to Paint {Super Straight} Horizontal Lines --- Make It and Love It





Cute little razor sharp stripes……you’re definitely staying!


How to Paint {Super Straight} Horizontal Lines --- Make It and Love It




Need some help painting your lines?

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The Reversible Bag…for kids!

 So excited to have Kristin from Grandma’s Chalkboard here again today, contributing these darling Reversible Kid Bags.  What child would not FLIP for one of these! :)


. . . . .



Want to know what’s even better than a cute, brightly-colored bag sized just right for your little sweeties? Yep, that’s right, an equally adorable bag that is REVERSIBLE!


Let’s face it, a girl likes options. And I’m excited to be here today sharing a tutorial for that cute little bag, just in time for Spring.

DIY Reversible Bag...for kids! --- Make It and Love It
The real fun of this project comes when you hand this bag to a child and show them how it turns ‘inside’ out. My four year old thought this was the best thing EVER! He was so proud of ‘his’ bag (which happened to be pink with butterflies and hearts) and had to show everyone how it worked. Haha, don’t worry, I have a boy version in the works!  My six year old loves her bag too. This pattern is a keeper!
DIY Reversible Bag...for kids! --- Make It and Love It
And since they are so quick to make, they are great little gifts!  Or you could make a bunch for birthday party favors.
DIY Reversible Bag...for kids! --- Make It and Love It



Want to make one? Great, let’s get started!

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25 DIY Chandelier Ideas

We’ve been working on a few home projects this week, until late at night.  Sweet little Connor has asked for almost a year now for his room to finally be painted…..and hooray, it’s almost done.  Just a bit of touch up paint around the edges and we’re ready to actually set up his room.  His mattress has just been laying on the floor and nothing has really had a place.  So, it’s not really his fault when I ask him to clean his room and he just shoves things in little nooks and crannies, is it?  There hasn’t been much order in his room…..so I guess we’re to blame.  Ack, sorry buddy!  But he is beyond thrilled to finally have a place for everything.  That’s what the weekend holds for us…..moving everything back into his room.


I kinda go back and forth with what I’m working on and sharing here on the blog.  A little bit of sewing, then some home decor, a bit of painting, then I get excited to make baby items, then a few kid clothing pieces, and then back to painting, etc.  Oh gee……in some ways I’m very type A.  In other ways, I’m very type, uh…….Z?? 


But I’ve been looking around for DIY Chandeliers and have found the cutest ideas around the internet.  (Not for his room, but for other spaces in our home.)  So, I had to share.


Some of them are far cheaper than purchasing a brand new chandelier or fixture.  And sometimes that’s all you need to perk up a room or living space.  Maybe some of these will spark an idea for you too.





25 DIY Chandelier Ideas





 Sassy Red Chandelier by It’s Just Laine

brass to class





Fabric Garland Chandelier by A Beautiful Mess






Mason Jar Chandelier by Nest of Bliss






Beaded Chandelier by Gus and Lula






Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier by Brenna at Paper & Ink






Painting Old Chandeliers by Make It and Love It






Mason Jar Chandelier by Kara Paslay Designs






Bead and Ruffle Chandelier by Garage Sales R Us






Vintage Brass Chandelier by Craft and Couture







DIY Orb Chandelier by Ador By Melissa






 Jute Cording Chandelier by I Love That Blog






Paint Swatch Chandelier by Hey Gorgeous Events






DIY Brass Chandelier by One Kings Lane

brass balls





Ping Pong Ball Pendant Lamp by Poppytalk

ping pong






Industrial Cage Pendant Light by Simplicity in the South






Steel Pipe Chandelier by Something is Done






Beaded Chandelier by Makely





Wood Bead Chandelier by Tatertots and Jello






Pom Pom & Hoop Chandelier by A Blog Full of Weldons






Work Light Chandelier by Likainen Parketti

 worklamp 033




 Painted and Beaded Chandelier by How Does She

how does





Wine Bottle Pendant Light Chandelier by DIY Network

bottle pendants





Bead and Jute Chandelier by Simply Salvage






Mini Lamp Shade Chandelier by The Hometrotter





Hanging Bulb Chandelier by Ruffled Blog

  chicken wire


Yesterday’s APRIL FOOL’S post…did I trick you?!! (Also, more tricks I did on my family!)

Did I trick you yesterday


Yeah, I know some of you clicked away as fast as you could when you saw those Pre-Stained Baby Clothes.  Yeah, kind of a mess.  However, some of you are moms/dads and completely understand the hassle of baby stains and meal-time messes…….so don’t feel too bad if I tricked you into thinking it was a good idea because hey, anything to lessen the load.  (And hey, that messy shirt was pretty cute matched with that button-up shirt and jeans!)


But yeah, totally an April Fool’s joke.

pre stained baby clothes-1





I get some sort of weird satisfaction from pulling pranks though.  Not mean, harmful, or hurtful tricks……..but a new silly trick to try out?  Sign me up!!!!



In fact, I pulled so many silly tricks on my little family yesterday, it was hilarious.  And this is the first year the kids had a lot of fun with it too and they kept teasing and laughing and shouting, “April Fool’s!” after they’d pull a trick.  And yeah, some tricks were very obvious, but hey, I gotta encourage ‘em young if I want to mold them into my little tricksters, right? ;)



Anyway, the biggest trick I pulled on the kids yesterday was when I gave them this little snack as an evening treat.  A cup of juice, a bag of chips,  and a few cookies.  Looks harmless enough, right?

April Fool's Day Pranks --- Make It and Love It





But oooooops, once they took a sip of the juice, nothing would come up the straw.  In fact, the straw was seemingly stuck in the juice……because……..it was JELLO!!!!!  Ha. 

April Fool's Day Pranks --- Make It and Love It

 **Make Jello like normal, but pour into clear glasses.  Insert the straw and then let it set up in the fridge like normal.




And those cookies.  Ha.  I offered one to Steve (my husband) at the same time as the kids and they all took a bite of their Oreos. That’s when the foreheads began to crinkle and I could tell their brains were trying to process what was different about the cookies.  The texture seemed right but ewwwww, the taste was intense.  Steve looked at me with disgust and said, “are these bad?  Did you give us rotten cookies?“  Haha……the look of confusion on his face was priceless.  I may or may not have quickly left the room with my hand over my mouth, without having a chance to say a word, and waddled straight for the bathroom from laughing so hard!  (Yeah, a strong bladder has never been a gift of mine!)  This was probably my favorite trick of the day……because it tricked every one of them.  Especially Steve, who LOVES Oreos.  Hahaha…..still laughing from that one.

April Fool's Day Pranks --- Make It and Love It

**Just open up some Oreos, scrape out the cream with a knife, place a blob of WHITE toothpaste in the center and squeeze the 2 cookies back together.  (They look exactly the same.)  Place them back in the Oreo container and pass around to friends or co-workers. 




The chips.  Oh, the kiddos were excited about their mini bags of chips (a rare treat around here).  But once they opened them up, they noticed the chips were nowhere to be found.  In their place?…..CARROTS!!!  So mean. (Ha……but that Chloe girl, she just started chomping on those carrots, like it was no big deal.  That made me laugh equally as hard!)

April Fool's Day Pranks --- Make It and Love It

**Open chips from the bottom, dump out the chips (save in a bag for later) pour carrots inside, and use hot glue to re-seal the bottom of the bag.  Actually, if you seal almost the entire bottom closed and then blow some air into the little opening before sealing the rest of the bag shut….it’ll look more puffed up like a bag of chips.




Oh, but the fun didn’t stop there. 


My sister Shannon is in town and while watching Connor at soccer practice yesterday, we showed Elli the glue on the hand trick.  You know, where you pour a bunch of glue on your hand, let it dry, and then peel it off like sunburned skin.  I’m not really sure why we taught her that trick…..but she was bored.  And well, her aunt was in town.  And we get silly together.  So, she tried it and it worked!  She then tried it a second time on the back of her hand, but at one point, she made a fist and cracked all of the glue into wrinkly skin.  We were outside and it was a little chilly and so that added to the crackled affect, I suppose.  I told her it wasn’t going to peel now but we realized it really looked like dry, scaly skin.  That’s when the light bulb went off and we decided to trick Steve later on.  When Steve got home from work, Elli showed Steve her crackled hand and told him she didn’t know what was wrong but her hand hurt and was so dry and peel-y.  Being the PA that he is (and knowing that Elli has chronic dry skin), he looked it over with concern.  He did ask her if she got glue on her hand but she shrugged her shoulders.  He continued to examine her skin and that’s when she broke and shouted, “April Fool’s!!”  She was so proud of herself for tricking him!

April Fool's Day Pranks --- Make It and Love It





Also, before Steve got home, the kiddos hid strips of bubble wrap underneath rugs and couch cushions all over the house…..so that when he stepped on them, the popping would startle him.  When he stepped in from the garage onto the mat in front of the garage door……he stopped and looked down to figure out what it was.  The kids all burst into giggles and shouted, “April Fool’s!”.  And then they pulled his arm around the house, prompting him to step on certain rugs and sit on certain cushions.  It was really fun for them!

April Fool's Day Pranks --- Make It and Love It

 **The bubble wrap under couch cushions didn’t really work.  There was too much cushioning.  But, Steve was a good sport and really mashed his bum into cushions to force them to pop.






Okay, the rest of the tricks were ones that I did…….specifically for Steve. 


Before he got home, I took all of the toilet paper out of the master bathroom.  When Steve went upstairs to do his business, he found this little surprise:

April Fool's Day Pranks --- Make It and Love It


I wasn’t sure he had seen it yet……..but he suddenly appeared at the top of the banister (while I was standing down below, chatting with my sister) and he flung that roll of Duck Tape down by my feet.  He glared at me with his serious/playful eyes and said, “WHERE IS MY TOILET PAPER?!?!“  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  With brows still furrowed, he continued glaring at me and repeated, “yeah, real funny……WHERE IS IT?“  (I placed the partially used roll on top of the bathroom cabinet.  No big deal!)





I was so excited about this next little trick.  Steve uses a ton of soap while showering.  I always tease him that he uses up a 1/2 bar of soap every time he showers.  I blame it on the hair on his chest…..and that it really makes the bar suds up.  Oh, and the fact that he loves to stand there FOR-EV-ER suds-ing and suds-ing and suds-ing.  (Ha….wouldn’t trade you for anything Steve!  Muah!)  Anyway, I completely covered a bar of soap with clear nail polish and then let it dry.  And then when he would try to use it……..no suds.  It would just slip around in his hands because of the clear coat……but no soap would bubble up.  Ha…..hilarious, right?!?!

April Fool's Day Pranks --- Make It and Love It


Well, my plan was foiled because I set it on my counter to let it really harden up and dry and after he went to the bathroom (and found the duck tape) he noticed the bar of soap sitting on my counter.  Aaagggghhhhh……..darn!  It was hidden behind a cup and a bottle of medicine but he still noticed it.  I asked him how in the world he saw it and he said that he gets paid to notice small details.  AND, his senses were heightened because of all the other hidden tricks that we’d thrown at him.  Good call.  Darn.  I was sloppy with that one.  (****NOTE: I tried the soap with some water.  The nail polish really seals in the soap.  It would have been AWESOME!!)





The LAST TRICK of the evening…….another good one!  I placed little drops of food dye in Steve’s toothbrush.  You really couldn’t tell at all since the bristles were all different colors (It’s actually not the toothbrush below….it was a different one, with like 3 colors of bristles.)  While adding the dye, a few dribbles of the food dye dripped around the edges of the toothbrush but I just wiped them quickly with a tissue.  Then, I let it sit and dry.  Once he brushed his teeth, it would have become intensely blue in his mouth……..creating lots of confusion. 

 April Fool's Day Pranks --- Make It and Love It


HOWEVER, he figured it out just moments before putting it in his mouth.  I asked him how he figured it out and he said he always runs his finger over his toothbrush to check for debris.  Wait, what?!?! Debris?!!    WHO DOES THAT?!?!  And when has there ever been debris on his toothbrush that would have started this ritual?!! 


He said, that’s when a little bit of the blue came off on his finger (he must have gotten it wet too) and then he knew right away.  Grrrrr…..another really good one foiled!





Anyway, that was it.  A day full of fun and laughs. 


All were harmless tricks and everyone understood it was only for fun.  And that’s really important.


That’s when it was my turn to get ready for bed. 



I took my prenatal vitamins and then grabbed my toothbrush, ready to add the toothpaste……..when I saw this:

April Fool's Day Pranks --- Make It and Love It




Ha!  He got me!  And chopped all my bristles down to nubs.


That husband of mine was able to squeeze in one little trick on me before the day was over.  And I laughed!  (Good thing that toothbrush was ready to be replaced anyway.)




Anyway, what a funny day.  And I know, seems like a bit much for one day but honestly, once we started tricking, we just couldn’t stop.  And this really has been the first year that the kiddos really got into it and understood the difference between a harmless trick and being mean.  Everyone enjoyed the laughs and Connor and Elli especially enjoyed the planning and the anticipation of tricking their daddy.  Too cute.



Anyway, Happy April Fool’s (yesterday)! 

And thanks for playing along! :)




Pre-Stained Baby Clothes

Babies are messy little creatures.  It seems like no matter how hard you try, their clothing tends to get stained, messy, and spotted.


This isn’t our first baby we’re having.  So, I know the headache of scrubbing baby clothes and how obvious an old stain looks on a white onesie.  That’s when this idea came to me.    Why not create something that will camouflage the chest area of their shirt that seems to be the catch-all for baby food, spit-up, yogurt, etc.??  Because, you know that no matter how hard you try, getting some of those stains out is downright impossible.  I find myself just wanting to throw clothing away.


So instead of tossing stained clothes or scrubbing pesky stains, I’ve started creating a collection of pre-stained shirts……so that even if they dribble, no more panicking that a stain will result.






Now, it just looks like the shirt design……like the mess was supposed to be there.

pre stained baby clothes 





The best part…..is I just used regular ol’ refrigerator items to create the stains.  No crazy dyes or chemicals.  All are baby safe!






And you know, it’s more like a piece of art now.  Kinda cool and abstract. 






But just think……..when it’s time to feed your little one solids, you no longer need to take all their clothes off.  Or find a bib to tie around their neck. 


Just add to the art of the shirt!  SO cool.





Would you like to make some too?


Let me show you a few secrets to make yours look more artistic…










The tutorial isn’t very long……but it’s oh-so-fun!











You’ll start turning every last white shirt into a piece of art…












But first, I need to tell you one more thing…











Come in a little closer….








pre stained baby clothes-1




Ha………I’m so sorry!  I just can’t NOT share a trickery April Fool’s post every year!  (I know some of you totally were waiting for this.  Darn you!)



I’m sitting here laughing though……hoping that most of you saw right through it.  But equally hoping that some of you thought I was crazy……and I tricked you.  For a second, at least. ;)


Hahahahaha……okay, the mess on that onesie is killing me.  To purposefully make an ugly mess on the front of the shirt.  Yuck.  But if I tricked you, don’t feel bad, I pitched a really good sale, right?  I made it sound like I really thought it was an excellent idea.  And don’t worry, I trick my family with something every year too…….(hopefully Steve hasn’t read this yet, his is coming!)



Here are some April Fool’s Posts that I may or may not have fooled you with in the past:


Last year, I made some Embellished Diapers for Chloe.  Oh gee.  I may or may not have made it sound like it was no big deal that you just threw them away after each use.  Ooops, sorry!






In 2012, I went on and on about yummy Chocolate Covered Veggies and how my kids loved them.  Riiiiiiight! ;)






In 2011, I added some horrible Sashes and Tassels to our toilet.  Oh my, it makes me shudder just looking at this again.






And in 2010, I made these bright Ruffled Easter Pots.  You know, because how could you dare have Easter dinner without fancy (er, gawdy) pots and pans?!?!  Gasp.  Wow.






Anyway, thanks for being a good sport, year after year.  It’s just too much fun for me!

And Happy April Fool’s!




(Only one baby shirt was harmed in the creation of this post.  Ha!)


YOU Made It and Love It: 7 — A Link Party (and last week’s favorites!)

How about showing off a few things you’ve been making lately……and join in on the this week’s Link Party!


So, here’s the deal, every Saturday, I will host a You Made It and Love It party, where you can simply click on the blue button at the bottom of the post, add your name, the URL to your project, and upload your image………and then click “done” to share. Your image (and link) will then show up on that exact post, down at the bottom, and all will be able to see what you’ve been creating lately. I kind of think of it as all of you squishing into my craft room, showing off what you’ve been making. I kinda love it! (Don’t forget to bring your own treats…)


Also, each week, I will share some of my favorite uploads from the week before. Just for fun.


Here are only some of the few that I loved:



Terri from Sew Straight and Gather stitched together these darling vintage inspired pieces for her little girl.  And my word, the blazer, those trousers, and that sweet little hat……adorable!





Nina from Everyday Enchanting put together this charming Spring Cookie Decorating Party……and my oh my, I’m loving all these great spring-y colors and treats!





Sarah from The Crazy Tailor made every single piece in this darling little boy ensemble.  It’s all incredibly darling but, uhhhhh…….that blazer is KILLING me! :)





Loved them all…….but we’ll share more next week.

. . . . .



Wanna add to this week’s party?

Don’t be shy…

link party revised



Here’s how this party will work…….

Choose an image from a project that you’ve made, and attach it below (there’s a little blue button down there). Then, next week, I’ll feature a few of my favorites and we’ll start all over again. (And I’ll be pinning some favorites to my Pinterest account too.) You guys have so much talent in those crafty fingers of yours……so daggum it, SHARE IT!



Here are a few guidelines:

  • Insert a link back here, to Make It and Love It, into the post of the project you’re sharing…..stating that you’re linking up to this Link Party. Or you can include the button below right into your post.
  • Don’t link up to giveaways, your own linky parties, your shop, or advertisements.
  • Share the love. Visit at least 3 other links and show some love to them! (aka: leave them a comment)


If you’d like a little button to share (instead of just a plain ‘ol boring hyperlink) here’s a button for you to use. Just copy/paste the code in the scroll box and then insert into the html (the “text” not the “visual”) of your submission’s post. The button, when clicked on, will link directly back to my site.



Make It and Love It



Now go on, click on the little blue button below, attach your picture (and give it a title, etc) and let’s see what you’ve been up to! :)


And then come back again next week to share what you are MAKE-ing and LOVE-ing!




Stretchy Baby Hats…with Top Knots (template included)

I think being pregnant with a little boy is making me a little crazy.  Since my current youngest is a girl (Chloe, now 3), I have gotten my fill of girly, frilly, and pink!  So now, I have this absurd craving to make this little guy a whole lot of everything boy-ish.  I know I’ll never have the time……but I keep jotting down this idea and that one and how I should tweak this project and that one, making my list really long.  It’s a problem! ;)  But it’s kind of a fun problem because it’s my way to kill the time before meeting him.  So, it’s therapeutic in a way.  Yeah, I’m gonna call all of this craziness therapeutic.  (Go with it…)


The other week, I mentioned that Pick Your Plum had some knit fabric on sale, for crazy cheap……so I bought a bunch.  (I just checked…..and yeah, the fabric is gone.  But they of course of like 8 other really good deals going on today.  Careful……you’ll get sucked in.  I always do!!)


Anyway, my striped knit fabric arrived in the mail a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to start cutting into it.  So I made a quick little something that I use for all my babies when they’re brand new.  Little stretchy Knit Hats. 


So striped knit, thank you for arriving and helping to check an item off my “To-Make-For-Baby-Boy” list!

Stretchy Baby Hats with Top Knots --- Make It and Love It





Those knots on top? Yeah, they help give the hat some dimension…..but also, they are so darn cute!

Stretchy Baby Hats with Top Knots --- Make It and Love It





Also, the seams are hidden under the flap, so the inside stays nice and smooth.  Nothing to irritate baby skin!

Stretchy Baby Hats with Top Knots --- Make It and Love It





It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, I like putting a hat on my brand new baby because even the AC or a ceiling fan in the summer can seem a little chilly to that brand new baby skin.  And my babies never come out with a full head of hair either, so a little coverage is just what they need.

Stretchy Baby Hats with Top Knots --- Make It and Love It





If you don’t have a baby of your own, there’s nothing cuter than making a gift for a friend/daughter/neighbor who’s having a baby.  And these hat are a really quick project.  Match them with a few homemade receiving blankets or an outfit from the store……and your gift is all set!

baby hats with top knot





And yeah, I made these for my little guy but they would be just as cute on a little girl.  Go on, throw a flower on there if you’d like! :)

Stretchy Baby Hats with Top Knots --- Make It and Love It




Ready to make some Baby Hats?

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Recipe: Chicken Enchilada Soup (a Chili’s copycat)

My sister Robin…..ahhhh, she makes me and my belly so happy!  She is such a creative genius in the kitchen and figures out the trickiest of flavor combinations.  And once you get her going, her busy little hands begin throwing together a pinch of this and a handful of that….and makes the most delicious things!  A few months ago while she was here, I said, “let’s have something easy for dinner, like omelets.”  She agreed but while she was helping put them together, I kinda of stepped aside and watched her stuff them with spinach, a variety of cheeses, and some other chopped veggies.  She then created a creamy mushroom sauce to pour over the top.  I’m not even kidding when I say that they were the best omelets I’ve ever had. Of course, there was no recipe for it…..so I’ve been asking her to actually start writing things down and figuring out exact measurements and such.  (More on that later…..but there’s a bit of a yummy addition coming to my blog really soon!  And Robin’s hands are ALL OVER IT!)


But something that we made several times while she was living here for a few months, was something she used to eat all the time in college.  However, it wasn’t something she made.  She would run to the local Chile’s (restaurant) with her roommates and they would order large bowls of the creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup.  And, of course, they would order the chips/salsa between them and use that to scoop up the soup as well!


While living here, she decided to figure out the perfect recipe for this soup, that she used to eat so often while in college. Hot and creamy, a nice cheesy enchilada flavor, chunks of tender chicken, and plenty of yummy toppings.  And she did it.  This soup is CRAZY delicious!!!

Recipe: Chicken Enchilada Soup (a Chile's copycat) ...oh so good! --- Make it and Love It




So, while the weather is still a little chilly (but even if it’s not, you’ll still crave this all year long)……..whip up a batch.  Because there’s something really tasty about this soup.  Robin is set on the idea that it’s like liquefied enchiladas.  Ha….sounds strange, but she’s kinda right…..in a non-baby-food kind of way. ;)

Recipe: Chicken Enchilada Soup (a Chile's copycat) ...oh so good! --- Make it and Love It




Recipe: Chicken Enchilada Soup (a Chile's copycat) ...oh so good! --- Make it and Love It




It’s also a really fun and quick dinner to make for company too.  Throw everything in the pot and let it simmer while you fill little bowls with fun and colorful toppings that your company can pick and choose from.  Yum!

Recipe: Chicken Enchilada Soup (a Chile's copycat) ...oh so good! --- Make it and Love It




Want to make some soup for dinner?

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“A Year With Six Sisters’ Stuff” Cookbook GIVEAWAY!

I was asked several weeks ago if I wanted a little sneak peek preview of the Six Sisters new cookbook that just came out.  Of course!  I love new recipes…..especially new cookBOOKS that I can hold in my hands and leaf through, bookmark, etc…


Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.48.26 AM




And it’s been such fun to browse the totally do-able recipes and plan on when to cook my favorites.  The book is organized a little differently……into meal plans, rather than categories.  So, right next to the main dish you may have chosen, they’ve included a quick side recipe and a delicious dessert. 





Of course you can mix and match but it’s kind of fun to have little menus planned out for you.





The first thing I made from their cookbook was on a night that I didn’t have anything planned.  I was leafing through, hoping to find something I had all the ingredients for……and wah-laa!  I had all the ingredients to make their Creamy Chicken Chili.  And let’s just say we’ve probably made it about 3 times since then.  I’m not even kidding.  My kids LOVED it and I was shocked…..so it’s keeps making its way onto the dinner table.  It’s hearty and packed with protein and a great main dish……but I wasn’t sure the kids would be sold.  However, they keep asking me when we’re going to have that “bean soup” again.  (I add extra chicken broth, so it’s more soup-like…..so they call it soup!) 





But wow……this dish has a creamy and savory kick to it and is nice and filling. 


And because my kids love it AND it’s a crazy fast recipe to make……..it’s totally on our “favorite meal list”.  Yum!




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