HUGE GIVEAWAY: Something for YOU plus a FRIEND (plus 3 other lucky winners!)

Oooooh, get ready for this. 
I have a really, really, HUGE giveaway to share today.  And it’s going to knock you right off your seat.  (so, are you holding on tight? ;) )  Especially if you have always wanted a new camera. 



Up for grabs is TWO (yes, you read that right), 2 Canon Rebel Cameras!! One for you and, well, one for your friend! (Remember how we did this a while ago?  It was way too exciting to not do again.)  If you win, you’ll receive this fabulous camera plus one more to give to your friend. You and a friend can learn together and start sharing pictures between the two of you.  And then start sharing tips and cool photo tricks.  So you may want to increase your odds by spreading the word and getting all those “friends” to sign up.


And, just because two winners just didn’t seem like enough, there are also THREE $100 cash gift cards for the lucky runner’s up.


All you have to do is “Like” the Facebook Pages of the bloggers who helped make this giveaway possible, using the links below.  (You really will like them – they are some great sites!!)  Then enter your information in the short form at the end of this post so we know how to contact you if you win! This form will serve as your entry – so be sure to complete it accurately.


Don’t know much about the Canon Rebel? Read all about this awesome camera HERE.

 It’s also the first DSLR camera I owned and was the only one I used on my blog until about a year ago.  (And I still use it as my back-up……you know, when I drop my bigger camera on the concrete and need something to use while the other one is in the shop. Yes, it happened. Eeek!)  The Canon Rebel does so much.  And takes some beautiful pictures. 


Anyway, 2 fancy little cameras are up are ready to be given away.  And yes, 3 $100 gift cards.

I know, I know, you’re worried about your chances. But for something as big as this, it’s worth a shot, right? :)



This giveaway will close midnight on 8/29, so hurry it up!  ENTER!  (Must be a resident of U.S. or Canada to enter.)


 GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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204 Responses to “HUGE GIVEAWAY: Something for YOU plus a FRIEND (plus 3 other lucky winners!)”
  1. 1
    lauren says:

    awww, i was really excited when i read this but then realized it was only for people who lived in america and canada, what a shame, i live in the uk. nevermind, good luck to all you lucky americans and canadians. hmm….maybe i can find a deal as good as this somewhere else on the net.

    • 1.1
      Ashley says:

      I know, I’m so sorry! We had to limit it to U.S. and Canada because trying to ship a prize this size would require huge gift taxes and fees, almost as much as the prize itself. I really hope we can find a way to include more countries next time, but yes, I totally agree……kind of a bummer!

  2. 2
    Jennifer says:

    Facebook stopped me from entering thru this blog so I had to like the last 4 blogs directly from Facebook. I hope I’m still eligible.

    • 2.1
      Ashley says:

      Hmmmm, I wonder if it’s because I was applying some updates with the text and may have messed up the form. I refreshed the facebook form and hopefully no one else will have any problems. If you were able to fill out the entry form, you should be just fine.

      Thanks for letting me know,

      • 2.1.1
        Tori Hafen says:

        I liked all of them directly through facebook, does that still count or do I need to like them through here?

          Ashley says:

          Nope, you don’t have to like them here too. But be sure to fill out the form with your name and email, so that you can complete your entry. :)

      • 2.1.2
        Amber says:

        The same thing happened to me with the last 4 blogs, I logged in and liked them directly from facebook as well.

    • 2.2
      Carolyn P. says:

      Same thing.

  3. 3
    Ashley says:

    I entered this last time and was hoping to win but wasn’t too disappointed since I had a camera, now that my camera isn’t in great working shape I hope I win, but good luck to everyone who enters :)

  4. 4
    Beth B. says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for making it happen.

    Fingers crossed :)

  5. 5
    Erin says:

    This giveaway is amazing!! I liked all of the pages above, but for some reason it was not showing that I liked 3 of them. Thanks for offering this. I would be so blessed if I win! Good luck to everyone!

    • 5.1
      Ashley says:

      Can you tell me which ones? Maybe it’s an error on our end. Hmmmm…

      • 5.1.1
        Erin says:

        Skip to my Lou, Make It and Love It, and Modge Podge rocks. It kept saying please enter the words shown when I tried to log in, so I ended up liking them from my own page, but it wasn’t showing up on your site that I liked them.

          Ashley says:

          Will you refresh your page and see if it works now? I re-entered those forms… maybe that’s all it was. Are those three showing that you “like” them from my page now?

          Anyone else having troubles????


          • Christine says:

            I had to go to each FB page separately to like them, I got an error message when I tried to like directly from this page. But… worth it to enter!! I love, love, love Canon Rebel. I would love to have one and share one :-)

          • Erin says:

            Yay, It worked that time. I was able to like their page directly from your website! Thanks!

  6. 6
    Jeana P says:

    Wowzers what a great giveaway!! Good luck to all!

  7. 7
    jo says:

    If we do win what will the email subject and sender be? I will need to check my spam filter.

  8. 8
    margo says:

    I need clarification. One entry, per person. If I entered via another post (Pick Your Plum) can I do one entry for the other blogs that are participating? Or does one really mean one? Don’t want to cancel myself out, or cheat. Cheaters never prosper! =)

    • 8.1
      Ashley says:

      Yes, only one entry. If you filled out another form on someone else’s blog, any other forms filled out just won’t count. You won’t be disqualified…….but only one entry per person will be submitted. SO no worries!

  9. 9
    Greta says:

    What an incredibly generous giveaway! I’ve been eying this EXACT camera for months now.

  10. 10
    Kelly says:

    What an awesome giveaway!!

  11. 11
    Dawn George says:

    Thanks for chance to win!

  12. 12
    Kim Faasse says:

    So awesome!

  13. 13
    Andi says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win – what amazing prizes. Thanks again…totally drooling over the camera.

  14. 14
    Michelle Robinson says:

    Would love a camera and one for my neice! She would be thrilled as well !

  15. 15
    kristen says:

    what if we don’t “like” all of them?

    • 15.1
      Ashley says:

      That’s okay. All are pretty great sites……but we understand if they’re not all your thing. Just be sure to submit the form. :)

  16. 16
    Kelli Wood says:

    This is great!! Hoping to win this!! this would be great to use when I work up at the church this year and my time with the fourth and fifth graders!! Plus my best friend just lost her house in a fire and everything in it including her camera! She would be so happy if she got a new one to take pictures of her son again!

    thanks for the chance!!

  17. 17
    Hannah says:

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway Ashley!!! Good Luck to everyone who entered!! :)

  18. 18
    Mallory says:

    I can’t help but get my hopes up for this one. My only camera is on my phone and instead of buying a camera to capture our newborn, we’re paying a mound of NICU bills. So here’s hoping :)

  19. 19
    Mags says:

    Nice giveaway! Here’s to crossing my fingers.

  20. 20
    tonya farr says:

    Want a camera bad!

  21. 21

    This give away is so fantastic I could cry!!!!!

  22. 22
    Kimber says:

    How wonderful! Great giveaway!

  23. 23
    Amy James says:

    Oh!! Here’s to hoping and luck! Thank you!!!

  24. 24
    Courtney W says:

    My old Canon just died. This would be so wonderful!!!! Thanks for alwyas being so much fun! :-)

  25. 25
    Heather says:


  26. 26
    Ashley says:

    Awesome giveaway!! I hope I win! My camera is so old!

  27. 27
    ranee says:

    “like” you!

  28. 28

    I so need a camera for my blogging. I only have my camera phone right now. Unfortunately my camera broke. Then my laptop got hurt. Not sure who I would give the other camera to. Might give it to my husband because we love to double up pictures. But most likely I will give it to my son’s school.

  29. 29
    Lauren says:

    Super excited! I loved my canon rebel until my 10 yr old broke it during 4h photography :( would love to be taking pics of my 4 precious babies again and teaching her to use one properly!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway and all of your fantastic posts. Can’t wait to check out the other blogs :)

  30. 30
    Annie hewlett says:

    I hope I win

  31. 31
    Kyrstin Tindall says:

    Yay! I would love a camera!

  32. 32

    I am a loser and entered more than once on different blogs! I’m sorry, I didn’t see that rule till just now. I hope my one entry can still count!!

  33. 33
    Faith says:

    Awesome giveaway. Here’s to hoping I win! Lol thanks for the chance!

  34. 34
    sangeetha says:

    sad.. :( Y isnt it international..

  35. 35
    Jeanette says:

    Wow how exciting – i take so many pictures of my kids I have been wanting to get a nicer camera! Many blogs have posted about this giveaway, is there just one entry form for all of them? (howdoesshe, ucreate etc…)

  36. 36
    Alana says:

    What a wonderful giveway! Good luck everyone!

  37. 37
    Kathleen A Jones says:

    Thanks for the awesome chance to win 2 cameras.

  38. 38
    Wonda says:

    Great Giveway!!

  39. 39
    Ashley says:

    crossing my fingers!! a new camera would be a HUGE treat!!

  40. 40
    Kortney says:

    What an amazing give-a-way! My diaper bag was stolen a couple weeks ago and it contained my only nice camera! This would be awesome to win!

  41. 41
    Lori says:

    That was easy, those were some of my favorite blogs! Had fun checking out some of the ones I wasn’t familiar with as well :)

  42. 42
    Anonymous says:

    I really hope I win…this would be amazing!!

  43. 43
    Jade says:

    Thrilled to see it’s open to Canadians! I’d the the second to y stepmother – she takes soooo many pictures!

  44. 44
    Han says:

    This is so great!

  45. 45
    Beverly Tank says:

    This would be wonderful! I have wanted a DSLR for such a long time, and our 14-year-old daughter just started a photography class in high school. It would be such a treat to surprise her with this!

  46. 46
    Janice says:

    How exciting! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  47. 47
    Lori Goodwin says:

    So excited for a chance to win!! Thank you for a great website <3

  48. 48
    Jamee says:

    Oh this is awesome!!!!

  49. 49
    Kellea says:

    Amazing gift! I love the website.

  50. 50
    natali says:

    What a great giveaway! Just have a new addition to our family so a good quality camera would be awesome!!

  51. 51
    Karen says:

    Toes and fingers crossed !!

  52. 52
    Kendra says:

    What a great giveaway! Too bad I am not on Facebook; I would love to enter!

  53. 53
    Caren says:

    This is so cool! By the way, I noticed some of your earlier entries were having FB issues, just so you know, I had no problems with them (most of them I already LIKE!!!) I had to crack up when I saw the Mod Podge Rocks, ’cause Mod Podge DOES rock – and you, too – thanks for the chance!

  54. 54
    Ivy says:

    Best giveaway ever! :)

  55. 55
    BeckyJ says:

    OH my! Fingers Crossed!!

  56. 56
    adriana says:

    Love it. Thanks for the giveaway. Have been dreaming of a Canon for a long time and my friend is due next minth what a great gift for her. GOOD LUCK everyone.

  57. 57
    Sharon Thibodeaux says:

    Thanks for the chance to win

  58. 58
    Dee Dee says:

    What an awesome prize!! I could use a new camera to snap pics of my crafty projects :)
    Fingers crossed :)

  59. 59
    Melissa kobe says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!!..:))

  60. 60
    vania says:

    Can really use a new camera, mine broke and am having to use my phone :/ liked facebook pages, which im gonna go check out right now! thanks! :D

  61. 61
    sue s says:

    would love one of the cameras. I am a scrapbooker. thanks for the opportunity.

  62. 62
    MissBeth says:

    So glad I came across this today! Oh how this would make my day if I won! I do not have a DSLR but have been saving up for one for some time now. Good Luck everyone!

  63. 63

    I’m entering to win this because I’m running a fundraiser and I need some big ticket items to auction off. Wish me luck! Thank you for the chance!

  64. 64
    Cristina A. says:

    Amazing giveaway!!! I love your blog, and I’m sure will like all the others too.

  65. 65
    Tina L. says:

    I’m so gland that i have this Opportunity to enter this giveaway because i really needed a canon camera to do my college project and use this camera to take Precious pictures. hope they choose me………………..this giveaway can achieve my dream to become a Photography……………

  66. 66
    Layla Turney says:

    Really hope I win this one! Have been dying for a good quality camera! I have been wanting to start a blog, maybe if I win I will have a good reason to start one! :D Thanks a TON for this opportunity!! <3

  67. 67
    Emily Jensen says:

    Hi. I have a quick question. I “liked” everything, then entered to win. When I went to share the giveaway on FB, I noticed I was logged in as my 11 year old son. I came back here and “liked” everything as me, but I didnt re-enter, as I didnt want to enter twice or “cheat” Do the likes have to come before the entry, or will my entry still be good since I liked things under my email afterward? Thanks (does this make any sense at all)

  68. 68
    Jenny Bradley says:

    I would be over the moon for a camera like this to record our family’s precious memories!

  69. 69
    Mark says:

    Id love to win these so I could give my wife one for our anniversary.

  70. 70
    Robin Steffens says:

    I would be so grateful if I won!! Have been wanting to start doing more digital photography. I still love my 35M. And Canon is my favorite!!

  71. 71
    Doreen says:

    These would be get to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  72. 72
    Tiffany K says:

    Have a newborn at home and would love a nice camera to take photos of her growing up! Would give the second one to the proud grandparents :)

  73. 73

    Awesome giveaway. I had to share this with many friends!! I’d love to be their “friend” when someone wins ;)

  74. 74
    renee says:

    dang! How about a contest that doesn’t involve “liking” anything on Facebook? I stay away from Facebook but would still like the chance to be involved in giveaways.

  75. 75
    Amanda says:

    Would love to win these! My sister is really crafty & I love to cook. These would be perfect to be able to take pictures of our projects & recopies & be able to share with others! As well as her adorable kiddos. Very excited to see the results!
    P.s I already follow a few of these blogs great stuff!

  76. 76
    Jan says:

    Hope it’s me! I heart make it and love it and pick your plum

  77. 77
    Allyson Mack says:

    This is an amazing giveaway!! I need a new camera in a BAD way. With my husband in graduate school, I have no money to splurge :( Maybe I’ll be the lucky girl ;)

  78. 78
    Loretta E says:

    What a great giveaway! I’d love a new camera…Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. 79
    Linnellbelle says:

    Thank you for doing this again!!! What an amazing giveaway! Thank you!!

  80. 80
    Amy O says:

    Wow. On the heels of my camera breaking, the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

  81. 81
    Emily says:

    I tried “liking” all these. Then every single time I clicked a like it asked for me to log into facebook. Then around the end it came up with a message something to the effect of “write the words seen in the box”. So I went straight to facebook and like all of these. But then I couldn’t see how to complete the entry as there was not a “submit” button anywhere or a place to save my name and email to. Am I doing something wrong? Please help! This would be an awesome giveaway to win!

    • 81.1
      Jenn-O says:

      There’s an entry form under all the “like” pages. You have to scroll down on that to submit.

  82. 82
    Emily says:

    Yeah can’t submit my entry! Help!

  83. 83
    Vicki says:

    Thanks to all for this generous giveaway.

  84. 84
    Anna says:

    Sweet! I’ll do this tonight! Thanks for providing this opportunity…

  85. 85
    Annette says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  86. 86
    Elvira says:

    Toooooooooo bad…..I live in Europe….!!!

  87. 87
    Carole says:

    Omg! What awesome prizes to give away. Hopefully I am one of the winners. Thanks so much for contest.

  88. 88
    Tiffany says:

    Got my fingers crossed!

  89. 89
    Cecilia says:

    WOW what a great giveaway! thank you!

  90. 90
    Yvonne says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  91. 91
    Hazel says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! I am really happy this is open to people in Canada!

  92. 92
    Vanessa says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! As a stay home mom starting my business face painting it will come in handy!
    Love your blog and very inspired to create some stuff for my home and kids.

  93. 93
    Nancy says:

    Oh My, This is HUGE!!!! My 16-yr old has her fingers crossed. I really need a camera and she is lobbying for the second. Now she wants to be my friend!

  94. 94
    Lissie says:

    Oh, gosh, it would be more than amazing to win this. My friend and I have been wanting to start a blog for a couple of years, to get our art out there. Neither of us are willing to embark on such an adventure without decent cameras, however, so it would be awesome to win this.

  95. 95
    Perniej says:

    What an awesome giveaway, keeping my fingers crossed :-)

  96. 96
    Sandy Lewis says:

    Thank you for the chance to win these great prizes!

  97. 97
    Gina Alton says:

    EEEEEck! This is so exciting, thanks for hosting such an awesome event!

  98. 98

    oh this is awesome!

  99. 99
    Laurie Wooley says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. What an awesome opportunity! =)

  100. 100
    Donya says:

    Super awesome giveaway Ashley! I come to your site often for inspiration and ideas but what a fun surprise to enter a camera giveaway. Thank you MUCHO! You ROCK!