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    Tera Werner says:

    Hi, I wanted to tell you im in love with crafting & was just reading one of your tutorials on shirring fabric….I HAD to have a sewing machine Years ago for Christmas & some lessons – which obviously didnt work out…i dont even know how to put on the bobbin. I went to my classes & the teacher wasnt happy as i picked the hardest fabric to work with & she couldnt even make the pillow( the class was on pillows) I kept clogging up the machine with fabric throw up and wasnt told how to remove & fix the machine on my own. I am looking to make flowers no sew flowers (im great at coming up with alternative methods instead of sewing) .I was looking for ideas online & wanted to tell you that your site is darling. Im going to keep you in mind once i get my sewing classes because im def intimidated by shirring. Thank you for all your how to’s and ideas. Happy Holidays!

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