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    Lisa says:

    First, I am very fasinated by your site. I saw one of your tutorials on Pinterest and I have to say thank you for making such easy diy crafts and other fun things for people that aren’t very “crafty” but want to be! I love this dress pattern and I am going to try and make it for my little one! She is 8 months old and our only girl (we have two older boys). So, needless to say I am loving everything from making headbands, felt flowers and tutu’s! I do have one question; what kind of barrett or clip did you use on the bird clip your little one is wearing in this picture? The reason I ask is because my daughters hair is about the same legth and I’d like to give her a break from headbands but the clips I find are really big and seem like they’d not be sensitive enough for her little head. Just wondering! Thanks again for all the wonderful diy stuff :)

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    Andrea says:

    I LOVE this tutorial!

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    april says:

    I really want to see this tutorial but all that is here is a pic with no link to instructions

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