An auction for the passing of sweet baby Ruby Jane…


I just put my sleepy 5 1/2 month old little girl down for a nap.


And then I sat down to read through some emails and came across one regarding 7 month old Ruby Jane.  My heart aches for the Taylor family, as they said goodbye to their sweet baby girl last week, due to liver failure.  She fought long and hard and inspired many in her short 7 months of life.  What a blessing baby she was…….which probably made it extra hard to tell her goodbye.  My mind keeps thinking of my own little baby girl, who’s nearly the same age, and my heart breaks.  That little Ruby Jane, what a fighter.  I’m sure her family can hardly wait to see that beautiful smiling face again one day.


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Ruby Jane’s mother, Ani, has documented much of their journey with Ruby here.  If you have a moment, read through a few entries in the archives.  This little angel baby will touch your heart. 

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The Taylors are huge advocates of organ donation and they ask again and again for everyone to consider to donate life

Give it some thought if you’re not already a donor.



In Ruby Jane’s honor, an auction is being held here until Monday, August 22nd.  All proceeds will go directly to the Taylor family, who have accumulated piles of medical bills during the process to help Ruby.  If you’d rather not enter to win an item, direct donations (through paypal) are also appreciated.


My prayers are with the Taylors and anyone else going through struggles right now. 

Now I need to pull my little ducklings in tighter and closer…….and love on them a little more today.



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10 Responses to “An auction for the passing of sweet baby Ruby Jane…”
  1. 1
    Heidi says:

    Always sad to hear about another baby leaving their family. Mine left almost two years ago. Will be thinking and praying for them!

  2. 2

    Some are called home so soon after their arrival. It breaks my heart. Thinking and praying for the family for their loss. Just tragic for them, but she is now in the arms of our Heavenly Father with no pain, no sickness, no struggle. Will go check out the auction.

  3. 3
    N says:

    Here’s another one, Ashley. My friend lost her baby a few months ago too. I always hurt for those mothers with empty arms…

  4. 4
    Daisy says:

    Oh my goodness….this just breaks one’s heart! She’s precious…thank you for sharing Ruby Jane’s story!

  5. 5
    Cal says:

    Sad to hear… that is heartbreaking. Prayers for sure!

  6. 6
    Sandee says:

    your little duckling is darling. my little one is nearly the same age… born march 2nd (my bday!).

  7. 7
    Gine says:

    that`s so sad…I also have a little daughter, she is 8 1/2 Months. Since a few days she crawls through our home and makes out hearts filling up with love…

    deeply grateful for her – she`s a present for us!!!!!

  8. 8
    Amy says:

    What a sweet Angel! My heart breaks for them. I hope that family finds peace in the days to come.

  9. 9
    Jenny says:

    This story gives me yet another confirmation that I need to finish the project I was inspired to start a little over a year ago. It will help families like these deal with losing their child. Thank you for posting! I am going to get to work right now.