Michael’s Craft Store – Blogger Event


Wow. I wanted to get this up so much sooner. But with a move, a new baby, and summer craziness…….I’m just now sharing about the fabulous Michael’s Blogger Event. And their incredible generosity.


A few months ago, I was contacted by Michael’s Craft Store, to see if I’d like to attend a blogger event in Dallas Texas, at the beginning of June. Um, yes. At this time, we had no idea we’d be moving to Colorado. So, I called up my mom to see if she’d like to meet me in Dallas (to have some grandma time with our Baby Girl), asked a few great friends to watch the two bigger kiddos while my husband was in class during the day…….and the plan was a go. Hooray.

Of course I’d like to go, Michael’s! Are you kidding? What an honor. Wow. (Now, did you contact the right Ashley?? ;) Ha.)


Click here to see my trip to Dallas, the generous trip from Michael’s…….and a fantastic 2 days with 9 other bloggers. I’m still overwhelmed by the 2 fun filled days of being spoiled rotten.  And crafting with other crafters.


Wish you all could have been there.  Now my mind is turning……..something needs to be set up so I can meet more of you bloggers/readers/crafters.


(And no, I’m not being paid to blog about my trip.  I just loved it……and wanted to share.)


Back row (from left): Kari, Amy, Jen, Me, Alison, Cindy, Kelly

Front row (from left): Amy, Jen, Kami





For lots of pictures……and the whole scoop……click here.



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7 Responses to “Michael’s Craft Store – Blogger Event”
  1. 1
    Zerique says:

    that is an amazing and fun opportunity!!!! How awesome!!! looks like you had a great time!!!!

  2. 2
    tootsie says:

    Nice!!!! That would be a honor! how exciting for you!!!


  3. 3
    Michelle Druba says:

    Awesome! Way cool, glad you had the chance to do that.

  4. 4

    this looks like such a fun time! thanks for sharing. I’ve been to some of Michael’s classes that they host, but never something like this, looks like a great time (I looked at the full post = amazing) :)

  5. 5
    Marie says:

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    Thank you for your time. I love your blog and have followed you for a few years now.


  6. 6
    Cerise says:

    How fun! And so awesome that you got the opportunity!

  7. 7

    Jeaaaalous over hurr! :) Looks like fun. What an INCREDIBLE group of ladies!!