Where’s My Head?

It’s time to come clean.

Lately I just haven’t been myself.

I have been losing things like opened jars of jelly……then finding them here.


I have had accident after accident and just seem to drop or bump into everything.


I have had more tears lately.  At random times.  And lots of them all at once.


And man, I just can’t get enough to drink.


Or get enough of these to eat.


And another thing, I wish there were more hours in the day to lay here. 
And in case you’re wondering, I’m the last person out of that bed……….and yes, I leave it just like that these days.  But, this way, it’s nice and ready to start from where I left off that morning.  Sleeping.

But don’t you see? 

Something must be wrong.

So, I went to the doctor. 

And they sent me home with pictures like these.

And then, supposedly this picture lets us know the gender of that little nugget growing inside of me.
After the doctor’s appointment, I came home feeling much better.


I’m not crazy, clumsy, forgetful, exhausted, emotional, or expanding in the middle for no reason, afterall.
I’m pregnant.
(And haha, yes, I knew this whole time.  I didn’t really “finally figure it out” at the doctor.)
And we couldn’t be more excited.
My heart anxiously awaits our time to munch on this warm and squishy baby girl, all perfectly plump and delicate.  And stare for hours at her teeny tiny little features.  (Well, my last baby was about 10 pounds…..not exactly teeny tiny.)
So yes, I have been a little loopy, tired, and forgetful lately………so forgive me if you emailed me many months ago and I still haven’t responded.  Most likely, I was going to respond……but then got sick.  Or tired.  And now I can’t remember.  Oops.
But each time we find out the gender of our babies (no surprises here…), I love to start planning. 

And one of my favorite things in life……is staring at little baby clothes.  Even while not pregnant.  They are just too irresistible.

So, since this baby is coming in February, I had to make her a new spring dress that will fit her a few months later.



Anything mini is just that much cuter.


And don’t worry…….my older girl already has names picked out.
Like “Lyon-eela” or “Shmawna-loo”.
Real inventive and very easy to pronounce, don’t you think?
We’ll have to break the news to her that she doesn’t get to pick the name.
But even though there are minor adjustments in the household, we are all very excited to meet our newest little baby girl! 

So forgive any insanity, unanswered questions/emails, or any other unusual behavior…
We’ll just blame it on the pregnancy.

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215 Responses to “Where’s My Head?”
  1. 1
    Tara @ Tara Being Tara says:


    And that is the sweetest little dress I have ever seen!!! Maybe her big sister needs a matching hairbow?

  2. 2
    Bree says:

    Congrats!! And that dress is darling…you never cease to amaze me! Pleeease can I have an ounce of your creativity! ;)

  3. 3
    Angie says:

    Such wonderful news! Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!

  4. 4
    Brittney says:

    Yeah! So fun! I have 4 girls and everyone of them has been just a joy to add to our family! Congrats!

  5. 5
    Steph and Tony says:

    Congratulations! I love that dress :) Any chance you're going to show us how to make it? I'm having a girl in January and I'm fairly certain she needs one too :)

  6. 6
    amber says:

    congratulations, My daughter things that my baby should be named rainbow, I love the names they come up with.

  7. 7
    Kelli says:


  8. 8
    Joy says:

    Congratulations Ashley! The dress is adorable!

  9. 9
    Amie says:

    Congrats! How exciting for your family. :)

  10. 10
    ~linds says:

    Huge congratulations! And yes, that dress is perfect! I love that umbrella fabric.

  11. 11
    Emily says:


    and O.M.G. that dress is darling! Please tell me where you found that fabric!!

  12. 12
    Bree says:


  13. 13
    Rhadonda says:

    Children are truly a blessing from God. Congratulations. I LOVE sewing for girls. Your dress is awesome, love the fabrics. There are so many great patterns out there. I buy a lot from youcanmakethis and check out sewblessedfabric pictures if you haven't already. Ivey has a great eye for fabric like you do.

  14. 14
    Goings on at the Glenn's says:

    so fun! we are having ours in March and it is so exciting to bring home those little pictures. Although we didn't find out the gender this time. We are keeping it a surprise. I think I just might go crazy :)

  15. 15
    Frau Traumberg says:


    Congrats! I like the names – so which one do you take? ;-)


  16. 16
    mags897 says:

    oh congratulations on her! she'll be beautiful! Love the dress its adorable! Your already making me want to expand our brood! My daughter will be 4 in December and my little man turns 2 tomorrow!

  17. 17
    Diana says:

    Congrats! What a precious dress!

  18. 18
    Becky says:

    CONGRATS Ashley! How exciting!! I get forgetful and clumsy when I am pregnant too. No fun. Hope the sickness has subsided. :o)

  19. 19
    Traci says:

    Congratulations!!!! =)

  20. 20
    Andrea says:

    Congratulations!!! How exciting! We are done with kids for now but it will definitely be fun seeing all the baby projects you come up with. I LOVE making baby stuff and that dress is super cute ;)

  21. 21
    Becki and Jeff says:

    Congratulations!! I love the little dress!!

  22. 22
    The Sillito Family says:

    Oh.. congratulations! And don't worry, I think any pregnant woman who manages to still make 2 homemade halloween costumes is doing pretty darn good if you ask me!

  23. 23
    Shirley says:

    Congrats!! I'm pregnant too, due a few months after you. That dress is so cute! yay for little girls!

  24. 24
    Nancy says:

    What wonderful news…. As soon as I saw that jar of jelly in the cupboard I knew… I did the same thing many years ago..

    The dress is darling…

  25. 25
    Amanda says:

    Congrats! I'm so excited for you! I L.O.V.E. your blog. You are so, so talented! I'm having a baby girl in a couple weeks. Too bad yours isn't coming first, so I can get all sorts of great baby girl clothing ideas! I guess I'll just have to make your great ideas in a bigger size for mine :) I LOVE that dress – I might have to make something like that soon. Well, probably after the baby comes because I am quickly losing steam now! Hope you're feeling well! Best, Amanda

  26. 26
    Janeen says:

    Hooray! 3 kids already! Congrats!
    So are you going to show us how to make that dress?
    Please?! It's so cute.

  27. 27
    Bree says:


    Love the dress, I have that same umbrella fabric & haven't decided yet to make with it, even though I've had it for months. She'll be adorable in it (and anything & everything else too!).

  28. 28
    Amy says:

    yay! congrats!!

  29. 29
    jennifer says:

    woohoo! another baby is always exciting!! i love to make baby things…so I'll be sewing along!!!

  30. 30
    Cecily says:

    Congratulations!! That's great! Best of luck for the remainder of your pregnancy!

  31. 31
    Stacy says:

    Congratulations! Girls are great (we have 3, 3 and under, eek)

    The Jam in the cupboard and eating ice totally gave it away, but the jam really clued me in.

    I can't wait to see the new baby projects you come up with since I have a tiny 3mo old that just came home. Can't wait to try and make that super cute dress!

  32. 32
    Ana says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! It's a miracle :) Enjoy it and use this special time to prepare for this little princess:)

  33. 33
    Stephanie says:

    Congrats! When I read the part about finding out the gender of the "babies" I thought you were expecting 2! I had to reread it!
    I've been thinking about this same thing a lot lately. Maybe I'll join you soon . . .

  34. 34
    Jessica says:

    Congratulations to you and your family! We are also due at the end of February.

    By the way, the dress is absolutely adorable!

  35. 35
    the momma (aka Shannon) says:

    too funny! i looked at the first two pictures and thought, well, when that happens to me it's time to break out the preg tests! and then i scrolled down…
    i'm expecting my little bun in may–and if it happens to be another girl i'm going to be back here bugging you for where you got that AdOrAbLe umbrella fabric!!! :)

  36. 36
    {autie} says:

    Love the umbrellas!!!

  37. 37
    Alexandra says:

    Congratulations – what a wonderful joy! May your pregnancy be easy and healthy – many blessings to you and your family!

  38. 38
    Angela says:

    Congrats! Love, love your spring dress!

  39. 39
    Courtney says:


    Love having two little girls they are so much fun!

  40. 40
    Beth says:

    Congrats!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me you are going to do a tutorial of that dress??? I just had another itty bitty girl and have visions of her in it with a bigger one to match for big sissy! So darling!

  41. 41
    Sawyers Family says:

    Congrats! Once I saw the jam in the pantry…I knew you were pregnant! I do the same things when I'm pregnant! Oh and we have kids who are about the same ages! 3 is fun…a lot of work, but fun!

  42. 42
    The Wade Family says:

    Congrats! As an AVID reader of your blog- I couldn't be happier!!

  43. 43
    Zepequeña says:

    Uauh! Congrats!!!


  44. 44
    Bulloch Family says:

    Congratulations!! The dress is amazing! Absolutely adorable

  45. 45
    Tim and Amber says:

    Congrats!! the dress is so cute! we are having #2 in May and I'm really hoping it's a girl so that I can make all of the cute girly things that you're going to think up. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! :)

  46. 46
    the momma says:

    Congratulations!! How exciting for you all :-)

  47. 47
    The Life of a Step Mom says:

    Congratulations! How exciting is this!?

  48. 48
    Rachel D says:

    Congratulations! Hope you're feeling better soon. Can't wait to see all the cute baby projects.

  49. 49
    Ghislaine says:


    And I love that umbrella fabric! So cute!

  50. 50
    Never A Plain Jane says:

    Yea for you guys! Thanks for sharing this great news with us!

  51. 51
    Lynette @ My Craft Discovery says:

    How exciting! Congrats! love the dress!

  52. 52
    Katy says:

    CONGRATS!!!!! What an awesome way to announce, i love it!!!

    i'm so excited to see all the cute little baby things you start making!!!

  53. 53
    The Pittmans says:

    Oh Congrats on the great news :D I am about 7 months pregnant right now with my first boy! After 3 plump little girls. My now 5 yr old daughter was a bouncing 10 lbs 12 oz, and you are much teenier than I. YOU GO GIRL! haha. The whole time I was reading the beginning of this post I was checking all those off in my mind as well! hehe. I call it mushy mommy brain or baby brain…

  54. 54
    Sarah says:

    Congrats!! I knew with the second picture that's what you were going to say! :)

  55. 55
    the Corbin Clan says:

    Congratulations! I have 3 kids and they are girl, boy, girl just like you are having. Fun! The dress is absolutely adorable. You should make one for your other daughter as well. I love having my girls match each other.

  56. 56
    Emily says:

    How exciting! Congratulations! Love that little dress. Babies (and anything mini really) are the best!

  57. 57
    Mike and Allie Vedomske says:

    Congrats! I'm so excited! But I've got to admit, I'm almost more excited for me than for you. Our older kids are almost the same ages (and sizes) and I'm also having a little one in April. I think it's a girl…But not sure yet. So basically, that means that I just get to keep copying all your stuff for all my kids and it makes it so much easier and more fun! So congrats to you and happy day to me too! :)

  58. 58
    Stephanie Smith says:

    Congratulations on the baby girl. Just out of curiosity…I see the Ranch Style Beans in the pic behind the jelly. Do you live in Texas?

  59. 59
    TNW says:

    I knew that was coming, my smile was getting wider and wider as I scrolled and read. ;D

    I am SOOOO happy for your! Congratulations you lovely Mommy. :)


  60. 60
    kati says:

    YEAH CONGRATS!!!! So happy so you!!!

  61. 61
    Melissa says:

    CONGRATS!!!!! So excited for you! Love you!

  62. 62
    Marina says:

    What a great news!

  63. 63
    Rebekah says:

    how exciting!!!! do you have a pattern for that cute little dress? we have a new girl coming to our family in 2 months.

    congrats again!!!!!!!

  64. 64
    Nicole says:

    Yay for you and your family! Congratulations!

  65. 65
    ShirleyC says:

    Congrats on the good news! How exciting!

  66. 66
    Tiffany says:

    that's exciting news! congrats! now we need to set up a deadline. we gotta meet before the baby comes!

  67. 67
    sjones says:

    Yay!!! You are such a good mom I'm glad you have been blessed again!

  68. 68
    Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun says:

    congrats..I knew where you were headed before you even got to the bed part! girls are way more fun I think (sorry to the boys!)

  69. 69
    Jill says:

    Congrats! You had me a little scared there in the beginning. I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with MS and so this immediately popped to mind! I baby is so exciting though!!!! YAY!

  70. 70
    Nike@ChooseToThrive says:


    Absolutely, wonderfully awesome. Can't wait to see the fun stuff you dream up for this baby … as soon as you get a good nap in ;)

  71. 71
    Hele says:


    which means congratulations!!!

    I am sooo happy for you!

  72. 72
    Amber says:

    Congrats!!! And the dress is so cute

  73. 73
    Jacqueline says:

    Thats great news! Congrats! As I started reading your post I had my comment planned I was going to say are you pregnant? Then I scrolled down….What a great blessing!

  74. 74
    Amy @ Increasingly Domestic says:

    I love the names your daughter picked out…very creative;)

    That dress is adorable!

  75. 75
    Susan says:

    Oh Ashley! What wonderful news! I just wish we were in the same city still so I could take pictures of the chubby cheeks and tiny feet! Put up belly pictures sometime!

  76. 76
    Su says:

    Congratulations, Ashley

  77. 77
    Ashley says:

    Awwww, I could just squeeze you all! I sat here and read each comment and blushed, smiled and laughed…..over and over again. Thanks so much for your well wishes and support. I didn't expect such lovely responses. :)

    As for the fabric, it's by Riley Blake Designs and is called Umbrella Tops in White. I purchased it here: http://www.thelittlefabricshop.com/Products/retro-umbrellas-in-white.aspx

    As for the dress pattern, it's in the works. I thought I'd wait until spring to offer it…..but I may get it out sooner than that. Especially for all of you who like to sew ahead of time. :) But we'll see when "sooner" actually arrives! ;)

    And for the Ranch Beans in my cupboard comment, no we don't live in Texas (we live in GA)…..but those are my favorite beans. And I have found them in every state I have lived. Love them!

    Am I forgetting a question? Email me, if so…

    And thanks again, I'm glad I'm not the only one with opened jam in her cupboard!


  78. 78
    Leigh Anne says:

    Congrats! I'm expecting #3 in March so I'm right there w/ you. That dress you made is super adorable :) And I'm with you on the bed – I could crash into mine at just about any minute of the day – seriously!!! :)

  79. 79
    GaMtnScrap says:


  80. 80
    Amy says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What wonderful news!

  81. 81
    Tammy says:

    Congratulations! Glad you have a wonderful reason for falling apart! LOL

    My daughter names her dollies names just like your daughter picked out. :0)

  82. 82
    WannaBcrafty says:

    Such a sweet little dress for your baby girl.

  83. 83
    Genevieve says:

    congrats!! and i love that dress! i just may need to make one for next summer… ha! but did you have a pattern or just make it up? love it!!

  84. 84
    Heather says:

    I am sure that this little girl will be the best dressed everywhere she goes. congratulations. Babies are a true joy.

  85. 85
    Mardi says:

    Yay for you! Hope you are feeling well.

  86. 86
    Bethany says:

    I'd like to be the first (or the 86th?) to say… Congratulations! :)

    Sadly, I lost my head with my 3rd, too, only I've never gotten it back… hm.

  87. 87
    Anonymous says:

    Hi There- this is Rachael from A.C. Moore. We read your blog and just wanted pass along a BIG congratulations!!! :-)

  88. 88
    Camilla Jones (CioCo Photography) says:

    congrats!!! how exciting, we are having a girl in january, so if you are feeling very loving, it would be awesome if you could share how to make it? you're creativity never ceases to amaze…everyone! :)

  89. 89
    Rebekah says:

    That's wonderful news! I guessed before I got down to the pictures what your "problem" was. The symptoms were all too familiar to me! :)

  90. 90
    Leanna says:

    HOLY COW!!! I don't even know you personally, but I feel like we're friends since I'm always getting so much inspiration from your blog. So congratulations!!! That is super exciting. =D And I LOVE that little dress! Do you have a tutorial for it or are you just going to tease us? ;-)

  91. 91
    Rachel says:

    I found out yesterday that I'm having a boy in March (Well, found out that it's a boy, already knew I was having something in March!). I already have 2 boys and 1 girl, and this is the last one, so I was really hoping to even out the numbers. So, I kind of hate you today. Way to rub it in!

  92. 92
    lorchick @ ON{thelaundry}LINE says:

    congrats! I was like two pointers in and I was like 'dude she's totally pregnant' because it was like reading my own diary. If I had one. If I could remember where it was if I did have one. What did I have for breakfast again? I want candy corn.

  93. 93
    Melanie says:

    Congratulations!!! I get terrible Pregnancy Brain when preggo (and even when I'm not!) I love the dress- do tell what designs the fabric! I love it!

  94. 94
    Brenden+Nikki says:

    YAY Ash!! I was going to email you but I think I have your ancient email address and I'm not sure it's still right. I'm so excited! We're both having girls in February. When's your due date?

  95. 95
    Christy, Home-Mom.com says:

    I can relate, I was thinking while reading the beginning "that sounds like me" I've got 4 weeks to go granted but I've been clumsy the entire time.

    The dress is lovely too. And so you know I'm making my daughter's elephant costume as we speak (well taking a break) and hope she loves it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  96. 96
    Ali says:

    Congratulations! We, too, are having a baby girl in February. Maybe she needs me to make her a matching dress…
    Very excited for you! Can't wait to see what you whip up for her!

  97. 97
    Teresa says:

    YAY! How exciting. Hope you feel well.

  98. 98
    Britney says:

    Well congratulations! That is great news. Sounds like you definitely have some original names to choose from . . . hehe. and the dress is adorable. Any tutes for that?

  99. 99
    Angela says:

    Congrats! Love that sweet little dress! When we got our baby girl her 4 year old brother wanted to call her Diesel off Thomas and the Tank engine. Aaahh..no sorry!

  100. 100
    Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home says:

    Oh, congrats! I started reading the post and thought that you totally must be pregnant, then got to the end. Yea!

  101. 101
    Suzanne & Andrew Dupuis says:


  102. 102
    The Deelo Family says:

    Congrats! Your older daughter is just a bit bigger than mine, so the patterns have been great for size! I now also have a 4 month old girl, so will be excited to see what you come up with for your new little one!

  103. 103
    bethanndodd says:

    Many conrats to you and your family. Wishing you an easy and healthy pregnancy/delivery!

  104. 104
    Harmony says:

    Congratulations!!!! That's very exciting! Funny: As I was reading through the first bit I was thinking to myself "I bet she's pregnant!" …. and then I got to the sonogram pictures! :-D
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress you made. That fabric is fabUlous! I'm jealous. I want some. Want to do a little swap?! I'll send you some fabric and you send me some?! hehehe…no…really….

  105. 105
    Melinda says:

    Congratulations! You accomplish way more than I can AND you're pregnant to boot! Since having my two kids my friends and I coined the term "momnesia": forgetfulness related to or caused by the process of growing, having, and raising children. It covers a lot of bases :) All the best and thanks for including us on the news!

  106. 106
    Jerowen says:

    I was totally thinking, PREGNANT, but then I got scared for a moment thinking it would be something else. Congratulations on your pregnancy and new little doll on the way!

  107. 107
    Sarah says:

    Congrats! funny thing is I'm 9 days from my due date & the whole time I kept thinking.Wow that sounds like me :).
    I love the dress. I have never attempted baby/childrens clothes.

  108. 108
    PDCScarbroughpage says:

    Congratulations- AWESOME that you get to relish in making things for another sweet baby girl!

  109. 109
    Ashley and James says:

    Congratulations!!! And that dress is super cute!

  110. 110
    Jon and Kari-Lynn Tarleton says:

    congratulations…i'm pregnant with my 3rd too. if i have a girl, i will definitely be making that little dress too :)

  111. 111
    Michele says:

    Congratulations! What a cute dress. That Halloween candy looks yummy! Eat some for me, you can get away with it!

  112. 112
    Dalling Family says:

    Happy Day for you!! I kind of wondered about that from your family blog…you are always such a stick and look so cute pregnant! Best wishes!

  113. 113
    Jess says:

    congratulations! oooh girls are soo much fun!

  114. 114
    becca jordan says:

    how great! i am a "young married" and i DREAM of the day that will happen for our family. be careful, you might make me want to start now! and we are NOT ready for that yet! :)

  115. 115
    Jennwith4 says:

    Congratulations!!!! Oh how I'd love another one but at 4 I'm at my limit.

  116. 116
    Anonymous says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a sweet little dress! Eventhough you are having another girl, please don't forget about fun things for boys. This is one of the few websites that does stuff for boys. Thank you so much!! and congrats again! :0)

  117. 117
    Melissa says:

    Congratulations! I love how you led up to the announcement.

    Would you pretty please share who makes that orange polka dot fabric? I think I may love it even more than AB's Full Moon Polka Dot in Tangerine! And I must have it. :)

  118. 118
    Jessica says:

    So funny! As I was reading all you symptoms, all I could think was….She sounds like she's pregnant!! Congratulations. Totally understand the good intentions that get pushed to the back cause you don't feel good. Way cute dress too! She'll love it!

  119. 119
    Jessica :) says:

    Many happy congratulations! That is exciting news. I must say that I'm glad I'm not the only one who was forgetful and clumsy while pregnant. Good luck through the next few months!
    –Oh, and I LOVE the little spring dress!

  120. 120
    Malori says:


  121. 121
    Paula says:

    Congratulations! And the dress is cute, cute, cute!

  122. 122
    Marisa says:

    That was the most adorable announcement I've ever seen, good luck with three!!

  123. 123
    Lily says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love the dress, very cute…

  124. 124
    Toby & Samm + Ben, Addie, Peytie says:

    hey Ash, I'm so happy for you. I'm sending you an email, catching you up on our lives, I know i told you that I would after you moved, but life got kinda crazy! Check out my blog if you don't believe me!
    Samm Dossett

  125. 125
    The Noalls says:

    Is it show-offy of me to say that I've wondered when the announcement was coming? Lol. You just seem like a two-years-apart kind of mom. :) Congrats! And be sure to get some rest and not get too overwhelmed–your baby girl is much more important than this blog (big DUH there)!

  126. 126
    Papgena Made It says:

    Muitos Parabéns (Congratulations)!!!

  127. 127
    Melinda says:

    Congrats…I want a tutorial on that dress…it couldn't be any cuter!!!

  128. 128
    Kara@ Creations by Kara says:

    Congratulations, that is so exciting! Love that tiny dress. I'm with you, looking at baby clothes always brings a smile to my face. :)

  129. 129
    Ashley Mason says:


  130. 130
    Momof3 says:

    That dress is so cute. Congratulations! We can't wait (well we HAVE to wait) to see pictures of your little sweetheart in the adorable dress.

  131. 131
    Charlene says:


    Nobody told me about pregnant brain until it happened – I thought I was going crazy! :)

    Have fun picking/making baby clothes!!! My daughter's first color she knew was pink!

  132. 132
    jojoebi says:

    There are so many cute girls things to make, almost makes me want another.

  133. 133
    Snapshotsofhappiness says:

    CONGRATS!!! Seems like everyone is having babies lately! I want one! :) I just made a dress very similar to that for my little girl. :)

  134. 134
    Maria says:

    Congratulations Ashley! You must be so excited! Girls are soooooooooooooooo fun!!! I bet she will have a million cute pairs of those little girl booties and the cutues skirts and dresses! lucky baby girl!

  135. 135
    Chandler says:

    I am so happy for you!
    You do know that a lot of people are going to be sending you gifts now.
    Maybe even me.. :P

  136. 136
    Emily Elizabeth says:

    Yay yay yay!!! Congratulations!!! Little girls are the best! And so much fun to sew for :)

  137. 137
    Hollie says:

    Congratulations! That's wonderful news!

  138. 138
    Sisters of Grace says:


    How exiting! I have 1 older brother and 6 younger sisters:) it is always fun to find out that another one is on the way. Babys are so fun! Especially girls:), And february is a perfect month we have three of them.


  139. 139
    Mary says:

    Congratulations!!! I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy! Oh, and adorable dress!!!

  140. 140
    Mary Ellen says:

    Yippee congratulations are certainly in order!! What a blessing babies are!! I never did get to experience a little girl baby though! How fun for you!

  141. 141
    Michelle Bell says:

    I Love reading your blog and I am so excited to follow you with your growing addition! CONGRATS!!! How Exciting! I love the dress too!

  142. 142
    Candy (Mama Lion) says:

    SUCH A SWEET POST! congrats!!

  143. 143
    Rachel says:

    Yay!!! Congrats!

  144. 144
    Andi @ Jane of all crafts says:

    I knew it!! As soon as I saw the jelly in the cupboard my first thought was she's pregnant! Congrats to you and your family! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby girl! I was 10lbs 3oz when I was born…I don't know how you or my mom did it!

  145. 145
    Terra says:

    I was reading this thinking "that sounds like me when I'm pregnant." Congratulations!

  146. 146
    Melody says:

    Congratulations on your soon to be bundle of joy!

  147. 147
    Amanda says:

    Congrats!!! My little girl arrives in February too (the 16th or so). I'm pretty certain she would love it if her Mama made her a dress like that too, but she doesn't know how. I hope you will consider posting a tut or pattern. :)

  148. 148
    Shannon ONeal says:

    Congratulations! I hope that you are able to crank out lots of sweet baby girl things. Our 3rd child (also our 3rd girl) is due in January. So, the sooner you get the tutorial out for that adorable dress you made for yours I can get moving on the 3 I'll need to make. With a 3 yr old, 1 yr old and baby on the way, if I start now I might be able to finish by spring. :)

  149. 149
    Carissa Rasmussen says:

    Please post some infant patterns for winter wear! My little one is too small for the stuff sold in stores (she came home only 5lbs!) and I'm loving all the cute outerwear that's coming out but she doesn't fit!

  150. 150
    Zoey's Closet says:

    Oh my gosh, congratulations! This is so exciting! I've been a blog follower for a while now and I just LOVE your creativity. If you're wanting to look fabulous in the hospital as you deliver your new baby girl, then please check out my blog http://www.zoeyscloset.blogspot.com. I make trendy hospital delivery gowns and much more. Everything is handmade for mom + baby.

  151. 151
    kirsty says:

    Huge congratulations!

  152. 152
    barneyn says:


    how exciting!!! oh my goodness :) :) :)

    i can not wait to see what you make this little girl of yours! the dress is A_D_O_R_A_B_L_E!!!!!

  153. 153
    The Terry's says:

    Congrats! I am due in February too. I love the names kids come up with, my four year old likes Stellacoat.. where did that come from????

  154. 154
    Bec says:

    Congratulations! I love that you said "munch." :) It's such a perfect description of what goes on around this house, too. Ah… love those little babes. Good luck surviving pregnancy… it's my least favorite part of the whole thing. :/

  155. 155
    Danette Mahana says:

    Yeah for girl number two!!! I am very happy for you and your family and Hopefully this little girl sleeps better then girl number one! :)

  156. 156
    Nana's Fun Stuff says:

    Congrat's!! Baby girls are so much fun :) Please let us know what the reaction is when you tell your older daughter she doesn't get to pick the name of her new little sister.

  157. 157
    Tas says:

    Wow. Congratulations! That bub is going to have an ace wardrobe. ;)

  158. 158
    Fernanda says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! yay!! Those are some really exciting news to go home with! It is nice to know that you are not losing your mind!!! And the dress is so cute!!!!

  159. 159
    Yana says:

    Congratulations, its wonderful news :)

  160. 160
    SewSofie says:

    Awesome news. Your symptoms were eerily familiar :)

  161. 161
    Dilla says:

    Congratulations :)
    I bet you already have tons of baby girl projects in your to-do-list.

  162. 162
    Ang & Ron says:

    I just had twin girls 4 weeks ago and can't wait to start making cute clothes for them. And of course using all your other creative baby ideas. Congratulations to you and your family!

  163. 163
    tracyp says:

    CONGRATS!!!!! I love the dress you made. I need to be a better seamstress so I can whip that stuff up for my lil girl who is coming in a week or two!

  164. 164
    k says:

    Congratualtions to you!!! Just had a baby a few months ago myself…
    Enjoy being pregant, rest, and take care of yourself :)

  165. 165
    Patty says:

    Congrats!! I am due Feb too!! Can you post a tutorial to that darling dress! I am sure my little one will want one as well!!!

  166. 166
    The Wright Crew says:

    As I was reading this post I just knew you were prego!!! CONGRATS that's so exciting.

  167. 167
    Melissa says:

    Awww…how wonderful. Babies are such a blessing. Congratulations! I love your site, so much creativity you have!!


  168. 168
    Tiffany says:

    Congrats Ashley!!

  169. 169
    Melissa Coates says:

    oh wow! Congrats!!!! I can't get enough candy corn to eat either…but I'm not pregnant. I'm just a sugar monster!!!!!!!!! That's great news and I bet Elli is so excited to have a little sister on the way!

  170. 170
    Sheryl says:

    Congratulations!! The baby dress you made is lovely- can't wait to see what other goodies you're going to make for your new daughter!

  171. 171
    Lesley says:

    Congratulations!! Happy wishes for you and your family!

  172. 172
    Kimberly says:

    Woo Hoo!!!! That is so exciting! I wish you all the best!

  173. 173
    Aubrey says:


  174. 174
    Amnah says:

    Congratulations! Very cute post. Hope you have a safe and healthy delivery in February.

  175. 175
    Anonymous says:


  176. 176
    Spring says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! We just had our fourth girl and I'm already wanting more.

  177. 177
    Cara says:


  178. 178
    sebclar says:

    Congratulations, and best wishes to your family!

  179. 179
    Delia says:

    Congratulations! My favorite pregnant story to tell is when I left the bananas on the weighing scale in the produce section and then frantically searched for them at the check out stand because I couldn't find the bananas I swear I put in the cart. Ha ha…I am so happy for you. :)

  180. 180
    Sweet Craft Cakes says:

    Congratulations!!! Beautiful baby beautiful dress!!!

  181. 181
    Anonymous says:

    Congratulations!!!!! What wonderful news. Babies are always so much fun. Hope you are not sick too much!!! And I love that dress. Any tutorial for it in the near future?? I have a 5 year old. I love it!! Congrats again, and I just want you to know you have inspired me to sew. I love your stuff!!! Keep it coming!!! You have empowered me to sew. Thanks for everything!

  182. 182
    Steph says:

    Congrats!! I am SO excited for you!!

  183. 183
    Suzy says:

    Congratulations! New babies are so much work, I mean FUN!!! I know there's work, but there really is nothing better. I'd give just about anything to have another. Blessings.

  184. 184
    Sheila says:


  185. 185
    Mama Rockwell says:

    Congratulations! Babies are such a blessing. We just had our second daughter three weeks ago! I hope you have a healthy pregnancy!

  186. 186
    Coach Jen says:

    YAY! Congrats! I love hearing birth announcements! I think I might having hubby talked into Baby #4. Good luck!

  187. 187
    Jen says:

    Weird my old blog name came up…. better look into that…

    BUT Congrats AGAIN!

  188. 188
    Heather says:


    How exciting! I'm expecting my 4th in Feb., my first boy, but I wish I had a little girl now to make that dress for!!

  189. 189
    Jennie Mae says:

    I'm having a little girl in Feb! What a perfect month to have perfect babies! Congratulations!

  190. 190
    Maine Baby Treats says:


    A new baby is such a blessing.

  191. 191
    L.A. Harker says:

    I know after 190 comments, mine probably won't stand out, but I just couldn't not tell you how much I love this post. It's such a creative way of tell people you're pregnant! I love how you documented everything! Beautiful photography too. Congrats!

  192. 192
    Brandon and Camille Smithson says:

    Congrats! I loved the cute post!

  193. 193
    kmel2u says:

    Congratulations to you and yours.
    I luv your site especially the shirt purses, your are so creative.

  194. 194
    sarah says:

    hiya ashley…
    lovely post! congratulations on the multiplication of love in your family! (: just one thought on the name the baby idea… my youngest two are 10 yrs apart… and i did let my 10 old name his sister… i knew it was going to be hard for him to get bumped, and it has created a bond between the two of them that couldn't have anticipated! the boy is now in high school and brags to his friends that he named his sister star…! more there are the more love being created!…blessings…s…

  195. 195
    Rafael's Mum says:

    Congratulations!! I hope you feel well during the pregnancy.

  196. 196
    Nicole says:

    Congrats hun!! While reading the beginning of the blog, the first thing that went through my mind was, "she's pregnant." I'm good at this type of things. I'm due in January with a little girl too, I can't wait to see more tutorial on little girl clothes!!

  197. 197
    Lisa and Jamie says:

    Congrats!! I knew as soon as I saw the first pic! LOL

  198. 198
    jeremy and steph says:

    Congratulations! I must say I am pretty excited you are having another baby…because now you can come up with even more cute little baby projects that we can all steal away :)
    So fun and happy! Hope you get feeling better soon. Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas you are so quick and willing to share! Love you site!

  199. 199
    sarahvine says:

    Aw, me too, in Feb! And your to die for layered chocolate cake was actually my first satisfied pregnancy craving….. =0)

  200. 200
    Kristie says:

    THAT had to be THE cutest little post I have read in a looooong time. Very cute blog too! Love the Halloween Buckets!!!


  201. 201
    Haley says:


  202. 202
    Leslie says:

    Mazel tov! And I love the names your daughter suggested! In your spare time, how about a tutorial for that amazing dress?

  203. 203
    Nicole says:

    So happy for you and your sweet family. My kids are about the same ages as yours I think and I just had a baby boy in May. It is so much fun to see the 'big kids' interact and love on their brother…I'm sure yours will love their little sister like crazy! Congrats!

  204. 204
    Wife and Mother. says:

    Ooooh!!! I love how as a mother I somehow get giddy about hearing someone I don't even know in blogland is pregnant! I now, it's kind of weird. Kind of funny. But I don't care. I'm so excited for you and your baby on the way!

  205. 205
    3_Munchkins says:

    Congratulations Ashley :) Love the way you 'break the news' to your readers!LOL The itty bitty dress is adorable, can't wait to see it on her!

  206. 206
    - Sarah :-) says:

    Oh WOW! Congratulations!! That is SO stinking exciting! And did you guys not know until you went to the doctors? It's pretty crazy… you already know the gender? I'm sure you probably knew and just didn't put it on the ol' bloger-er-oo, but I'm super curious. Feel free to ignore my nosy-ness. :-)

    Congrats again!!

  207. 207
    Heather says:

    You always have the best pictures on your blog! Who takes your pictures and what kind of camera is it? I'd appreciate it if you would let me know. (Heather_I_Johnson@Yahoo.com) PS — congratulations on your big news! I like the way you wrote about it — very cute!

  208. 208
    Shannon says:

    Well, I don't visit the blog for a few days – and then I come back and I'd missed the great news! Congratulations. I love love love your blog. I am also due in February!! Though, I don't know the gender of mine.
    Maybe you've done this in the past, but some time you should blog about HOW you make time to take pics of your awesome creations, and blog about them – let alone make them!! hehe :-)
    And do you do laundry and wash dishes in there somewhere too? hehehe
    Well, congratulations just the same! Babies are awesome!

  209. 209
    headbart says:


    I'm going to deliver my second baby in Feb 2011 too!

    Baby still won't show it's gender. But I think it's gonna be a girl too. My second girl. :D

  210. 210
    Courtney says:

    Congrats on your pregnancy! I am due February 7th with a daughter as well! I'm so glad you are pregnant and already working on dresses! I need to get goin with things for Caitlyn! Hope your kids are takin it easy on you and your pregnancy is going well!

  211. 211
    Booger Bear Creations says:

    Congrats! Love the story :)

  212. 212
    greekmiss says:


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